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“When I get you your favorite chocolate, or bake brownies, or make plans to go out on the boat, these are my love letters to you.” This was something I said to my husband once and it stopped him in his tracks.

How Are You Writing Love Letters These Days?

This is an excerpt from an article circa 2015 and read on to see how it applies to True KLT love…


Greg & I are running around like lunatics getting ready for a family visit the other week and we’re getting on each other’s nerves. 


It’s true.  It happens. 

“We don’t need to do all of this stuff before my parents get here,” Greg says, “They’re getting up there in years and they probably can’t see the dust anyway.”

“I know, but I need it done – for you, for me, for us.” I respond. “The greenhouse was your love letter to me and this visit is my love letter to you.” 

Greg sits down, “What?”

I take a breath and say, “When you spent the weekend putting together the greenhouse and I almost passed out at the beginning when I saw all of the parts and 50-page instruction guide, I realized putting up the greenhouse was your way of writing a love letter to me. 

I LOVE my love letter. 

When I get you your favorite chocolate, or bake brownies, or make plans to go out on the boat, these are my love letters to you,” I continue, “But, I want to write you a bigger love letter and this whole visit with your parents is a way I can do that right now. I love you and want to show you, so this is my love letter to you.”

Well, that stops him in his tracks, yet it isn’t meant to be a stumper.  

It’s true. 

Once I say this, I begin to see all of the love letters we write to each other every day. As we….

– drive in circles taking our children to and from school and other activities. 

– answer the hundreds of questions throughout the day. 

– sit down at bedtime to answer yet another question, when we really want to turn our brains off and watch television. 

– take our children and their friends to the movies (Disney again!). 

– stay up all night with a sick child. 

– call our aging parents to talk about what is going on with their lives. 

– make a favorite meal. 

– fold laundry, dry dishes, and make beds. 

– check in with people we haven’t seen in a long time. 

– make dinner and drop it off for a sick friend. 

– like a picture on Facebook and write a nice comment. 

– hold the door open for someone struggling with bags or packages. 

– smile to a stranger. 

Life holds thousands of opportunities for us to write love letters to each other every day and we can think of these things as chores or we can think of them as love letters.  

I choose love letters. 

So, let’s do that. 

Let’s write love letters to each other.  

Happy writing. 😘


Who would have imagined I would write a post 6 years ago that totally applies to our LOVE EXPLORATION month? 

I LOVE the universe!

As always, wishing you joy, 


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