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Star Pass

2023 is a 💫 pivotal turning point in determining what the next decade will be.

  This isn’t the year to do it alone. With distraction, chaos and opposing energies, you’ll want to grab onto any and all support offered.

Let the Star Pass be your jet pack 🚀, fuelling you through the year to get you what you truly desire.

The Star Pass has you covered for the entire year and beyond. Join us as we use our exclusive formula of Stars + Strategy = Success to help make your soul’s desires come true. 

Astrology Offerings

Awaken the Power of the Stars

Uncover the Secrets of 2023

Taste the stardust. 🌟

You’re in transition and searching for ways to both understand and engage more fully with yourself.

Your next steps may not clear and you want to gather and discover you before taking a big leap.

You’re not alone.

Explore the biggest star events of the year and gain an understanding of how to use them to your advantage.

Includes LIVE events, on demand replays, ebooks, rituals, strategy for success, to manifest your desires and to stay recession proof.

Ignite the Power of the Universe

Ongoing Support

Dance among the stars. 💃

You’d like more support and a safe space to be able to explore the “more” you are uncovering.

Join us to develop and practice your intuitive skills.

Learn to Manifest with the New Moon and Full Moon rituals.

Expand your magical knowledge with monthly workshops.

Engage your intuition with oracle card spreads and so much more.

Start living your empowered life today!

Cards & Books

Intuition Oracle Cards

Awaken your intuition through this spiritually channeled 48 Card Oracle Deck.

Being intuitive gives you the clarity and guidance to effortlessly manifest your dream life. This magical Intuitive Deck is designed to help you connect and engage with your intuition providing you with trustworthy guidance for your burning questions.

Allow this powerful deck of oracle cards to help you release and manifest your dreams.

all about MAGIC

Magic is everywhere and tapping into it is easy – if you know how.

Creating space in your life, learning about energy and connecting to your intuition are the first steps to living a magical life.

Next, blending practical, accessible and extensive solutions helps you access and use your magical side.

I’ve been using magic for decades in my work, with my family and in everyday life. In all about MAGIC I’ll show you how to weave the practical with the magical so you make magic every day.

all about abundance

How do you make more money, work less and travel to great places?

How do you have better health, loving relationships and more joy? How do you create more abundance in your life?

For years, people have been working hard and using the Law of Attraction for abundance with limited results.

In all about abundance I’ll share my secret to living an abundant life by doing less and attracting magnificent bounty and glory.  This book will help you create your prosperous pathway taking essential steps to unfold your fullest potential.

all about calm

Are you ready to create calm and live a more peaceful life? You can!

🗸 Do you feel stressed?
🗸 Do you want more calm in your life?
🗸 Do you need quick and easy solutions to create a more peaceful life?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, this book is for you.

Everyone should be living with calm, joy and bliss.

I’ll guide you in all about calmwith quick tips and easy solutions that fit into your back pocket. There are tips for every aspect of your life: singlehood, work, home, and family. There are even tips for your teens and children.

Heart Around Ankles

Does your child have developmental issues?

Are you having trouble getting answers about how to help your child? Do you feel emotionally wrung out trying to get help for your family?

If so, this story is for you. I vulnerably share my personal journey through the confusing labyrinth of my son’s development. It’s a story of frustration and worry. Most especially, it’s a story of triumph. It could be your story.

This is a story of one mother’s quest to realize her son’s highest potential.


kw Intuitive Cards Course

Check out the series of free training videos on how to use your kw Intuitive Oracle Cards as a tool to help you get the absolute most out of them.

Here’s what you’ll learn in these videos:

  • How to clear and charge your cards

  • Questions to ask your cards

  • Card Essence and the expanded messages with each card

  • How to do a simple spread

  • Deeper more meaningful readings

Now is a great time to take your intuition to the next level. 

Enjoy the training! 💜

Bella Luna Mini Course

Immerse yourself in the lunar cycles and feel what they mean for you.

Discover the Moon as she expresses herself through the zodiac signs and notice how she affects you under your natal Moon sign and through the days of the month. Explore the New and the Full Moons throughout the year and learn about the power of ritual.

Prosperity Masterclass

Find ways to tap into your magic and bring more prosperity into your life!

Claim your birthright and start living a life filled with abundance!

Let me guide you in opening up your receiving channel for prosperity to flow, filling your life with bounty and abundance.

On this journey, you will understand how money is energy in constant movement, and there is always give and take.

I’ll guide you on how to deepen your thoughts around being curious about money and connect with feelings of gratitude and generosity.

We’ll uncover the six hidden secrets of how we unconsciously block money.

7 Strategies

Learn how to confidently make decisions, tackle any issues and address the unexpected.

Being able to live life without the struggle can be so freeing and allows you to reclaim time for you and live the life you’re desiring.

This course teaches you simple, yet powerful secrets that you can fit in your back pocket and use every day.

It empowers you to tackle and address any issue or block you may have.

You’ll always know what to do next.

Discovery of Power

Learn to confidently walk your path in life with love, gratitude and acceptance for yourself and others.

By learning how to harness your personal power, you will be able to easily & successfully fulfill your dreams.

Life isn’t about struggle, angst and constantly feeling like you aren’t enough, or that you don’t have enough…. time, space, money, sleep, etc.

Sign up for Discovery of Power today to transform your life by understanding who you are at your core and allowing yourself to dance at the edges more.

Free Stuff

Astrology Forecasts

Come read what is happening in the stars each month so that you can set your strategy to keep working towards your success.

Brief Overview of Natal Charts

Learn how to access your Natal Chart and get a brief overview of how the planets and signs are affecting you.

Intuitive Success Type Quiz

Discover your intuitive success type to reclaim YOU – your brilliance, your power and your riches.

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