2022 Forecast

Find out what Kim tells CBS, NBC, Fox News, USA Today, Market Watch, Digital Journal and 490 media outlets about what to expect in the new year.


  • Best months and worst ones
  • Prompts for living your best life
  • Tools for BIG events
  • Supportive tips

In 2020, Kim predicted COVID and in 2021, she predicted the insurrection. Grab your free forecast guide to find out what 2022 has in store.

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Hi, I’m Kim Woods

I’m a healer, oracle and business strategist. I’m wildly intuitive and not afraid to admit it. If it involves cards, crystals or flower essences, I’m certified in it. Add an MBA and more than two decades of corporate grit, and that’s me. I weave strategy with magic to help clients restore their intuition, earn WAY more money and claim their brilliance.

Let’s make 2022 your best year yet.



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