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Do You Want to Know How to Unlock the Massive Power of the Stars for Success?

“The stars always lead the way,” I said to a group the other week, “The stars tell you what’s going to happen in the world, then the economics follow and finally the business trends. If you want to stay on top of things, follow the stars. Keeping up with the other indicators leaves you behind.” 

The look on the faces around the room as they range from aghast to intrigued and everything in between. I don’t mean to shock and awe, but it happens. Time and time again, especially when my predictions are accurate. 

In fact, I read my all-time favorite quote yesterday from a follower I don’t know, “You should follow this woman and her weekly forecasts. She’s annoyingly accurate.” 😆


Annoyingly accurate. 

Most. Favorite. Quote. Ever.

Unlocking the massive power of the stars does so much more than keep you ahead of the trends. The stars give you the clarity and energy to do more than survive and thrive in your business, they show you how to grow and lead the way. You get to be on that cutting edge where leaders follow you. You become the voice of wisdom. The leader among leaders.  

Let’s explore the 5 top ways the stars + strategy creates success:
  1. Guidance for Confident Decision-Making

Astrology provides you with a cosmic roadmap, guiding you through the twists and turns of the business world. By incorporating astrology into your strategy, you gain access to valuable insights that empower you to make decisions with unwavering confidence. You know when to launch, hire, sell, negotiate, optimize and take vacation with friends and family. 

My clients wire their schedules based on their annual outlook that I outline for them at the top of year and then we check in either every month or every quarter to ensure their calendars are in lock-step with the stars. They gain the advantage of never having to worry about running into unpredictable roadblocks. 

Every time they Voxer me with a decision-making question, I peek at their stars for the guidance that lays out their best scenario. They get the insights tailored just for them. 

Planning your timing with the stars gives you peace of mind, conserves your energy and helps restore your resources. Trust the celestial guidance and let the stars illuminate your path to success. If you want a glimpse of what’s happening in the stars, watch my 30-second weekly forecasts here

  1. Amplify Your Intuition by Tapping into Cosmic Wisdom

Every single person is intuitive. Period. End. You are intuitive, it’s merely a matter of how much you strengthen your intuitive muscle. As with anything, intuition development is a practice. 

When you hear about your strengths, super powers, areas for improvement and what may be blocking your success, you’re able to align with your energies beyond what your mind thinks. 

Your mind is a processor, only able to handle what it already knows. When you’re in a period of growth, your mind short circuits and creates reasons why you shouldn’t do this, follow that or say YES to new opportunities. Your mind is in the negative space to keep you safe. You can appreciate your mind, but your intuition is the wise one in times of growth. 

Your intuition knows, but it is exceedingly patient. Your intuition will wait until your mind is finished with its tape. Then your intuition looks for openings to be heard. It whispers, nudges and gives you inklings. If you’re not attuned to your intuition, you don’t hear it. Your intuition then quiets until it becomes completely silent. 

Following the stars gives you opportunities to validate your intuition. I can’t count the number of times my clients have said, “I knew that” when I tell them what’s coming up for them. Each time, they gain a little more confidence in listening to their intuition. 

I also tell them to use my intuition as they develop their own. 😉 I have many articles and TV appearances about using your intuition on my media page

  1. Embrace Authenticity and Lead with Purpose

Your journey as a female entrepreneur is about more than just financial success. It’s about embracing authenticity and leading with purpose. 

Astrology allows you to align your business strategy with your cosmic blueprint, helping you discover your true calling and fulfill your soul’s purpose. Aligning with your true life purpose and shedding the expectations of others is exactly what happens when I walk through your stars the minute you’re born to download your everything. Simply, every single thing. You are seen, heard and known at the soul level, perhaps for the first time in your life, and that becomes the blueprint of opening you to your full potential. It’s magical with each and every client. I pinch myself being able to do this work. It’s more than a passion, it’s a calling.

Short of coming into the reading room with me, I’ve developed a 12-question quiz based on the astrological archetypes to give you guidance on what and how your energies work to align you with your purpose. When you unlock your authentic leadership potential, you automatically inspire others to follow their own cosmic path. 

To find your Intuitive Success Type, take the quiz here. You’ll receive an 11-page report based on your type, be offered free access to my 8-minute webinar for 3 Secrets to Your Success and be given bonus tips and tools. You’ll also be given the link to follow me on YouTube and be offered a free 15-minute strategy call with me. That’s it. No hype. Just value. 

  1. Navigate Market Trends and Seize Cosmic Opportunities

In the fast-paced business world, staying ahead of the curve is vital. Astrology provides you with a unique lens to understand market cycles, consumer behaviors and emerging trends. By integrating astrological insights into your strategy, you gain a competitive edge, seizing cosmic opportunities and making strategic moves at precisely the right time.

