Are You Ready To Clear the Pathway To Your Success?

I take you from where you are right now and launch you to the next level.

Your birthright is to be rich and powerful.

What if we were to tell you that you are 100% unique and your pathway to become rich and powerful is just as unique as you are?

When you were born, your star signature hadn’t been seen in over 25,000 years. So no “one-size-fits-all” approach will work.

You, your stars and my 25+ years of c-suite strategy experience are the center of our work together.

Sounds interesting right?

Together, let’s clear the pathway to your success.

Solutions to Embrace Your Birthright

Work with the stars + strategy along each step of your journey.

Whether you just want a taste, desire quick solutions or want to dive deeply, I have something for you. 😉

Ready to Become Rich & Powerful

Dive Deeply into Transformation

Become rich and powerful through the stars + strategy. 💥

I’ve designed a program with you in mind that incorporates your unique star signature, your individual business model and the best-of-the-best business strategies so you: 

 Scale your business without losing yourself.

 Expand your income and impact.

 Live to your full potential and follow your own path. We

 meet monthly for LIVE sessions that teach you business solutions, formerly reserved for my highest level clients, costing $225,000 on average.

 also take a personal lens to identify the blocks to your success, opening the awareness to gain understanding

 then dive deeply into your energies for healing to remove the blocks to your success, so you can effectively implement the solutions for your business. 

Together, with a handful of other powerful business leaders, you increase your power, prosperity and potential for both you and your business.

This is perfect for the business owner looking for ongoing support and lasting results.

Looking for 1:1 Transformation

Channel the Voice of Your Soul

Dive into YOUR stars. ✨ You’re

 growing, yet it’s inconsistent or requires your personal involvement every step of the way. 

 worried about cash flow and sick and tired of playing roulette to allocate resources. 

 seeking guidance, specific for you and your business, on your strategy, finances and positioning in the marketplace.

You want to know the best timing to launch, sell, hire and optimize. 

You want leadership tools, particularly on leveraging opportunities and getting more support. 

And, you want to learn how to remove the blocks, shed the expectations of others and get to your best business strategy that puts you front and center. 

Basically, you want your specific answers for the exact ways to clear your pathway to your success. Let me help you do just that. 

This is my jam. It’s what I do all day, every day.  

Find out more…

What Walking Your Unique Pathway to Transformation Looks Like

Hi! I'm Kim Woods.

I’m so happy to welcome you to your birthright of being rich and powerful, making big impact and leaving your legacy. 

Now more than ever, the world desperately needs inspirational leaders. We need a change from all of the chaos, uncertainty and divisiveness to calm, clarity and connection.

So saying, I’m on a mission to create rich and powerful leaders by weaving the gifts of the feminine (intuition) with the strengths of the masculine (strategy).

Each of my programs has been developed with YOU in mind. 😘


I want to help you create radical transformation in every area of your life.

Therefore, the programs have to be about YOU.

There’s intuitive magic for you – with opportunities to glean intuitive insights for decision-making, problem-solving and business-building.

Oh, and of course, there’s tons of content for you – strategies, solutions, scripts, plans and tools galore. Just because I talk about intuitive knowing doesn’t mean I leave behind my business magic.

Lastly, thank you SO MUCH for the opportunity to guide you in clearing your pathway to success.

Your Journey, Your Choice

Let’s start clearing your pathway to success today!

Rich & Powerful

Dive Deeply into Transformation

What You Get:


  • 10 monthly workshops
  • 10 power hours
  • Private 1:1 star strategic diagnostic session
  • Free admittance to 2 paid events, invitation to annual strategic planning retreat
  • Private online room, FB community and library of materials


Silver level with unlimited free access to paid events during course of program + free entrance ticket to annual retreat

  • One semi-private VIP ½ days 
  • Quarterly private 1:1 consulting sessions
  • Oracle Card deck & guidebook


  • Gold Level
  • One more semi-private VIP ½ days
  • Monthly private 1:1 consulting sessions
  • 10 Monthly Magic Seat Sessions
  • Welcome & Congratulatory Gifts


Silver $497/month
Gold $997/month
Diamond $1,497/month

1:1 Major Transformation

Channel the Voice of Your Soul

What You Get:

  • Your own unique Star Success Accelerator (Kim walks into your star and reveals their secrets to you)
  • Strategic Plan for Success based upon your desires, your Star Success Accelerator and where you are at – both personally and professionally
  • Learn to incorporate your unique energetic signature into all areas of your life allowing clarity and understanding to come in to integrate positive patterns
  • Root/core healing to overcoming and removing blocks that have been holding you back from success, abundance and ease
  • Answers for you about your family and/or your team regarding your karmic interactions, fruitful connections and best path forward.
  • Star analysis of your business energy, its star imprint and how you can leverage its persona. 
  • Rely on my intuition as we develop yours so you can step into your own intuitive guidance
  • Access to hundreds of rituals, activations & attunements and discovery exercises or strategic methods as needed 
  • Voxer support as needed for decision-making regarding who to work, hire, collaborate or partner with as well as whether to invest in particular resources or not

$2,497 - $4,997/month