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January 2021: Be Bold, Be True

What are you willing to do to make your dreams come true?


Firstly, things are not what they appear this month, so stay in your lane, focus on the long-term  and discern what is true for you. Let go of everything else. Just. Let. It. Go.  

Next, know that January is a precursor to the major shake-ups in February. Use this month as a  glimpse into what’s coming for you.  

Then, embrace your brightest future by following your heart, not your head. Your future is here.  Now. Have faith to make your dreams real in your life.  

What I wrote in the 2021 yearly forecast:  

Welcome the new as the old is obsolete. Be bold to create lasting positive change that’s tempered  with strategy, discernment and discipline. Major success and good fortune can be yours IF you can see through the deception, fog and confusion. You benefit from using your intuition, knowing  and brilliance. Breathe through the fear, doubt and angst brought on by big and unexpected  changes. Allow your emotions with courage and authentic expression. On the world stage, things  are not what they appear. Be patient. All will reveal in the late spring.  

How to use this monthly forecast: As I’ve abbreviated the astrological analysis of my monthly forecasts while enhancing their practical uses, here are my recommendations. 

Quickly at the start of each month:  

  1. Peruse the forecast to see what jumps out at you and make a note of the date(s) on your  calendar.  
  2. Go through the weekly themes and compare it to what’s on your own schedule. Make slight  adjustments if there are particularly startling events on days you have major plans.  3. Look over the business tips for the two parts of the month and see what activities to  incorporate for you and your staff or clients based on the energies.  
  3. Find supportive tools and practical tips to incorporate into your month.  

Each week: 

  1. Look over the weekly themes and drill down on those jiving with what you have going on  in your week. 
  2. Include a different, lighter or deeper approach depending upon the weekly theme.  3. For each lunar cycle, use the natural power of the Moon to ramp up energy for success or  to release and overcome obstacles.  
  3. At the end of the month, take a quick glance over the month to see what works and what  doesn’t to make adjustments for the upcoming one.  

Big Star Events:  

Jan 6th – Mars ingres Taurus
Jan 13th – Mars square Saturn
Jan 17th – Jupiter square Uranus
Jan 20th – Mars conjunct Uranus
Jan 23rd – Mars square Jupiter
Jan 30th – Mercury retrograde  

Week 1: January 3rd – 9th Reconcile your beliefs. 

You’re shaken up by events and the startling nature of the energies swirling everything in their wake. Things aren’t what they appear, so don’t rush to judgment. Recall good times with family and friends and know the world hasn’t gone crazy, even though it feels that way. You’re feeling anxious and want to get to the bottom of your anxiety. Stay focused on you and avoid  confrontation with others who insist their beliefs are the only ones that matter.  

Week 2: January 10th – 16th Believe.  

Frustrations arise as restrictions seem too daunting and there’s no end in sight. It feels as if 2020 has come for another visit. That’s only partially true. The energies feel like the prior autumn, but there is a key difference. It’s toned down and you have the ability to see things from different  perspectives. Rely on this ability to know 2020 isn’t here. In fact, the new is here and it’s yours for the taking. Step into your brilliance by using your intuitive knowing and trusting there’s positive light at the end of the tunnel.  

New Moon: Overwhelming resistance to change.
January 13th at 12:01 am EST at 23° in Capricorn.  

This New Moon brings change, but it feels overwhelming. Focus on your long-term goals and don’t make any rash decisions or engage in arguments. They’re fruitless. Remind yourself of your 20-year focus. I did a live on this in my group on December 21st. Check it out or read it here in the blog.  

Week 3: January 17th – 23rd Take bold strategic action.  

Be strategic when breaking free from limitations. Make a plan, take some time and then go for it.  The energies support you for success, yet take strategic action. Any bold change should align with  your future. You’re going to feel so enthusiastic, ensure the opportunities presented are  supportive of you and your goals. Any opportunity that’s been in the making for the past 6 months  is a YES. Any brand new one, is an “I’m not sure, let me go into my heart and knowing to determine my answer.” It may be a conditional yes.  

Week 4: January 24th – 30th Restlessness.  

You’ve had enough of holding back and being limited. You want all of the exciting change to  happen now. Right now – without a minute of delay. However, your relationships may not be  able to handle all of the change, even casual relationships. Take care with your loved ones and  step into your power with casual ones. This isn’t to suggest struggles for control or power plays,  it’s to stand in your authority and influence. In other words, own your brilliance.  

Note: Mercury stations retrograde on January 30th until February 21st. Take care with technology and communications.  

Full Moon: Be bold to create the new.  

January 28th at 2:17 pm EST with the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo.  Make strides to create enduring change. Any change you make now is lasting, hence the cautionary  advice in the prior weeks. You want to make sure you’re stepping into desired change. Be  disciplined and discerning. 

Supportive Magical Tools 

Tarot: Delusion – Ten of Crystals

Delusion is really a vision as others will not understand your vision at first. Remind yourself a vision is a delusion until it is physically manifested. Expand your thinking, be inventive and use  your imagination on ways to make your vision reality. Listen to your heart, it’s where your passion  lies. Follow your heart to make your dreams come true.  

Crystal: Morganite 

Be like water and go with the flow. Allow obstacles to dissolve before you without any struggle  on your part. Merge with the resistance that comes from not knowing. Blend it into your solutions.  Love and be loved, tenderly and gracefully.  

Flower essence: Aspen 

This flower essence works on your solar plexus and sacral chakras, allowing you to take action  and be brave when you’re feeling fearful. This fear doesn’t have a name, it’s an underlying anxiety  or a vague uncertainty. You may be swept up in the collective and have integrated this fear as part  of your energy or it may stem from you. Either way, allow aspen to lift this off and bring you  peace.  

Spirit animal: Grasshopper Spirit 

Take a leap of faith. You are poised for a big positive shift. Imagine all best possible scenarios  and then go for it. Drop into your intuition and allow the unknown to be exciting rather than  something to be feared. Believe. Trust. Go forth.  

Goddess: Pele 

Melt into your brightest future. Use the fire energy of Pele to soften any obstacles or fear building  up in you due to doubt or confusion. Allow her to be the fire before you to clear your path. Use  this fire to let your passion and your heart motivate you. Infuse it into your days.  

Supportive Practical Tips 

Affirmations: choose one or two. 

My future is here.  

I am my future.  

I have faith.  

I believe.  

I trust. 

I love my life.  

I love the Universe.  

My business thrives.  

My life is filled with love and joy. 

I am at peace with the unknown.  

I relish the unknown.  

I embrace my future.  


1st ½ of the month: Follow your intentions and plans as outlined over the last several weeks. Pivot  to respond to any shocking external change, but don’t react abruptly. You’ve taken the time to  set the course, so stick to it. Drop into your inner guidance for meaningful response instead of  following the pack. Don’t get swept up in external noise. It doesn’t support you.  

2nd ½ of month: Take steps for success while being mindful to take extra care due to technological  snafus and communication mishaps. Being strategic pays off big time. There’s huge success for  your business when you’re aligned with your authenticity. Be true to you and the marketplace will  respond positively. Any new hire, contract or launch should be rooted before the 3rd week of the  month. Otherwise, wait until the last week of February.  

Thank you for reading and sharing my writing with clients, family and friends.  

As always, wishing you joy,  


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Brilliance: Intuitive Knowing & Purpose

Get Your Top 3 Tips on How to Be Calm

The energies are super tough right now and so many clients have reached out, I want to give you my 3 top tips for calm. 

They’re free, easy and take almost NO time!

How’s that for awesome? 

My top 3 tips: 

  1. Breath –  1, 3, 10
  2. Mantra – Calm/Patience
  3. Rescue Remedy
1. Breath –  1, 3, 10

This first tip is the magic bullet, the golden nugget or the Holy Grail.  Seriously, this is it. If you take NOTHING else away from this post, please take this first tip. 

There is no right or wrong way to breathe.  If you breathe into your belly, your diaphragm, or your lungs, it’s perfect.  There is no force or direction here. Just let your body breathe the way it wants. 

