E37: Harness the Power of the Full Moon Eclipse for Success and Prosperity

Harness the Power of the Full Moon Eclipse for Success and Prosperity

In this episode, I invite you to explore the energy of the recent Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse. With my deep understanding of astrology and cosmic energies, I can help you navigate through the significance of the celestial event and its potential impact on your personal, business, and collective growth.

Episode Highlights on Harnessing the Power of the Full Moon Eclipse for Success and Prosperity:

1. Eclipse Energies:

Discover the significance of the Lunar Eclipse to shed light on buried emotions and hidden aspects of life. You can anticipate the upcoming Solar Eclipse on April 8th as a new beginning so that you can take the opportunity to set intentions for the future.

2. Astrological Alignment:

Explore the influence of the Full Moon with the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra so that you can plot the course through the themes of individual impact, leadership and internal growth. Lean into the influences of the Aries energy to embrace healthy empowerment while steering clear of selfish tendencies.

3. Planetary Analysis:

Celestial bodies interplay and influence your experiences, especially Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto to set priorities, expand your success, power your courage and go beneath the surface, respectively. The potential for personal and collective growth, which began on 12/21/20 brings a sense of responsibility and calculated risk-taking.

Fun Facts:

1. Rose Quartz Healing:

Delving into the realm of crystal energy, I invite you to connect with the healing properties of rose quartz, emphasizing its capacity to infuse love, compassion and magic into your life.

2. Intuitive Ritual:

The episode concludes with a guided healing ritual, where you embrace your innate magic and seek deep healing, alignment and connection with the cosmic energies.

3. Invitation to Personal Growth:

Throughout this episode, be curious by embracing the power of cosmic energies, introspection and intention so that you can set goals for personal, business and collective growth.

Additional Resources:

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