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This is a channeled message from the planets, particularly the Moon, Venus and Mercury.

August 2023 Planetary Message

Happy August from Kim and the planets. August 2023 Planetary Message for Feminine Leadership.


From the Moon: 


August is a Blue Moon month which means I’m full twice this month. I’m creating extreme tension pulling between your hearts and your beliefs at the beginning and end of the month. Your heart will choose between you and your spirit versus looking at others for guidance and connection. You have the chance to dream and embrace your authentic self to live your life freely in perfect alignment with your soul or take time worrying about others, what their concerns will be or reactions are to what you do or say. It’s always your choice. Choose wisely. 


From Venus: 


It’s time. Now is the time to be fully feminine. BE feminine leadership. Do you know what this means? Go into your heart. Your heart knows. Connect with its guidance. Breathe in its peace. Follow its wisdom. What are you waiting for? What else do I need to do to invite into your fullest self? 

When I’m in fire, I want to burn brightly, creatively and boldly. Right now, I’m calling you to go inside of yourself. I’m shining the mirror so you see your heart and soul, not your face or body, but your soul. Can you see it? I can, from here, and you shine as brightly as the Sun. Know yourself and know your worth. It’s time. 


From Mercury: 


I love to play games and I get to again in a few weeks when I move backward in Virgo. I get to pull at you in physical ways when you question everything about your work and day-to-day happenings. I’m going to be adding to Venus and I love to play with her. She doesn’t mind (well, she does, but I don’t care) when I add to her energy and muddle with your thoughts. It’s great because your feelings get involved too. I wonder why you don’t understand my intentions. I’m so misunderstood, so now I get company when you join my club. I thrive on the company. 


Let’s play together.  My riddles are worth solving. My new riddle – what do you get when you mix mind games with heart walls and lack of will? Right – look around you. This is what you get. How do you like it? Will you let us help you? We’re trying. Look up. Look inside. There are no riddles when you look inside and create your life around what you see there. You can be so brilliant – all of you. Right now, though, I get to play with Virgo and Venus. 


August Happenings: 




The Full Moons are on the 1st and 30th. The New Moon is on the 16th

Venus retrograde July 22nd – September 3rd. Mercury retrograde at August 23rd – September 15th

Uranus stations retrograde on August 28th


There are beautiful days when the planets conspire to support you. Those are on the 1st, 16th and 25th, coinciding with two of the lunar phases. There’s richness and opportunity for you. You can


– take advantage of opportunities. 

– have influence, charm and openings for success. 

– have the energy to fuel your direction, guide your decisions and allow your passions to be fulfilled. 

– also have the ability to clear pathways. 


There are days that are going to feel more difficult, August 9th, 22nd, 28th. These are the times when you’re getting pushed and pressed to take it easy, not push forward. Take time to fully appreciate yourself, your relationships and your unique ways of showing up in your life. 


Star Power: 


This month is a wonderful time for feminine leadership; to lead from your inner knowing, to lead from your heart, to lead from that instinctual remembrance of who you are. The key is going to be to not succumb to the delusion, the misperception, the miscommunication and the misinterpretation that the mind likes to explore. 


The mind really wants to take a back seat and wants to be relieved if it’s forward position, because it knows it’s not doing that well. Once you give it permission to do that, then the heart can come forth, so you can hear its whispers. Then, your soul through your intuition, can become your guide.


This month is filled with opportunity. The opportunity is for you to be able to live in your body, in your heart, in your intuitive knowing, guided by your soul versus being in your mind with the games that your mind continues to play. 


xo, Kim (and planets)


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