Breath – 1 is the pause button.  When you take one breath, you are creating a moment of pause for yourself.  Try it right now.  Inhale and exhale.  

Breath – 3 is settling your body.  When you take 3 breaths, you are not only creating a moment of pause, but you are actually settling yourself a bit.  Let’s try it.  Take a breath in and breathe out.  Now again, take another breath, and one more, inhale and exhale.  You probably can feel the breath spreading a little relaxation throughout your body.  For me, I feel a slight tingling in my toes.  

Breath – 10 is hitting the reset button. Taking 10 breaths feels weird.  Yes, I just said that. It feels as if you are breathing for too long and it feels as if you should stop at 6 or 7 breaths.  Don’t stop until you get to 10 breaths.  You will feel better after 10 so complete the set.  

Let’s do it right now to see how it feels. 

Breathe in and then out.

Inhale and exhale.

Take another breath – in and out.

Inhale and exhale. 

Breathe in again and now exhale. 

Breathe in gently and exhale. 

A few more, inhale and exhale. 

Inhale and exhale. 

Breathe in and out. 

One more, inhale and exhale. 

How do you feel? For me, it makes me relaxed yet gives me energy to continue with my day. 

2. Mantras 

You can employ a silent and quick mantra that you say to yourself over and over.

I am patient. My patience is rewarded. I am patient right now. 

I am calm. I am peaceful. I am relaxed. 

Silence is the best gift I can give to myself right now. 

I am wisdom.  I have the answers I need right now. 

I am joy. I am uplifted. My work is light and my heart full. 

These mantras work to give you a pause moment when you really need one. 

3. Rescue Remedy 

Who knows there is a handy little bottle known as Rescue Remedy that helps calm your body? It is made by Bach Flower Essences and it is available at many supermarket chains, such as: Shaw’s, Whole Foods, Stop & Shop, and your local health food stores.  It is also available online at, or 

It comes in a spray, drops, pastilles, gum, cream or melt away drops.   

It can be used during the day, before bed, for adults, children and even for pets. 

If you have any questions, talk to your doctor, nutritionist, or pharmacist. 

Grab a breath, say a mantra or spray some ‘yoga in a bottle.’

Calm is here for you. 

Let’s get some. 

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends. 

As always, wishing you joy, 



Brilliance: Intuitive Knowing & Purpose Lunar Cycle

Do You Want to Know the Meaning of the 800 Year Christmas Star?

Jupiter and Saturn

Astronomically, Jupiter and Saturn make the brightest star in the sky in 800 years as they pass so closely, they appear to be one bright star. You’ll be able to see it with the naked eye on a clear night all month long, but with greater distinction starting on December 16th

This is the brightest star combination since 1226 as the last closest passing during 1623 was too close to the Sun, so wasn’t observable. 

Astrologically, Jupiter is the inspiration and connection to faith and Saturn is the disciplinarian and has the ability to make your inspirations real. Every 20 years, Jupiter and Saturn begin a new cycle by passing so closely together they form a Grand Conjunction. This one is on December 21st, the Solstice of 2020, occurring at 8:22 am ET, at zero degrees of Aquarius. It’s a new sequence of the air elements after 200 years in the earth element. With Aquarius and air, there’s a new seed dawning. 

Added to this, the Sun enters Capricorn at the same time, creating an opening between the past and the future. The dawn of the new season aligns with the dawn of new energies. There’s more power, as if that’s needed. 

This Christmas star indicates a paradigm shift for humanity and a breakthrough to the other side. New solutions, innovation, freedom and technology reign. Aquarius relieves the heaviness of Capricorn as it brings hope for the future, invents advanced technologies and sets high ideals. This combination creates freedom and equity. 

What does it mean for you? 

If you know your birth time, go to and enter your date, time and place of birth. Once you get your birth chart, look for the sign of Aquarius symbol, and then look at the inner circle to find the number related to the beginning of the symbol. In this instance, it’s an 8. 

Kicking off the next 20 years, but more specifically, throughout 2021, look to the number to determine where to put your energies. Over the next year, the opportunity to break free of limitations and to find freedom is at an all-time high. Look at the table below to see how the energies will support you throughout 2021.

House Stop Start
1 Stop playing a role that’s expected of you and start… BEING YOU
2 Stop paying too much for your money and start… BEING PAID FOR WHAT YOU LOVE
3 Stop holding your tongue and start… SPEAKING YOUR TRUTH
4 Stop paying the price of putting other’s needs above your own and start… BEING SELFISH
5 Stop numbing yourself to escape and start… BEING PAID FOR WHAT YOU LOVE
6 Stop acting like you owe other’s something and start… CHOOSING YOU
7 Stop getting deeply entangled in unequal or unfulfilling relationships and start… SIMPLIFYING RELATIONSHIPS
8 Stop ignoring your deep power and sexuality and start… BEING POWERFULLY INTIMATE
9 Stop buying into dogma and being judgmental and start… BEING DISCERNING
10 Stop being falsely employed and start… WORKING IN AUTHENTICITY
11 Stop creating chaos and distractions and start… BEING STRATEGIC
12 Stop playing the pious pauper and start… VALUING YOUR SPIRITUAL GIFTS
Happy Solstice. 
Happy Christmas Star. 
Happy New Era. 

As always, wishing you joy, 

Xxx, Kim

Brilliance: Intuitive Knowing & Purpose Lunar Cycle

December: New Era NOW


As predicted by the Mayans re: 2012, we’ve been working on the NEW ERA since  then with key celestial moments in 2012, 2016 and 2020.  

We’ve had to plunge deeply into the dark in order to find wholeness and only then  can we come to the surface, climb the right summit (which is unique to each one  of us) to declare victory.  

Big dates:

12/17 Saturn enters Aquarius  

12/19 Jupiter enters Aquarius 

12/21 Jupiter conjunction Saturn closest one since 1623- signaling epochal  social change (next one on Oct 31, 2040) Zero degrees in air – first time in  almost 200 years; every other has been in earth signs. NEW ERA 12/23 Mars square Pluto 

Week 1: Sunday 12/5 – Saturday 12/11 – Embrace the loft. 

There’s loft and supportive influences. You may still question and have residual  doubts, but for the most part, you’re relieved and actually looking forward to the  holiday festivities, even if they’re abbreviated. You’re especially anticipating the end  of this year. You can count the days until 2020 comes to a close. If you have the  energy, take advantage of the creative and inspirational energies.  

Week 2: Sunday 12/12 – Saturday 12/18 – Stay flex.  

Wacky communications, technology and travel (if there is any). Don’t be deceived – lies, deceptions and corrupt propaganda reign for the rest of the month. It will be  so easy to believe the worst, to judge and to abdicate responsibility due to  overwhelm. Don’t succumb. This is what you’ve been preparing for, it’s what I’ve  been urging and then bribing (5×5) to get you out of your mind and into your  instinct, intuition, wisdom.  

New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse: 12/14 – Open mind and heart. 12/14 New Moon @ 11:18 am EST Sag conjunct to nodes of Ceres in Sag/Gem The higher expression is using your will power to bring new ideas, to understand  different viewpoints and to appreciate the various cultures, perspectives and ways of living. This can be the golden summit for humanity if you can let go of judgment,  narrowmindedness and fear.  

The lower expression is to hold onto dogmatic views, maintain prejudice and judge  anyone who is different or disagrees with your opinions. This can be incredibly a  righteous, angry and volatile time. The pinnacle of which hasn’t been seen in  decades.  

With this Full Moon and Total Eclipse, there’s more support than opposition. To  get it right, drop into your inner knowing, feel what’s in your heart and speak out in  brave and courageous ways. Be a role model for what you know is right and true.  

Week 3: Sunday 12/19 – Saturday 12/25 – Stay in your lane.  What a week! It’s what you’ve been waiting your whole life for – it’s the reason your  soul said YES. This can’t be overstated. How are you going to welcome the new era  into your life? How big can you dream? The power to be a huge success is right here,  right now. STAY IN YOUR LANE. DO you. BE you. LOVE you.  


