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Releasing Negative Influences with the Lion’s Gate to Deepen Self-love

I don’t know about you but New Moon + Lion’s Gate has asked a lot of me in a really magical loving way. If you haven’t read Robyn’s blog on the Lion’s Gate Portal from last week, I highly recommend you do—you can find it here. The energy is open for several more days for you to take advantage of its magic. To sum up her really great explanation, this is a time of great connection with our higher selves and our intuition; the perfect time to release what isn’t serving the greatest version of ourselves.

With the amplification of the New Moon + Lion’s Gate we can release all sorts of “negative” influences: limiting ideas, relationships, past life experiences, self-destructive patterns—the list is as endless and possibilities unique as there are souls on the planet.

It’s easier to stay comfortable in the safety of the known, even if it is having a negative impact on our lives and well-being. Sometimes it can take years of internal work to come to the realization that we need to let go, and sometimes it’s quick and painless. The energies right now will help you release things no longer serving you more quickly and gracefully. As with any change, releasing can be scary and uncomfortable. What I’ve also come to know is there can be a grieving period, too. We can be in this space for only moments or much longer depending on how we are growing and what we are letting go of. As a society, we don’t often allow space for grief other than when a soul returns to heaven. It can be hard to recognize and give ourselves permission to experience. Grief allows us to find the way back to love in an authentic and thoughtful way. As you transition into new ways of loving yourself, be gentle as if you were caring for another.

Experiencing grief and the releasing of what we once loved or thought we loved stirs our emotional centers in unexpected ways as it makes room for expansion and deepening of our love for ourselves. Because that’s what “releasing” is—it’s coming to the realization that we love ourselves more than we thought possible. We actively acknowledge the ways in which we aren’t honoring ourselves with unconditional love when we release negative influences. This can be overwhelming as we discover who we truly are at the core of our being. When we see and love ourselves fully, we then are asked to say, “Yes” to embracing who we are through the lens of the divine.

Saying “Yes” to claim who we are as the highest version of ourselves takes massive amounts of courage and self-love. As we see with 1:1 clients and in The Be Powerful and Prosper Society, sometimes it takes a hot minute to fully accept and integrate a “yes”—and that is more than okay. Allow yourself the grace within the process of releasing, grieving and claiming.

I encourage you to take some time for ritual to explore loving yourself more wholly through releasing what is no longer serving you in these energies of the Lion’s Gate. It doesn’t have to be fancy—you won’t be disappointed.



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