My mission is to help you live your soul mission.

Are you ready to achieve your birthright to become rich and powerful? 

My mission is to help you live your soul mission.

Are you ready to achieve your birthright to become rich and powerful? 


The Rich and Powerful Leaders Academy is for you if you’re wondering:
  • Whether you’re going in the exactly RIGHT direction based on your unique soul purpose. 
  • How to attract the RIGHT people to support you. 
  • If you’re accessing the RIGHT networks and markets to present you with the best opportunities for YOU.
  • Whether you’re relying on the RIGHT resources to increase your revenues and improve your bottom line.
  • If success is too high a price to pay as you feel you left YOU out of your success equation. 

In my Rich and Powerful Leaders Academy, I ensure that you’re going in the right direction, gaining the right access and relying on the right resources based on YOU and only YOU. 

Rich and Power Leader Academy is the Business Tool You Need and Don't Have

The statistics for small business owners are alarming…

–  33% of entrepreneurs suffer from depression and burnout. 64% are more stressed now than 2 years ago.  

–  ONLY 14% of CEOs have the leadership talent needed to grow their businesses.

–  20% of small businesses fail in year 1, 30% in year 2, 50% in year 3 and 70% in year 10. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

These alarming statistics highlight the urgent need for business owners to develop new skills for today’s post-pandemic world. Given these statistics, it’s clear the traditional ways no longer work. 

The new way to run a business requires a leading edge that goes beyond ‘thinking out of the box’ and goes past following successful business strategies. Today’s world requires you to allow your soul to lead, instead of your mind. This is SO different, other programs don’t address every aspect necessary to ensure you’re going in the right direction, accessing the right people, networks and markets and relying on the right resources. 

My Rich and Powerful Leader Academy is the answer as I built it in response to visionary entrepreneurs needing a new way. 

My Rich and Powerful Leaders Academy™ is a combination of ancient feminine wisdom, astrology and 25+ years of C-suite experience to teach you how to become rich and powerful, make a big impact and leave your legacy. 

What Industry Giants Say About the Rich and Powerful Academy Methodology

“When I think about the KLT Process, I think about Kim Woods. She gets it. If you want to get it at a different level to raise your vibration, frequency and awareness, you have to find people to sit in the situation that you want to be in; and I will tell you Kim Woods is one of those people.” 

– David Meltzer, Co-Founder of Sports 1 Marketing, three-time international best-selling author, a Top 100 Business Coach, the executive producer of Entrepreneur‘s #1 digital business show, Elevator Pitch, and host of the top entrepreneur podcast, The Playbook

Kim has the voice of an angel. Her clients could listen to her all day…her analysis is thorough and textbook perfect. I’m pleased to name her one of my Master Evolutionary Astrologers.” 

– Steven Forrest, Co-Founder of Evolutionary Astrology, Internationally Acclaimed & Best-Selling Author, highly recommended by Robert Downey Jr. & Sting, former columnist for Elle & featured in O Magazine

“I think it’s important to acknowledge that Kim as a leader, created a whole new chapter for herself by transitioning from the structured, buttoned-down MBA businesswoman, to beautifully and authentically putting her spirituality at the forefront of her business. I hope that what Kim has done for herself inspires others to look at their lives and peel back the onion layers so they can live more authentically like Kim.”

Rob Actis, Author of Law of Action, Voiceover actor for Bill Gates Speaks Out, Napoleon Hill’s Grow Rich

Media Spotlight

This program has received significant attention. I’m humbled and beyond thrilled to announce that it’s been featured in over 300 media outlets!

Read about how this cutting-edge program, based on my innovative formula of Strategy + Stars = Success, is designed to help solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and business leaders navigate the post-pandemic world of leadership.

My Success-Making Formula puts YOU at the Center


“Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do.” – JP Morgan


I walk into your stars the minute you’re born and channel the voice of your soul. For many, this is the first time they’re seen, heard and known at the deepest level. 

Your soul has many messages for you without agenda, so you shed the expectations of others, familial conditioning and societal norms. 

This is YOU and your unique success blueprint. 

The stars in the sky give you a celestial map to illuminate the best times to launch, sell and grow as well as highlight the pitfalls to avoid when it’s best for you to relax, create and optimize.   

Working with me, I relate how your stars interact with the stars in the sky. This is the difference between have a general roadmap and one made specifically for YOU. 


