2021 star clang
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2021 Star Clangs

I Can Tell You How To Make This Year A Success

“Look to the stars when you want to know all the things.”

Throughout 2021 and most of 2022, your past is on a collision course with your future. It’s shocking, disrupting and upsetting. Yuck.

But, wait.

It’s not all bad. There’s good news this year.

What can be good about changes you don’t want?

These changes are in your best interest.

These changes are necessary for you to live your big dream.

These changes help you bring about the future you desire.

This year, you have luck and support when you gratefully accept these changes. You have even better luck and good fortune when you anticipate the changes and prepare for them. You have big luck and the best fortune when you make the changes BEFORE they need to be made.

This isn’t the case for 2022. Any changes in 2022 are necessary, uncomfortable and thrust upon you.

It’s best to get ahead of this now.

What if you don’t know what changes you should be making this year?

Let’s look to the stars – they always tell you.

There are three celestial bodies at play:

  1. Saturn in Aquarius ♒ – This is your future, with the past smashing it to bits and asking, “Do you really want it? If so, how much? What are you willing to do to get it?”
  2. Uranusin Taurus ♉ – This is your comfort zone being jostled and tilted every which way. A lightning bolt is coming down on your head to shock you into making decisions and taking the right steps.
  3. Neptunein Pisces  ♓ – This is your big dream getting stirred up and thrown up for review and adjustment. There’s confusion and disorientation that isn’t going anywhere and that’s too bad, as you want information to help you make plans to create the life you desire.


But, there’s good news.

The stars are giving you a map.

Before you get there, though, let’s remember what 2021 is all about.

2021 is the year of letting go of control to step into influence. When you let go of holding too tightly, the universe can come in and give you what you’re asking for without interference from you.

2021 is also the year for discernment. This means you either accept things as they come and make them work for you or you determine your best choices without any rationale.  How can you do that? Psst…it’s time to use your intuition.

Now for the map.

Knowing how the stars affect you creates a modicum of certainty where none exists.

So, let’s explore.

Your Star Chart

It’s interesting to know what the stars are doing in the sky, but it’s super informative to know how the stars impact you – specifically.

This is the purpose of this entire posting. First, you want to get your natal or birth chart. If you don’t have one, you need your date, time and place of birth. The astro.com site will run your chart for free. Go here and fill in your information.

Once you do, you’ll get a circle with a bunch of hieroglyphics.

No worries, I’ve got you. I’m going LIVE to explain all of the star impacts in my Power Up your Intution with True KLT group on Friday, February 5th at 9:30 am ET. You get all the yummy information on a #replay too!

I like to write it all out for you too, so you can refer to it now and later, but in the video, I’ll emphasize and note things differently.

2021 Star Clangs

In 2021, the star clangs involve the planets known as the Malevolent, the Lightning Bolt and the Delusional Ones. Eek – when is this all happening?

The key dates and degrees are:

  • February 17 at 7° (Neptune at 19°)
  • June 15 at 13° (Neptune at 23°)
  • December 24 at 11° (Neptune at 20°)

To determine what it means for you, look at these degrees or lines on your star chart.

First, Saturn.

On February 17th, ♄ Saturn is in ♒ Aquarius at 7 degrees.

  1. On your star chart, look for Aquarius ♒. (Aquarius is orange as its air.)
  2. Go to the longer line that separates Aquarius from Capricorn. (Capricorn is green as its Earth.)
  3. If you don’t have the tiny lines, look clockwise to the next line and this is 5-degrees. Look a little bit further for the 7 degrees. If you do have the tiny lines, count them (clockwise) to 7. This is the 7th
  4. Move to the right (counter-clockwise) until you get a house number.
  5. Note the number.
  6. Use this number for the first table of Saturn.
  7. Read the information to see how Saturn is affecting you this year.

Refer to the picture below as an example. The 7 is the degree or line, going counter-clockwise, you see it’s in the 8th house.

Star Chart Diagram

Now that you have the house number, refer to the Saturn table below.

The planet is the energy, the sign is the flavoring and the house is the behavior or action in your life.

I’ve interpreted everything for you. 😉


Saturn has been in Aquarius since the third week of December, so these energies are new. But with the star kiss with Jupiter, they’ve been big for the past two months.

