Use the stars + strategy to clear the pathway to your success.™

Hi Visionary Leader.

 I see you.

You’ve had success. Again and again.

And yet, you’re looking for easier ways to scale your business without losing yourself. 

You find yourself asking: Should it really be this hard?

Where is the joy?

Kim Woods at her desk

What if…

… you could go beyond the aha moments into actual movement?

… it wasn’t about an external program or shiny new course?

… it was all about YOU?

Your wisdom.

Your gifts.

Your birthright to be rich and powerful. 

I’m Kim Woods

I’m an award-winning Business Strategist, Master Astrologer and Best Selling Author.

I’m wildly intuitive and have heeded the relentless call of my soul to combine my 25+ years of c-suite strategy with the ancient wisdom of astrology.

This way I can live my soul mission to guide you to YOUR soul mission. 

Basically, I help you become the rich and powerful leader you’re born to be, without sacrificing your true purpose for success AND satisfaction. 


Finally, It's All About You

Your Success Blueprint

You’re ready for unprecedented success and impact in your business.

Yet, you’re sick of solutions that aren’t tailored to you – only having nominal impact, bogging you down and holding you back.

It’s time to put YOU front and center by creating a strategy that not only clears the pathway to your success, but brings more joy and satisfaction into your life – in every area of your life.

Success shouldn’t cost you what matters most to you.

You can and should have it all.

Your Birthright to be Rich & Powerful

Only 14% of CEOs have the leadership talent needed to grow their companies.

This shouldn’t be you. 

It doesn’t have to be, especially when you know how to live your birthright to be rich and powerful. 

The new way of leading opens the door for you to embrace your natural leadership style that combines ancient feminine wisdom with masculine logical strength. 

Finally, the energies align with your strengths and gifts. 

You become the leader you’re born to be to make impact and become financially free. 

It’s your birthright and it’s your time. 

Make Big Impact and Leave Your Legacy

Becoming a Thought Leader, Paradigm Shifter or Movement Maker in your industry has everything to do with you, your energy and your soul mission. 

Yet, you’ve been wearing the wrong suit for too long. 

Unveiling the layers of hiding, shedding the fears of failure and success and leveraging proven business models requires getting to the core of YOU and expand to the edges of market changes. 

Your energy is a actually combination of the masculine logical strength and the feminine intuitive wisdom and knowing how to use it effectively is the difference between failure and success. 

Let’s get you to be YOU. You have BIG impact to make. 

What Results Can You Expect?

★ Overcome Fear of Failure & Success

★ Scalable Business Model

★ Clear Success Pathway

★ Consistent Top & Bottom Lines

★ Work-Life Balance

★ Access to Resources & Networks

★ Intuition Development

★ Strategy & Timing for Decisions

Why Kim?

Because I lead you back to your birthright.
Every time. No exceptions.

Which one are you?

Searching for New Tools & Strategies:

You’re fascinated by intuition and follow astrology, but you aren't in the right space to commit more time or resources to incorporate either deeply into your life and business.

Yet, you desire change and are looking for supportive ways to get the impact. You can follow on the fringes with my Intuitive Success Signature quiz results and star + strategy forecasts.

Or you can join my Rich and Powerful Leaders program at the introductory level.

I have the right solution for you.
I promise.

Finding Ways to Be Rich and Powerful:

Your business is growing.

This is what you wanted, right? So, why does it still seem so gosh darn difficult?

Your intuition is always whispering, but you second guess yourself every time, seeking other people’s opinions instead of trusting your own.

If someone could give you the exact next steps and create a strategy just for you, based on you and your energy, maybe, just maybe, you could live your soul mission to become rich and powerful without it taking so much from you.

Ready to be Make BIG Impact:

You’ve seen success--in your heart and in your mind.

Now, it’s time to be known, leave a legacy and move past 7-figures to financial freedom.

It’s all about scalability.

With intuition as your bestie and a guide by your side, you shall manifest the most brilliant (and wealthy) version of yourself yet.

Our clients can't say enough...

I clear the pathway to your success.

Are you ready?