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Kim Woods
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Dear YOU, 

I’m so happy to welcome you to my Intuitive Leadership Programs. 

Now more than ever, the world desperately needs inspirational leaders. We need a change from all of the chaos, uncertainty and divisiveness to calm, clarity and connection. 

So saying, I’m on a mission to create a world-impacting movement of intuitive leaders by weaving the gifts of the feminine (intuition) with the strengths of the masculine (strategy).  

Each of my programs has been developed with YOU in mind. (And they’re based on my 20+years of intuitive experience paired with my 25+ years of C-suite business expertise). 😘 


I want to help you create radical transformation in every area of your life.

Therefore, the programs have to be about YOU. 

There’s choice for you – including one-on-one client containers, small group programs and subscription courses. 

There’s intuitive magic for you – every one of my programs are delivered LIVE with opportunities for ‘bellying up to the magic bar’ to glean intuitive insights for decision-making, problem-solving and business-building. 

Oh, and of course, there’s tons of content for you – strategies, solutions, scripts, plans and tools galore. Just because I talk about intuitive knowing doesn’t mean I leave behind my business magic. 

Lastly, thank you SO MUCH for the opportunity to guide you in your transformational journey. 

xo, Kim

What people say about working with us...

"This is the journey that Kim and her team truly helps us discover. Every person who notice the differences of how I live my life and follow my path since I joined these groups want to know...how do I find my life purpose, how do I live my life authentically.
Join Kim's groups and work with her team.
It's that easy!"
Terrie Carratu-Hanscom
RN & Founder of Positive VYBES

Our Intuitive Programs

We’ve designed our program so you can step into the modules when you’re ready.


where you discover. . .

✨ Your potential

✨ Your purpose

✨ Your power

✨ Your prosperity

Overcome humankind’s most powerful and least understood emotion (fear) and turn it into pure power to achieve the success you’re seeking.

Discover how to reclaim your power & become the leader of your life.


where you claim. . .

Your Biz strategy

Your Intuitive Success

Your Intuitive Growth

Society is a live small group program designed for the entrepreneur that’s plateaued in business and not seeing the desired growth. You’ll learn how to create a business built on a solid foundation for scalable growth and sustainability based on you and your energies. Your newfound business will serve you, not you serving your business.


where you prosper. . .

Your Intuitive Sales Signature

Your $$$$ Signature

Circle is a cutting-edge business program designed for the successful entrepreneur whose sales and finances have exceptional potential but requires too much effort. Let’s streamline your efforts, significantly grow your conversion and open many pathways to money.

Unsolicited Testimony

"I'll testify about Society - M A G I C - Kim and her team are Transformational Wizards!"
Annie Kirk
Founder Redbird Restorative Gardens
"Magic, Power, Connection - 3 beautiful descriptors of this magical group!"
Michelle Piazza Lewis
Energy Facilitator

Which one are you?

In Transition

You’re in transition and searching for ways to engage more fully with yourself.

The next steps aren’t clear and you want to gather and discover you before taking a big leap. 

You’re not alone. 

Join our Seasons of Discovery to claim your power and step into your true life purpose.

In Process

You’re growing and looking for answers on how to follow your true life purpose. 

You want guidance, specific for you and your business, on your strategy, finances and positioning in the marketplace. 

Check out our Be Powerful and Prosper Society.

It’s THE place for creating your successful business, intuitively with YOU at the center. 


In Your Power

You’re growing, yet it’s inconsistent or requires your personal involvement every step of the way. 

You’re looking forward to leveling up your business through consistent sales.

We have just the program for you. 

Join our Prosperity Circle – Intuitive Sales program.  

Let Kim help you get transformative results...

More unsolicited testimony...

"The most important things I took away from this program were the tools, not only from Kim, but from her entire team! Whether it's about building your business or your personal life, this is the one group that I truly can say changed my outlook and my life!"
Larraine Cogliano Racca
Spiritual Navigator
"I am currently in Society and can say with 100% certainty you will have an A-mazing transformation and individualized support for you and your business! I promise, you will be SO glad you did it!"
Susan Lynch
Author, Life with Rune
"I just had the most inspiring session with Kim Woods! If you're looking for an intuitive business coach, check her out!​
Dr Nancy Crowell
Entrepreneurial Health Expert

It's all about you and it's about time...

You're ready to reclaim your power

You're poised for business success

You desire maximum sales growth