This is critical, AND it’s the very reason I offer a 12-month Rich and Powerful Leaders stepping stone program for only $297 per month. I feel it’s vital to have an astrologer in your back pocket and this is my way of making it easy and accessible to everyone. No matter how busy your schedule, you have 2-hours every month to find out what’s happening in the cosmos,  to gain valuable insights into your own energies and to learn savvy business tools. Having this information at your fingertips is pure gold. 

I can’t tell you how many accolades I receive on the regular for this service. If you want to take a gander, here’s the link to the program page. You’ll get a sneak peek at the upcoming topics. You can also read the gushing for yourself. 😘 Join us, because when your mind knows what’s happening, it can relax and chill, allowing you to grow gracefully and easily.

  1. Cultivate Self-Awareness and Foster Personal Growth

Running a business is not just about external success; it’s also a journey of personal growth and self-discovery. Astrology acts as a mirror, reflecting your innermost essence and illuminating areas for growth. 

Learning more about yourself is one of the most fun things to do, yet it requires strength and fortitude. You uncover aspects that are positive and heartfelt and others that are less favorable. However, moving into wholeness is required, especially for leaders at this time. The new way of leading dives deeply into the feminine ancient wisdom as well as incorporating the masculine logical skills. 

Authentic leadership is just that – authentically revealing you to yourself and others. With this level of authenticity, vulnerabilities emerge. 

In reaching for your full potential, it’s better to have support and guidance than trying to do it on your own. The stars want you to know, they’re here for you. As am I. 

It’s time to embrace this opportunity for self-awareness to uncover your strengths and nurture your potential. Allowing the stars to propel your personal growth elevates your entrepreneurial journey and makes it more fun!

By blending the stars with your business strategy, you embark on a transformational path that transcends the ordinary. It’s about welcoming the mystical energy of the cosmos, developing your intuition and leading with authenticity and purpose. The stars are aligning for you, visionary business leader. Let’s embrace the cosmic dance together and watch your business soar to unimaginable heights. Your destiny awaits!

xo, Kim

Strategy Leadership

Unlocking My Hidden Formula to Make Your Biggest Dreams a Reality, Against All Odds!

Maura was living in a constant state of low-level anxiety that was taking a toll on her life. As a high-performing realtor who took the risk to follow her dreams, Maura was overworked and overwhelmed.  This left her feeling stressed, anxious, and exhausted. 

However, Maura’s entire life has profoundly changed in just one year of working with me at Kim Woods.com. First, she has closed her lucrative real estate business in MA.  Then moved out of state to a town where she said there are more cattle than people. Lastly, she just launched her new business as a healer of homes. 

Maura shared, “Kim’s astrological guidance, combined with her impressive business background, is like rocket fuel. This powerful combination propelled me to take the risk I thought was impossible and live the life I so desired. She made it a reality for me. I no longer live in constant anxiety; I’m now so happy, grounded and balanced.

With Maura’s constant state of stress, I knew that we needed to start by helping her reduce her stress levels. 

Here are a few of my rocket fuel techniques that I used with Maura to help reduce her stress and propel her into the life she is now living and no longer just dreaming about:

  1. Giving a glimpse of what the future can look like: Understanding astrology and how the stars were aligned for Maura the moment she was born, I could see all the possibilities available to her. This helped her shift her focus from just going through the motions of life to focusing on the outcome she desired. By doing this, I gave Maura the hope and motivation she needed to make the necessary changes in her life.
  2.  Be accessible but not available: This meant that she could be reachable through various ways such as text, Voxer, and email, but with parameters. Only responding during certain times of the day. This helped Maura set the right definition and structure in her work and personal life. 
  3. Pattern interrupt: There’s a quick technique that interrupts the stress spiral of feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Interrupting pattern techniques range from taking a walk, phoning a friend, meditating, or finding a code word. By interrupting the vicious cycle, Maura was able to regain control of her thoughts and emotions.

It’s remarkable to see how my clients have been able to transform their lives.  Just by shifting their focus to what they want to achieve rather than just going through the motions of life. 

Clients like Maura, who are willing to step into their power and see how powerful they are by mastering their mindset, are forever changed. The changes Maura has made in her life have reduced her stress levels.  The changes have enabled her to live the life she has always dreamt of, creating success on her terms. 

Turn your biggest dreams into your greatest achievements by believing in yourself, staying determined, and pushing forward. No matter how unreachable they may seem now, your persistence will make them a reality against all odds!

Check out my stepping stone Rich and Powerful Leaders Academy program 

Strategy Leadership

The Benefits of Integrating Astrological Insights in Your Business Strategy

Case for Astrology

Throughout history, astrology has been a useful tool for scientific methods, political strategy, business growth and the pursuit of fame. The earliest Popes used astrology either through other’s interpretations or their own.[1] Scientists such as Hippocrates[2], the Father of Medicine, believed astrology was invaluable to medicine, even teaching astrology to his medical students. He’s quoted as saying, “A physician without the knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician.”