HouseSaturn in Aquarius

Stop playing a role that’s expected of you and start being you.

Higher expression: It’s all Saturn for you right now. Every area of your life is being called up for review. All of your decisions and actions are being questioned. Saturn is coloring how you see the world as well as how you step into it. You’re being called to lead by example. Be a role model. Choose your future today and show others how to choose theirs.

Lower one: You don’t have the self-assurance to lead and either do so in tyrannical ways or with vagueness of purpose. You feel defeated and lack the motivation to do anything.


Stop paying too much for your money and start being paid for what you love.

Higher expression: It’s time for you to find new inventive ways to make money in order to stabilize your finances. You have more patience & perseverance for gaining skills and competence. Perhaps taking a new course or working for the greater good will help replenish your resources. Your self-esteem is being hit, so lean into the new. Be creative and original.

Lower one: You hold too tightly onto material possessions thinking they give you confidence and self-esteem. You fear taking risks and hold yourself back in self-defeating ways. You’re obsessed with security which may even lead to hoarding. You pay too much for your money.


Stop holding your tongue and start speaking your truth.

Higher expression: Success comes from finding your voice. Communicate, present, teach, write, speak. Do it now – start today. Take small steps. Technology can help you. Set goals to learn new, futuristic and unconventional things. Establish intuitive connection to channel messages. Master your intuition. Practice every day. Create a spiritual routine.

Lower one: You’re scattered and unfocused, leading to chronic time wasting and disorganization. You defend your concepts too much for fear of competition. You stay in the intellectual world to the detriment of connecting emotionally.


Stop paying the price of putting other’s needs above your own and start being selfish.

Higher expression: You may want freedom from home, family and roots. Find ways to feel independent while staying connected. Discover deep inner wisdom with non-traditional methods. Explore your ancestral roots and do past life work. Let go of your need to control those closest to you. Let them seek their own path. Find and connect to your tribe by starting a group. Use the internet to find new members.

Lower one: You lack basic psychological self-knowledge, leading to neurotic, unsatisfying and obsessive behaviors. You analyze everything, so you don’t need to actually emotionally connect. You’re distrustful and protect your heart at all costs.


Stop numbing yourself to escape and start getting real.

Higher expression: Be wildly creative. Gain freedom through self-expression.  Work on discovering your joy. Become a pleasure seeker. Spend time with children. Heal your karma in unconventional ways. Heal your karmic debts by cutting ties. Discover new love or new loving ways, i.e.; fall in love all over again. Stay in creative ecstasy as much as possible. Be earnest and original in your self-expression.

Lower one: Your relationships are self-destructive. You are either too self-indulgent or you ruthlessly control your access to joy and pleasure. You’re unable to relax and play. You may even be creatively blocked.


Stop acting like you owe others something and start choosing you.

Higher expression: Volunteer, be in service to others – especially in online communities. Change routines and work habits. Find innovative ways to meet your job tasks. Leverage technology, science and invention to help you.  You’re being called on to be in service as a leader. Be inventive on how to do this. You’re required to work from the bottom up, not the top down. Roll up your sleeves and lead from within. Seek a mentor or become one. Work with young people or groups.

Lower one: You’re a slave to your work, filling your time with endless drudgery. You have so many tasks, you could never complete them all.  You subordinate yourself in key relationships.


Stop getting deeply entangled in unequal or unfulfilling relationships and start simplifying relationships.

Higher expression: You want to master relationships and are looking for new ways to connect deeply with a few others. These are soul mates – equally met in open-endedness and unique rapport. These may be business partnerships, friendship connections or romantic commitments.

Lower one: You have a pattern of chronic submissiveness or bossiness in intimate relationships. You have the inability to form a stable emotional bond for fear of intimacy, resulting in co-dependency.


Stop ignoring your deep power and sexuality and start being powerfully intimate.

Higher expression: You’re mastering healthy, flowing and spontaneous sexuality. You enter into intimacy in naked honesty and vulnerability. You honor your transformative process. You have an acceptance of death that integrates its reality into daily life. You’ve achieved a sense of spiritual immortality and love to pursue the mysteries.

