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May 2023: You’re Invited to Take It Slow for Good Luck

Stars + Strategy  Invites You to Take it Slow for Good Luck 

The stars either work with you or against you and it all depends on whether you know what their up to or not. This monthly forecast sets up you to take advantage of these powerful forces. Using the stars strategically helps you clear the pathway to your success and achieve your personal, professional and financial triumph.

May 2023 Summary

From the annual forecast:
May: Universal Support
Sun signs – Taurus & Gemini

The stars do everything in their power to give you a boost. They gather the shaking you received in March 2020 and tell you, “It’s time. Now, it’s up to you to reclaim your unique gifts. The world needs you. It’s time. We’re doing everything we can, are you?” Luxury, ease and abundance is all around you. Can you see it? Will you see it? Relief is right in front of you. It’s here – open your eyes. Better yet, open your mind. Best yet, open your heart.


Big Star Events: (in chronological order)
  • May 1st – Pluto retrograde
  • May 5th – Lunar Eclipse
  • May 14th – Mercury direct
  • May 16th – Jupiter enters Taurus @ 0°
  • May 17th – Jupiter square Pluto @ 0°
  • Mars is active – sextile Ceres, trine Neptune; opposite Pluto; square Jupiter
Big Star Event: Pluto Retrograde 
Pluto retrograde – May 1 – October 10 @ Aquarius 0° – Capricorn 27°

Since Pluto so recently entered the sign of Aquarius, this initial retrograde time is especially powerful. No one alive has felt Pluto retrograde in Aquarius as the last time was the late 1780’s. New territory is entered.

These 4+ months are also a reminder of the confrontation between Saturn and Uranus from January 2021 – October 2022. Your past and future wrangle for your attention, while Pluto makes you see yourself in wholeness. What have you been doing right? What have you gotten wrong? Pluto also asks you to go with your intuition to determine your forward direction. Your intuition becomes your best advisor during this period.

This is also a time to fully understand your power and to realize how others around you are using theirs (for or against you). Power plays, hidden agendas and secret lore is a fascination. Focus on you and let the drama around you fall away. 

Week 1: May 1st – May 7th

Access the desire for home renovations and design as they take center stage. Success, love and money are boosted mid-week. Heart-based leadership gains ground and allows the deepening of connection with the right people and engagement with the appropriate opportunities.  

Avoid busyness, confusion and fake information. The mind runs amuck, all stirred up, with nowhere to go. Money issues arise and imbalances with others are crazy-making. What’s real? What’s fake? It’s impossible to tell.

Tips: Spend time appreciating your home, giving it a loving boost. Balance your checkbook and check your financial position. Your investments are asking you to pay attention. Your power and influence awaits. Drop into your heart and your inner knowing to avoid the cacophony around you.

Week 2: May 8th – May 14th

Access patience and discipline as fortitude and energy become available for your health and wellbeing. Your life purpose comes up for question, along with rewards and recognition when you’re on your true path. Unexpected change jolts you at the beginning of the week creating shock waves throughout every area of your life. Your future is here now.

Avoid the divergent energies pulling you toward complacency and lassitude or drive and aggression. The push-pull can tear you apart until you align your energy with the cosmic ones. Your inner drive doesn’t withstand a chance against the cosmic one. Flex and flow are called for right now.

Tips: Be patient throughout the week, no matter what happens. Your mature response is rewarded versus a negative reflex. Trust that all will be revealed and is for your highest and best. Analyze, assess and adjust to get on the pathway of your true purpose. Develop a healthy routine for your overall wellbeing.

Mercury stations direct on the 14th with the post shadow period lasting until May 31st.

Week 3: May 15th – May 21st

Access the creative, artistic and romantic leanings as well as the intuitive nudges. Luxurious, supportive energies as well as indulging in a new look with style and flair. Suddenly you want to take center stage. You have the courage and bravado to make yourself known in the world. Your influence and genius shines for all to see.

Avoid power plays, greedy or lack reactions to others stepping into your lane. Competition rises as selfish and entitled tendencies seem completely normal. Forces of fight or flight distract you from your purpose. Hurt feelings and sensitivities are glossed over, leaving you wondering whether you’ve been gaslit. (The answer is yes by-the-way).

