E52: It's Time to Create Worlds with the Full Flower Moon


Welcome to Episode 52 of Your Star Path to Success!

In this impactful episode, I invite you to embark on a mystical journey under the guidance of the Full Flower Moon. Discover how to harness the powerful celestial energies of May 23rd to create worlds, realign your soul and achieve profound personal growth.

Dive deeply into the dynamic opposition of the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius and explore the Priestess energy at the heart of this luminous event. Whether you’re looking to expand outwardly or root deeply within, this episode is your cosmic map to flourishing under this luscious Full Moon.

Key Highlights

  1. Full Flower Moon: Understanding the significance of the full flower moon reaching its peak on May 23 at 09:55 a.m. Eastern time, with a profound alignment at two degrees between the Sun and Moon.
  2. Gemini and Sagittarius Dynamic: Exploring the opposition of the Sun in Gemini, opening minds to possibilities, and the Moon in Sagittarius, welcoming experiences through exploration and discovery.
  3. Priestess Energy: Delving into the ‘2 energy’ or Priestess energy, emphasizing the blend of ancient wisdom and celestial rhythm with earthly energies.
  4. Signs of Alignment: Identifying the signs of being in or out of alignment, such as feeling clear and balanced versus stressed and overwhelmed and practical steps to restore harmony.
  5. Rituals and Practices: Various Intuitive Success Signatures and personalized rituals to connect with your soul, including meditation, creative activities and guided rituals to maximize the Full Moon’s potential.

This Full Moon energy synergizes with a 13-year cycle, so impacts you beyond the month-long lunar cycle.

Fun Facts

  1. Dual Celebration: The Full Moon is not only about illumination but also a time for celebration, review, renewal and reorientation in the lunar cycle.
  2. Magical Tools: The episode emphasizes the use of magical tools like garnet crystals, instrumental music and oracle cards to deepen your soul connection.
  3. Intuitive Insights: Different Intuitive Success Signatures, from the Wise Strategist to the Creative Superstar, each have tailored ways to harness their intuition and align with celestial energies.

Additional Resources

– Episode Transcript: Dive deeper into the episode content with the full transcript.

– Guide to Full Moon Rituals: A comprehensive guide to performing your own Full Moon rituals for alignment and growth.

– Intuitive Success Signature Quiz: Discover your Intuitive Success Signature and receive personalized guidance for your journey.

– Garnet Crystal Guidance: Learn more about the garnet crystal and its significance in spiritual practices.

Tune in and let the Full Flower Moon illuminate your path to success! 🌕✨

Entire Transcript

Kim Woods [00:00:03]:

It’s time to create worlds during the Full Flower Moon. The Full Moon reaches her blooming apex on May 23, and it’s at 09:55 a.m. Eastern time. And this is where the Sun is in Gemini in exact opposition to the Moon in Sagittarius. It happens to be two degrees. And when it’s a Full Moon, it’s like the truth is in the paradox. The Full Moon is a time of opposition. It’s with the Sun in 180 degrees in opposition to the Moon.

Kim Woods [00:00:42]:

And so the Sun right now is in Gemini, and it opens your minds to possibilities. And the Moon is in Sagittarius, and it welcomes actual experiences through exploration and discovery. So in other words, dream it, do it. Let’s dive deeper. This is a two energy. It’s the priestess energy. So two is about that feminine. It’s about that ancient wisdom.

Kim Woods [00:01:05]:

It’s the remembrance of how the earthly energies and the celestial ones work together. It’s as above, so below, so within as without. This is the exact beautiful representation of going deep within, pulling the information out from you. So let’s think about, like, investing in your wisdom with these Sun and Moon energies. They’re both growth oriented, they’re expansive, and they’re filled with opportunity. Now, depending on your own energy, you may either want to pursue these outwardly and really expressively and, you know, make big strides and, and really, you know, like kind of go big and go home. Or you might want to take that and go deep, deep, deep within. You want to.

Kim Woods [00:01:57]:

Might take a few moments and say, it’s been really busy over the last handful of weeks. You feel like you might be untethered or skidding out of control. And so now is a great time to pause. Anytime the Moon reaches that Full apex, it’s a time of celebration, a time of review. It’s a time of renewal, because what you’re doing is reorienting where you are in the month and then setting priorities to then for the next handful of weeks until we get to that new Moon. It is a time of release and restore and rejuvenation. So if you feel as if you’re waning in your energies, then now’s a good time to collect yourself and gather and almost sip from that Moon. We’re going to do ritual later, and that’s what we’re going to do.

