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Ways to work with me

There are 2 ways I can work with you.

1.  Hire me to inform your clients of their success path, money signature, energy level and keys to love, passion and ease. You’ll be the star of their world when they have answers to their most burning questions about their deepest desires based on their own truths.

2. Invite me to speak on your Podcast, Summit, Mastermind or Group

Speaking Topics

The True KLT Process

Learn how revolutionary Kim’s True KLT Process™ is for your business. It turns the traditional definition on its head. Discover the paths of brilliance, legacy and financial freedom and the keys to each. Your clients go ga-ga once they learn the benefits of the True KLT Process™. Everyone will IMMEDIATELY employ it in business and life. It’s that epic.

Money Growth and Prosperity

Kim gives you tips and advice to increase prosperity, attract money, manage resources and grow your wealth. She’s both practical and magical in her approach, so you get the best of both worlds for you and your business.

The Power of Purpose

Learn how aligning with your true life purpose and business mission brings you prosperity and the ability to effectively pivot during uncertain times. You become a better decision-maker and more effective leader. You also gain calm, peace and satisfaction for yourself and your loved ones.

Corridors of Leadership Formula

Here is your answer to the question, “Are great leaders born or made?” Kim’s signature Corridors of Leadership Formula has helped hundreds of CEO’s and leadership teams across the nation step into great leadership whether from Fortune 500 companies or micro-businesses and solopreneurs.

Oracle Impact

Kim reads the energies to forecast the better times for you to strategize, launch a campaign, negotiate, get creative, hire in order to make decisions and do all of your planning. Having the knowledge of upcoming events is an invisible force giving you support and peace of mind.

Intuitive Knowing

For small groups, Kim reads the signatures of your guests to answer questions and give guidance. It’s specific for each individual. The feedback is always ‘out of this world’.

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What Group Leaders Have To Say...

“Kim has the voice of an angel. Her clients could listen to her all day...her analysis is thorough and textbook perfect. I’m pleased to name her one of my Master Evolutionary Astrologers.”
Steven Forrest
Pioneer of Evolutionary Astrology & Best Selling Author
“I first chose to work with Kim, because of her unparalleled level of real world business and a spiritual knowing that is uncanny. She has helped me to marry my spirituality with my business and shown me that my deep healing benefits my happiness and business success in immeasurable ways. My strategy is clear, my ideal clients are flooding in my direction, my income has sky rocketed, and I am welcoming it all with ease. Kim is truly helping me to dance with my purpose and live in my power.”
Brielle Cotterman
Publicity Expert
“Kim’s a super skilled business women (think $MM range). I can probably learn from her. Scrap that, I can totally learn from her!”
Merel Kriegsman
Business Mentor

Now Accepting Invitations

Book Kim for an interview, speaking engagement,
podcast, mastermind, summit, or private group.

Now Accepting Invitations

Book Kim for an interview, speaking engagement,
podcast, mastermind, summit, or private group.