E62: Weekly Uncut: Mercury, Venus and Mars Set You Up for Success

Mercury, Venus and Mars: Stars Set you Up for Success


Hello, Star Lovelies!

This week let the stars set you up for success on “Your Star Path to Success”.  Let’s dive deeply into the cosmic waves shaping your soul journey. Discover how Mercury, Venus and Mars create significant opportunities in your business, leadership and financial endeavors. Get ready to clear obstacles, make powerful connections and embrace your true self for a transformative week ahead.

Key Highlights on letting the Stars Set you Up for Success

  1. Planetary Influences: The personal planets Mercury, Venus and Mars are the stars of the week, enhancing your mind, heart and will. Saturn’s retrograde signals a time to prioritize yourself and delve deeply into your inner world.
  2. Align Mind, Heart and Will: This week focuses on aligning these three aspects of yourself to recognize and appreciate strong connections and discern true intentions.
  3. Embrace Your Core: Embrace who you are at the core to set yourself up for success across various facets of life, from self-care to professional achievements.
  4. Intuitive Success Signature Quiz: Take the quiz at yourstarmaptosuccess.com to discover your Intuitive Success Signature and tailor tools and tips to align with your unique energy.
  5. Practical Advice for Different Signatures: Specific, actionable advice is provided for Wise Strategists, Intuitive Visionaries, Collaborative Explorers, Ruling Warriors, Creative Superstars and Loving Alchemists to achieve success this week.

Fun Facts

  1. Planetary Power: Mercury, Venus, and Mars control your mind, heart, and will respectively, making their alignment this week exceptionally powerful.
  2. Cosmic Timing: Saturn retrograde is a rare event that pushes you towards self-prioritization and inner introspection.
  3. Decade-Long Journey: Learning to quiet the mind for better intuitive connection can take years, but it’s a transformative process essential for true guidance.

Additional Resources

Take the Quiz: Discover your Intuitive Success Signature at Your Star Map to Success.

Connect across the Channels: Follow me on social media for daily insights and updates.





Listeners, this episode is packed with cosmic insights and practical tips to help you navigate the week. Tune in to align your mind, heart and will for unparalleled success.

Happy soul tidings!

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