Join the 23,000 others who’ve taken the quiz to discover their Intuitive Success Signature


Your Intuitive Success Signature measures how you’re living your soul mission, how you make choice and the way you enter your world. 

Aligning your mind, heart and will is required in today’s world in order to create lasting success, ensure you’re fulfilled and working toward your soul purpose. 


Your signature follows my success-making Do You Know, Like and Trust Yourself ® Method. Answering how you know, like and trust yourself isn’t easy, but it is simple using my signature method.

Using your signature, in combination with your Sun sign throughout the program ensures you always put YOU at the center. Gaining insights into how your energy interacts with your stars is the key to your success. 


Go in the RIGHT direction.

Access the RIGHT networks and markets.

Rely on your RIGHT resources. 


2024 lays the foundation for the next 20 years and your trajectory isn’t easy to recalibrate after November. 

Knowing your soul mission ensures you’re on the right path. Your soul has not other agenda other than putting YOU first. 

And my jam is making sure you’re living your soul mission. 


Clearing your blocks and opening up your channels to be able to ask for and accept support and say YES to the right opportunities gives you the ability to attract the people who have your best interest at heart. 

Sound too good to be true?

It’s not. 

I’ve done this hundreds of times for CEO’s, business leaders, creatives and entrepreneurs. 

What’s this exactly? 

I’ve combined the ancient wisdom of astrology and intuition with my 25+ years of C-suite business experience to create my ground-breaking Do You Know, Like & Trust Yourself ® Method to give you the tools to create your pathway to success, become rich and powerful and make big impact. 


To get rid of your life conditioning that may be weighing you down, preying on your decision-making abilities and stymieing your growth. 

In my Rich & Powerful Leaders Academy™, I reveal your pathway to success through the power of the stars, your unique energetic signature and savvy business strategies. 

You’ll discover your innate leadership and communication styles and ways you need to be brave in order for you to live to your highest potential.  

Then I show you how to align with the full potential of your soul mission so you become rich and powerful and make big impact. 

"Yes, but...I've joined so many programs before. What's your secret?"

In my Rich & Powerful Leaders Academy™, we take the time to go deep – to the core of YOU and connect to eternal wisdom to see pathways invisible to the naked eye. 

While other programs usually offer a one-size-fits-all blueprint for success that does not get to the root of potential personal blocks and limiting beliefs.

We gather the best-of-the-best to join you on your leadership journey to become rich and powerful. Through stars + strategy workshops, we elevate and refine your skills with actionable results in real time.

Depending on your level, I dive deep into each participant’s astrology to personalize their journey of meeting them where they are to where they want to be.

With our business office hours and famous magic seats, we put you front and center to answer your questions and resolve your issues as they arise. Up until now, these teachings have been reserved for Fortune 500 CEOs for an average of $225,000 per engagement.

This program is EPIC and after 12 months together you come away transformed. You’re seen, heard and known in your purest soul essence, meaning you shed the cultural norms, societal expectations and familial conditioning that have been holding you back. 

It’s you. It’s your

  • unique brilliance. 
  • dreams and desires. 
  • best pathway forward – pure and simple.

What are the Levels in this Stepping Stone Program?

Silver Level

SILVER is excellent for business leaders who are in other masterminds, working with other business coaches or already have an expert strategist who knows your business inside and out. 

This level of the program is the perfect accompaniment to other programs and coaching because it gets to your energetic signature for success, while giving you the necessary tools to address the top 10 business problems.

You begin the program with a Star Strategy Diagnostic 1:1 to give you a roadmap for success throughout the program as well as monthly expert Q&A support. 

Gold Level

GOLD is perfect for business owners who want to begin their soul-level transformation with an intimate 1:1 session with Kim to align with their soul mission as well receive continued private support with quarterly 1:1 sessions throughout the program.  

At this level, you remove the unique blocks to your success, spend quality time with other like-minded business leaders and get your specific questions answered. You also learn new ways of leading and integrate all of the savvy stars+ strategy business tools.  Through a semi-private VIP ½ day and free entrance into an annual strategic planning retreat, you spend time ON your business to set yourself up brilliantly for big impact. 

Diamond Level

DIAMOND is ideal for business owners who want to fast-track their business growth without losing themselves. Scale while keeping the same level of quality and achieve personal, professional and financial triumph. 

