Miriam Chadwell

Founder Essence Embodiment

“Working with Kim has been life changing for me! Before working with Kim I felt unsettled, distracted, frustrated and uncertain of my career path. Having been a chronic “job hopper,” for most of my life I came to Kim for clarity around my true purpose in this life! I was blown away by my first reading with Kim!  She saw through my blocks and revealed a path that I didn’t even realize was an option.

Through her careful and thoughtful guidance in one on one sessions as well as the wealth of information I have received through Society I have built a thriving business. Kim crafted unique strategies for both my personal and business development. As a result my monthly income has quadrupled and I find great satisfaction in the work I offer to the world.

If you feel like you are wandering, yearning for purpose or just need help plucking your ideas from the ethereal so you can plant them here in tangible, Kim is your answer!”

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