The beginning of the next millennium begins today. The themes are innovation,  humanity and grass roots. They’ll be incredible tension as the outdated modes will  hang on with their last breath. The power structure is crumbling, but it won’t go  away peacefully, it won’t be a melting into the background. It’s going to go kicking  and screaming.  

In the abstract, it’s easy to think you’ll be on the side of the new – innovation,  humanity and grass roots, but you may surprise yourself. This doesn’t look like  government, big institutions and corporations holding all of the power. Again, that  sounds oppressive and it is. However, with the power, these institutions have also  accepted responsibility for paying, housing and contributing, financially and  otherwise, to many. Get real and be honest with yourself. What side of receiving  services are you on? What do you expect to be taken care of by big institutions?  Everyone wants the trash to be picked up, the internet to run smoothly and the  roads to be cleared after a storm.  

Think about it – it’s going to get real. It’s going to be a rocky road for the next few  years. For me, I’m holding the full potential and endless possibility for humanity.  You’ve heard me talk about it for you in your 1:1 sessions or in society. I may even have mentioned it in my free Facebook group (Power Up Your Prosperity with True KLT). However, I also do this for the Mother  Earth and her inhabitants. I even do it for the celestial universe.  

Week 4: Sunday 12/26 – Saturday 1/1 – Glimpse of future.  Changes are happening and they’re positive. Stay on course with your dreams,  intentions and goals, but embrace new supports and opportunities as they present  themselves to you. The unknown and unexpected is the name of the game in 2021.  

Full Moon: 12/29 – Turn up the kindness.  

12/29 Full Moon @ 10:30 pm EST Cap/Can 

This is a time for sensitivity and tenderness. Breathe new life into anything outdated.  Feel positive about the future.  

Supportive magical tools

Tarot: Synergy – 6 of Worlds 

Represents Lover’s ability to bring resources together to create alliance of power  and success. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Combine your inner  resources and abilities with others. The collective has power. Organize, co-create,  and work in teams. Synergy requires you to think holistically and creatively, have  emotional courage and physical stamina. In synergy, everyone wins. 

Crystal: Morion Quartz 

This makes smoky quartz seem like a weakling. This is smoky quartz on steroids.  She’s the Queen of the Earth star as she helps you feel safe, provides protection  for all bodies, over time and space as she helps you make things real.  

Totally grounding. You are a human. Yes, you’re infinite, but you’ve chosen to be  human. So be it. Get earthly. Be real. Revel in your humanness. Also, huge karmic  cleanser. Seriously, no joke – soul DNA getting you stuck – work with her. For a total crazy healing (only for masters), use in conjunction with smoky quartz and  natural citrine. For even more power, use with elestial smoky quartz.  

Flower essence: Gorse 

The hope flower. It’s all about the solar plexus. Activate your will to live life to the  fullest. Get rid of those areas of your life where you don’t live fully.  

Spirit animal: Ram

Start. Begin now. Do the things you’ve been thinking of, wanting to learn, eager to  lean into – now is the time.  


Goddess: Aine 

Leap of faith. Even when you can’t see the next step – fling yourself into it – completely and wholeheartedly. Just do it.  

Supportive practical tips

Affirmation: choose one or two. 

I am powerful.  

My mind is filled with wonder.  

My heart is open with trust.  

I am intuitive.  

I am wise.  

I am knowing.  

My business is a success.  

My dreams are realized.  

I am my dreams.  

I stay in my lane.  

I love everyone.  


1st ½ of the month: Stay flex. Work on things you’ve already planned. Don’t be  distracted by what’s happening on the political stage if that isn’t your lane. Same  thing for social media. Be focused. Keep your eye on the long-term. Be in lockstep  with your goals.  

2nd ½ of month: Use your intuition, wisdom and knowing to determine what’s real  for you and your business. You may have to pivot in the next month or two. Get  rooted and watch for signs. Remember your mission and your vision. There’s no  reason to get off track. Just be mindful the world stage is getting rocky. Definitely  don’t react. Stay on message. Be compassionate, certainly, but most importantly, act  in integrity with you and your business goals. 

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Brilliance: Intuitive Knowing & Purpose Oracle

September Oracle – Discover How to Build a Stronger Foundation


2020 has been trying and here we are in its 9th month, tired and weary, and just in time as the energies pull you back to pause and take a breath. You’ve reached the summit and realize its only base camp, but that’s okay. Replenish yourself this month to gear up for the rest of your life beginning in December. You’ll relish this quieter time if you see it as positive instead of negative. 

I’ll be going LIVE on Tuesday morning at 10:00 am ET to talk about all of it. Power Up Your Prosperity in the True KLT group. 


Better days: 9/1, 9/3, 9/4, 9/5, 9/6, 9/13, 9/14, 9/17, 9/22

Days to tread softly: 9/2, 9/4 (not a typo – it’s both), 9/9, 9/11, 9/15, 9/18, 9/19, 9/21, 9/25, 9/27, 9/28, 9/29


  • Get all the things done in the first week. 
  • After that, be patient. 
  • Go inward to reflect and devise an excellent self-care regiment.  
  • Make plans, strategize and take stock. 
  • Make adjustments as necessary.  
  • Strengthen your foundation.  


The Tarot card for September is the Harvest – Nine of Worlds. 

This is an ending and beginning card signaling the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next one. You’ve been hard at work and now is the time of culmination. Ensure you’ve completed everything you set out to do. Go past the finish line. 

Build the basis for the next cycle to make all of your dreams come true. 

Weekly Energies:

Astrologically, there are 4 big forces this month – Mars moving into retrograde position on the 9th, Jupiter and Saturn stationing direct on the 13th and 29th respectively and Mars confronting Saturn again on the 29th. This month sets up the next 2 to round out 2020’s birthing of a new era. 

Astronomically, Earth is passing between Mars and the Sun in an elegant cyclic dance that happens every two years, however Mars also has his own dance with the Sun. In 2018, Mars and the Earth came close while Mars was his closest to the Sun, making this the first time since 2003. This year, Earth and Mars will be the closest on October 6th, but is bright in the night sky until then. Enjoy!

Week 1: Get Things Done!

September begins with yummy energy helping you feel charismatic and influential. Reach out to others for powerful communication and connection. It’s also a great time for discovery and research. (Mercury trine Pluto Rx)

Full Moon: Your Role in the World.

On September 2nd, the Moon reaches her full opposition point at 1:23 am EDT. She’s in Pisces while the Sun’s in Virgo, each asking you to accept yourself and the world in which you live wholly and completely. This is both personal and universal and is directly in line with the “Yes, but…” conversations I’ve been having on my FB business page on Thursdays. It’s all about holding the expansive space of infinite possibility with the practicalities of daily life and all of the tension it involves and the almost impossible commitment it entails. 

On this same day, there are 2 other influences affecting this Sun-Moon opposition, one supportive and the other conflicting. First the confrontation that complicates friendships, love and finance. This energy triggers feelings of inadequacy due to lack of attention, appreciation and acknowledgment. These are typically wounds from authority figures, particularly parents that get a zing right now. It’s an opportunity for you to learn to love yourself. Forgive yourself for the past and fully enjoy and appreciate yourself now. 