On this level, you receive regular 1:1 sessions with Kim, spend time with like-minded business leaders who are undergoing the same issues and growth as you and also receive Kim’s famous monthly magic seats.

With 2 semi-private VIP ½ days and free entrance into an annual strategic planning retreat, you put yourself at the center of your success and continue to support your quality of life as you grow. 

Achieve Sustainable Success with this Proven System

★ Enhance Your Unique Capabilities ★

Our program is designed to help you succeed by teaching you how to discover and enhance your own unique strengths and capabilities. Often programs help you learn and train your mind but forget about your heart and soul. Your heart and soul always wins so we speak to those as often as to your mind. With this approach, you’ll be able to align with your true purpose so that you can shine your brilliance and achieve sustainable success.

★ Grow Your Team

As a business leader, you have the ability to motivate and inspire your internal and your external teams. This is new thinking and our program teaches you how to extend your support in innovative ways. We provide you with the tools and strategies you need to increase engagement and productivity. With these skills, you’ll be able to extend your business beyond your current capabilities and that will deliver excellence and results.

★ Rely on Intuitive Strategic Thinking ★

To achieve long-term success, you need to act strategically. This program will teach you how to create a vision for your organization, set achievable goals, and develop a roadmap to achieve those goals based on your energetic signature, your intuition, and savvy business solutions. You’ll learn how to align your team and audience around a common purpose, build a culture of accountability and high performance, and adapt your plans as circumstances change. By doing so, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate any challenge that comes your way.

Your Birthright is to Succeed to Create Massive Impact

Check out how my clients claimed their birthright & realized real results

Elevate Your Leadership Game by Receiving Expert Guidance from the Best-of-the-Best

At my Rich & Powerful Leaders Academy™, I bring together the best-of-the-best to guide you on your business journey and help you live your soul mission to become rich and powerful, make big impact and leave your legacy. 

There are 3 tiers to this stepping stone program and depending on your level, you have access to the following: 

Stars + Strategies + Signature Workshops

I work with you in real-time to ensure that you're able to put your newfound knowledge into action and achieve tangible results. You'll discover your natural intuitive leadership skills, including decision-making, delegating and reclaiming your power, that will have an immediate impact on your business, while aligning with the power of the stars. Your energetic signature guides your growth when it's fed with the right ingredients. You'll learn how to intuitively grow your business on your own terms.

Regular Power Hours

At every level, I provide real-time advice and input on any area of your business that you have concerns about, including advertising, SEO, sales, social media, marketing, and more. With my expertise and that of the group, we can answer questions about every business topic; strategy, leadership, communication, client delivery and sales, even franchising, licensing and IP from a business perspective. We can also answer questions about your intuition, cosmic power and your energetic signature.

Famous Magic Seats

At the Diamond level, I put you front-and-center to answer your questions and resolve your issues as they arise. I provide you with Oracle advice, forecast information, ancestral and soul DNA healing and unique strategic direction based on you, your stars and your Human Design so you can remove the blocks to your success.

1:1 Sessions with Kim

You receive a Star Success Diagnostic session at every level to outline your roadmap for your highest potential in the program. At the Gold and Diamond levels, you receive star walks with me, where I channel the voice of your soul, download healing codes, and open discovery methods to align you with your FULL soul potential. You gain insights into your life and business and for many, it's the first time you're seen, heard, and known at your core. The transformative results of this work are unparalleled.

Semi-private VIP ½ Days

At the GOLD and DIAMOND levels, gather with a small group of your leadership peers to uncover hidden treasure in your business through its persona and unique energies to increase your resources. Gain the equanimity of the 30,000 foot view of what's happening right now and how its trajectory impacts your future growth. Review your baselines, forecast your projected path, make course corrections and outline your best next steps to achieve your success goals.

Annual Strategic Planning Retreat

You will gain access to an annual strategic planning retreat, at every level, with a free entrance ticket at the GOLD and DIAMOND levels. Spend time away with other like-minded business leaders to set your strategy for growth and satisfaction on your own terms. Ensure you have the right pillars in place to exceed your expectations and desires. Align your strategic plan with the power of the stars and your energetic signature..

