Brilliance: Intuitive Knowing & Purpose Oracle

June 2022: Fortune Favors the Bold, Are You Ready for Huge Healing?


From Annual Forecast:

There is so much healing available. Will you take advantage of it or will you get frustrated by lack of progress? With discernment, get a glimpse of reality while you can. Your future is evident in your heart. Take notes on course corrections – think minor adjustments, not major ones.

Planetary Alignment – Astronomy:

Every few years, the planets ‘line up’ in the sky, while being illuminated by the Moon, so are visible without the need of a telescope.  In late March, Venus, Mars and Saturn begin aligning as Jupiter joins in mid-April. The Moon dances around the line to link up in late April and late May. Mercury joins in late June.  

Supportive Intuitive Tools

Oracle card: #23- Create

Creativity isn’t linear and the last few months have pushed you with its spiraling energy. Acclimate to it – it’s here to stay. Creation begins with your imagination, not your mind. Let your mind wander and your imagination take over. Think in questions, not answers. The magic happens in the creative spiral. What kind of magic do you desire?

Here are two ways to use this card this month: 

Intuitive tool: Lose yourself in the ecstasy of creation by listening to your favorite music, pursuing your favorite creative exploits or envisioning a rainbow and exploring each of its colors. Get out of your mind, open your heart and tap into your belly. Let your belly be your muse. Call on the Goddess Sarasvati to help. She’s always up for the creative process.

Practical tip: Do some creative writing on whatever topic suits you. Spend at least an hour to really get into your topic. Don’t research or follow any particular purpose. Allow yourself to write freely.

Crystal: Labradorite

This is a stone of transformation and magic. Awaken your imagination and creative powers by working with this stone. Use it in meditation to connect to your intuition. Labradorite asks you to be patient and to quiet your mind. The good news? It helps you do both.  

Flower essence: Scleranthus

This is a balancing flower essence bringing you from conflict to equilibrium. Scleranthus helps you make decisions, typically between two choices, without requiring advice or impulse outside of you. Scleranthus helps center and balance your internal compass instead of swinging back and forth between two options. Sometimes, the swing is wide and obvious and other times, it’s minor and obscure. Scleranthus is effective in either case.

Supportive Practical Tips

 Quick tip: Get healing. Schedule a massage, acupuncture, sound bath or your favorite healing modality.  Go to a spa. Any healing you do this month is exponentially effective.

Going Deeper:

  • Change your perspective. Ask yourself, “How am I wrong?” Instead of “How am I right?”
  • Find satisfaction with loved ones and through things you enjoy.
  • Get ready for the lightning bolt awakening on July 31st by addressing the areas of your life that need addressing. You know what they are – get to work.

 Big Star Events:

    • June 4th– Saturn retrograde- When Saturn is in Aquarius it helps you construct your life for the future and pushes you to go, go, go! However, when he goes into retrograde roadblocks may come in the form of delays, sluggish energy and health issues-all things that will give you the opportunity to determine what is important to you. During this time, he wants you to take a breath and rest, to reflect on your priorities and to give you a nudge to show up for YOU. 


  • June 21st– Solstice- The Solstice is the time of the year where the Sun reaches its highest point in the sky in the northern and lowest point in the sky in the southern hemisphere and stands still. It’s the still point where magic resides – the apex of POWER. We’re celebrating it by offering a free powerful prosperity cleanse. Get rid of stale blocks and amp up your prosperity flow.
  • June 28th– Neptune retrograde- It’s time for that reality check. Truths are starting to come into focus and any rose-colored glasses that you’ve been wearing are coming off now. Even though you may be feeling grounded, things feel confusing and uncertain. The only constant in life is change and Neptune is here to offer compassion and love through these times. Be kind to yourself and others as you continue to embrace your heart’s wisdom and follow its guidance.

 Supportive Events:


On June 21st at 1:30 pm ET, the entire team will be going live on the FB biz page for a Solstice Prosperity Power Cleanse Ritual. We’re getting you ready for the BIG lightning bolt awakening on July 31st by clearing your prosperity blocks and opening your prosperity flow.


Say YES to you:

As always, Wisdom Wednesdays and Power Tips are included in our free Power Up Your Intuition group. Intuitive types (ways for you specifically to develop your intuition and step into your power) are going to be explored, so come have fun with us!

ENGAGE with your intuition:

In our Empowerment Membership, we’ll be doing rituals around the New and Full Moon in order to fully step into this pivotal time of power.  Join us in our supportive community filled with power and magic.