Tips: Be visible. Take the time to ponder what you want to say and say it. State your great ideas and solutions with conviction. Get creative with your artistic pursuits. Drop into romance, especially at the beginning of the week. Be social at the end of the week.

Big Star Events:
May 16th @ 1:19 pm ET Jupiter ingres Taurus

Jupiter enters Taurus showcasing how hard work and compassionate effort bring luck, fortune and ease. This is a time of humble prosperity, lasting abundance and comfort and luxury. Financial security gets a boost with this transit. Success finds meaning and power quiets to lay sustainable pillars in business and money pursuits. The Earth benefits from innovation, research and wealthy philanthropy. Be mindful to avoid over-extension as excessive risk-taking can lead to bad ends.

May 17 @ 9:10 pm ET Taurus Jupiter square Aquarius Pluto at 0°

At zero degrees, this configuration sparks new beginnings that bring lasting change as both are in the fixed signs of Taurus and Aquarius.

The first part of the cycle begins back in March 2020 when Jupiter blends with Pluto, sparking this new cycle. This is the opening of the energy.

It’s all or nothing. Personal possessions, values and luxuries compete with societal norms and conventions. This is a shake-up to the core – individuality is at cross-purposes with the collective. Saturn and Uranus laid the groundwork throughout 2021 and 2022, but that was a grind, a slow-mover, a frustrating act of ‘let’s get on with it.’ Be careful what you wish for now, it’s all or nothing.

Week 4: May 22nd – May 28th

Access the burst of energy to break out in the world, get on stage, sparkle and shine. Massive success awaits mid-week. Responsible choices, long-term focus and strategic growth are the cosmic intention this week. Surprisingly new, zany ideas come out to play. New ways of appreciating your value to open your financial flow just needs a positive response.

Avoid questioning and second guessing. Urges to taking the easy and fastest route abound. Leaping without any clear direction and saying yes to the first thing that presents itself is likely to bring you short-term gains, but long-term losses.

Tips: Move into your intuition to affirm the new, even when it seems too far out there. Be wary of things that sound too good to be true with promises of, “Simple, easy, 1-2-3”. Ask questions, prod and prompt. Assess the answers you’re given. Do they seem genuine? Does the person or company have your best interest at heart?  Take care to act within your own tendencies as excessive risk-taking isn’t the answer. Be responsible and go with the flow, without losing your footing.


The Moon phases help manifest things you want, celebrate things you have and get rid of things you no longer want. Here are the phases and what you should do:

  1. The New Moon is for setting your strategy.
  2. From the New to Full Moon, it’s the time to manifest, appreciate and create.
  3. The Full Moon is for taking stock in gratitude and refinement.
  4. From the Full to New Moon, it’s the time to celebrate, release and merge.
Full Moon: Is this mine or yours?  
Details: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon Sun in Taurus/Moon in Scorpio 15° at 1:36 pm ET
From the annual forecast:


A penumbral eclipse occurs when the Earth’s shadow isn’t fully covering the Moon’s reflection of the Sun. It’s a darker, softer ecliptic energy.

The Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio opposes what my life means to me by myself and what my life means to me with you in it. Balancing between the two brings satisfaction and pleasure into relationships. When out of balance, either I’m satisfied or you are, but not both. Thankfully, Venus and Jupiter provide a positive blast of thought provoking love energy during this lunar eclipse.

Positively, sharing and coming together is the antidote to the imbalance. Negatively, being selfish, accusatory and dramatic relieves the tension, but doesn’t create the lasting change required to bring real relief. 

This has been going on since November 2021 and will come to its natural conclusion during the next eclipse in October.

New Moon: Power of Now
Details: May 19 New Moon in Taurus 28° at 11:55 am ET

This super cuspy New Moon in Taurus also includes a stellium with Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus and the North Node here too. These are powerful forces supporting your entry into the new way of living and leading. Pluto’s pressure with Mars and Jupiter gives you all of the tenacity, energy and drive to make things happen to bring your future into the present. What are you willing to do? How are you willing to say YES to yourself? Now is the time.


The oracle cards bring insight into what’s coming for the month. They give your mind something to focus on and remember as you go through the days and weeks. You can ponder the card or go into the guidance in the book when you need more than mental reminders.