What you get at each level:


10 monthly workshops

10 power hours

Private 1:1 star strategic diagnostic session

Free admittance to 2 paid events

Invitation to annual strategic planning retreat

Private online room, FB community and library of materials

Free access to paid events during course of program

Free entrance ticket to annual retreat

Semi-private VIP ½ days


Private 1:1 consulting sessions


Oracle Card deck & guidebook

10 Monthly Magic Seat Sessions

YES to the YES!

Welcome & Congratulatory Gifts





Silver Level

  • 10 monthly workshops to solve top business problems using stars + strategy
  • 10 monthly power hours
  • Private 1:1 star strategic diagnostic session
  • Instant access to star strategy intensive
  • Free admittance to 2 paid live events during course
  • Invitation to annual strategic planning retreat
  • Private online room, FB community and library of materials

Gold Level

  • 10 monthly workshops to solve top business problems using stars + strategy
  • 10 monthly power hours
  • Private 1:1 star strategic diagnostic session
  • Instant access to star strategy intensive
  • Free admittance to unlimited paid live events during course of program
  • Free entrance ticket to annual strategic planning retreat
  • Private online room, FB community and library of materials
  • One semi-private VIP ½ day
  • Quarterly 1:1 private consulting sessions

Diamond Level

  • 10 monthly workshops to solve top business problems using stars + strategy
  • 10 monthly power hours
  • Private 1:1 star strategic diagnostic session
  • Instant access to star strategy intensive
  • Free admittance to unlimited paid live events during course of program
  • Free entrance ticket to annual strategic planning retreat
  • Private online room, FB community and library of materials
  • Two semi-private VIP ½ days
  • Monthly 1:1 private consulting sessions
  • 10 magic seat sessions
  • Welcome & congratulatory gifts

Silver level



Gold level



$1,497/month or

$14,997 for Diamond level

Hi, I’m Kim Woods

Business Strategist | Master Astrologer | Best-Selling Author

I combine astrology, ancient feminine wisdom and my 25+ years of C-Suite experience to help you become rich and powerful, make big impact and leave your legacy.

As JP Morgan says, “Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do.”  I use the stars + strategy to clear your success pathway so you live your soul mission.

As an astrologer, I predicted C😷🦠D in 2020, the insurrection in 2021, the insane weather events in 2022 and the banking crisis in 2023. My annual forecasts are featured in over 1,800 media outlets. 

As a C-suite expert, I’ve led 150+ corporate executives and 425+ high-performing entrepreneurs, overseen $65M+ in sales and influenced 300,000+ team members.

I’ve been named one of the Top Female Entrepreneurs disrupting the business world by Entrepreneur Magazine for my revolutionary, Do You Know, Like and Trust Yourself® method. I’ve also been featured in Forbes, INC, Entrepreneur, ABC, CBS, NBC, USA Today, Reader’s Digest, Fox News, Market Watch and Digital Journal.

My passion is to help you realize your full potential so you can achieve your personal, professional and financial triumph. 


How is your program approach different?

The approach for this program is based upon YOU, not a “one-size-fits-all” or a “one-size fits-many”as most programs. Being based on YOU – it’s your mind, heart and soul as determined the minute you were born. We shed the expectations of others, so you gain fulfillment and success on your own terms. 

It’s also based on:

  • My 25+ years of C-suite experience
  • All of my intuitive and astrological magic
  • Your own expertise and intuitive abilities
  • Your energetic signature
  • Your core energies of the Sun and Edgy ones of the Moon

The program:

  • Is active with Top 10 Business Problems + Star Strategy Workshops
  • Puts YOU at the center with your choices, energies and star alignments
  • Gives you insight – revealing your true path
  • Incorporates healing facilitation through your ancestry and soul DNA to get to the root of the issue, not just glossing the surface

The program also provides forecasting for the best (and worst) times to launch, sell and create or streamline, optimize and fine tune.

What is the price of this program?

The value of this program is limitless as it changes your life from the inside out, propelling you and your business to the next level. 

The price of the program depends on the level.

SILVER $497/month 

GOLD  $997/month

DIAMOND  $1,497/month

How long is this program?

This program is evergreen and is 12 months to cover the Top 10 business problems you’re facing as a growing entrepreneur.

We use proven business methods + the power of the stars + strategy forces to get to the root causes to clear your pathway. 

What is the on-boarding process?

