Why Did Your Soul Guide You Here?

Your soul knows that 2023 is The window into the next decade

🗝️ It’s the year for you to manifest your soul’s desires

☀️ It’s the year to fully step into your POWER 

⭐ It’s the year to be in the flow of abundance  

2023 is the year. It’s your year and you’ve come to the right place. 

If you got:

🗝️ Clarify, success, wonder, purpose or leadership, your soul wants a roadmap and plan of action to move you forward.  

☀️ Feeling good, light, transformation, bold, flow, equilibrium or calm, your soul desires ease and healing to remove any blocks to your success. 

💸 Support, money, abundance, fortune or prosperity, your soul wants you to create a solid foundation to become recession proof. 

❤️ Celebrate, create, love, nourishment or magic, your soul is seeking more joy, play and fun in your life.

⭐ Collaborate, power, brilliance, inner wisdom or intuition, your soul is calling you to grow and expand into who you truly are.

Now that you've Discovered Your Soul's Message to You...

… allow us to guide you in adding the energy, the punch and the force you need to manifest your soul’s desires.

Because 2023 is such a pivotal year…

We’ve built our Star Pass Program just for you. 

Why the Star Pass?

Over hundreds of hours have been spent building this Star Pass to answer the call of your soul. 

This year is more powerful than the last handful of years and the Star Pass takes this powerful energy and carves it down into the major forces impacting you.

2023 is a 💫 pivotal turning point in determining what the next decade will be.

  This isn’t the year to do it alone. With distraction, chaos and opposing energies, you’ll want to grab onto any and all support offered.

Let the Star Pass be your jet pack 🚀, fuelling you through the year to get you what you truly desire.

The Star Pass has you covered for the entire year and beyond. Join us as we use our exclusive formula of Stars + Strategy = Success to help make your soul’s desires come true. 

Be Prepared for 2023

Join Evolutionary Master Astrologer, Kim Woods, and her Leadership team, as they guide you through the year revealing what is truly possible for you and setting you on a positive trajectory forward.

On Demand 2023 Annual Forecast ⭐

Get our much sought-after On Demand forecast for clarity and wonder.

On Demand Success Map 🗝️ ⭐

The top of the year energies are opened for you to create your pathway for success, leadership and purpose.

Become Recession Proof 💸 ⭐

Use the Venusian qualities and the true value of you for abundance, fortune and prosperity.

Retrograde Survival Kit ☀️ ⭐

Find out how you to use planetary retrogrades to heal, overcome your blocks and to find joy in your life.

Manifest Your Dreams ❤️ ⭐

Using these ecliptic energies is the perfect time to celebrate, find magic and fill yourself with love and money.

On Demand Pluto in Aquarius ⭐

Find out about all things Pluto and why Pluto's energies are so important for us to transform for wealth and power.


ebooks, journal prompts and reminders to navigate 2023 with ease

rituals & meditations to release blocks & embody your soul's desire

opportunity for individual Star Peeks at each live event

understand how the stars personally impact in you life and business

Imagine clearly navigating the uncertainty of 2023 by discovering what’s truly possible for you while living your best life. 

Wondering if Star Pass is right for you?
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Hi, I’m Kim Woods

I’m a Business Strategist, Master Astrologer and author. I combine the ancient wisdom of astrology with my 25+ years of C-suite business experience to teach business leaders how to achieve their personal, professional and financial triumph.

My mission is to create a worldwide movement in the new ways of living and leading, which combines feminine intuitive wisdom with masculine logical strength.

As an astrologer, I have predicted C😷🦠D in 2020, the insurrection in 2021 and the insane weather events in 2022.

As a C-suite expert, I’ve led 150+ corporate executives and 425+ high-performing entrepreneurs, overseen $65M+ in sales and influenced 300,000+ team members.

I have been named one of the Top Female Entrepreneurs disrupting the business world in 2022 by Entrepreneur Magazine. I’ve also been featured in Yahoo, Forbes, INC, Entrepreneur, ABC, CBS, NBC, USA Today, Reader’s Digest, Boston Herald, Fox News, Market Watch and Digital Journal.

Navigate the powerful punch of 2023 with confidence

Allow yourself a new way to engage your soul and discover how the stars help remove any blocks that have been holding you back.

2023 is your year to discover what’s truly possible and to connect to your truth to confidently claim your success.

Now is the time to claim your most successful year!

Discover What's Truly Possible for you in 2023

You’re here because your soul has nudged you.

Your soul wants you to allow your revealed intentions to come true.

Your soul wants you to create certainty, calm and confidence as you lean in and follow your true desires.

Your soul wants you to manifest what you truly desire as you uncover the truth of you using the power of the stars.

And you can do all of this Evolutionary Master Astrologer Kim Woods and her Leadership Team. Kim as been guiding people for decades in how to harness power of the stars to manifest their true desires and life they love.

Don’t wait until the “next time”. Join us today.

2023 Star Pass

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