The power of animal and crystal energy are easy to employ to help you create the success and satisfaction you desire. Spirit animals are always willing to assist. Simply call on the animal to bring it into focus and ponder its meaning.

Crystals: Grab the crystal and put it on your desk, purse or kitchen table. You want to align with your success and this month’s stone helps you do that. 

Flower essences: Put 3 drops into water 3 times a day and feel the gentle support for your body and emotions. 

Oracle card: #8 The Path

Queen of the Moon oracle cards, Stacey Demarco, and her message is “The way is open for you; the path is illuminated… and now is the time to walk upon it.” You see it, don’t you? Or you at least feel it… the path… or the fact that you are not on it. When we are on our path…

– we feel comfortable, at ease, in the flow of all that is unfolding. 

– it can feel as if we are walking through molasses or a fog, unable to even imagine where we will end up.

When we accept where we are, acknowledge what needs to change to grow and begin to love ourselves more completely, the direction of our lives begins to change…. our desires become more aligned with the needs, wants and values of our true selves.” Allow the magical flow to open the pathway before you.

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Crystal: Celestial Quartz

The soul is set free from the trappings of the human condition when sufficient work is done toward true life purpose. The calling and mission are revealed through the Akashic Records with the help of this crystal. This stone is known as the Candle Quartz, due to its revealing or shedding light amidst confusion or lack of direction. This crystal supports healing of Mother Earth through the alignment of her inhabitants.

Seek respite in the Celestial Quartz to help you release old patterns and wounding to bring the cellular body into vitality and vibrancy.

Flower Essence: Vervain

Moving from savior mentality to the bearer of light conserves energy, allows for deeper understanding and opens self-acceptance. Instead of outwardly focusing on getting people on board with your ideals and beliefs, you focus inwardly gaining poise and objectivity.  Nervous, impulsive and excessive behavior dissolves into mature authority. You illume from within to inspire and influence. Your impact grows along with your relaxed wisdom.

Spirit Animal: Squirrel

Deal with all of the changes upon you by lightening up and handling each and every thing as it comes up. No procrastinating – the time is now. Focus on your own pathway, without distraction or shiny-object syndrome as this is about you and no one else. This isn’t a race or competition. Your soul is calling you to be fleet of foot without excessive baggage. Are you ready to answer its call?


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Use Magical Tools @ Home:

Oracle Cards:        

KW Intuition Oracle Cards

Queen of the Moon oracle cards, Stacey Demarco

Flower essence:

Bach Vervain


Following my success-making Do You Know, Like and Trust Yourself ™ methodology, tap into the energies of your Intuitive Success Type for the best results this month.  

Wise Strategist – You love the slower pace and the call to focus on what’s before you. You can step through your to-do list in a linear fashion. Oh, sweet heaven – finally! Keeping an eye on the long-term without distraction helps you stay on the pathway of your true purpose. Having an open heart and mind isn’t difficult for you right now. Take advantage. Develop a routine to connect your mind and your heart – Mercury helps you do this in his retrograde state. Also, remind yourself to ignore the noise and chaos flowing around you. It’s not yours.  Make that your mantra.

Intuitive Visionary – Dealing with the tension of your desire to claim your current brilliance and genius with the abundance of new ideas and solutions is crazy-making. The allure to capture and make progress on the old, the now and the new gets to be too much. Your mind swims with possibility, yet no one is ready or available to hear you until the end of the month. Ugh. You have so much to say and want to say it now. However, take my advice and wait. It’ll be worth it for two reasons. #1 – you’ll weave your ideas and solutions for even more brilliance and #2, people will be able to relate to your ideas. If don’t wait, you burn through your energy without gaining any ground. When the time comes toward the end of the month, you’ll have the energy to beguile and inspire. 

Collaborative Explorer – You can see and feel the hidden agendas and power plays, but they don’t become evident until mid-month. It’s as if there are two months for you, split exactly in the middle. During the first ½ of the month, gather your ideas and energies without casual engagement with lots of people. Keep it small, targeted and deep. Revisit those you’ve reached out to in the past. Make a more solid connection with them. There’s hidden treasure here. In the 2nd ½ of the month, people sense what you’ve known all along. They’re ready to hear from you now. Amplify your engagement. Better yet, make plans at the beginning of the month to connect with small groups of people or teams to talk (or present) to them at the end of the month.