Kim Woods [00:02:44]:

And so when you think about this, each one of those energies, whether it’s that really edgy outward expansion or that it’s true gathering and going deep and anchoring, this is your soul talking to you like, how are you feeling? What…

– are you sensing?

– does your body say?

– do your guides say?

If you use guys, what do your oracle cards say? Like, this is a time to be following the esoteric, intuitive, celestial, earthly knowing. It’s your intuition time. It’s a time for your soul. I’m just looking for different words for this to help you invite yourself along this path because your mind may or may not accept this as truth. You may look at your goals, you may look at your targets, you may look at the last few months and see where you are and not be pleased with that.


– doesn’t care about that.

– doesn’t care about accomplishment.

– cares about that deep, abiding love, that true nature and core of who you are are.

Kim Woods [00:03:51]:

Then the other things come. So this Moon, as I stated at the top, is time to create worlds. What worlds are you creating? Are you creating a world that is filled with busyness and scatteredness and, you know, things that are outward expressing? Or are you filling your world with being in the flow and really being satisfied and being in the rhythm and cadence that you truly enjoy? The mind is not really the great way to assess this.

Kim Woods [00:04:27]:

We can start there, of course we start there, but your mind is going to be questioning, is going to be doubting, is going to say, but yes, but this person or this situation or this goal or this desire is not being met, is not being satisfied. It may even turn outward to be then judging people and judging where they are and maybe even taking over care of other people or what have you. This isn’t the time for that, unless that’s part of your soul mission. If you are a natural caregiver, a natural nurturer, and that is your sole mission, you’d be in the flow with that and you wouldn’t be questioning it. There would be no doubt.

Kim Woods [00:05:06]:

However, if you’re not, there’s only a fraction of the country or, excuse me, the world that’s like that. It’s not for everybody. We are unique, we are magnificent, we are original. And so allowing ourselves to truly be that mind, heart, will that body, mind, spirit alignment is imperative. The stars are not allowing you to be off track. The stars are going to make it very evident to you. This isn’t a time to kick things down the road. It’s not a time to take a pass.

Kim Woods [00:05:45]:

It’s not a time to say, well, I’m not going to deal with this now. Even though the stars are massively supportive, they are moving energy so quickly, it’s almost like you’re juggling so many different plates. You’re juggling so many different things, you can’t even take the time to have the breath. Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness. Ooh. But now, that’s exactly when. That’s exactly when this, the soul, your soul is literally saying, I see you right now.

Kim Woods [00:06:08]:

Can you see me? And so we’re going to want to access the mind plus the intuition, because that’s where your genius lives. That’s where you’re able to enact your soul wisdom. So. So let’s just take the temperature. Are you in alignment? Let’s just see right now. Because when you’re in alignment, you are not feeling this way. When you’re out of alignment, you are feeling unclear and stressed out of sorts and unsettled, empty and dissatisfied, inexplicably tired or fatigued, easily overwhelmed or out of control. What it can look like in your life is you might be living with clutter and disorganization.

Kim Woods [00:06:48]:


– may be overspending or exaggerating your standing and putting yourself on an edge some way.

– might be taking care of others versus yourself.

– might find ways to escape or take up numbing activities.

– may miss appointments or show up late or unprepared, always feeling like you’re just missing things just by a little bit.

Or you might be trying to play either the victim and really getting into dramatic story and judgment and rationalization.

Or you might be trying to be the hero and.

And really being that, that shining star or that, or that, you know, role model or go to for everybody. When you’re in alignment, you are totally and utterly you without artifice, without excuse or apology, you are the exact same whether you’re alone at midnight or out in a room Full of people at noon.

Kim Woods [00:07:47]:

Your mind, body, and spirit are in sync, and you take care of each willingly and equally. Of course, there’s a balance and a flow there, but there’s a 360 degree aspect. So you think, feel, and act in accordance with your Full potential to live your soul mission. You’re in the flow of the universal energy, with the earthly and the celestial realms, and you’re in alignment. Your soul leads and blends with your mind, and it conveys your heart’s wisdom. This is intuition. So if you are not in alignment, this is so important. I’m going up belaboring this, right? Going beyond a little bit more, you know, Full Moon and into really, though, that 13 year, 14 year energies that we’ve been talking about.