In the outer world, prepare for healing by paying off debts literally and figuratively. It’s also a good time to plan home renovations or redesigning to beautify your home or office. (Venus opposition Saturn Rx)

The supportive energy brings insight and discovery. You have feelings of self-confidence about trying new things or new people. Be careful not to shed old things or people that are still aligned with you, even though they feel uncomfortable right now. Embrace the new WHILE healing any inner discomfort from the former. This is the time to see the true value in all areas of your life. (Sun trine Uranus Rx)

The next day, everything administrative feels good right now. Make plans, schedule events, negotiate, sign contracts and finish up anything you’ve been putting off these last few weeks. (Mercury trine Saturn Rx)

On the 4th, there are 3 configurations that make this day both good and a tad complicated. Firstly, healthy relationships feel delicious as this transit boosts your passion and stimulates excitement. In less than healthy ones, tension and conflict arises with a fight for control. Avoid conflict by working out or being creative. Find a positive outlet for your excess sexual energy. (Venus square Mars)

Secondly, make adjustments to your thoughts about moving forward on projects and work. You want to push ahead, but deep down inside you know you need to wait. Revisit your design, fortify your plans and attend to the details. (Mercury quincunx Mars)

Lastly, you feel sexy and yearn for social activity. You have the charm to satisfy all of your connections and make them a success. This transit typically occurs twice a year, but this year, it’s occurred 4 times. This is the 3rd one with the next in mid-October. (Mercury sextile Venus)

The next day, your thoughts move into harmonious terrain as you long for beauty, elegance and sophistication. Make peace with your mind and let your heart’s desires lead. Your mind actually wants to slow down and savor. (Mercury ingres Libra)

On the last day of the week, your feelings get a lift into joy from the sensitive and nurturing ones. It’s a time for love, fun and expressing yourself creatively. You may want a new style to step out with more flair and swagger. (Venus ingres Leo)

Week 2: Be mindful.

On the 9th, the first of the big guns of the month occurs. Mars stations retrograde until November 14th. Mars is in Aries, his own sign and amplifies the impact.  Feelings of uncertainty reach an all-time high about your role in the world, at work and in relationships.  This Mars retrograde is one for the books as this is the first time in 32 years Mars has gone retrograde in his own sign of Aries.  

When Mars appears to go backward in the sky, he affects your energy level, your passion and any forward motion in work and play. Expect your energy level to drop and you’ll have no obvious momentum in life mission or passionate stimulation in relationships. Self-care is key and introspection is your vehicle. Plan, organize and get things together behind the scenes. Focus on what you truly want, but don’t make any lasting changes until this retrograde has passed. I’ll be diving as deeply into this as I’ve done for the March Saturn in Aquarius and Mars in 2020 articles. Stay tuned early next week. They’ll be a LIVE too. 😘

Also on this day, good feelings and optimism arise, so take advantage of this good fortune by taking action. It may be the last day to do so for the next handful of weeks. (Sun trine Jupiter Rx)

On September 11th, deception and confusion come to the fore. If it seems too good to be true, it is. Be discerning. Drop into your heart space before making any lasting decisions. (Sun opposition Neptune Rx)

On the 12th, push ideas beyond their limits.  Intuit and reach into your knowing in new and unexpected ways. The revelations may surprise you. I would set extra time aside for meditation as the connections may be surprising. (Mercury quincunx Uranus Rx)

Jupiter stations direct on the 13th after spending 4 months in retrospection. Your philosophy of life’s meaning and what it means to be successful has undergone review these last handful of months. Hopefully your inner compass has been realigned with your brightest future. 

The last day of the 2nd week brings influential and appealing energies. You may be recognized for your efforts by those in position of power and authority. Yum. (Sun trine Pluto Rx)

Week 3: Take stock.

There’s a bid for freedom in relationships on the 15th. Any closeness feels chafing and any compromise seems stifling. Take heed before spending your way through this energy and overindulging too much. Get creative instead. (Venus square Uranus Rx)

New Moon: Recognition.

On the 17th, the Moon stills along with the Sun at exactly 7:00 am EDT in the practically universal sign of Virgo in harmony with Saturn Rx. Long awaited recognition for all of your hard work becomes obvious. You deserve it. Take this respite and redefine your intentions for the remainder of 2020. Set them to manifest magically for you with this new Moon. (Sun trine Saturn Rx)

Pay attention to the details as your broad view of the world masks them in your enthusiasm to bring anything to fruition. Be mindful of how to communicate and keep your high-flying self-importance to a minimum. This is a good transit for your self-confidence as long as you stay firmly footed in reality.  (Mercury square Jupiter)

The 18th is a kaleidoscope of shifting colors making new shapes and patterns. Turn your thoughts and perceptions this way and that for different perspectives and points of view. (Mercury quincunx Neptune Rx)

What excites you? Expect changes in the definition of your passions and desires on the 19th.  You’re maturing and so are your tastes. Let go of those that no longer fit. (Sun quincunx Mars Rx)

On the 21st, don’t get carried away with extremist thinking as Pluto loves to take things to the edge by plunging head first into anything objectionable, namely the underbelly of humanity. Stay in your lane and dive deeply into your own truth. This is an opportunity to investigate your relationship with your inner soul, not to defend wild theories to avoid introspection. This transit is hitting 3 times in 3 months and most importantly hits exact on November 2nd – the day before the US general election.  I’ve been waiting for the right moment to post my findings for that day. Stay tuned later this week. (Mercury square Pluto Rx) 

Week 4: Balance.  

Happy Equinox Celebration! It’s the kick off of a new season, so let’s celebrate with a 3-day festival! I’m inviting you to my True KLT group to join the fun. You’ll see a light-hearted take on the weekly power tip emails to get you into the spirit of the festival. Stay tuned for all the things. 😉

Happy Birthday Libra. The day equals night on September 22nd. This is about balance. What’s in balance for you? What’s out of balance? It’s time to bring everything into alignment. Use Libra’s energy to help you. (Sun ingres Libra)

Also on the Equinox, make adjustments and course corrections in love and finance. You can make successful strides by planning accordingly after a full review. (Venus quincunx Jupiter)

The week continues to be active with energetic forces from the 23rd to the 28th, culminating with the biggest ones on the 29th. The month reaches a crescendo to launch October’s rehash of August-like energy.  

On September 23rd, you have the chance to see things for what they truly are, especially relationships in love, business and even friendships. Take note of any imbalances and determine how you want to address them.  (Venus quincunx Neptune Rx)

Also on this day, take your time in completing tasks and double-check your work. Take care while communicating with others – this is a time ripe with misunderstandings. This influence is your first hint of the Mercury retrograde October season. (Mercury square Saturn Rx)

On the 24th, be patient and relax as everything’s going to be taken out of context. Take a deep breath when dealing with aggravating people or situations. Don’t let them get the better of you.  (Mercury opposition Mars Rx)

On September 26th, explore the underpinnings of self-love and take a few days to do it. Think about how you’ve gained awareness about yourself, then examine your self-care routines. Finally, discover fun and creative ways to love yourself. (Venus quincunx Pluto Rx)

Here it is on the 27th, the next step foreshadowing the Mercury retrograde plunge next month. This is an additional sprinkling of what’s in store for the next 6 weeks. Your thoughts turn to the unfamiliar with intensity not seen in almost a year. You want to know everything about the secret, hidden and until yet, unattainable. Be wary of drama or emotional outbursts. Don’t your intentions be swayed by other’s immaturity. (Mercury ingres Scorpio)

Undergo a bit of surgery in the areas of your budget of time, resource and money on the 28th. Any tweaks pay off 10-fold. (Venus quincunx Saturn Rx)

Saturn stations direct on September 29th after four long months.  Your re-evaluation period weighing your responsibilities and how you expend your authority has come to an end. You’ve been in this energy since May 11th. How has it gone? Do you feel you’ve reset your responsibility and authority matrix? 

There are 2 more influences on this day. The first one would typically be a positive impact on your love life and may still be if you enter into it tenderly and compassionately. Your love life has absorbed a series of hits this month. Relax and breathe. Make space to deepen your love, creative pursuits or self-care routines. (Venus trine Mars Rx)

Take a protective stance on what’s important to you now. This is the same energy, but backward from what you experienced on August 24th and positions you for the next round on January 13, 2021. Don’t defend defiantly. Softly, but strongly position yourself firmly for whatever comes next. (Mars Rx square Saturn)

Monthly Stone:

Seek connection with the monthly stone Lazulite.

Lazulite comes from the Latin word, Lazanward, meaning Heaven. This stone uplifts you with positive spiritual energies. 

Additionally, it balances your chakras and aligns your thoughts with your feelings.  While this stone eases your mind, it brings you a deep sense of inner peace. Your imagination and intuition are heightened, so you can find answers to questions that have been eluding you. 

