We create certainty so you have clarity of purpose to reclaim your power and attract soul mate clients.

My team of Intuitive Leaders and I are dedicated to helping you align with your true life purpose. We believe in you living a life filled with passion, power and prosperity.

Meet our Founder and CEO

I'm Kim Woods...

I grew up in a family that kept astrology books on the coffee table. If it involves cards, crystals or flower essences, I’m certified in it.

But I didn’t come fully out of the intuitive closet until my son was born with significant issues and I walked away from a highly successful corporate career to focus on healing.

Now I weave strategy with intuition to help clients restore their own intuitive knowing, earn more money, and claim their……wait for it……. brilliance.

I love to sew and weave threads and tapestries together. Yes, there’s a metaphor there.

I’ve got the credentials –  an MBA and countless master-level intuitive certifications paired with 25+ years of C- suite business experience. I’ve built multiple 7-figure brick & mortar businesses and am a former business consultant at Oracle.

My credentials all contribute to who I am.

150+ Corporate

$65+M Sales

team members

But none of it means much without YOU.

My heart always leads me to saltwater.

Where does your heart lead you? If you let it?

“Kim has the voice of an angel. Her clients could listen to her all day... her analysis is thorough and textbook perfect. I’m pleased to name her one of my Master Evolutionary Astrologers.”

Steven Forrest

Pioneer of Evolutionary Astrology & Best Selling Author

Meet our Intuitive Leadership Team

Emily Schulz

Intuitive Channeler & Director of Productions

Emily is an award-winning copywriter and has built two seven figure businesses. 

She believes in the power of intuition, homemade coconut cake and green velvet chairs to heal.

Emily’s past includes product descriptions for Kashi, and Kellogg's while her future may very well be running a bed & breakfast in France.

Mariah Kimball

True Love Mentor & Advisory Manager

Mariah helps clients reach their body and souls’ full potential for LOVE, making connections between emotion, body and spirit.

Her credentials include middle-school teaching and functional nutritional therapy.

Mariah once played Clara in the Nutcracker and sleeps next to some seriously hard-to-pronounce crystals.

Miriam Chadwell

Soul Embodiment Channeler & Director of Creative Content

Miriam creates amazing content and helps clients wear the initially awkward but always magical “coat” of intuition that Kim reveals.

She is a lover of animals, a caretaker of plants and is particularly adept at following her own energetic flow.

Motherhood has been Miriam’s hardest and most gratifying journey.

Stephanie Cartwright

Sacred Creator & Relationships Mentor

Stephanie creates content, meditations, rituals and protocols for small group programs and is the relationship mentor for our clients.

She is an earth lover and a certified forester (we’re talking redwoods)-turned-counselor (think personal growth).

Stephanie shows chickens and sheep (yep) and her most prized possession is a black dragon statue.

Tami Goulet

Magical Alchemist & Institute Director

Tami helps in creation and development of the Institute.

She is a survivor, a mama and a closet handy woman with 25 years of office management experience in both the public and not-for-profit sectors. And it shows.

Tami’s superpower (channeled via blue onyx) is helping people feel welcome and appreciated.

Nick Woods

Creator of New Worlds & Marketing Associate

Nick helps create messaging that brings people into our space through unbridled optimism and a youthful perspective. A college student with years of fascination in the field, he is a trivia whiz, skier, ocean-lover, and empathic supporter.

We’re intuitive, playful and revolutionary leaders.

We’re committed to making sure you feel…

Intuitive. Powerful. Unique. Abundant. Successful.



We believe in YOU.

Your brilliance.

Your power.

Your purpose.

Our clients can't say enough...

“Kim held my potential for me throughout our entire process. I see her as an oracle and a strategist as It all came together exactly the way she saw it. She’s such an amazing mentor. It’s mind blowing!”

Ivana Ustariz

The Creatrix

“Kim has helped me see myself again AND grow my business 51% year over year - during the lockdowns! I would highly recommend anyone feeling like they are perhaps a bit lost with direction for their own path to reach out to Kim. Her gift is not telling people what to do, it is arming people with a torch to illuminate their own path.”

Rene Serbon

Skin Care Expert

“Kim is magic. Working with her has more than doubled my income while making me more intuitive and more at ease with my choices. She has opened a clear path about my mission, my life experiences up to now and how to move forward in a more joyous and abundant way. It’s a unique experience that added so much to my daily life, I’ll be forever grateful.”

Paula Montenegro

The Vintage Kitchen

"Kim is the healer you've been looking for. Her intuitive insights, healing modalities and down-to-earth understanding as both an oracle and a strategist make her the unfair advantage for any high-achieving woman looking to up-level into her purpose and calling."

Janelle Lara

The Part-Time CEO®

"Working with Kim and her team has changed everything in my life and business for the better. It's been an AMAZING experience!" 

Ariane Poole

Founder Ariane Poole Cosmetics

“As I began prepping for a major pivot in my career, I sought out Kim because her mix of business strategy and spirituality aligned with what I knew I needed. What I DIDN'T KNOW at the time, was that she would prove to be INVALUABLE in helping me through major unforeseen shifts in my personal life. She has an innate ability to shine a light on what your soul needs so that you can slow down and truly see yourself. She also, in the most loving way, will call you on your BS! In our year together, I know myself more deeply than I ever have, I have a clearer vision and plan for my business, my relationships are thriving, and I am getting more comfortable with the unknown because she has helped me to trust myself. Kim is pure gold, and I am forever grateful for knowing her.”

Pam Chapman

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

It is

And, it’s about time.