Galileo Galilei was both an astronomer and astrologer, drafting horoscopes[3] for nobility and students and Johannes Kepler, the calculator of planetary motion, was also the official astrologer for the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II[4]. Carl Jung incorporated astrology with his psychological counselling work, calling it ‘synchronicity’ and is quoted as saying, “Your psyche is the breathing of the cosmos.”[5]

A famous astrologer, John Dee[6], counseled Queen Elizabeth I, Theodore Roosevelt hung his horoscope in the Oval Office, Franklin Delano Roosevelt quoted horoscopes and President Reagan used astrology when making decisions[7].

J.P. Morgan is the most recognized businessmen to use astrology, being quoted as saying, “Millionaires don’t use astrologers, billionaires do.” [8] Gloria Vanderbilt, heiress to a huge fortune and successful business woman in her own right, was a keen follower of astrology.[9] According to Fast Company, “astrology has officially infiltrated work culture.”[10]

The former U.S. Secretary of Treasury, Donald Reagan, once said “It’s common knowledge that a large percentage of Wall Street brokers use astrology.”[11]

Angelina Joile uses astrology daily and to make important decisions about movie roles and premiere dates. Cameron Diaz, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Madonna, Princess Diana have been avid fans of following astrology for their life and career choices. Beyonce even has a song titled, “Signs”.[12]  

According to a 2018 Pew Research poll, about 29% of American adults now believe in astrology. Likewise, the poll found that women are more likely to believe in astrology (37%) than men are (20%).[13]

Astrology in Business

Astrology is important for business because it creates certainty and calm amidst chaos. It helps business leaders with decision making, setting strategy, creating plans and scheduling. It helps inform teams of direction and next steps.  Also, it gives insight into team strengths, communication abilities and effective skill building methods.

Astrology supports timing and course of action for marketing events, sales promotions and outreach.  As well as product launches, travel, staffing, communication and investing or divesting. Astrology increases self-awareness and empathic relations for business owners and their staffs. It’s useful for branding, positioning and informs business modeling for success.

Across the organization, astrology is a useful tool, creating results on the top and bottom lines.

Results based on Astrology in Business

Kim Woods, MBA Business Strategist and Master Astrologer. She uses astrology in her own business as well as all of her clients. She and her team of Intuitive Leaders have consulted with over 350 business leaders in either 1:1 customized solutions or in small group programs.

For her own business, everything is based on astrology, from decisions regarding high-level multi-year strategy to timing during the day for reaching out to a prospect or associate. She uses the Sun and its power to leverage each monthly zodiac sign for coordinating launch cycles for seasonal programs and relies on the Moon for timing of the business growth and optimization phases. Kim’s organizational planning is dependent on her personal astrology as well as the worldly annual forecast. Each of her leadership team also consults their astrology when front-facing with the marketplace. Big star events are scheduled and communicated to her company’s audience to take advantage of the star energies for expansion or deepening, depending on their particular influences.

Astrology is effective as Kim’s company has grown an average of 378% over a three-year period, even during the pandemic.

For her clients, Kim begins every engagement with a ‘Big Reveal’ into the business owner’s birth chart by walking into their stars the minute they’re born and opening them to their full potential. She assesses their foundational personality characteristics aligning these with their life mission, bravery, mastery and soul destiny signatures. She compiles themes based on their evolutionary DNA, success factors and satisfying love, money and relationship expressions.

The client’s personal star roadmap constructs the foundation of their work together. This continues to relate to their business models, success blueprints, marketing and sales energies. The work doesn’t end with business.  It involves partner relationships and family dynamics in order to achieve the client’s goals for creating ease and satisfaction as well as growth and abundance.  Additionally, she reviews team, client, prospect, vendor and collaboration opportunities for her clients.  She also advises on buying and selling personal or business properties.

For corporations, Kim uses the astrological ‘birth’ chart of the business itself to further inform about the most successful direction for the business.

Kim also relays timing based on transit analysis to give her clients notice of positive growth-oriented periods.  This done for outreach, negotiations, promotions and sales versus the right timing for streamlining, optimizing and divesting.

Aligning business opportunities with the stars is something unbelievably valuable, it’s almost priceless. Kim has seen her clients grow an average of 51% across the board during the pandemic, even with brick and mortar businesses. She’s experienced her clients double their revenues, or gain 30% revenues while lowering effort by 40%. She’s seen triple digit jumps month-over-month when her clients align themselves with their astrological signature, as well as the astrology going on in the world.

Check out Kim’s stepping stone Rich and Powerful Leaders Academy with Kim to see how your astrological insights can be leveraged in business so you can gain a competitive edge in the market!

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