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How is Love Like Blueberry Pancakes?

“Do you think he will be there?” one of my daughter’s friends asks her.

“I don’t know, but maybe,” my daughter, Katy, answers to many giggles.

(I am driving 7 girls to the mall as part of Katy’s birthday party and it always amazes me the kids don’t realize that we drivers are listening to their conversations.)

“Well, do you like him?”

“I don’t know, maybe.”

“Should we text him?”

“I don’t know, maybe.”

The conversation swirls around boys and an escalating amount of giggles. As 6th grade nears its end, the girls are becoming much more interested in the boys and the conversations are now filtered with this boy this and that boy that.

I am calm, however, as I remember a situation Katy and I lived a few years ago that has become a featured reference in our lives.

We are skiing and Greg and Nick are off racing as usual. Katy and I are in line for a four-person chairlift as I notice a few high school girls in front of us. I observe them checking out the high school boys next to us and know they are part of the same group. The girls are definitely interested in the boys as they talk and giggle to each other with effusive gestures and much hair flipping.

The girls hop onto the chairlift in front of us and we get onto one with the boys.

Katy and I are enjoying the scenery as I listen to the boys talking.

“Oh man I ate so much at breakfast,” one of the boys says to the other.

“I know. I had the blueberry pancakes. They were great,” the other answers.

“I ate so many, I am going to burst.”

“The orange juice was great too. I wish I had some now.”

“I had so much maple syrup.”

“The pancakes were so fluffy.”

This conversation continues the entire way up the mountain.

As I listen to the boys, I observe the girls in front of us. They are animated and coyly looking back to see if the boys are watching.

Now, I giggle. Well, actually chuckle. This is hilarious.

Katy looks at me to tell her why I am laughing and I shake my head to let her know I will tell her later.

The chairlift reaches the top and we all disembark to go our respective ways. We ski to the side of the trail and Katy motions me to stop.

“Mom, tell me why you are laughing,” Katy insists.

I chuckle. I just cannot help it as I explain the situation to Katy.

“Did you see those girls in front of us?”

“The pretty ones in the purple, aqua and black jackets?”

“Yes, they are with the boys on our chairlift. Did you notice the girls looking back at us?”

“I did. Why did they do that?”

“The girls know the boys and are interested in them. The girls are talking, laughing and wondering whether the boys are thinking and talking about them.”

“But the boys were talking about breakfast! The whole time.” Katy giggles.

“Yes, they were – the entire time! When you grow up and get interested in boys, remember this. When you are wondering if the boys are thinking and talking about you, know they are not. They are talking about blueberry pancakes.”

Katy giggles again and shakes her head as she skis down the mountain. She is eight at this point and has no interest in boys.

Now, however, whenever the girls start talking about boys. Katy and I look at each other and know. The boys are not thinking and talking about them. They are probably talking about something mundane. They are probably talking about breakfast.

So we look at each other and nod.

At the same time, we mouth “Blueberry pancakes.”

How many times have you wondered if someone has been thinking of you? Have you ever been caught up in the throes of a story you’re reliving in your mind, imagining someone else is reliving it in theirs too?

Maybe, they are.

And maybe, they aren’t.

Maybe they’re thinking about blueberry pancakes, when you’re consumed with thoughts of them.

How much brain space can you free up by not over-thinking these types of scenarios?

What a self-love exercise and something to ponder.

As always, wishing you joy,


Financial Freedom: Prosperity & Love

Why Do You Want to Be Like a Puppy?

“Oh no,” I think to myself as I watch my 11-year-old daughter walk out of her new middle school during the first week of September. She looks sullen, moody, and completely lacking in energy.

“How was your day?” I ask gently.

“It was okay,” is her quiet response.

“What is wrong? You don’t look happy.”

“No one is talking to me. I don’t have any friends.”

Okay, Moms, you know – immediate heart bleed.

I contemplate where to go with this. I can calmly provide support. I can probe. I can give advice. This is a conundrum as anything I say will have major import and this needs to be handled delicately.

Then it hits me.

“I love cats and I love puppies,” I begin slowly, “I love cats because they’re mysterious, quiet and self-sufficient. I love puppies, because they’re fun and cute and so friendly. They love everyone and always make people happy with their boundless joy.”

“Oh, I love puppies too!” she exclaims, sitting up straighter in her seat. “They play together and jump and chase balls. They’re so fluffy and cute. I just love them!”

“Well, which would you rather be? Would you rather be a cat or a puppy?” I ask.

“Oh, I would rather be a puppy. They have so much fun.”

“Well, at school, which do you think you’re being right now? Are you being a cat or are you being a puppy?”

She thinks about this for quite a long time and sheepishly replies, “I think I’m being a cat.”

“I think you are too. Do you think other people feel comfortable saying ‘Hi’ to someone who’s mysterious and quiet? Or do you think they’d be more comfortable saying ‘Hi’ to someone who’s open and happy?”

“I think they’d be more comfortable saying ‘Hi’ to someone who’s happy.”

“I think you’re right.”