This crystal assists with true life purpose. It opens the mind and connects to the heart and soul. This stone gives you insights and guides you to the answers about every area of your life. 

To ground this energy, pair with Hematite and Covelite. Hematite helps pull this energy down to Earth, while Covelite bridges the physical and spiritual realms.

September is a month of build-up in pressure if you look at the hold-ups as negative. However, if you lean into the standstill and treat it as a plateau for review and adjustment, you’ll be much better positioned for the remainder of 2020 and 2021. 

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends. 

Remember, you are loved beyond measure,  


Brilliance: Intuitive Knowing & Purpose Lunar Cycle

Sept Full Moon – How to Welcome Good Fortune Today


There is so much contained in this Full Moon energy. You can feast on it for days. I’ve taken a slightly different approach by including the energetic influences with their corresponding recommendations, so you can pick and choose. (If it were me, I would print out and circle those that jumped out at me. But, I’m old school, so do whatever works for you.)

I’ll be going LIVE in my True KLT group on Wednesday at 10:00 am ET to talk about the underlying forces and overall impacts as well as to lead scrumptious meditation. 


This Full Moon Tarot card is the Sage of Cups – Regenerator. 

You’ve ridden the waves of your inner life, dealt with stagnation and are finding fulfillment in new ways. You’ve mastered how to negotiate emotional waters and generate new life vitality though joyousness.

Toast yourself. There’s happiness in growth. 

Relish it. 


This Full Moon has a 7 and 10 energy combination. 

The Moon reaches maximum with Venus, Saturn and the karmic nodes at 25° (2+5 = 7). While the Sun, Moon and Uranus are at 10°. 

The 7 is the past and present and the 10 is the future. This is excellent as the 7 is a mastery number, reminding you to take stock of your current position, while the 10 is all about fortune. 


Astrological Energies: 

You come into this Full Moon refreshed by powerful and influential connections.  You feel charismatic and creative allowing the Virgo Sun to push you to get to the task at hand. 

When the Pisces Moon opposes the Sun in her full position, it’s 1:23 am EDT. I love the 1-2-3, as in “Let’s go.” This is the energy of the entire week. 

Diving into the expression of the lunar-solar opposition, Pisces and Virgo come to the fore with Virgo outshining Pisces, but Pisces reaching into the Sun and pulling out all of his manifestation that may yet still be hidden.  

I love the unifying influence of these two signs. Virgo is feminine while the Sun is masculine and Pisces and the Moon are both yin, making this Full Moon 3 parts inner reflection and one part outer creation. With the energy of “Let’s go”, this provides opportunity to bring your whole self into the equation of all of your activities this week.

Speak with your whole self, reach out to others with your heart and connect to your passionate work without guilt or compromise. This is alignment with integrity. Your heart and soul step forward and take the reins allowing your mind to fall back and perceive. This is an excellent for strategizing, planning and intending as well as doing. (For me, as a strategist and intuitive, this is the stuff of dreams!)

The best question to ask right now is: “What is my best pathway forward to embrace my maximum potential for the future of my dreams?” 

Here are the opportunities for you during this Full Moon time. Choose those that speak to you. 

New possibility is here. It’s as if your future is standing right in front of you. How will you invite it into your life? 

  • Be bold and confident to say YES to moving forward. 
  • Shed the behaviors and patterns that have negative influence. 
  • Break bad habits.
  • Find original ways of doing things. 
  • Recognize your discomfort with change is only temporary.

Revisit your design, fortify your plans and attend to the details. Use Virgo’s energy to get your administrative world in order. 

  • Make plans. Schedule events. 
  • Clean up any unfinished business. 
  • Make the phone calls, send the emails. 
  • Perform all outreach activities. 
  • Negotiate deals and sign contracts. 
  • Set your course for the remainder of the year. 

Open your heart to romance and your mind to creative pursuits. You feel sexy, social and creative (in any order you prefer 😉). This is also a way to expend pent-up tension. 

  •  Set up an evening of romance. 
  • Make plans with friends for a safe and social engagement. 
  • Allow time to get creative and make something beautiful.
  • Get physical. Work out. 

Recognize the reason behind the pressure of feelings of inadequacy. Where have you given your permission for people to step on your toes? How are you unclear about your expectations? 

  • Step into your command. 
  • Appreciate your authority.  
  • Be clear and concise in your communications. 

Let go of preconceived judgments and open your heart and mind to the intentions of others. Your view of the world is growing and changing with you. How does your emotional safety stand up to confrontation with the way you see the world? 

  • Be discerning instead of judging. 
  • Accept that others aren’t perfect and have their own situations you may or may not be aware.
  • Allow yourself to become a role model for how you want to be treated.  Be the person you want to be. 
  • Treat yourself with the same attention and care you treat your loved ones. 

Value in every way is being tested right now. What are your priorities for your time, energy and resource? Where are your dollars going? How are you earning your money? 

  • Review your financial targets. 
  • Revisit your budget. 
  • Create pleasure for yourself.
  • Invest in pleasing surroundings. 

Full Moon Crystal: 

Blue topaz is a part of the family of topaz, signifying love, ease and good fortune. It promotes loyalty in love and truth. It promotes better communication through clarity of feelings and honest emotional attachment. 

This gem promotes truth and forgiveness. It’s a mellow stone that works where it’s most needed.  It aligns your mind, body and spirit. 

Blue topaz helps you see where you strayed from truth and bring you back to your core wisdom.It ensures you to live up to your own aspirations. It assists you in writing your own script.

It has cooling powers and helps prevents anger and frustration. (This will be good for this weekend.) 

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends. 

As always, wishing you joy, 


Brilliance: Intuitive Knowing & Purpose Lunar Cycle

August New Moon – Why Do You Need to be Vulnerable Right Now?


There’s tremendous healing and support for you right now, but only if you open yourself to it. 

The key during this New Moon is vulnerability.

It’s your coming out party. 

Allow the world to see the true you. 


Integrity – Nine of Wands

The Tarot never misses a beat. This card shows up a handful of months ago when I pick the lunar cycle cards. Crazy, how spot on each one is for the cosmic energies. 

The Nine of Wands is a spiritual card in the minor arcana. It represents your inner spirit of unbending self-determination to be true to yourself. 

It urges you to be honest with yourself and your desires, to know yourself fully and value yourself completely. 

It also nudges you to walk your own path and to defend your spirit without compromise. 

Command the integrity for yourself as fiercely you do for others.  

Astrological Energies: 

Here you are on the 18th of August, having made it more than ½ way through this tumultuous month. 

Your reward? 

The New Moon as the Sun and Moon come together in solidarity at 10:42 pm ET in Leo at 26°. 

I would be lying if I said, “The energies are only supportive for you right now, so no worries – just lie back and enjoy.” 

This is only partially true. 

The energies are supportive right now and they’re also challenging you to transform anything that isn’t in alignment.

How do you know what’s in alignment? 

Things that make you uncomfortable, test your beliefs and press your priorities. 

This is alignment?  

Let’s unpack the influences so you can assimilate their meanings. 

The Sun and Moon kiss in Leo, the fiery and robust sign, where the Sun is completely at home.  The Sun overshadows the Moon as is true in any New Moon, but is over-the-top true in this one. 

Leo wants nothing more than to be loved and appreciated as he opens his sensitive and vulnerable heart to stand in the spotlight and say what he truly means. 

Leo, who’s scared, yet does it anyway as he knows it’s worth it. He knows HE’s worth it. He values himself and wants to share his gifts with the world. He has something to say and wants to lift everyone up with his messages. 

The Sun and Moon also kiss Mercury, only separated by one-degree. This is a thought-provoking and expressive energy. It’s passionate and intense, so don’t be surprised if you’re more opinionated and verbose than usual. 

In the higher expression, Leo is open, giving and trusting. He’s also fun-loving and joyful. He’s a natural leader who loves to lead from the front, delivering his elegant speeches and inspiring the world at large. 