Kim Woods [00:08:35]:

I feel it’s important the Moon makes things personal. So I want to personalize this for you. Getting into alignment with your soul. It requires you to create space to listen to your soul, because your soul is patient. Like, your soul is like kind elder sitting, sitting over on the side, just watching, just observing and not saying, hey, notice me. Hey, hey, you know, look at me. It’s time to connect. You haven’t been listening to me for a while.

Kim Woods [00:09:05]:

Your soul is pushed aside by your mind. Your mind is impatient and wants to be constantly fed and needs all this information. And it’s just like moving all the time and just gobbling things up and just kind of spitting them out. And your soul watches and waits. When there is something that is extreme, your soul can get your attention by creating a situation for you that usually knocks you out at your knees. Or maybe it’s when you’re engaged in some mundane activity like taking a shower, and all of a sudden you get all these epiphanies where you’re washing the dishes and you’re like, oh, yeah, wait, I just thought of this. It’s because your mind is out of the equation just a little bit. And your soul swoops in and goes, oh, my goodness, I got your attention.

Kim Woods [00:09:46]:

Like, hey, I’ve been trying to, I’ve been waiting patiently, but now it’s the time. Now, now I need to get your attention. This is what the stars are giving you the availability for. Now, your soul is literally at the waiting, like, right in front of you. You only have to like, just peek and your soul swoops right in. That’s beautiful. So let’s. Let’s think of a few ways that you can be really noticing what your soul is trying to tell you.

Kim Woods [00:10:14]:

You can occupy your mind with something mundane or repetitive, like we just talked about with the shower, washing dishes, or taking a walk out. In nature. You can meditate. Of course, there’s a lot of you that don’t like to do that, but guided meditation is always good. That’s why I put so many rituals into these podcasts. You can start noticing the signs and symbols and taking those cues. You’ll notice animals and numbers first, and so just kind of look. And then you can look up on a book or online, like, what does that mean? And go into the essence of that and kind of roll it around and try to get a message from that.

Kim Woods [00:10:45]:

You can listen to instrumental music or your favorite music, drumming, you know, chanting, something like that. What you’re doing is you’re emptying your mind. You can stay present, actively listening, intentionally doing something mindfully eating, you can connect to your heart. A lot of people talk about doing that through gratitude.

You can…

do it through laughter.

do it by spending time doing your favorite things.

get creative.

literally intentionally laugh.

Kim Woods [00:11:14]:

Go to a comedy show, watch your favorite, you know, ridiculous show that always makes you laugh, or spend time with a really funny person.

Falling in love with…

– yourself.

– your life.

– other.

– a subject.

– something new.

Going out in nature is always a way. Those negative ions are so good for you.

Kim Woods [00:11:37]:

Get off the screen. Just go out and just really disconnect. We talked about getting creative in your favorite way. Maybe it is drawing, or maybe it’s singing, or maybe it’s cooking or gardening or sewing or something like that. Dancing and moving your body is a good way. And then of course, there’s the typical, like, go do yoga or go to a spa. These are really good ways to disengage from that hold that your mind has on you and to be really pulling in to enable the space for your soul to be able to speak. You can always go see someone that you really trust and you can get the soul speak from them.

Kim Woods [00:12:17]:

Another way I love to do this is to listen to the stars, because the stars are speaking to your soul. And so there’s always the breath as well. That’s always a really good connector. But let’s go into your intuitive success types signatures so that you can really get some more specifics here. So for the wise strategist, you want to connect to your mind through your instinct. Like, you’re going, you want to be like, literally allowing your mind to be at the fore. And that intuition is going to come through and you’re going to be like, literally, like asking and listening to your body, like, whether it’s a yes or no, and then start with some minor things and then kind of build up. If you’d rather, you can use a pendulum for guidance.

Kim Woods [00:12:58]:

Your intuitive knowing for the intuitive visionary is unparalleled. But your mind is way too overactive, especially with Gemini at the four right, the Suns in Gemini for the next handful of weeks, it’s like captain chaos for you in that mind of yours. So you have to quiet your mind. You can do it actively, but it must be done. So choose one or two things on that checklist I just read and just think of, like, one thing you can do and think of a different thing that you can do. Routine is not your forte. You want variety and you just want to work it in when it’s in flow for you. But, but literally set something to remind you to do it.

