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Could Getting Outside be the Key to Growing Your Intuition?

I recently had the pleasure of spending a morning hiking in the ancient Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. As my guide led me into the forest and “off the beaten path,” she reminded me of how much stronger our intuition is when we are out in nature. This is due to our vibration being naturally higher when we are outside, she said.

And, when you think about it, we all have an innate knowing of this to be true.

How many times have you or someone else you know been upset about something and needed to get outside and “get some air” or “walk it off?” We instinctively know that getting outside will make us feel better.

Many of us have experienced that luscious feeling of relaxation while playing in a park, laying in the grass, staring up at the sky, sitting by water, camping in the woods or simply opening the windows and letting the breeze flow in.

Our sweet pup, Django, would spend 24/7/365 outside if he could. He always gets that disappointed look on his face when it’s time to go inside – unless, of course, he knows he’s getting food when he goes in. Animals have that knowing of what is and is not good for them, and Django, who’s very sensitive to energy, knows that being outside is good for him.

How often have you heard someone or something being described as a “breath of fresh air?”

Meditation and yoga practices feel deeper when we are outside.

A calmer and more peaceful state of mind becomes so much more accessible when we are outside.

For the most part, we don’t really need to be convinced, do we?

And, here’s where we begin to tie in magical tools to this higher vibrational state of being and increased intuition when we are out in nature.

You may recall me mentioning in a previous post that magical tools are a way to awaken, use and develop your intuition. Oracle cards, for example, are filled with lots of magic; however, it takes your hands, your energy and your intuition to bring their guidance forth.

A major purpose – and some would say the main purpose – of magical tools is to strengthen and trust your intuition.

Now stay with me – we’re almost to the point…

When you are outside, raising that beautiful vibration of yours, you are also drinking in the relaxation, feeling calmer by the minute. You are coming more fully into the present moment. Your mind is quieting down.

And, what’s a huge key to accessing your intuition? Quieting your mind!!! Ding! Ding! Ding! Oh, I’m sorry – that was much too loud. ding, ding, ding. 😅

So, there you have it. Getting outside allows the mind to quiet, which then allows you to better hear the whispers of your intuition. As time goes on, those whispers are more easily heard as your intuition grows and strengthens.

You may be wondering, “How much outside time is enough? How deep into nature do I have to get?”

The answer is to keep it simple, don’t stress out about it and go according to how you feel and how much quieting your mind may need.

I have had a range of experiences from sitting on my back porch with my feet on the ground to my glorious morning hike in the mountains. Any time you can get outside is perfect time.

It might be getting up a few minutes early to take a short walk outside to get centered for the day, taking your yoga practice outside, eating outside during your lunch break or for dinner, stopping at a park, beach, or lake for a 15-minute stroll on your way home, sitting outside in the evening after dinner. Whatever is easy, accessible and pleasurable is best, because that is what most of us will do consistently.

It could also be an intentional couple of hours meandering in the woods, taking in the sights, smells, sounds, and textures, popularly called ‘forest bathing.’

The possibilities are endless and well worth it.

As a species, we evolved in nature. We now have evolved further and become industrialized and disconnected with nature, and Mother Earth now longs to connect with us again. She wishes to bring us back to that primal, instinctual knowing that animals have, which many of us have forgotten.

So, take that meditation practice outside. Take a walk after dinner. Get your toes in the water. Get your bare feet on the grass. Bathe in the glorious forest or soak in the waters, if you can. Mother Earth and enhanced intuition are waiting there to connect with you.

Wishing you all the best that life has to offer,

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Can Magical Tools Help You Grow Your Intuition?

Hi there! It’s Robyn with the first post in a series on Magical Tools. Enjoy! 

I remember the first time that I ventured into a “new age” store. You know, the places that sell crystals, pendulums, tarot cards and statues of Goddesses. (Amongst many other fabulous and seemingly otherworldly treasures)

I was filled with hesitation …

Would they take one look at me and laugh me out of the store?

Would they immediately see through me, or rather into me, and begin to tell me my life’s story and the stories of my past lives?

Perhaps they would take advantage of my naiveté …

Looking back on all of those worries that ran through my mind at the time, I feel a bit silly now.

For, in truth, I’ve never met anyone but kindhearted souls when I’ve headed in to a shop to search for a new crystal friend to work with, find a new oracle deck to play with or to replace yet another hematite ring that I’ve broken … <sigh> sorry my lovely hematite friends!

I tell you this story so that you can start to let go of any unease that you might be feeling around magical tools. And, if you are already super comfortable with them, then that makes my heart smile!

Because magical tools are just that … tools. Just like other tools – hammers, whisks, paint brushes and the like – they don’t truly come alive until you pick them up and bring them to life. And then … what wonder they can bring into your existence!

It’s a thing of beauty!

The truth of the matter is, my friend, that you are magical! Not only are you magical, you were born with a sense of intuition and knowing that comes naturally to each and every one of us. Just sit with that for a minute.

And, now that you think about it, it makes total sense, right? Want to experience utter truth and open mindedness? Talk to a young kid …

“Is that outfit supposed to make your butt look big?”

“Can you please stop singing?”

“Look Mom, the sun is waking up in colors!”

Kids say the darndest things because they’re still immensely in touch with their intuition. They haven’t yet been exposed to the conditioning that can eventually lead them away from trusting their inner knowing.

That conditioning comes from well-meaning people in our lives and has to do with a primal need for safety and belonging (which, frankly, is a whole different ball of wax that we can talk about another time). Nevertheless, that conditioning causes our intuition to weaken as we grow up. I’m not saying that it’s good or bad or that anyone is to blame for it … it just is.

AND, this is where magical tools come in to save the day! <cue the superhero music>

Pendulums, oracle and tarot cards, crystals, runes, dowsing rods, mantras, meditation, palmistry, numerology, astrology, breath work, automatic writing and SO many more wonderful things are all magical tools that help you get back in touch with your intuitive side and begin flexing that intuition muscle again!

They are ways for you to tangibly reconnect with what perhaps feels just out of your reach …

That inner guidance.

That trust that the answers are within you already, you simply need to ask the question and listen for the answer.

That thing that you know, and you don’t know how you know it, but you know it with every fiber of your being.

Helping you remember your own magic and inner guidance again is what magical tools can do for you. The way that they do this for you is through the fact that YOU are the source of their magic!

When you use magical tools, you flex your own intuition muscle. Over time, you continue to flex that intuition muscle and it grows – like lifting weights … sparkly, shimmering weights!

And then …

Magical tools become like Dumbo’s feather. Do you remember Dumbo, the flying elephant?

Dumbo was given a magical feather that allowed him to fly … or so he thought. But, when he lost his feather and push came to shove, he found that he really didn’t need the feather – the ability to fly was within him the whole time.

Magical tools are downright fun! (Just like Dumbo soaring through the air with his feather)

They show you a glimmer of what’s possible for you in the most enjoyable way.

They revive a part of you that you’ve forgotten about … that mystical part of you, longing to be remembered.

They remind you of just how powerful and magical you are, and they’re just scratching the surface!

And, how lovely is it that you have these magical tools to help you reawaken, rediscover and renew your intuition? Right at your fingertips!

I’ll be shedding more light for you here on magical tools as we move forward, so keep an eye out for them!

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Wishing you all the best life has to offer,

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