Ruling Warrior – Your impatience has reached its highest point. You have no tolerance for waiting another moment. It’s been too long as it is. You rail against the meandering energies without forward movement. You don’t have the time or inclination to take it slow. So, no. You rebel and end up getting nowhere. It’s best you take this opportunity to streamline and optimize. Better yet, plan a team or client retreat. You can get everyone on board with your vision when you plan how you’re going to communicate and engage them. Your growth explodes when you take the time to solidify your foundation. Expansion without solid footing doesn’t last. The roller coaster you abhor continues. It’s best to use the energetic forces when they’re available. May is your time for strategy and planning, not sales and growth.  

Creative Superstar – There is so much surprise and delight with the creative energies, available solutions and unexpected connections. The zany and sassy energies lift you up and give you the boost you’ve been desiring for too long. Get clear on your definition, stay in your lane and keep your eye on the prize. Your value deepens when you gather yourself this month. Express gratitude and appreciation with an open heart. Creating solid footing this month makes June into a bonanza of value for you. You can still have fun by getting romantic and social. Indulge in a few well-thought extravagances. You deserve them.

Loving Alchemist – You want it and you want it now. Enough already. The swirling and back-and-forth forces have stripped away your patience. You think you want to shine brightly and brilliantly, yet have you focused on yourself and your offerings? Are you well-positioned to make a burst onto the scene or have you been swept up in other’s dramas? Pluto retrograde hits you hard and your heart knows your best bet is to drop into your heart’s wisdom to find the treasure offered there. But, your mind beckons, ‘It’s been so long, surely now’s the time.” No, it’s not. Any and all outward effort this month backfires. Gather your value and wrap it around you. June is your time.


May is complicated with a push-and-pull of energies driving your mind crazy and your will wild. Patience is called for, but it’s been the mantra for too long now. You’ve worked so hard and so diligently, where are the rewards? For those who’ve said the insane HELL YES, your time has come. You will see gains this month with concerted focus and openly expressed appreciation for all of your growth to date. For those who’ve played it safe and held on to the comfortable and familiar – you’ll keep getting pushed until you say yes to yourself. Why are you waiting? The star force only grows in pressure from this point forward.

Thank you for reading & sharing with family and friends.

As always, wishing you joy,

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Astrology Forecasts Oracle

May 2022: Stay Grounded and Listen to Your Heart

Discover How the Stars Conspire to Help You Ride Out the Powerful Storm


This month has a cyclonic energy demanding you drop into your intuition to remain calm and be discerning. Charlatans and illusionists take advantage of the cacophony of chaos and uncertainty. Prepare yourself. Picture life as a chess board and you’re one piece on it. The board has gotten shaky and it’s unclear how to move forward. However, if you’ve been listening, you’ve already laid out your strategy. Trust it and follow it. Stay grounded and listen to your heart and you’ll actually stand in the center as the eye of the storm.

Supportive Intuitive Tools

Oracle card: #8-Satisfy

Despite or because of the storminess, this month is the perfect time to dive into what satisfies you, whether it be in work, play or passion projects. Satisfaction comes when you like yourself enough to follow your heart’s desires. Your heart holds wisdom, helping you with your discernment, but more importantly it inspires, energizes and connects you to the deepest parts of you. Your intuition sings when you step into satisfaction.

Crystal: Jade

Jupiter stays front and center this month and actually becomes much more intense as he dances with Pluto and steps into Aries. The plus side – you can attract all kinds of things into your life. The down side is – it’s intensity times a hundred. Jade compliments Jupiter’s energy beautifully as it softens all of the intensity coming at you, while maintaining the attractive qualities. This stone brings a sense of love and peace.

Flower essence: Rescue Remedy®

This Bach flower essences contains 5 flowers- Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Impatiens, Cherry Plum and Clematis to create a pattern of calm amidst stressful situations. Allow this essence to help calm your energy during this turbulent month. Let the flowers work their gentle magic in your system to align your mind, body and spirit. You can find this essence anywhere – it’s known as yoga in a bottle.

