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Speaking with Kim Woods; MBA & Spiritual Consultant

Today I am speaking with Kim Woods. Kim E. Woods, MBA and Spiritual Consultant to high performing entrepreneurs and global leaders, has founded multiple 7 figure brick & mortar businesses. Her life truly began once she recognized that while she had checked all the boxes, so to speak, she still lacked a true feeling of satisfaction, power and contentment. When Kim finally embraced her own “Spiritual Coming-Out,” she was not only able to physically heal her son but also to help herself and her thousands of clients around the world to find their true purpose and step into their power, creating alignment, profit and a feeling of unparalleled satisfaction.

Key points addressed were  

  • Kim’s advent into the world of spiritual advising and writing her 3 books that define, describe, and map out how the multitude of techniques and theories in the Wu and spiritual healing realm work
  • We also discussed how Kim herself approaches new clients and the plethora of techniques, methodologies, and doctrines she employees in her consultancy with each


media Podcast

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“This week’s chat is with author, speaker and entrepreneur, Kim Woods!

In our chat, she shares how we can use our intuition in business and why we should. We can use strategies all day long, but how can we make these strategies even MORE effective?! Our intuition!”

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