Half Day VIP Session

Are you ready to listen to the whispers of your soul?

Join me as I walk into your stars the minute you were born and channel the voice of your soul.

Why you should book the Half Day VIP Session

Are you ready to stop?

★ Feeling uncertain

★ Hitting the glass ceiling

★ Trying one thing after another and nothing seeming to “work”

Are you ready to start?

☆ Having direction and a clear pathway forward

☆ Gaining clarity and understanding of your uniqueness and how you walk in this world

☆ Wearing you and your unique style

What is the Half Day VIP Session?

Your half day starts with completing an Intake form. This form is designed to help you, and us, understand, articulate and situate you, your desires, your challenges and your pathway to success.

This will be followed by Kim’s Star Peek. This is a 90-minutes sessions where Kim walks into your stars the moment you were born.

This is a lot to take in and absorb, so this will be followed by a little break for nourishment and movement to help you incorporate everything that you just uncovered, heard and learnt.

After the break we will reconvene for going of your Success, Risk and Desires tolerance. This is similar to a SWOT analysis, but on a much deeper level to help you understand how what you desires may or may not match your capacity for it. Which is such a revelation and release for many, as being able to better understand your soul’s desires and your capacity to make it happen allows you to move forward in a much more aligned manner.

With all of this information in hand, we will then discuss options for your pathway forward incorporating everything that was learned and revealed in this half day session.

Some people feel that this is enough and they are happy to take all of this wonderful information and incorporate it into their lives. Should you feel at the end of the day that you would like more support in incorporating everything that was revealed, our 1:1 program would be the perfect place for you to land.


Stars + Strategy = Success

Did you know that the star configuration on the exact moment you were born only repeats once every 50,000 years?

I’m sure you’re saying to yourself, “Awesome tidbit Kim but what does this mean for me?”

It means that you are unique. There is no one else with the same soul purpose or design on this planet at this time. This means that we all have our own part to play in the tapestry of life, right here, right now.

Doesn’t that feel really good to know, to hear, to realize how freeing that is?

There is only one of you, which means that only you can do what you do the way you do it.

So why are you trying to do what everybody else does?

Hi, I’m Kim Woods

Business Strategist | Master Astrologer | Author

I combine the ancient wisdom of astrology with my 25+ years of C-suite business experience to teach business leaders how to achieve their personal, professional and financial triumph.

My mission is to create a worldwide movement in the new ways of living and leading, which combines feminine intuitive wisdom with masculine logical strength.

As an astrologer, I predicted C😷🦠D in 2020, the insurrection in 2021 and the insane weather events in 2022.

As a C-suite expert, I’ve led 150+ corporate executives and 425+ high-performing entrepreneurs, overseen $65M+ in sales and influenced 300,000+ team members.

I’ve been named one of the Top Female Entrepreneurs disrupting the business world in 2022 by Entrepreneur Magazine. I’ve also been featured in Yahoo, Forbes, INC, Entrepreneur, ABC, CBS, NBC, USA Today, Reader’s Digest, Fox News, Market Watch and Digital Journal.

My passion is to help you appreciate your uniqueness, stand in your true value and receive abundance for your brilliance.

Are you tired of the uncertainty?

This session is EPIC and you will come away transformed. You will be seen, heard and known in your purest soul essence.

You will receive guidance and answers in all areas of your life.

This session also pertains to your energetic and soul imprinting; and/or clearing of any energetic blocks; and/or connections that need attention in your mind, body and spirit.

In practical terms, this 90-minute session is all about you and includes intuitive interpretation based on your astrological chart, Human Design, the Akashic Records and other sources.

The purpose is to open and align your energetic blueprint with your highest life purpose. Opening you up to limitless potential and creating certainty in the here and now.

You’ll receive a recording of our time together as well as a meditation or ritual based on your energy and soul’s desires.

Can’t wait to see you!

Half Day VIP Session

Special pricing for C-Suite Network

Just $2,000, regularly priced at $4,500

Come discover how unique you are!

Still wondering if this is for you?

Check out what people have to say about their experience

"Kim intuitively guides you to your soul archetype and highest purpose. She’s a phenomenal coach and support system as you work through limiting beliefs that are keeping you from reaching your highest potential. I would recommend that ANYONE work with Kim!”

“Man, you are so good at this! You got me all hyped up and psyched up…this is not only just what I need, but a little dose of Kim goes a long way.”

"Gifted with a brain that operates at warp speed, Kim Woods understands you instantly and graciously helps you find ways to grow in the right direction. She uses her creative abilities to bring what she does to a higher and more powerful level that I truly don’t think anyone else can duplicate.”

“Everyone, and I do mean everyone, NEEDS to go see this incredible wise and wild woman! You feel like you’ve entered a new dimension of your life!”

“Reality plus possibility are coming together in my life, right before my eyes. I am so grateful to Kim for her uncanny insight, compassionate support, and astute advice. Kim is part oracle, part coach, part investigator. Work with her if you keep bumping up against the “same walls” and want to change your life!”


This Big Reveal with Kim is like nothing you've experienced before with another astrologer, intuitive or business strategist. This is a star walk and soul channelling experience that brings revealing and healing the moment you sign up. Don't take our word for it. Read the testimonials here and throughout our website. We have hundreds of testimonials for a reason! (and most of them are unsolicited.) 

You'll be taken through a quick on-boarding process to give us your birth information and to schedule your appointment. Other than that, you don't have to do anything.

People either sign up for a longer 1:1 container, either 6 or 12-months, or feel they have so much information to work with, they're good to go! We love serving you in exactly the way you desire.

Kim downloads healing codes, discovery methods and strategic steps for you when you're in the 1:1 multi-month containers. These help to guide you in creating the life you're born to live.

Should you sign up for the monthly sessions after your Big Reveal, you will meet with Kim, one of the team, or both, depending upon your 1:1 container. Also included is healing, embodying, strategizing and Voxer support as well as ritual and 1:1 product support for every life and business scenario.