Supportive Practical Tips

Quick tip: Go back to the basics for calming, grounding and centering. If you have tools you’ve used in the past that worked, go back to them.  Tried and true is the theme this month.

Going Deeper:

  • Start a passion project that brings you satisfaction. Lose yourself in your own creations.
  • Go back to the strategy you laid out at the end of 2021 or revisit your intentions from January of this year. You have the pillars in place – follow them.
  • The stars want you to stay in your heart, so lean into all the ways of love, both the giving and receiving ends.
  • Take time off – a staycation is the perfect solution to relieve all of the noise swirling around you.

Big Star Events:

  • May 3rd– Jupiter excites Pluto: Jupiter and Pluto love power, success and influence and when they’re dancing there is nothing you can do, except let it happen. Anything you’ve set into motion in 2018 (the last time these two planets combined their energies) can come to fruition. Gather the energy around those seeds you planted – it’s their time to blossom!
  • May 10th Jupiter enters Aries: Fuel is added to the fire on the collective stage and greed, power plays and selfishness may come to the forefront at this time. However, this energy also has great power, opportunity and potential fortune if you’re bold enough to take a leap of faith with the discernment you learned in 2021. Your best options are to demonstrate confidence, stand in your leadership and innovate based on your own creative flow.
  • May 10th– Mercury goes into retrograde in Gemini: Mercury, the cosmic communicator, loves to get naughty when he stations retrograde. Most retrogrades have their share of technological snafus and miscommunications, but this particular retrograde is amplified due to the Gemini influence. It will be even more difficult to rely messages. Mercury wants you to drop into your intuition and let it reign. He’ll do anything to prevent you from allowing your mind to run the show. Other than following your intuition, your best bet is to release what no longer serves you, revisit your strategy, review your goals, revise your next steps forward and redistribute your resources.

Supportive Events:

For the public:

On May 3rd, Emily and I talk about Jupiter and Pluto with all of the exciting the energies on the world stage. She’s going to channel a message just for us! Join us on our FB biz page.

On May 10th, Miriam and I go deeply into the concept of power and why Jupiter moving into Aries is a BIG deal. Join us on our FB biz page.

Say YES to you:

As always, Wisdom Wednesdays and Scavenger Hunt Fridays are included in our free Power Up Your Intuition group. Additionally, we’ll be going back to the 2022 forecast guide to talk about the Sun and the Moon for even more support this month. Join us.  

ENGAGE with your intuition:

In our Empowerment Membership, we’ll be doing star peeks on your individual charts once again to see how Jupiter affects your fortune, luck and success. Ooo la la!  Join us in our supportive community filled with power and magic.

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The Weekly Stars

Week 1: Harness the Power

Dates- May 2nd – 8th  

This is it! You have the ability, energy and power to create the life you want to live. How are you doing with that? Think back to 2018. What seeds did you plant that year? They come to fruition right here – right now. Fresh, new, exciting changes are here for you in all the ways of love, power and abundance, based on your unique definition of success. The energies give you the chance to embrace the change you want to see in yourself and inspire others through your actions. Remember, Mercury goes into retrograde next week so take some time to communicate clearly while you can!

Weekly tips:

  1. Show the love and then take the time to really receive it too.
  2. Find an activity that makes your heart sing and do it as much as possible.
  3. Take advantage of any collaborative opportunities before Mercury goes into retrograde.

Week 2: Take it Slow

Dates- May 9th – 15th

Mercury heads into retrograde on May 10th and this particular cycle may make your mind spin out of control, so following your heart will be the only way to navigate until he gets back on course June 3rd.

With Mercury up to his antics, this week might feel particularly tough as forces push you to another level of awakening, whether you’re ready for it or not. If you’re in your lane, you’ll love this momentum. If not, it’s going to be jarring. The week is complicated by a dissipating energy that puts road blocks in your path. Dig deep and go with the flow – both work for you. Dig deep into the core values of who you are and what’s important, then let go of your expectations to step into the natural flow of the Universe.

Weekly tips:

  1. Lean into your support system to remain calm.
  2. Check in daily with your strategic guide posts for direction.
  3. Take the lead if you are aligned to attract even more opportunities!

Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse: What is Real?