Lower one: You experience either blocked sexual functioning or obsessive sexuality. You have a fear or denial of death, denial of religion, occult or mystical feelings. This results in getting caught up in debts, tax issues and an inability to create wealth.


Stop buying into dogma and being judgmental and start being discerning.

Higher expression: You’re excited to break up routine and create new patterns of behavior. You love change and embrace it wholeheartedly. You seek new ways to see the meaning of life and actively pursue other cultures and lands. You want to master what it means to be spiritually human.

Lower one: You get caught up in dogma, rigid rules and narrow-minded behavior. You disassociate with others who aren’t like you. You can’t handle change and desperately hold onto routine. Yet, you’re unhappy and bored with your current circumstances. This boredom may lead you into unprincipled behaviors.


Stop being falsely employed and start working in authenticity.

Higher expression: You’re aligned with your life purpose and are pursing your soul destiny. Your calling is evident in the world. Your role in society is needed and valued. You’ve discovered new ways to being seen in the world. You’re deeply satisfied with your life mission and are creating success.

Lower one: You’re trapped in meaningless roles that don’t give you pleasure or satisfaction. You may hold onto status and power too tightly. Appearances matter more than self-fulfillment. You’re being called to make changes in your life’s work now.


Stop creating chaos and distractions and start being strategic.

Higher expression: You have concrete and specific sense of direction in life. You have realistic yet inspiring goals that are rooted in self-knowledge. You have a network of relationships that enhance and support the realization of your personal goals.

Lower one: You’re drifting along with a vagueness of purpose. You lack clarity, so can’t commit to any particular thing. Your friends and associates don’t actually lift you up for your best future.


Stop playing the pious pauper and start valuing your spiritual gifts.

Higher expression: You’ve transcended the need for other’s approval. You have the equanimity to be free from the worry about the typical ups and downs of life. You’ve mastered spirituality and have constant spiritual and psychic experiences.  You sense of presence of God and the higher levels of consciousness.

Lower one: You tend to escape the world through self-destructive relationships with alcohol, food, sleep, sex, television, and other ‘drugs’. You’re confused about your self-image. You haven’t discovered your hidden gifts.

The good news about Saturn? He gives you the ability to do the things you don’t feel like doing.

The good news about Aquarius? You have the yearning for the freedom to be completely yourself and will find inventive ways to do so.

Now for Uranus.

Uranus ♅ is in Taurus ♉ at 7 degrees.

  1. Look for Taurus ♉. (Taurus is green as its Earth.
  2. Go to the longer line that separates Taurus from Aries. (Aries is red as its fire.)
  3. If you don’t have the tiny lines, look clockwise at the next line (this is 5-degrees). Move a little further clockwise to estimate 7. If you have the tiny lines, count clockwise to 7. This is the 7th
  4. Move to the right (counter-clockwise) until you get a house number.
  5. Note the number.
  6. Check the Uranus table below for that house number to determine how Uranus is affecting you this year.
    Start Chart Uranus


As Uranus has been in Taurus since mid-May 2018, the star clangs may be stirring things up for you that begin to show up since this time.

HouseUranus in Taurus

Higher expression: You’re pushed to enter life in a new way. You want to shed the old and welcome the new. Break free to be absolutely yourself, without any interference from anyone else. It’s time to show everyone you’re changing, and the more eclectic and unconventional, the better. You’re changing on the inside and want to show it on the outside. So, update your style. Now is the time to get a new haircut, dress and even a makeover!

Lower expression: You’re plagued by interference from others holding you back and you don’t have any patience for the status quo. It’s new or nothing for you. Unfortunately, you’re snappish and curt with others. You throw away anything that doesn’t fit, but can’t discern what’s valuable or not. In your bid for freedom, you may push away what really matters.


Higher expression: Serendipitous abundance appears in unexpected and new ways. You may have good news with your resources and connections, except you may not see these as good at first glance.   Open yourself to the opportunity that helps you in your work, business or life mission. It’s going to push you beyond your comfort zone. Reach for it. It’s time.

Lower expression: Unsettling financial fluctuations upset you and your status quo. You’ve been paying too much for your money and now it’s time to realign your work to meet you and not the other way around. Stop validating your worth by setting your accomplishments in comparison with others. Be true to you and the money follows you.