Kim Woods [00:13:35]:

Journaling, spiritual books, oracle cards, those are your best magical tools. So for you, collaborative explorer, your heart’s always engaged, but it’s usually facing outward and it’s not really facing inward. And when you face, you turn your heart inward, it’s scary, it’s uncomfortable, it doesn’t feel good. So taking the time in solitude, appreciating the seasons or the elements really helps. You have that rhythm and cadence that you like. There’s a dance between you and the world out there that can replace the dance that you usually have your heart doing with connecting with others. We’re just looking for that nice fit. When you do, you can start creating space for yourself.

Kim Woods [00:14:14]:

Your soul is really begging you to do that. So for you, ruling warrior, the win, the goal, the proving yourself, why don’t you lay that down? Why don’t you lay down that summit quest, that long term goal, that leadership, striving, whatever that mean is, whatever those definitions are for you, then, then allow yourself to take some time. This, this Full Moon is perfect for it. Set aside a handful of hours even I’m pushing you a little bit on this love, to even push you more. And this is your soul speaking. To be able to frolic and play and just, just literally take that mantle of responsibility off and put it to the side and allow yourself to do something that you just love. Go swimming. Go.

Kim Woods [00:15:01]:

You can go to the gym, but let’s not set goals. Let’s just do something crazy you haven’t done. Play pickleball or something, right? And just have fun. Go to a spa and actually, I think being utterly quiet is not going to be so awesome. So maybe doing something like cold plunges or. I brought up swimming. I don’t know why water is coming up for you right now, but you want to be able to do something that helps give you buoyancy. That’s why it’s coming up.

Kim Woods [00:15:26]:

If it’s raining outside, go out and stand in the rain, splash in the puddles. Just do something silly. Read a silly children’s book or watch a silly movie. That would be perfect for creative superstar. Your creativity is at an all time high. We’re talking about creating worlds and you have created worlds. And so what do you want to do with those worlds? Are the worlds for you? Are they for others? And if they’re for others, are they for others in business or the others personally? Here’s what we tend to do, we tend to flatten the decision and say, well, I’m a creator, so I can create worlds and I’m supposed to share them all? No, no, no. Why don’t you kind of look over what you’ve done in the last year and just really be intentional about what you want to share and what you don’t want to share, and then internalize the worlds that you’ve created beautifully and start wearing them for yourself.

Kim Woods [00:16:22]:

And so anything sensorial for you, anything in the, I mean, we can talk about the five senses, but actually the 6th sense, too, crystals, like tuning forks. You know, anything that, with the goddess, is so wonderful for you right now, if you’re feeling untethered and you’re not feeling deeply tied to you now, for the loving alchemist, dream work and the power of the Moon is always good. I love how the magical tools came in for you first. And for all the other signatures, they came in last. But for you, a loving alchemist, this is your time on the stage. This is what we’ve been talking about. And yet we don’t want it to be eroding for you. We want it to be fortifying.

Kim Woods [00:17:02]:

And so if you’re finding that you’ve been pressed for the last handful of weeks by being, you know, out there and in the stages, even the small ones and the intimate ones, they sometimes can feel like too much, too. This is a time for gathering. Guess what? No one gets you right now. No one gets to get a piece of you. This is your time to tuck yourself in, do the rituals that you love, spend the time and the dreaminess to restore your power. So for you, that the Moon, here we, here she is. She’s in that Full Flower Moon. You can look at the imagery or you can envision it, and we’re going to go deeply into the earth right now.

Kim Woods [00:17:38]:

We’re going to…

– go into the goddess energy.

– go into this beautiful creation of worlds.

– create our own world right now.

So without further ado, we’re going to stop. We’re going to come and bring in a few little more guidance, pieces of magical tools, and then we’re going to drop into ritual. So I chose a card, and it’s the number 48. It’s the last one in my deck. It’s 48 is a twelve, which is a three.

Kim Woods [00:18:03]:

So it’s about creation, creation itself. And it’s the fortune card. It’s the outermost edge of creation. And so I think reminding ourselves of that, like, we can be seeking that fame and fortune. We could be hoping for it. We can be striving for it. And yet it is at the outer edge. And so right now, it’s.

Kim Woods [00:18:21]:

It’s, we’re talking about gathering ourselves at the core. The soul lives at the core. Of course, the soul comes out to the edges, but the core, the soul starts at the core of you. So the other guidance that came was from the crystal garnet. And Garnet is a divine spark. Garnet is so deep and powerful, and it’s so resonating. And Garnet reminds you that every single thing that you need, want, desires inside of you. You are the sacred knowledge.