“I think I’m going to be a puppy from now on.”

Fast-forward a few months and she’s going to dances and movies and shopping. She has had a Halloween trick-or-treat adventure and is planning a ‘Beat the Winter Blues’ sleepover.

I’m thankful that these words were at the ready when I needed them and we have used the cat/puppy comparison on many occasions since that day.

During this love exploration, I want to introduce the cats and puppies philosophy of life to each of you.

I feel that girls start out as kitties and grow into cats and boys start out as puppies and grow into dogs.

Think about it.

Kitties and puppies frolic and play. They live in the moment, love everyone & everything, and are open, playful and joyful. Little girls and boys are so similar and then as they grow, girls become like cats – quiet, mysterious, independent, self-sufficient. While boys become like dogs – still playful, open and approachable.

We need these differences as they make up the tapestry of relationships, love, and community. However, as women, we have a choice of how we approach our inner and outer worlds. We can choose to be catlike or puppy-like.

When we are cat-like, we feel powerful with our contemplative stares, seeming disengagement, and independence. We reign over others with our superiority. Yet, to be this way, all day and every day, would create a world of one. It would be lonely.

So, at times, we’re puppy-like. We engage others with openness and accessibility. We can choose, so it’s available to us at any time.

Think about the older people in your life. Picture them in your mind’s eye. Who’s happier: the puppy-like people or the catlike people?

When I think about one of the happiest people I had the joy and good fortune to know, I think of my husband’s Aunt Julie. When I met her, she was almost 80 years old and she was telling a story about riding a motorcycle and breaking her leg. She was animated and sparkling and laughing about it. I thought she was telling a story that happened long ago.

Oh, not true. It was 3 weeks prior. I found that out when I looked down and saw her leg in a cast!

Auntie Julie was the most puppy-like person I have ever met and she was one of the happiest. She approached everything with wonder and joy. What a way to live life!

My daughter and I now look at people as we walk by and call out puppy or cat to each other. Bar none: the puppies are happy.

I think I want to live my life as a puppy – with openness, joy and wonder. I invite you to join me, especially in this season of love. Perhaps it can be our intentional resolution for the rest of the year.

As always, wishing you joy,



Financial Freedom: Prosperity & Love

How Are You Writing Love Letters These Days?

This is an excerpt from an article circa 2015 and read on to see how it applies to True KLT love…


Greg & I are running around like lunatics getting ready for a family visit the other week and we’re getting on each other’s nerves. 


It’s true.  It happens. 

“We don’t need to do all of this stuff before my parents get here,” Greg says, “They’re getting up there in years and they probably can’t see the dust anyway.”

“I know, but I need it done – for you, for me, for us.” I respond. “The greenhouse was your love letter to me and this visit is my love letter to you.” 

Greg sits down, “What?”

I take a breath and say, “When you spent the weekend putting together the greenhouse and I almost passed out at the beginning when I saw all of the parts and 50-page instruction guide, I realized putting up the greenhouse was your way of writing a love letter to me. 

I LOVE my love letter. 

When I get you your favorite chocolate, or bake brownies, or make plans to go out on the boat, these are my love letters to you,” I continue, “But, I want to write you a bigger love letter and this whole visit with your parents is a way I can do that right now. I love you and want to show you, so this is my love letter to you.”

Well, that stops him in his tracks, yet it isn’t meant to be a stumper.  

It’s true. 

Once I say this, I begin to see all of the love letters we write to each other every day.

As we drive in circles taking our children to and from school and other activities. 

As we answer the hundreds of questions throughout the day. 

As we sit down at bedtime to answer yet another question, when we really want to turn our brains off and watch television. 

As we take our children and their friends to the movies (Disney again!). 

As we stay up all night with a sick child. 

As we call our aging parents to talk about what is going on with their lives. 

As we make a favorite meal. 

As we fold laundry, dry dishes, and make beds. 

As we check in with people we haven’t seen in a long time. 

As we make dinner and drop it off for a sick friend. 

As we like a picture on Facebook and write a nice comment. 

As we hold the door open for someone struggling with bags or packages. 

As we smile to a stranger. 

Life holds thousands of opportunities for us to write love letters to each other every day and we can think of these things as chores or we can think of them as love letters.  

I choose love letters. 

So, let’s do that. 

Let’s write love letters to each other.  

Happy writing. 😘


Who would have imagined I would write a post 6 years ago that totally applies to our LOVE EXPLORATION month? 

I LOVE the universe!