On the lower side, Leo is prideful and boastful against any perceived injuries of neglect or lack of appreciation. He pontificates about his achievements and acts like a spoiled child vying for attention. He throws his might around and rails against everyone and everything. He’s the jerk in the middle of the party making an ass of himself. 

There’s no middle ground with Leo.

Check your tendencies this week to see where you fall in your pursuit for self-confidence and esteem.  If you’re defensive and feel like you’re being attacked, stand back and see how this is serving to deepen your convictions. If you’re feeling supported and appreciated beyond your normal realm, then congratulations, you are on your way. 2020 has been pushing you in the right direction. 

There’s more, of course there is.

Saturn Rx is at the heart of this New Moon as he’s been at the heart of everything this year. 

Saturn Rx asks you to make adjustments in your material, resourceful and supportive constructs, especially in the area of work. What people and systems provide you with the best possibility of success? How have you pushed yourself beyond your confines? In what ways have you committed to yourself, your values and priorities? Are there any further refinements you can make to get the most out of 2020’s tunnel to the new era? 

Remember, you’re either exhausted or depressed with Saturn, so choose. He’s far from finished as he’s center stage until the end of the year. 

Then there’s Mars, who’s also an integral component of this New Moon. He’s adding fuel to the already overloaded pressure cooker of 2020. He’s ramping up to smack Saturn Rx next week. 

Mars wants to go-go-go and Saturn’s saying stop-stop-stop. It’s a tug of wars unless you fall back and allow. This is another part of the vulnerability puzzle. Just let go. Stop resisting, railing, flailing and otherwise wasting your energy. 

What’s the best way to handle this pressure? 

Step into commitment and discipline. Allow the deepening that’s been begging you for months nowSay YES to your transformation by seeing yourself in the full light. You have shadows and light, just like everyone else. Why should you be immune to being frail in certain areas of your life? (Mars square Saturn Rx/Pluto Rx @ 2 ° orb)

Let your natural confidence and optimism come to the surface to help you through. There’s always a silver lining. Find yours. (Mars trine Sun/Moon 2 ° orb)

You could have good news with your finances and your love life. Your creativity may also be at an all-time high too. Welcome it. (Venus sextile Uranus Rx)

Actually, welcome all of it. 

New Moon Recommendations: 

  • Recall your intentions from the beginning of the year and keep your eye on your long-term goals. 
  • Get delicious healing. Release old karmic patterns. Do ritual. Meditate. 
  • Make plans for 2021. Yes, 2021. It’s not too soon. Come up with contingencies as 2021 is going to be the release of all of the pressure from 2020.  Who knows what’s going to happen? Have a plan A, B and C. 
  • Fall in line with the unfamiliar, uncomfortable and unknown. Go with the flow and rhythms of life. 
  • Welcome the new and unexpected in money, creativity and love.  

New Moon Crystal: 

Obsidian is a powerful cleanser. It moves everything in its path. This molten lava is without boundaries or limitations. It’s a powerful and fast working stone that supports while clearing everything.  There are many types: 

Apache Tear – is a gentlertype of black obsidian. It’s to be used for protecting, healing, and spiritual grounding. It comforts grief and sadness. 

Black – protective stone that removes negativity. It cleanses, heals and helps with manifestation. It helps get in touch with buried issues.  

Blue – supports divination by activating the throat chakra and enhancing intuition. 

Gold-sheen – can be used for scrying. It gets to root of problem, shows you what you want to heal and balances energy. However, you need another stone for the actual healing. 

Mahogany – grounds and protects. It supports aspirations and removes blockages from life’s work. 

Snowflake– stone of purity. It balances the mind, body & spirit. It helps transformation by providing balance as well as the ability to see unhealthy patterns of behavior. It calms and soothes.

You’re in the 3rd quarter of this year with only 3 ½ months until the relief that’s available in the middle of December. It feels like it’s almost too much and that’s true – it is. 

But, you’ve chosen to be here at this time, in this place, with these people, doing these things. 

Stand up. And breathe. 

You’re in the final stretch. 

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends. 

As always, wishing you joy, 


Brilliance: Intuitive Knowing & Purpose Lunar Cycle

August Full Moon – Discover Ways to Overcome Frustration and Resistance


The Hardest Lesson should be the title of this Full Moon. The tightness of the energies is at an all-time high and the best thing you can do is to accept and allow. You’ll want to rail, fight and frustrate, but resist the temptation to succumb to these emotions. 

If you relent, you’ll then want to descend into self-sabotage, self-defeat or even despair. 

Instead, lean back and be vulnerable. 

It’s a big ask, but trust and have faith this is for the best. Fill your mind with wonder. Believe in potential. Welcome the new. 

All things are possible. 

I’ll be going LIVE on Monday, August 3rd at 9:00 am ET to talk all about ways to make this energy work for you. Join us in my True KLT group.


Regenerator – Sage of Cups

This tarot card brings the energies of the Moon to assist in regulating your inner emotional waters. It helps you go with the flow in the cycles of life. 

It also signifies the mastery of stagnation. You overcome the frustration of being held back when you see the benefits of fine-tuning, deepening and sharpening. Assess the areas of your life needing attention. 

Find fulfillment in folding new life into old patterns and behaviors. Create growth opportunities by discovering the joy of review, refinement and restraint. 

By doing so for yourself, you generate relief and satisfaction for others. The ripple effect is profound. 

Astrological Energies: 

The tension in this Full Moon is high as it’s awash in a sea of red. The Sun and Moon reaches her maximum at 11:59 am ET giving you the energy to break free by expressing yourself truthfully and vulnerably. 

Ask yourself a few questions: 

  • What yearns to be spoken? 
  • How does your heart want to open to trust?
  • What karmic shifts are revealing themselves to you?
  • Why are these patterns repeating? 

Be honest with yourself. You’re the only witness to your answers unless you decide otherwise. 

Let’s break down these energies to discover the tools available to you in this tense moment. 

Your thoughts, emotions and will are involved as well as your karma around money, relationships and love. 

Is that all? 

Actually, no. 

Thankfully, there are supportive energies that may not feel supportive. But, that’s okay as any support is welcome. 

Breaking free is possible as you have the energetic forces for freedom, fearlessness and success. Phew. 

Freedom from being held back. 

Freedom from acting disingenuously. 

Freedom from ignoring, mitigating or depleting your inner voice. 

Ignore the discomfort and embrace the uncertainty of this moment. 

It’ll do you a WORLD of good. 

Rely on tools you may have ‘outgrown’ as these provide the appropriate level of assistance. They also provide solace by being so comfortable and easy to use.

When your thoughts drift into doubt, negativity or self-sabotage, use your mantras and affirmations to shift them into more expansive patterns. 

When your feelings move into either the hot or depressive zones, use EFT, flower essences, talk therapy or the Moon’s energy to give you the emotional safety to process your emotions. 

When you will takes a powder, leverage your self-discipline to just do it. If your will amps into the aggressive, use this fuel by getting to work. Alternately, expend your excess energy with physical activity. You may even want to be amorous, if the mood strikes you. 😉

In all cases, any healing modality is excellent – absolutely excellent. Employ any and all that speak to you.  

Be wary of deflecting your inner work by projecting onto others. If you fall into the mode of ‘he should do this…’ or ‘why isn’t she doing that…’ Stop. Breathe and ask yourself the very same questions. 

This is about you, not them. 

It always is. 

Full Moon Recommendations: 

  • Strategize and set goals for the rest of 2020 and the first ½ of 2021. 
  • Take care of your financial wellbeing.  Talk about your finances with your partner. Budget and plan. (The time for organizing and handling the details comes later in the month.)
  • Be tender with loved ones, including yourself. 
  • Get karmic healing. 
  • Don’t negotiate any deals or sign any contracts. 
  • Gain solace by spending time in nature. 
  • Find ways to laugh. 
  • Seek solace in using your comfortable tools for support. 

Full Moon Crystal: 

Seek respite in the Full Moon stone: Smithsonite

Smithsonite is a stone of tranquility and kindness. It’s most common coloring is a soft greenish-blue that’s soothing to look at and peaceful to the senses. 

