Are You Ready for Your Soul Star Peek?

Welcome to your exclusive 45-minute peek into your stars & pure strategy talk to get you to the next level.

This exclusive offer expires on June 1st. 

Who is this for and why?


  • Desiring more alignment with your true life purpose and empowerment for success.
  • Concerned whether you’ve stayed open to your full potential. 
  • Wanting specific information about what’s happening in the stars for your best next steps

Believe it or not, 45 minutes is the right amount of time to propel your path forward. 

Sound too good to be true?

It’s not. 

I’ve done this hundreds of times for CEO’s, business leaders, creatives and entrepreneurs. 

What’s this exactly? 

I combine the ancient wisdom of astrology and intuition with my 25+ years of C-suite business experience to peek into your stars the minute you were born and channel the voice of your soul.

In 30 minutes, I can reveal your true life purpose, life mission, success path, money imprint and bravery signature to reclaim your power.

Then we take the remaining 15 minutes to strategize ways you can accelerate your growth, shine your brilliance and make the impact you desire.

What Others Are Saying

“Kim is a world class healer! I’ve been doing my spiritual work for 25+ years and I’ve met my match. Everyone who wants to create joy, ease and prosperity in their lives should see Kim. She’s an oracle, healer and strategist all rolled into one.”
Maleah Jacobs
Intuitive Consultant
“I am still floating! I cannot believe the incredibly specific synchronicities that came through – you’re brilliant.  Your intuitive ability to connect and express information with joy and encouragement is a gift!”
Lisa Nichols
Landmark School
"Gifted with a brain that operates at warp speed, Kim Woods understands you instantly and graciously helps you find ways to grow in the right direction. She uses her creative abilities to bring what she does to a higher and more powerful level that I truly don’t think anyone else can duplicate.”
Roberta Chadis
CEO Chadis Care

What’s Up with Me Lately? 


It’s been pretty exciting in my world as things are really coming together. I’ve been hard at work making magic with clients, streamlining my offerings into ONE hugely impactful program and harnessing divine creativity. 

Imagine combining the power of the universe with your unique energetic soul signature and proven business methods to clear the pathway to your success? Yup. It’s all landed now.  

My ability to channel your soul, download your business model and answer your star-studded questions is at its highest yet!

I also have created an all-star resource and referral list for connections and recommendations. If I’m not the right one for your continued growth, let’s connect you with who is. 

The key for me is to ensure you’re going in the right direction, accessing the right markets & networks and relying on the right resources.  It’s totally my passion to open your full potential, to align you with your unique energy and to find ways to remove obstacles in your success path. 

Let’s do this. 🥰

More testimonials

“Reality plus possibility are coming together in my life, right before my eyes. I am so grateful to Kim for her uncanny insight, compassionate support, and astute advice. Kim is part oracle, part coach, part investigator. Work with her if you keep bumping up against the “same walls” and want to change your life!”
Sally Okoniewski
Sally Sally Okoniewski
Medicare for All
“Man, you are so good at this! You got me all hyped up and psyched up…this is not only just what I need, but a little dose of Kim goes a long way.”
Suzanne Ewer
CEO Essex Candle Company
"Kim intuitively guides you to your soul archetype and highest purpose. She’s a phenomenal coach and support system as you work through limiting beliefs that are keeping you from reaching your highest potential. I would recommend that ANYONE work with Kim!”​
Emily Melden​
Emily Melden
Co-Founder, DNTU Limit

Get Your Soul Star Peek

This exclusive offer expires June 1st.