E57: Calling Visionary Entrepreneurs into the New Era: Part 1

Calling Visionary Entrepreneurs into the New Era: Part 1


Welcome to the first installment of the illuminating three-part series on Your Star Path to Success. In this episode, you can dive into understanding your energetic signature and how you can harness the burgeoning energies of the New Era to achieve prosperity.

You’ll explore the push and pull of the current energies, the broader astrological picture and actionable strategies for integrating these insights into your personal and professional life.

New Era Topic Summary

Embrace Energetic Shifts

Kim Woods emphasizes the significance of recognizing and adapting to energetic shifts. The stars are constantly signaling changes that can impact your business environment. Recognizing these can help you stay ahead of the curve.

Harmonize Masculine and Feminine Energies

In the New Era, success comes from integrating both masculine (logical, action-oriented) strengths and the feminine (intuitive, creative) energies. Everything works differently, marketing, sales and money. In fact, money is the forward indicator of how the energies are shifting.

Understand Your Intuitive Success Signature

The New Era requires alignment between your mind, heart and will and a great way to determine how aligned you are, you can appreciate your energetic signature.

Kim Woods introduces the concept of an intuitive success signature, that involves understanding whether you lead through mind, heart or will. This alignment indicates the unique way you navigate life and business.


Using proven strategies creates real and lasting change when handling the shifting energies of the New Era. This Podcast episode covers a few of them.

Strategy 1: Plan Around Astrological Events

Astrological events such as retrogrades and conjunctions often bring specific energies that affect various aspects of business. Implement a strategy to plan major decisions and launches around favorable astrological phenomena.

Strategy 2: Balance Internal and External Forces

Create a balanced work environment that values both structured planning and creative freedom. Use brainstorming sessions to tap into feminine energy and project management tools to harness masculine strengths.

Strategy 3: Personalize Your Leadership Approach

Identify your Intuitive Success Signature and align your leadership style with it. This alignment not only enhances your efficiency but also creates a more authentic and inspiring leadership presence.

Key Highlights

  1. The New Energetic Landscape: Unpacking the changes we’ve felt since the beginning of 2024, including the tension and dynamism in the air.
  2. Channeled Message: A powerful reading that highlights the rise of feminine energy and integration of the masculine and feminine within us, setting the tone for the New Era.
  3. Significance of the 2020 Grand Conjunction: An in-depth explanation of the December 21, 2020, alignment of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius at zero degrees and its implications for your future.
  4. Historical Context and Future Projections: Understanding the influence of astrological events from the 1960s and the unfolding years up to 2026 and 2027, and what to expect moving forward.
  5. Personal and Collective Transformation: Insights into aligning with your soul mission by combining intuition and logic and the importance of centering and balancing both masculine and feminine energies.

Fun Facts

  1. The 2020 Grand Conjunction, occurring December 21, 2020, was the closest alignment of Jupiter and Saturn in nearly 800 years, visible to the naked eye.
  2. The shift into Aquarius signals a dramatic move from hierarchical structures toward more inclusive, free and democratic ideals.
  3. Human Design predicts 2027 as the year of the “Great Mutation,” transitioning from the Planning to the era of the Sleeping Phoenix, symbolizing profound change and new beginnings.

Bottom Line

Incorporating astrology and understanding your Intuitive Success Signature profoundly transforms the way you approach business. By planning around energetic shifts, balancing masculine strengths and feminine energies, and aligning your leadership style with your Intuitive Success Signature, you can navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape with greater ease and efficacy.

As Kim Woods aptly puts it, this New Era offers a luscious, gorgeous energy to be living in. Embrace these tools, and tap into the limitless potential of the stars and your inner wisdom to achieve unparalleled business success.

Additional Resources

– Take the Energetic Signature Quiz: Discover your unique energetic signature by visiting Your Star Map to Success right here.

– Understand how money works in the New Era in a 3-part training complete with self-assessments, teachings, exercises and rituals to remove blocks to your money and success. Click here for more information.

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Thank you for exploring these new energies. Tune in next time to delve deeper into understanding your New Era Intuitive Success Signature and how to apply these strategies to thrive in this transformative time.

Until then, embrace these new energies and chart your path to success!

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