Higher expression: Your intuition is heightened as ideas and connections are flowing. You’re inspired and want to innovate every single day. You want to everyone to know about all of your ideas, but they can’t seem to follow you. You’re moving too fast. Take a breath and focus on flushing out your ideas. Then, shout them from the rooftops, because they’re good ones.  Also, pursue learning opportunities (with discernment).

Lower expression: The busyness of your mind is out of control. Your talk is fast, your dialogue is disjointed and your impatience is at an all-time high. You’re out of focus and distracted. You’re also starting conversations with too many people and not finishing any of them. This moment is too fruitful with innovations for you to waste it. Slow down and get focused.


Higher expression: COVID is wreaking havoc on your ability to like staying at home. Yes, it’s bad for everyone, but for you – it’s absolutely untenable. You want space to yourself and you just can’t get it now. Think of ways to do so. Be unique about how you go about it. Perhaps it’s a redecorating or repurposing a space or maybe it’s time to make plans to get out every day. Also, it may be time to renegotiate your relationships with your extended family and loved ones.

Lower expression: It may be time to move into a new dwelling and it’s not a good time for you right now. Alternatively, estrangement from family may be happening, even if you don’t admit it to yourself. You’re feeling it, yet haven’t made strides to make it happen. Think about what you want in familial relationships and take the time to redefine them.


Higher expression: New love comes suddenly and may end just as quickly as it begins. Other love relationships undergo a renewed sense of excitement and adventure as there are changes in your levels of desire and passion.  You wish for freedom and joyful expression. Your creative juices flow in unconventional and innovate ways. Be playful.

Lower expression: Unrelieved tension or pent up creativity needs an outlet and you may not want to shift. Children may become overly rambunctious and try your patience. Affairs of the heart are fickle and a wandering eye may get you into trouble.


Higher expression: Take a fresh approach to your daily work and health routines. Start driving a new way to work or employ a new fitness regimen. The key is to shake things up and create freedom in your daily life. You seek variety in your work, so innovate new methods, protocols, systems or practices.

Lower expression: Your work routines get shaken up and you can’t quite get your bearings. Shocks in your business or at work have you fearing another ‘shoe will drop’. Doubt and worry threaten your heath. Get centered and know any changes are for you to create the work your love and health you deserve.


Higher expression: Partnerships undergo shifts as you stretch toward freedom and independence. Lean into interdependence where both partners have the space to be themselves and to cooperate together for a rich and luscious relationship.

Lower expression: Lifeless romantic and misaligned business partnerships break up and you may not be ready. Trying to hold on to these stale relationships won’t work right now.  Yes, you rail against limits, restraints and any pressure for confinement, but it’s familiar and you want comfort now. This is an illusion, don’t fall for it.


Higher expression: Passion and flair enters your intimate relationship. Also, the mysteries are tapping you on your shoulder. Your connections are expanding into new territory. Allow them and go with the flow.  Wealth creation suddenly comes into play, so think about your definition of luxury.

Lower expression: Sudden fluctuations in passions and intimacy has you launching into a fit of jealousy. Your usual diplomacy hits the rocks and your blunt accusations aren’t received well. Debt, taxes and other financial swings have you rocked to your core. Breathe and remember the fluctuations can go in both directions.


Higher expression: Opportunities for long-term learning or travel plans come to you suddenly. You feel optimistic about new adventures. Your mind is open to new philosophies, cultures and experiences. You can change your outlook in meaningful ways with supportive programs or communities.

Lower expression: Your mind doesn’t latch onto opportunities so they come and go or you miss them entirely. You see changes in your long-term plans as disruptions or disregard new discoveries. Sudden shocks to your philosophies have you defensive and judgmental.


Higher expression: You break free from overbearing authority figures to establish a power position for yourself. This is a good time to start your own business or create new ways of working in your current job, career or industry. Your role in the world suddenly changes to create positive opportunities.

Lower expression: Your reputation bears the brunt of a shocking revelation. Power shifts negatively affect your ability to lead or manage your situation. As a visionary, you take a left-turn and no one knows your destination, so they don’t follow you.