Kim Woods [00:18:50]:

You are the sacred love. You are the sacred sanctuary. And so we’re going to drop into ritual right now with both of these pieces of information, and we’re going to go into the core of you. I would love for you to close your eyes and put your hands right on your solar plexus right in the middle of you. And I would love for you to envision that you have Garnet, big piece of garnet in your hands. That deep, deep, deep burgundy. It’s almost black, but it’s not. It has that sheen of Ruby.

Kim Woods [00:19:23]:

And what you’re going to do is envision that ruby, like Garnet going into the core of you. Like, literally, your solar plexus just goes, thank you very much, and sucks that right in. So now, from that sparking, from that initiating, from that awakening energy, we can have the solar plexus chakra help ripple that out within you, within your auric layers and out into the edges of the. Of that fortune, if you’d like. So we’re going to let. Let whatever you want to happen right now happens. If you want to fill garnet with you and your space and fill up each one of your cells down for the tips of your toes all through your ankles and your legs and your hips and your belly, your chest and your shoulders, down your arms, elbows, wrists, fingers up your arms again over your shoulders, through your neck, your jawline, your face, your head, your skull. And you’re filled with garnet.

Kim Woods [00:20:24]:

And each cell just quickens and says, I remember.

I remember the sacred…

– knowledge.

– love.

– sanctuary.

We can have that then be emanating. And we’re going to keep it in the magnetic field for now. We’re going to keep it in your body because we’re going to invite that beautiful priestess or priest that you are, that God, goddess energy coming right down through that soul star, through that crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, meeting that beautiful garnet down into the sacral, down into the divine masculine, feminine, down through the root and down into the earth chakra. Now, here we have that electrical resonance, you know, that, that beautiful receptivity that we have with light and love from our soul, our higher self, the core of us.

Kim Woods [00:21:21]:

And we can wrap that around us through our etheric layer, our physical, our emotional, our mental, our spiritual, celestial. So we can envision this beautiful, sparkly gold and silver light surrounding us completely. We are creating worlds. We are creating the worlds filled with this garnet ruby like initiation into our soul being. We’re creating worlds by drawing down the Sun and the Moon in this beautiful Full Flower, Moon energy. What Flowers are we blooming from? The seeds that we have planted? We’re bringing in that beautiful guidance from the fortune and asking ourselves, what is our true definition of fortune?

Is it…

– love, romance, sex?

– creation?

– sweetness, sovereignty?

– authority, power? And a more traditional expression of success?

– family?

– relaxation, adventure, freedom, vacation?

– abundance, joy?

What energy are you creating? What does your soul want you to lean into? Take a moment and just speak to the goddess and the God within. Listen to your soul.

What sacred….

– knowledge do you evoke?

– love do you emanate?

– sanctuary do you create? And how do you fill yourself at the core with you? The truth of who you are and all of your magnificence and glory.

Kim Woods [00:23:32]:

This is the new era where we create worlds on this Full Flower Moon. But that beautiful God and the goddess and that soul energy, that beautiful garnet Sun, Moon, those beautiful luminaries, all the stars in the sky and the earth herself and our soul here now, we are the priest and the priestess. We are…

– the God and the goddess.

– the earth and the heaven.

– the spirit and the human.

and of course, wholly feminine, strongly masculine, filled at the core with our tensile strength and our ancient remembrance and go into the energy of the edges to emanate, radiate, luxuriate in our own beingness. So with that going to bring ourselves back to our space, these worlds within worlds that we’re creating. And let the soul lead, connect to our mind for brilliance.

Kim Woods [00:24:43]:

Let our heart desire and tap into its wisdom to make impact when you go deeply into our creative source, our well of wisdom, to be infinitely prosperous and to be in the gorgeous flow of what is and what will be. And as we’re ready, we’re going to return our focus to our breath and I feel our body take a nice inhale and an exhale. Really be in our space and open our eyes for a soft gaze, if we haven’t already. We’re going to thank with great gratitude all of the energies and our soul for being here today. We’re going to rub our hands together. We give ourselves a hug, rub our hands over our quads, roll our wrists and our fingers and our toes and our ankles, roll our shoulders, roll our neck. Really in print, this energy. Shake anything off that we feel it needs to be shake.

Kim Woods [00:25:53]:

We’re just going to really further imprint, because this is my word and it is done. And as always, thank you so much for listening. I am adoring, creating worlds with you. And until next time, happy soul tidings.

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