It’s the perfect crystal for this Full Moon as it provides a buffer between you and life’s challenges. It gives you courage and compassion in equal measure. 

If you want to delve into its magic, smithsonite heals the inner child and dissolves emotional trauma. It also strengthens psychic abilities, leadership qualities and provides harmony in uncomfortable situations. 

It can be placed in grid fashion around the bed and I thought of doing this, but it would be really expensive. 

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends. 

As always, wishing you joy, 


Brilliance: Intuitive Knowing & Purpose Oracle

August Oracle – Why You Want to Restructure Your LIfe


This month is about tweaking your mindset and approach in life, love and business. It’s an internal and external restructuring. 

It’s going to come at you from all angles, so be prepared by opening your mind and flexing your stance. 

I’ll be talking about everything August in my free Facebook group on Friday at 10:00 am EDT. Join us.


Better days: 8/5, 8/7, 8/16, 8/17, 8/18, 8/25, 8/27, 8/29

Days to tread softly: 8/1, 8/2, 8/3, 8/4, 8/10, 8/11, 8/12, 8/13, 8/24, 8/30


  • Say YES to all of the possibility.
  • Accept change and be flexible.  
  • Stay safe. 
  • Make the necessary adjustments. 


Breakthrough – 7 of worlds

This month offers breakthrough by urging you to restructure and streamline aspects of your life to help you overcome blocks and free up your talents and resources. 

Use the power from the planets to clear your vision, to propel you forward and to act with will and determination.

Weekly Energies:

Be careful all month as it’s fraught with accidents and injuries with Mars rattling around the sky. The exact transits hit on the 4th, 13th and the 24th. 

Basically, Mars is coming to whack the crap out of everyone all month. Perfect. 

When you actively handle Mars, he helps you develop courage. The house on your particular chart where you have Aries is where you want to be brave for the rest of 2020. Find out more here

If you’re handling him, Mars gives you power, energy and vitality, so you have the fuel to live up to your desires.

When you ignore Mars, he whacks you by putting aggression people, difficult situations or accidents in front of you to get your attention. 

My advice, pay attention and openly step into your bravery. This way, Mars will gift you instead of confronting you. 

Week 1: Struggle

On the 1st day of the month, what appears too good to be true, is too good to be true. You’re reaching for anything and everything to give you relief in reaction to the tightness of the energies that haven’t let up for days, weeks and months. It’s almost too much.

Complicating matters, there’s an internal struggle of thoughts and ideas as you’re grappling with secretive behavior and hidden agendas. You’ve come too far and dealt with too much to take the wrong step now. If it seems too good to be true – it is. Go deeply into your intuition and decide based on your instincts, not your mind. (Mercury opposition Pluto Rx)

The next day, be proactive about positive change. This seems to contradict the message from the first day, but it actually doesn’t.  Remember, the right kind of change won’t feel positive at first.  It’ll feel uncomfortable and perhaps a little scary or A LOT scary. If it gives you the jitters, give it another look. It may be your best chance for growth. 

You may also be running into challenges in relationships with others. Who’s been triggering you for the last few weeks? Look at patterns to find the underlying meaning and look internally as it’s always about you, not them.  (Sun square Uranus)

Full Moon – Karmic Chance. 


It’s never good when I start with ugh, but here it is. 

On August 3rd, the Full Moon reaches maximum at 11:59 am EDT with the energies of the Sun in Leo and those of the Moon in Aquarius.

With these two signatures, the higher possibility is forthrightness, creativity, and spontaneous self-expression with freedom and joyful abandon. The lower one is alienation, insecurity and the compulsive need for approval.

Unfortunately, the lower expression has tremendous energy as the rest of the Full Moon signature is awash in a sea of red.  Red means tension, difficulties and conflicts.


The red flavor involves your relationships in business and in love. The combination makes you want to overstep with advice and direction that’s unwanted and unwarranted. You may be on the giving or receiving end. 

If you feel the need to over-give advice, heed it yourself. 

If you’re the recipient, let it go if possible. It’s not really about you anyway. 

Either way, don’t react. 

Instead, lean back and look at the broader picture. 

If that doesn’t work, spend time alone. 

Solace may be found in solitude. 

I’ll be going much deeper into this on Monday’s LIVE in the free Facebook group at 9:00 am ET. 

(Mercury opposition Saturn Rx, Mars square Jupiter Rx, Venus & South Node quincunx Saturn Rx)

I do want to mention one of these planetary aspects is a big gun this month. 

On the 4th, Mars squares Jupiter Rx. This isn’t the worst thing. Jupiter is benevolent and Mars is fueling him, so how bad can it be? 

It’s not, unless you ride the overly exuberant optimism with exaggeration and overextension. Don’t overextend yourself. You’ll regret it with the rest of the Mars activity. 

On the 5th, your thoughts are lively, fun and confident. Yippee. You’re also persuasive, talkative and convincing. Use this to your advantage. (Mercury ingres Leo)

On the 7th, you’ll feel protective, loving and cautious. You’re more sensitive and caring, but also more impressionable. Leverage the softness while amping up your discernment.  (Venus ingres Cancer)

Week 2: Power Plays

 This week is all about power plays, so let’s go through it to give you ways to navigate around them. It requires adjustments in your thinking and changing your approach.  

The 10th moves quickly and brings more change and excitement, however this can be stressful making you unable to handle input from other people or situations. Stay open and flexible. Don’t let your mind run amuck. (Mercury square Uranus)

The next few days heighten all of the aggravations of the last few months. Take a deep breath and get ready to make adjustments. Watch for the triggers and take a wide-angle lens to see how you can tweak things to make them better, smoother and more effective. (Sun quincunx Jupiter Rx & Neptune Rx & Mercury quincunx Jupiter Rx)

Here’s the 2nd major planetary influence of the month. 

The 13th brings crisis in confrontation and a red-hot need to be in control. You have the choice of striving to be the best or falling into the role of victim. Either is really tempting, so be wary of how you don’t show up for yourself. You can experience internal and external power struggles. Use these forceful energies to propel you forward, not hold you back. (Mars square Pluto Rx)

Week 3: Step in. 

The retrograde parade continues with Uranus stationing retrograde on the 15th where he remains until January 14, 2021. He joins, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Neptune and Pluto in retrograde status. 

When Uranus is retrograde, he wants you to make the necessary changes to be more authentically you. Remember the urges you’ve had for change since February as Uranus tracks back to exert these same pressures for the next handful of months. He’s particularly active at the end of October when you’ll receive a clear revelation for further changes. 

Also on this day and the next, there are more adjustments required of you. Your thoughts, healing modalities and your love life are all brought up for review. Stay as clear as possible and don’t allow confusion to crowd your relationships.  (Mercury quincunx Neptune Rx & Pluto Rx & Sun quincunx Pluto Rx)

Forward movement is here on the 16th and 17th, hooray!

Finally, all of the martial energy aligns with the other forces to make you energized and want to start new things. Begin that project you’ve been putting off.  You have increased mental acuity and stamina. 

It’s a good time for communication and debate. Your thoughts are fast, variable and concise. You can have lively discourse to make plans and use your bargaining powers to get what you want.

You’re also charming and impressive with this added dose of self-confidence. Use your magnetism and charisma to gain support and leverage opportunities. (Sun conjunct Mercury, Sun trine Mars & Mercury trine Mars) 

New Moon – Breakthrough

The New Moon on August 18th stills in Leo at 10:42 pm EDT. The Sun and Moon angle with Saturn to help you find your way through obstacles and constraints. (Sun, Moon, Mercury quincunx Saturn Rx)

An unexpected windfall and positive connection befall you. You also have heightened creativity and good luck with instant attraction in love. (Venus sextile Uranus Rx)

On the 20th, your mind is logical and somewhat pedantic. It’s okay to decide what’s useful and let go of what isn’t. Yet don’t let your imagination go by the wayside for too long. There’s a downside to being too careful or too factual. Your mind attaches to doubt and criticism, breath in possibility. (Mercury ingres Virgo) 

Week 4: It’s a mix.

