E41: Weekly Uncut: How Use the Eclipse to Remove the Blocks to Your Success

Weekly Uncut – How to Use the Eclipse to Remove the Blocks to Your Success


Welcome back to another transformative episode of “Your Star Path to Success.” Prepare to embark on a celestial journey as we navigate the cosmic currents of this week’s star forecast.

An eclipse is on the horizon, bringing the mighty power to clear the path of blocks and fears that may hinder your rise to success. Let’s harness the stellar energy and advice from our latest episode to find the bravery within and step boldly towards our goals.

Key Highlights:

  1. Embrace Eclipse Energy: The eclipse isn’t just an astronomical event; it’s a beacon of change. Learn how this significant celestial moment dissolves fears and blocks that stand in your way.
  2. A Stellium in Aries: Discover how the stellium in Aries infuses the environment with an entrepreneurial spirit, encouraging you to let your soul lead and your intuition shine.
  3. Mars and Saturn Conjunction: Understand the implications of Mars and Saturn coming together on the 10th, and how this alignment brings constraints but also offers an opportunity for discipline and focus.
  4. Mercury Retrograde Interplay: Uncover the hidden opportunities of Mercury’s retrograde as it meets the Sun on the 11th and turn potential communication snags into insightful reflections.
  5. Practical Tips and Intuitive Insights: Implement actionable strategies to combat common fears like procrastination and self-sabotage, channeling the powerful energies of the week for personal advancement.

Fun Facts:

The Fear Paradox: An astonishing 90% of CEOs share the same fears of failure and success as the rest of us, showing that these concerns span all levels of success.

Aries Energy: This fiery sign is known for its courage and initiative, making the stellium in Aries perfect for initiating progress and overcoming obstacles.

Mercury’s Retrograde Magic: While often maligned, Mercury retrograde can actually be a potent time for reviewing and revisiting past ideas, perfect for innovation when it aligns with the Sun.

Additional Resources:

Intuitive Success Signature Quiz: Dive into self-discovery and find out how your personal intuitive style can amplify your success. Click this link to take the quiz.

Eclipse & Your Success Video: Expand your understanding of how the eclipse impacts your life with an informative video. Access the Eclipse full session and ritual right here.

Join the Community: Don’t navigate your star path alone. Engage with our community of like-minded individuals seeking to align their goals with the stars for an amplified journey to success. Join my Free Power Your Success FB Group.

Remember, this week holds the potential for massive healing and progress on your path to success. Let the energy of the stars be your guide as you boldly confront and overcome the barriers in your path. Happy stargazing, and here’s to your continued success!

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