E61:Full Moon Magic - Tapping into the Strawberry Moon’s Transformative Energy


Let’s explore the mystical energies of the Strawberry Full Moon.  This moon dovetails with the Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere and the Winter Solstice in the southern one. Together, we’ll delve into the astrological significance of this powerful time, uncovering how these cosmic alignments can help you awaken, initiate and manifest your deepest desires and highest potential.

5 Key Highlights

1. Astrological Significance: Gain insight into the alignment of the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn at 1°. This emphasizes new beginnings and a full range of energies about your inner life and outer world.

2. Neptune’s Influence: Discover on Neptune’s role in creativity, intuition and potential pitfalls like deception and escapism.  Learn how to best navigate these influences.

3. Cosmic Configuration: Detailed explanation of the harmonious yet intense interactions between Mars in Taurus, Mercury in Cancer and other celestial bodies.

4. Ancient Cycles: An exploration of the profound transformation cycles rooted in history, from the late 1800s to the anticipated shifts between 2026 and 2032.

5. Personal Rituals: Guided visualization exercises tailored to different Intuitive Success Signatures. These meditations will help you tap into your unique Well of Wisdom while leveraging the cosmic energies.

3 Fun Facts

1. Strawberry Moon: The name “Strawberry Moon” comes from Native American traditions, marking the time of year when strawberries are ripe for picking.

2. Moon and Capricorn: The Moon dislikes being in Capricorn, often feeling at odds with Capricorn’s goal-oriented nature. The sweetness of the nurturing side of the Moon doesn’t appreciate the stoicism of Capricorn.

3. Astrological Cardinal Signs: Cardinal signs, like Cancer and Capricorn, herald new seasons and in this case, are seen as the Apex of Power energy in the annual lunar calendar.

Additional Resources

Intuitive Success Signature Quiz: Unlock your personal Intuitive Success Signature by taking the 12-question quiz at Your Star Map to Success.

Magical Tools: Explore the recommended magical tools such as the crystal Selenite for self-love, Labradorite for psychic connection and the flower essence Centaury for inner authority through this Full Moon lunar ritual. These tools can help you connect with your Well of Wisdom.

Journal Prompts: Engage deeper with journaling exercises to reflect on your visions, wishes and celebrations as discussed in this Full Moon episode.

New Era Energy: Appreciate how the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn opens your ability to step into the New Era energies with a deeper dive into what’s in store for the New Era right here.

Embrace this Full Moon and Solstice synergy to harness your soul’s deepest wisdom and brightest ambitions. Tune in for a transformative journey under the celestial sky.

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