Happy Birthday Virgos! 

On the 22nd, you have the practicality, organization and analytical abilities to step into those pesky details to complete any unfinished business. It’s the perfect time to embrace the analytical, planning and administrative super powers of Virgo. 

The 3rd big gun of the month occurs on the 24th. This one has the tightest force and offers only frustration and resistance. The only way through is a softening and a leaning back into vulnerability. Meet the resistance with compassion and the frustration with acceptance. You will gain much if you find a way to do this. (Mars square Saturn Rx)

The 25th is a day of fun times, good news and playful energy. You feel affectionate and indulgent. It’s a social time with beneficial relationships, good communication and available possibilities. Your intuition is strong, so open your mind and your heart for excellent connection. (Mercury trine Uranus R & Venus opposition Jupiter Rx)

Romance, relaxation and creativity is your reward on the 27th.  It’s a slow down to enjoy and bask in for the moment. Unwind and find quit ways to amuse yourself and others. (Venus trine Neptune Rx)

August 29th carries good news, as plans and negotiations go well and any business matters are handled smoothly and easily. It’s also a great time for learning and research. (Mercury trine Jupiter Rx)

On the 30th, there are 2 configurations that distort and obsess. Don’t fall prey to relationship dramas, suspicions or jealousies. Ignore distractions and manipulations. It’s a time to easily misinterpret or to be deluded by others. Take care. Stay in your own lane and flex your authority. (Venus opposition Pluto Rx & Mercury opposition Neptune Rx) 

Bottom Line: Restructuring and making adjustments provides a platform for the rest of 2020. You have the opportunity to stand fully in your authority with influence and compassion. Will you take it?  

Monthly Stone:

Seek respite in the stone of the month: Pyrolusite. 

Pyrolusite transforms as it repels negative energies and protects your auric field. It dissolves emotional manipulation, defends against erosion of your authority and instils confidence. This tenacious stone gets to the bottom of things and gives you the determination to solve them. Pyrolusite also supports your emotional healing process. 

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends. 

Remember, you are loved beyond measure,  


Brilliance: Intuitive Knowing & Purpose Lunar Cycle

New Moon July – Learn the Hidden Power of Frustrating Limits


It’s super frustrating right now.

Enough is enough! 

Yet, relief isn’t going to happen. In fact, more constraints and challenges await as 2020 continues to build to its crescendo. 

This New Moon adds more fuel to the already ‘burning-out-of-control’ embers, but I’ll explain how this is actually a huge gift for you. 

Join me on Friday as I go live at 10:00 am ET in my True KLT group to talk about the last waves of this energy, the opportunity in it and to do yummy ritual. 😘

Tarot: Setback – 5 of Worlds

With every setback, there’s a hidden gem. The key is being able to think of it as an opportunity. You’re being tested and you can only be tested when you’re moving forward, so ask yourself: 

a)    Am I being tested a ridiculous amount this year, especially now? 

b)    Am I being tested, but not that much? 

c)    Am I not being tested at all? 

If you answered b or c, you’re relieved. 

You must be doing it right!

But, alas, that’s not necessarily the case. 

If you’re doing massive amounts of healing and pushing through tons, it may be. But, if you’re not doing these things in every area of your life, then look at where you’re not pushing yourself enough. 

You may still feel relief as you think you’re dodging a bullet. 

You’re not. 

Remember, you wanted to be here, in this moment, at this time, doing these things. 

If you haven’t recently gone through significant transformation, you’re not doing enough on your transformational path. 

It’s that simple and stark, and by the way, even if you have – what else can you bring up for healing? 

2020 is here to give you tremendous gifts, but you need to be committed enough to keep saying YES. 

Yes, yes, yes – to everything that’s uncomfortable, unfamiliar and unknown. 

All. Of. It. 

Because if you answered a?  


You’re pushing forward by just the right amount. 

Your transformation is happening beautifully and you’re in complete alignment with this epic opportunity of 2020. 

I’m in the a) category, where are you? (I’ll tell you story in the free Facebook group.) 

Let me know where you are as I’ll tailor my upcoming messaging. 😉

Astrological Energies: 

The July New Moon on the 20th at 1:33 pm ET is all about setback. It feels like a giant step backward with more limits and constraints due to circumstances beyond your control. The gift underneath this New Moon is actually about taking greater responsibility for your own life. There’s relative stark beauty in the configuration of this star alignment. (Sun, Moon opposite Saturn Rx at 28°)

The lower expression of the Sun and Moon in Cancer yearns for security. These 2 want to take it easy, curl up and ignore all that’s going on in the world. They want to erect barriers, isolate themselves and inoculate their feelings by overindulging in activities giving them comfort. They pander to their unhealthy sides by hiding from anything that’s too hard. 

They say, “It’s not me. It’s them. What’s going on doesn’t have anything to do with me. I’m going to protect myself and my loved ones by creating space between me and them. I can’t watch the news, it’s too much. And politics? It’s not my deal. And the climate? I recycle, I do my part. And the economy? I don’t ask for much.” 

How much these 2 are missing when they slide into their lower expressions! 

In the higher expression, the Sun and the Moon gather all of the energy of the source of all life. 

Is that all? 

The. Source. Of. All. Life. 

Read that again. 

The. Source. Of. All. Life. 

This last decade has been a universal call to reset the devastation wrought in the world. 

In all areas, the ravaging inequality in every form, the all-but mass extinction of a healthy climate and the utter lack of morality. Greed has almost destroyed the Earth and her inhabitants, so here 2020 comes with a call for generosity. 

Generosity of kindness, compassion and care. One for the feminine way of intuition, cooperation and creativity. One for values and integrity of home, family and love over money, power and control. One for the soul of the world.  

The planets are here to put the heart and soul back into the world. 

At this New Moon, Saturn is the main player. 

Saturn, the father, gives you tough love, makes you yearn for discipline and responsibility. He asks you to show up, be mature and adult, even when it’s hard. 

Especially when it’s hard. 

It’s easy to show up when things are going well. It’s easy to be your best self when everything is in the flow, you feel really good about yourself and how things are going. 

Saturn thinks showing up then is meaningless.  

Think about it. When are you most proud of yourself? What accomplishments matter most to you?  When someone asks to highlight the main points that gave you strength, what’s the common theme? ‘It was a really hard time’ is the usual refrain. 

When life’s hard, fraught with landmines without end, that’s when it matters.  

It’s hard to take responsibility, admit your flaws and mistakes, take ownership of them, heal them and move on during the best of times and these are not the best of times. 

But, this is the requirement. 

This is what 2020 is all about. 

It’s critical to get this right. 

The rebirthing of the soul of the world is at stake. 

Your part? 

The rebirthing of you, your loved ones and as a servant to the world, others who you touch throughout your days and weeks. 

New Moon Recommendations: 

Do a little research and tie a few things together: 

o   How do you need to be brave this year? What has Mars asked of you in 2020? If you missed it,check it out here. 

o   Where is your window into the new world? What does this new era mean for you? Find out by clicking here.  

Find out what it all means for you, check your progress on each and then make a plan to get to work. 

New Moon Crystal: 

Seek respite in Cherry Opal.

Cherry opal is of the opal family who is absorbent and reflective and teaches the karma of cause and effect. It induces mystical visions, amplifies traits, and enhances self-worth. It’s a family of love and passion.  

Cherry opal asks “What’s your intuitive expression? Do you hear, see, feel or know your connection with the mysteries?” And by mysteries, I mean anything unseen, unfamiliar or unknown.

This particular stone is all about passion and creativity. It also helps you with your pursuit of living your life mission. 


Amazing for a such little jewel, right? 

This New Moon feels yucky after more than a week of yucky (and a ½ year, depending upon your perspective.) 

However, dive deeply into your inner divinity to find the gems you’ve been keeping hidden for thousands of years.

I’m here – holding the space. It’s what I do. 😘

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends. 

As always, wishing you joy,