After we handle the administrative tasks of payment and contract approval, we make sure you’ve taken the 12-question Do You Know, Like and Trust Yourself ® quiz to get your Intuitive Success Signature. 

We send your invitation into the program portal to access the on-demand webinars, bonuses, RPL vault, RPL calendar and FB community. 

After we handle the administrative tasks of payment and executing the contract, we gather information to tailor your program: 

  • Your birth information
  • Intuitive Success Signature
  • Your mailing address for gifts or holiday cards
  • You schedule with Kim for your 1:1 Star Diagnostic Session

You gain instant access to the training for the key foundational elements of the stars, strategies and signatures for success. 

 No other program gets to your unique signatures for success, money, leadership, power, communication – really everything in your life and business is seen in your stars. 

What if I need something that's not in the program?

We have a multitude of resources within our kw vault that we can provide you with should you require something that is not directly in the program. We have over 400 meditative rituals and hundreds of hours of video programming for topics on the personal and business side. Personally, we have exercises and programs on self-care, self-love, creativity, stepping into your power and much more. On the business side, we have exercises and programs on strategy, marketing, sales, money, finances, you name it. 


It’s overwhelming how much content we have, so we don’t give you access to the kw vault as we don’t want you to be distracted or to get lost in topics that you don’t need. 


Our commitment is ensuring you receive access to what you need, when you need it.

How do I talk to my partner about this program?

First and foremost this is not another one-size-fits-all program that you take and then don’t use. We have actual and extensive business experience. Partners usually want to hear about the business side of things and not necessarily the magical side (until they see the fantastic results! Then, they’re all over it.)

  1. You can talk about my credentials of sales – $65M for my companies and $82.5M for my clients in the last 4 years.  
  2. I have decades of team leadership experience influencing over 300,000 team members.
  3. I was the chosen sales closer for Oracle, flying all around the country to close deals.
  4. I owned a very successful Business Strategy firm, beating out Bain and McKinsey time and time again.
  5. I grew up in finance and excel at financial forecasting. Both The Blackstone Group and Skadden Arps relied on my financial forecasting approach when she I just 26 years old and no one else was doing it
  6. Finally, where will you be in 12 months without the program support? We get proven results for our clients and we want to for you too. 

What kind of credibility do you have?

Here’s more credibility for you:


★ I’ve run a $10M consulting practice at Oracle.

★ I’ve founded a business strategy firm that grew 100% year-over-year for the first 5 years.

★ My current business has grown 378% over the last few years to be in the top 4% of small businesses. 

★ I’ve been recognized as one of the Top Female Entrepreneurs Disrupting the Business World by Entrepreneur Magazine. 

★ I’ve been named one of the Millionaire Women on the North Shore as of 2008.

★ I was also the chosen Strategist for Northeastern’s University Emeritus for Family-Owned Business.

Where did the idea of this program come from?

This program is a conglomeration of years of past experiences taking the best of the best, not based on my opinions, but on my clients, audience and industry experts. I also involved the energies for the new way of leading and designed every single session based on my success-making methodology, incorporating the ancient feminine wisdom with the masculine logical strength. This program will put you on the leading edge of the rich and powerful.

Why this program and why now?

It’s my mission to create Rich and Powerful Leaders. We do this by weaving the ancient wisdom of astrology with successful traditional business strategy.

Why now?

We need to pivot to the new way of thinking, to the new way of responding, to the new way of doing business. The world is shifting, the way we have “always” done things is no longer working and we want to help you shift into the new.

Do you offer a results guarantee?

We cannot guarantee results, and will not do that, because we aren’t you and we can’t make you do the work required. We would love to be able to because we would clear all the things and we would move through and gain all the sales, but we can’t. However, people who work with us, and we have hundreds of unsolicited testimonies, do get results, not just in sales and growth in their business, but in all aspects of their lives including ease, fun and space. Those who work with us, and actually do the work, are healing from things that have been impeding them without them even realizing it.

Do you give refunds? What happens if I need to cancel?

Refunds are not offered as you’ve gained tons of insight and learning right up until the time of your cancellation request. We discourage canceling as we want you to commit to 100% yourself. However, we recognize that life sometimes throws curveballs that may temporarily derail you from your path. If this happens, we work with you on a case-by-case basis.

It's Time to Live Your Soul Mission.