Higher expression: You’re meeting different people to create new opportunities and collaborations. You endear people to you as you allow them to be as unique as they truly desire to be, so they feel seen, heard and known and want to remain in your orbit. You inspire others with your eclectic and unusual ideas.  Your strategic prowess is at an all-time high. Your future-oriented approach is met with resounding success when you engage and inspire others with your vision.

Lower expression: People reveal their true selves and often disappoint you. When this happens, you need to treat them as frenemies, instead of compatriots and loyal friends. You see beyond the mask and unseat those who are misrepresenting themselves. You shed false acquaintances quickly, yet don’t have other supports in place at the moment. Move swiftly and act judiciously.  Keep your eye on your long-term goals to steady yourself.


Higher expression: Coincidences and serendipitous occurrences abound. The universe is conspiring to delight and entertain you into your spiritual side. You have the chance to break bad habits and relieve any impoverished thinking. Now is the time to break free and enjoy life in its fullest spiritual expression.

Lower expression: You’re ungrounded and untethered, so fall victim to exposure of secrets, shames or doubts about your life. Your privacy is pierced, yet it sheds light into your shadows. Let the light relieve instead of burn. You’ll be much better off as Uranus is looking for ways for you to live your best life.

The good news about Uranus is he brings you unexpected change that, although is abrupt, is for your best benefit and biggest dreams.

The other good news, you’ve known about the change for a while, but may have been ignoring it. Now with Saturn’s bang, Uranus isn’t going to let you continue to do so. It’s time to make the change while there’s beneficial energies in the air.


For the midpoint action, Neptune ♆ is in Pisces at 19 degrees.

  1. Look for Pisces . (Pisces is blue as it’s water.)
  2. Go to the longer line that separates Aquarius from Pisces. (Aquarius ♒ is orange as it’s air.)
  3. If you don’t have the tiny lines, count clockwise to the 4th line (this is 20-degrees) and is close enough. If you have the tiny lines, count clockwise to 19. This is the 19th
  4. Move to the right (counter-clockwise) until you get a house number.
  5. Note the number.

Check the Neptune table for that house number to determine how Neptune is reacting to the Uranus-Saturn crash this year.

star chart neptune

Neptune has been in the sign of Pisces since 2011, so you’ve had a decade of this energy. However, as he’s almost at the midpoint between Saturn and Uranus, he’s getting rattled and his gaseous state is exploding with influence. He’s at center stage in 2022, so you get a preview now.


HouseNeptune in Pisces

Higher expression: Dreamy and softness flows into you and you respond by being sensitive to the nuances in your life. Your practical nature is offset by this idealistic mode. Be tender and gentle to allow opening. Your intuitive gifts are at the surface right now and you may want to express your spiritual side in your daily life.

Lower expression: You feel pressed upon by others and absorb the negative vibes around you. You lose yourself in fall prey to moodiness, displeasure, and perhaps victimhood. Stand in your own gifts and be certain of your life purpose. If you can’t do this on your own, hire someone as a guide or mentor.


Higher expression: Your value system is up for review and you have the opportunity to readjust your perception of yourself and your worthiness. It’s a tricky thing, though, so take advantage of building skills and competence to assure yourself of your growth. Believe in yourself and have faith in your value; monetary, resource, connections, strengths and otherwise.

Lower expression: Be wary of too-good-to-be-true money schemes. Your ability to make money is hindered by doubt, confusion and a lack of motivation. You dream of it, but don’t take appropriate action. Take a step toward doing something to bring money to you.


Higher expression: Your intuition is at an all-time high and may have been this way for quite a while, yet this is the year to really blow it out. Dream, imagine, create and then communicate, teach or inspire others with your creations. You have the ability to speak with healing resonance. Your voice is more than your words. Sing, chant, and tone too.

Lower expression: Lack of focus, inattention to details and loss of scheduled appointments makes you scattered and frazzled. Your memory may be lacking too. This is your opportunity to rely on your intuition instead of your thinking mind.


Higher expression: Your energy is low and you can relax into it, by cuddling at home and cozying up by the fire or with a romantic partner. Tenderness and gentleness reign. Allow yourself to large swaths of solitude and drop into your intuitive side. Restore yourself in quiet moments.

Lower expression: You’ve romanticized your relationships with family and loved ones and may be prey to confusing interactions that give you a vague sense of something not being right. However, you’ve convinced yourself everything is going fine, so ignore those inklings.


