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We’re taking a different approach to the monthly forecast to bring you the most impactful and supportive information. This month we’ve interviewed Kim to talk about the big shifts in July.

July 2023: How Can You Navigate the BIG Love and Power Shifts in July?

Celestial Happenings from Kim’s Desk

We’re taking a different approach to the monthly forecast to bring you the most impactful and supportive information. This month we’ve interviewed Kim to talk about the big power shifts in July.

Q: What can we expect in July? Is it more of June or something different?

A: As we enter July, we have that beautiful continuation of the June energy filled with lots of connections, ideas and fortuitous unexpected news. We’ve got the ability to continue our growth and expansion. Then we get to a point where we reach the middle of July and the energy power shifts.

There’s a split in the month – the 1st half and the 2nd half. It’s evident and felt out in the world. During the 1st half of the month, if things have been going smoothly for you, they continue for the 1st 2 weeks. If not, you come to a tightening and it feels like you’re threading the needle. If you typically live on the edge, go into the core with this narrowing. You narrow your focus to optimize and streamline. If you typically hold yourself back, extend yourself to reach for the edges. Take a leap of faith. The stars have been urging you for the last few months. Will you listen? Now is the time for you to take action, because during the 2nd ½ of the month, the action will be done for and to you.

Q: This doesn’t sound pleasant, tell us more about the 2nd ½ of the month.  

A: There are 2 reasons for the mid-month energy power shift:

  1. July 18th – The nodal points move into new signs as they do every 18 months. This time they move from Taurus and Scorpio into Aries and Libra. The last time they did this was on December 26, 2004.
  2. July 22nd – Venus stations retrograde through September 3rd.
Q: Is the energy power shift a big deal this year?

A: It is a big deal due to the squaring of the nodes with Pluto. These are cardinal signs, signaling the beginning of something new and they are at the cusp of the end of each sign. So, it’s a beginning and an ending. The key question for everyone is; “How can relationships, particularly in families, shift their current power structures to be open to something new?”

Additionally, Mars is opposing Saturn adding confinement and road blocks. This will be a very frustrating time. The days of July 18 – 23rd are going to feel heavy, confrontational and may be overwhelming.

Here’s what I wrote back in October 2022 for the annual forecast:

July 18th @ 3:59 pm ET Nodal change – Fighting for Equality

On the World Stage

The soul destiny takes a turn and moves from Taurus and enters Aries. The repeating nodes occur every 18 years and not to scare you, but the last time the Aries North node and Libra South node changed was the week of the 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean.

Current and Prior Aries| Libra nodal dates:

  • July 17, 2023 – January 11, 2025
  • December 27, 2004 – June 22, 2006
  • April 7, 1986 – December 2, 1987

In Evolutionary Astrology, the True node indicates the collective soul destiny and changes every 18 months by going backward through the zodiac. The dragon’s head symbolizes the North node and shows how the collective can heal, thereby relieving its soul karma as indicated by the dragon’s tail or South node.

Moving toward the North node, Aries beginning in mid-July, changes what’s happening in the collective between the prior nodal pairing of Taurus and Scorpio. Throughout 2022, women’s rights (Dobbs), money fluctuations (recession) and climate crises (weather & more than 1.5°C) are the focal points. Beginning in mid-July, the focal points switch to righting the wrongs of inequality, injustice and imbalance in all relationships, including organizations, countries and the world. Libra represents the courts and diplomacy and when in the South node, it’s the negative aspects of each. So, think imbalance in the courts and ineffective diplomacy.


The tensions between the polar opposites strains the wounding to bring it to the surface for healing. The answers are always in the North node.

This nodal change makes it Mars time once again as the collective soul destiny takes on his energy while leaving the effects of the collective soul karma behind. Throughout 2022 and until July 2023, the world has been dealing with Mars and Pluto as the aggressors for peeking at the uncomfortable and unfamiliar hidden things. Now, it’s time for these things to be seen and felt with courage and bravery. That’s the key – is the world brave enough to face the effects of the hidden agendas, power plays and bad acts? If so, walking toward awakening and honest leadership is available now. If not, there’s dithering, compromise and unhealthy relationships.

It’s time for 

– bravery, leadership and inner authority. 

– quiet power and diplomatic solutions. 

– charm, grace and elegance while seeking the value in healthy partnership in business, romance and on the political stage. 

However, the energies burst forth bringing impatience, aggression and violence. The forces seek out the hidden and smother them with platitudes and false promises.

* Note: There are two schools of thought, one speaks to the True Node and the other to the Mean Node. As these are usually separated by a few days, in this case July 12th for the Mean nodal change, using the True Node is more prevalent, so I’m using it here for simplicity. 

Q: Now that we’re closer to the date, do you have any further information for us personally?

A: Yes, there’s actually more opposition, more adjustments and more contemplation. There’s a requirement to quiet down, to go deep, to be commanding, and then when we have sudden changes, it may not be as beneficial. It’s like threading the needle. It’s a tightening. It feels like we’re being held back.

My greatest advice to you is to follow your instinct, to gather yourself and to firm up your position. It could still mean spending and investing, but with people you know who are going to be able to deal with disruption, shifts and changes. They can help you stay the course. and help guide you through the next few months.

Q: How long does the power shift last?

A: Throughout the rest of August. Now August is the month of tough love. I will get into that much more deeply when we get to August. But for now, suffice it to say that there’s going to be a review for you of your image and your position in the world in every area – style, leadership, finances, connections, relationships, and your home or office. There’s going to be a desire to change. And the desire is a DESIRE. It’s better to wait, plan and take your time to make sure the changes are going to be lasting and not just whimsical and indulgent. You’re not got to be pleased if you make lots of shifts in physical ways during the month of August.

Q: What are the do’s and don’ts for Venus retrograde?

A: In 2023, from July 22- September 3rd, while Venus is retrograde, take the time to review the areas of success, love and money. Venus rules beauty and design too.

Things you do and buy during Venus retrograde may be ones you regret. “What was I thinking?” or “How could I have said that?” or “Why did I think he/she was my perfect mate?” are the questions once Venus stations direct. 

Do’s with Venus Rx
  • Take extra care with anything new regarding success, love, money (and beauty)
  • Make plans to beautify yourself, your home or office (plans only)
  • Review your relationships
  • Assess your finances, including investments, budgets and projections
  • Declutter and give away that you no longer love or use
  • Practice self-care
  • Notice who shows up from your past
  • Dive deeply into your feelings
  • Get healing
  • Journal on reflective questions about what brings you pleasure
  • Internalize your creative pursuits to evoke more depth and feeling
  • Begin the writing project you’ve been putting off for so long
Don’ts with Venus Rx
  • Get married
  • Start a new long-term relationship
  • Get a tattoo or cosmetic surgery
  • Buy expensive items – clothes, jewelry, etc.
  • Launch a new book, offer or product
  • Make big investments
  • Buy large ticket items (cars, appliances, homes)
  • Begin big home improvement projects
  • Redesign large areas of office or home
  • Spend frivolously
  • Come out with a new image or style
  • Begin a PR campaign

Thank you for reading & sharing with family and friends.

As always, wishing you joy,

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