As always, wishing you joy, 


Financial Freedom: Prosperity & Love

Discover Three Revolutionary Secrets to Being a Huge Success

Accomplishment and success aren’t the same. An accomplishment is something you do that is revered and rewarded. Success is the feeling of a job well done. Both can be defined by someone else and when that happens, you’re likely checking off boxes and creating an outer life and business by someone else’s design. If you’re not establishing your own definitions of success and achievement, you’re operating from someone else’s roadmap. You’re not alone. Most of us accept the paradigms and paths provided to us by others that have gone before us. This is pretty much childhood, right? Doing things based on our parents or family values, traditions, ideas, etc. And then you go to college or get your first job and the models are now your professors or employers. Time passes and we come to find we aren’t happy. We aren’t satisfied. We aren’t feeling successful or accomplished even though we look fantastic on paper. Our resume is delicious with achievement yet our minds are full of doubt and our hearts full of emptiness and our lives feel more like a game of charades than living. Have I struck a nerve? (I hope so because I live for pushing people beyond their comfort into the zone of transformation. This is how it begins…) You are tired of playing at life and business the way everyone else says it should be done. You are dissatisfied with traditional business models and leadership. You want to shake things up just to feel like you’re actually living.
You know what else? You don’t have to accept the way things are.
You can have passion, fulfillment, ease, and feel successful, not just play the part. I’m constantly seeking change for my clients and creating solutions for them. Shifting paradigms is pretty much my jam. Here are three revolutionary secrets (and shifts) to being a huge success in your inner and outer life plus your business.


Say what now? I hear you asking. “The who in my what?” You heard me. There is a place for the Divine in your business. And before you get all caught up thinking, “This is way too woo for me,” hear me out. First, I define the Divine as the unknown, unseen, and unfamiliar presence that is felt and can be accessed when you truly connect. It might be the gut feeling you get when you meet someone for the first time, or the instant knowing that something isn’t quite right or that you’re right on the brink of getting that thing you’ve been eyeing. Think about it: you’ve had times like this and likely dismissed it as nothing. The typical paradigm for business is to be entirely cognitive (or in your head/mind). We use data, quantifications, formulas, and rationalization for business decision-making and strategy. We establish metrics, goals, and measures. We go for formal training which is really just a fixed set of data someone says we should have or need to have to claim we are x. These are all amazing tools, but it leaves out instinct, feelings, or other sensory input we can receive if we cultivate it. This otherworldly input is otherwise known as intuition and derives from the Divine. When we include the Divine in our business, we find our way to passion, purpose, fulfillment, and the power and ease of prosperity. This gives you superpowers in decision-making, alignment, creativity (for products or services), high levels of energy, soul mate client attraction, and stark raving fans. Just to name a few. Let me just note here, that changing your mindset or disrupting limiting beliefs is not enough to move away from your headspace and into your heart space for connecting with the Divine. Our mind’s job is to protect us. It’s not for taking that leap of faith- you know, those leaps that often have great reward on the other side. We should love our mind and use it, of course, but it’s not the only tool at our disposal. (More on this idea coming soon in another article.)


We’ve all heard about the necessity of the KLT (know, like, trust) factor in business. Everyone always says you must get your audience to know, like, and trust you before they’re going to buy or convert to a sale. Classes, webinars, and experts in marketing will go on and on for hours about the importance of this principle and ways to go about doing it well. Here’s the TRUE KLT factor: it starts with knowing, liking, and trusting yourself. Not the other way around with your customer knowing, liking, and trusting you first.
(Did your mind just explode a little?)
Lean into this idea for a moment. How are you going to get anyone else to KLT you if you don’t KLT yourself? If you lack trust, confidence, or belief in yourself, how do you convince someone else to do it for you? KLT begins internally and it’s necessary for the traditional KLT to work. You must follow your instincts, develop your intuition, and listen to your inner voice. (See the aforementioned section about getting out of your head.) Imagine the power over your business and life – forget just marketing and sales – when you know yourself so intimately, and are so confident about who you are and what you provide to this world, your colleagues, your clients, your network, your community…You become the magnet, your sales become beautiful and fun conversations and your teams or employees LOVE working with you. That translates to a full, satisfying, prosperous life and business which is what you want isn’t it? It’s the pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow.


The last revolutionary secret to huge success is the most important of all. Great and powerful leadership requires feminine energy. Our typical leadership models are all masculine in energy, even women or women-identified leaders lead with this energy. Leadership paradigms have not yet made space for the feminine way. But too much of any one thing is always a hindrance. Masculine energy by itself falls short. There is a better and more balanced way. Leadership has room for both and really requires it. Feminine energy is the yin to masculine energy’s yang. There is a fusion of these two that makes for powerful leadership (and I’ll give you more on this in an upcoming article.)
The time for feminine energy is now. No, really. The stars stay so. (And I’m on a first-name basis with the stars.)
When you incorporate feminine energy into your leadership strategy, you become irresistible in the marketplace. Everyone wants to follow you. People hang on your every word, or anxiously wait for the next time you’ll say something. They’ll devour the material you put out there as soon as it’s released and then they’ll buy. Your sales conversations are fun because your prospect has already convinced themselves of your worth.

You don’t have to accept the way things are.

You have one life to live, so make it your best. There’s no reason to lack passion, fulfillment, and ease because someone once said (or you internalized) that there was only one way to do things or there was only one definition of success and it looked like this. You have the choice to operate your business and your life differently – to break the mold, change the pattern, and shift the paradigm. I just gave you three revolutionary ways to begin. Looking for more? Jump on a call. I’ve got so much more to share with you.