Higher expression: You feel creative, playful and expressive, yet may lose momentum with the fuzziness of the energies in this area of your life. Discipline yourself to stay in the imaginative mood and generate gorgeous creations.

Lower expression: You’re confused about what you’re looking for in your love affairs and are willing to accept less than you deserve.  Put your antennae up to avoid lovers, crushes and friends pushing you to put their needs and desires before your own.


Higher expression: Being compassionate and in service to others is good luck for you right now.  Find ways to help others. Take steps to create clarity in your work life to offset the confusion and fog about your life purpose. To create balance, lighten your load at work by delegating responsibilities and tasks to others.

Lower expression: Stress impacts your body more than usual, so take care of yourself by allowing time for relaxation and rejuvenation. Also, disruptions to routines and schedules throws you off your rhythm. Be patient and go with the flow.


Higher expression: Expanding into influence is attainable for you this year and this is a huge opportunity. Fall into the soft edges between two or more people in relationship to let go of the need to control and see where it takes you. You have a heightened probability to attract spiritual people into your life.

Lower expression: Others seek you out to help them in inappropriate ways. Uncertainty in your close relationships has you vying for control and mitigating the opportunity to soften the exchange with those closest to you.


Higher expression: Beauty in intimate relationships, renewed attraction and romantic tenderness is available to you. You may receive a windfall or other unexpected financial gain.  The mysteries are close to you now, explore them and feel the subtle nuances of energy. Seek healing as you can find excellent healers now.

Lower expression: Unsettled finances and alluring, but fraudulent movements are afoot. Be wary. You may experience challenges with your finances, so take care. Don’t let any finances concerns come between you and your intimate partner. This can be an uplifting time for you and your significant other.


Higher expression: Your views of the world are spiritual in nature and you embrace all religions and cultures. Your philosophy expands and your sense of adventure softens to allow you to go with the flow without anticipating what’s next. Seeking soul mate connections in friendships is possible for you.

Lower expression: Ambiguity arises in regards to your pathway of discovery for what intrigues you. You question everything about your foundational perspectives and the meaning of life. Your quest is filled with confusion and doubt. Drop into your heart and make decisions based on your intuition and wisdom. Be discerning.


Higher expression: There’s tremendous opportunity for success when you let go of your expectations of how you’re going to achieve it. Allow differences to influence you, but not steer you off course.  If you have intuitive tendencies and want to incorporate them into your work, now is the time. Coming out of the spiritual closet is necessary to the success you seek.

Lower expression: Your authenticity is tested as people don’t see you for who you are, and you may decide it doesn’t matter. You may want to become who people want you to be to create success. Be mindful to go inward and gather your sense of self, your purpose and direction and avoid straying off your true path.


Higher expression: Colorful and eclectic people come into your life and you enjoy their presence. Let them expand your definition of the collective by including lots of people and different types of them. Be discerning to ensure you gather the types of people who are aligned.  Enjoy the spiritual lift in your social circles.

Lower expression: Other’s demand too much of you and if you desire to belong is too fierce, you’ll submit to their needs over your own. You may also succumb to peer pressure as you confused about your own direction and let others lead you.


Higher expression: Spirituality is central for you now. Let the mysteries guide you to yourself and help others discover their connection to the unknown. Explore your intuitive gifts and look for your hidden strengths. Allow them to come to the fore. Your dream life is rich and powerful.

Lower expression: The unfamiliar and the unknown is disconcerting. It’s too nebulous and you want to know what your next steps are. This is a good time to develop yoru intuition. Pay attention to the signs, symbols and omens in life as they guide you on your path.

Neptune’s dreaminess and tender expressions offset the hardness of the star booms through the year. However, you may drop into delusion, confusion and deception and avoid the push into your future.

It’s best not to do that.

In 2021, good luck is attached to the Saturn expression and he’s the toughest one to get moving, making this the year to take action.

Take advantage of the positive influence for movement now. Say YES to yourself and your big dreams.

Join me LIVE when I explain all of this in my Power Up your Intuition group on Friday, February 5th at 9:30 am ET or catch the replay.

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends.

As always, wishing you joy,


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