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We meet you where you are and guide you to your dreams and beyond.

Your Unique Pathway to Transformation

What if we were to tell you that you are 100% unique, and your pathway to reach your greatest potential is just as unique as you are?

When you were born, your unique star signature hadn’t been seen in over 25,000 years. So no “one-size-fits-all” approach will work.

You and your stars are the center of our work together.

Sounds interesting right? Together, let’s embrace your uniqueness.

Embrace Your Uniqueness

Work with the stars along each step of your journey.

Whether you just want a taste, want to dance amongst the stars, or dive right in, my team and I have something for you. 😉

Awaken the Power of the Stars

Uncover the Secrets of 2023

Taste the stardust. 🌟

You’re in transition and searching for ways to both understand and engage more fully with yourself.

The next steps aren’t clear and you want to gather and discover you before taking a big leap.

You’re not alone.

Explore the biggest star events of the year and gain an understanding of how to use them to your advantage.

Ignite the Power of the Universe

Ongoing Support

Dance among the stars. 💃

You’d like more support and a safe space to be able to explore the “more” you are uncovering.

Join us to develop and practice your intuitive skills.

Learn to Manifest with the New Moon and Full Moon rituals.

Expand your magical knowledge with monthly workshops.

Engage your intuition with oracle card spreads and so much more.

Start living your empowered life today!

Unleash Your Ultimate Success

Pathway to Transformation

Dive into YOUR stars. ✨

You’re growing, yet it’s inconsistent or requires your personal involvement every step of the way. 

You want guidance, specific for you and your business, on your strategy, finances and positioning in the marketplace.

Let us help. We begin by gathering you into your world and then providing luscious support during our time together. 

Book Your Call to grow your business AND gain satisfaction, ease and abundance. 

What Walking Your Unique Pathway to Transformation Looks Like

"This is the journey that Kim and her team truly helps us discover. Every person who notice the differences of how I live my life and follow my path since I stared working with Kim and her team want to know...
How do I find my life purpose? How do I live my life authentically? How do I transform my life?
Work with Kim and with her team.
It's that easy!"
Terrie Carratu-Hanscom
RN & Founder of Positive VYBES

Hi! I'm Kim Woods.

I’m so happy to welcome you to your unique pathway of transformation.

Now more than ever, the world desperately needs inspirational leaders. We need a change from all of the chaos, uncertainty and divisiveness to calm, clarity and connection.

So saying, I’m on a mission to create a world-impacting movement of intuitive leaders by weaving the gifts of the feminine (intuition) with the strengths of the masculine (strategy).

Each of my programs has been developed with YOU in mind. 😘


I want to help you create radical transformation in every area of your life.

Therefore, the programs have to be about YOU.

There’s intuitive magic for you – with opportunities to glean intuitive insights for decision-making, problem-solving and business-building.

Oh, and of course, there’s tons of content for you – strategies, solutions, scripts, plans and tools galore. Just because I talk about intuitive knowing doesn’t mean I leave behind my business magic.

Lastly, thank you SO MUCH for the opportunity to guide you in your transformational journey.

Your Journey, Your Choice

Let’s start your transformation today!

Awaken the Power of the Stars

Uncover the Secrets of 2023

What You Get:

★ Exclusive content and bonuses

★ 2023 On-Demand Forecast event

★ PLUS: 4 LIVE Star Pass Events:

Jan: Create your Star Success Map for 2023 – On-Demand

BONUS Mar: Peek For Pluto

Apr: Remove blocks with your Retrograde Survival Kit

Jul: Become Recession Proof

Oct: Fuel your ability to Manifest your Desires

★ Our 2023 Forecast ebook and additional guides throughout the year

★ 2023 rituals

★ Journal prompts and exercises that will help you navigate 2023 with ease

★ An understanding of how the stars impact your Intuitive Success Type

★ Chance for an individual Star Peek at each live Star Pass Event

Ignite the Power of the Universe

Ongoing Support

What You Get:

★ LIVE Monthly Forecasts

★ LIVE Full Moon rituals

★ LIVE New Moon rituals

★ Monthly Workshops

★ Monthly Oracle Card Spreads

★ Private, member’s only, group

★ Support from Kim and team within the private group

★ Safe space to engage the power and magic of your intuition

★ Work with the moon to manifest and align with your prosperity and flow

★ Expand your knowledge of magical tools including crystals, tarot, oracle cards and more

★ Embrace your purpose and power so you can expand your prosperity and potential

★ Be among the first to learn about new program offers

★ Get 2 months free with annual enrollment

Unleash Your Ultimate Success

Pathway to Transformation

What You Get:

★ Your own unique BIG REVEAL (Kim walks into your star and reveals their secrets to you)

★ Strategic Plan for Success based upon your desires, your BIG REVEAL and where you are at – both personal and professional

★ Beautiful Crystal Walk to open you up to the delight of fulfilling your desires

★ Learn to incorporate your unique energetic signature into all areas of your life allowing clarity and understanding to come in

★ Root/core healing to overcoming and removing blocks that have been holding you back from success, abundance and ease

★ Continued “star peaks” to ensure that you are fully supported during your time of transition

★ Working directly in a one-on-one container with Kim and her team

★ Full team support and encouragement