Details: Sun in Taurus & Moon in Scorpio 5/16 @ 12:14am ET

Leverage the energy to move toward a mature response to the push and pull of your life. Curb overly stress-inducing thought patterns that lead to overly indulgent behavior. Stop gas-lighting yourself. Stand in your decisions – let your YES be a YES and your NO be a NO.

Dive into your intuitive knowing for the answers you seek. Use the Martial and Uranian energies to take action to achieve the future you desire.

Week 3: Creative or Spiritual Pursuit

Dates- May 16th – 22nd

Deceptions and illusions abound as scandals and gossip create confusion. Don’t believe the first headline you read or item you hear as you’re only getting the partial truth. Let these energies swirl, but don’t take them in. AND absolutely do not make any big decisions this week. Now is NOT the time.  Your best course of action is to get wildly creative, dive deeply into spirituality and look at your strategy from an intuitive perspective. Develop a discipline that serves you to stay grounded.

Weekly tips:

  1. Let yourself get creative – do so in unusual ways.
  2. Go outside. Explore nature.
  3. Remove unwanted energies from your life.

Week 4: Cheers to Good News!

Dates- May 23rd – 29th

Good luck, fortune and success surges forward to fill you with optimism and ebullience. You’ll be able to attract your desires. You may find your mind sharper and able to drive you to push forward with success. Take it slow and watch your participation in relationship. Power issues come to the fore, warning you to stay in your lane.  Be intuitive, stay honest with yourself and allow things to unfold with wonder right in front of your eyes.

Weekly tips:

  1. Focus on how you wish to engage in your relationships.
  2. Avoid any tendency to try to control what’s going on around you.
  3. Be open to new possibilities presenting themselves this week.

New Moon: Intuitive Discipline

Details: New Moon in Gemini 5/30 @ 7:30 am ET

Gain the ability to influence your thoughts, instead of letting them lead you astray. Your mind is a tool you have the power to yield. Notice how your mind takes the lead and train it to be a passenger. Your intuition is poised to create flashes of brilliance and genius insights. Discipline yourself to develop your intuition through regular routines and frequent practice.

May Energy for Intuitive Types:

Ruling Warrior: Honestly, you’re going to hate this month. The energies feel as if they’re pushing you forward, but don’t materialize easily or swiftly. This is a time of patience and deep dives – two things that aren’t your favorite. You hate watching from the sidelines, so get athletic to burn off frustration. Better yet – take a staycation and get things done around the house.

Intuitive Visionary: This month is frustrating as flashes of brilliance and ideas are still coming, but don’t form as quickly as usual. Also, bringing them to fruition is more difficult than it should be. Coordinate with a designer to add creativity to your new insights or refine those out in the world to provide more possibility in the coming months.

Wise Strategist: If you lead from your heart, this month actually satisfies you. Let your mind relax, so not to succumb to the chaos and uncertainty. Allow yourself the space to breathe and just be. Remember – heart first, intuition second and mind last.

Creative Superstar: You love when Mercury goes into retrograde because it’s a big heart opening, giving you permission to drop into your creativity. Splurge! Relish the opportunity to stay in your creative flow. This month lets you lean into solitude, so take advantage to gather your energy for a renewed entrance into the world in June.

Collaborative Explorer: Communications are tough and connections aren’t easy. You may initiate a collaboration or project, but it’s unlikely to come to fruition. You feel the hidden agendas and power plays circulating around you, frustrating your efforts. Execute with care. Let things play out in front of you without attachment.

Loving Alchemist: You will LOVE this month! With the depth of Pluto’s energy, combined with sinking into love and diving into intimate conversations, you feel right at home. Honesty is revered right now. Take advantage by going deeply inward and embracing all the luscious energies that are available to you.

Bottom Line: May is a rough month, there’s no need to sugarcoat it. Instead of being swept up in all of the false things presenting around you, take the opportunity to go inward, review your progress and strategize your next moves. You’ve already established what your core values and put your pillars in place. Stay in alignment and Let your mind relax and not succumb to the chaos and uncertainty. await forward momentum in June.

Thank you for reading and sharing with family and friends.

Seriously, it would be great for you to share. Everyone benefits.

As always, wishing you joy,  


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