E49: New Moon Magic: Tapping into Astrological Energies for Success


Welcome to Your Star Path to Success, where we discuss how the stars + strategy clears the pathway to your success. This episode illuminates the energies of the New Moon in Taurus and how to harness these celestial energies for alignment and success. This New Moon is extremely potent and because of this, there’s an accompanying workbook to amplify its impact for you.

5 Key Highlights

1. Power of the New Moon: The cycles of the New Moon offer a fresh start each month, where you can set new goals, release what no longer serves you and embrace a revitalized version of yourself.

2. Taurus New Moon Influence: The New Moon in Taurus focuses on authenticity and ease, encouraging you to be true to your nature in an almost effortless way which can attract positive attention and opportunities.

3. Planetary Alignments: This particular New Moon features a stellium in Taurus, amplifying the energy with the presence of Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus, alongside the Sun and Moon, each adding a unique flavor to your endeavors, from love and luck to sudden breakthroughs.

4. Practical Rituals and Tools: Engage with personal rituals and connect with intuitive tools, such as moonstone crystal and the symbolic energy of the elephant, to clear obstacles and align with your deepest aspirations.

5. Guided Meditation and Intention Setting: A detailed guided meditation helps you tap into your soul mission, identifying your core values, vision and actionable steps toward your definition of prosperity and success.

3 Fun Facts

1. Stellium Significance: A stellium occurs when four or more planets are positioned in the same zodiac sign or house, amplifying its effects exponentially in astrology.

2. Elephant Symbolism: In many cultures, elephants are seen as symbols of strength, wisdom and perseverance, making them powerful spirit animals for overcoming obstacles and fostering remembrance of one’s inner wisdom.

3. Moonstone Magic: Known for its connection to the intuitive and emotional, moonstone is thought to enhance psychic perception and passion, particularly as new beginnings unfold.

Additional Resources

Worksheet for Reflection: Available on the episode’s webpage, this workbook helps you apply the insights and exercises discussed in the podcast. Download the workbook here.

Monthly Astrological Forecasts: Keep up with the cosmic conditions with monthly updates provided in my newsletter. Don’t miss out on how each lunar cycle could influence your journey. Check out the blog for more articles.

Your Signature: Take the quiz to determine your Intuitive Success Signature. Discover how your energetic signature interacts with the stars in the sky.

Stay tuned as you walk your star path to success, and remember, every New Moon is an opportunity to realign with your greatest possibility. Join me next time for more insights on how the stars can guide you to your highest potential.

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