The Weekly Stars

Week 1: Welcome the Shift of Energies

Dates- May 30-June 5th

Let’s celebrate the end of Mercury retrograde this week and begin to get ready for the lightning bolt awakening on July 31st with Saturn’s karmic healing. Communications begin to flow easier and any snafus smooth out, however, lookout for upheaval that feels disruptive.

Surround yourself with support and take some time to really look at patterns or limiting beliefs that have been hanging around but no longer serve you. This is a good time for breakthroughs.

Weekly tips:

  1. Choose yourself and your health. Ramp up your health routines.
  2. Make a plan for lots of outreach next week.
  3. Celebrate! May is done – you’ve made it through one of the most difficult months of the year!

Week 2: Enjoy that Sigh of Relief

Dates-June 6th-12th

This week is a huge relief after all of the intense energies. Your mental game gets a boost and you have opportunities for some new partnerships. Excitement, freshness and freedom comes into play in your love life and with your finances. Enjoy.

Weekly tips:

  1. Look for opportunities by exploring potential relationships and collaborations.
  2. Do outreach – every single day this week – it’s been too long.
  3. Play in your love life.

Full Moon: Dream Big

Details: Full Moon Sun in Gemini & Moon in Sagittarius on June 14th@ 5°at 7:52am ET

Dream big and then get a glimpse of reality while you can. Your future seems evident in your mind. What do you really believe about your biggest and most heartfelt dreams? What are you willing to do to achieve them? What aren’t you willing to do? Explore ways to make your future a reality now. Take note and make any notes on course corrections—think minor adjustments, not major ones. The 5° symbolizes change and your ability to embody your goals. It’s time to shed the blocks and overcome the obstacles. If not now, when?

Week 3: Tread Lightly

Dates- June 13-19th

What a mixed bag! Some of the stars lift you up and energizing your life for success, love and money. Other stars bring you down, making you feel alone, lethargic and a bit depressed. Throw in a shift in power and you don’t know which way is up. Go with the flow. Lean into the yummy energies and lay low during the yucky ones.

Weekly tips:

  1. Release tension by going to the gym or relaxing outdoors.
  2. Embrace success in any form. Celebrate wins – however small. Minor victories count too.
  3. Give yourself a bit of a boost by adding a new design or flair to your wardrobe or office space.

Big Event:  Solstice on June 21st @ 5:41am ET as the Sun enters Cancer

Show up for yourself in ALL the areas of your life and business. This date marks either the longest or shortest day of the year and an opportunity to dive into the Power of the season! This Solstice is a great time to lean into wealthy ways of living and being, drinking in your values and standing firm in them.

Move forward in manifesting on this material plane – in a word – MONEY.

Join us on our FB biz page for a Solstice Prosperity Power Cleanse Ritual. We’re getting you ready for the BIG lightning bolt awakening on July 31st. You don’t want to miss this. It’s our first event of this kind and it will be epic.

Week 4: Things Are Moving!

Dates- June 20th-26th

Fortune, success, love, money all get a push this week. You’re thinking clearly, you’re feeling good and you’re ready for anything. Take full advantage and enjoy making strides.

Weekly tips:

  1. Say YES – in big ways and small.
  2. Do the Solstice Power Prosperity ritual. Seriously, this is a HUGE gift.
  3. Make the most of the week – sleep is overrated – catch up next week.

New Moon: Feeling Good

Details: New Moon in Cancer @ 7° on June 28 at 10:52 pm ET

Happy New Moon. Happy New Beginnings. Happy Healing. This New Moon is filled with energy for love-based endeavors, family time and home or office improvement projects. Power abounds Energy sizzles. Make the necessary adjustments to step into your power, gain authority and achieve success.

Week 5: Snap Back to Reality

Dates- June 27th-July 3rd

It’s time to get back to reality. You may wish for focus and realistic insights, but when they come – it can be too eye-opening. The confusion passes, but so does the ability to wish and dream. Intensity ramps up by the end of the week. Avoid power struggles and fighting for control. There are no winners in these type of scenarios, so use your energy to further your own goals. Keep your eyes forward and stay in your lane.

Weekly tips:

  1. Be flexible with the revealing of things you may have been avoiding.
  2. Get clear on your objectives.
  3. Do not scroll social media looking for easy answers. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

June by Intuitive Type:

Wise Strategist – June provides support, solace and relief. It also brings healing and openings to step into the best version of yourself. Use your patience to make sound decisions, but don’t let it to allow this moment to pass you by. This is one of those times where you can miss the mark. Don’t.

Intuitive Visionary – Fill yourself in at the core. Center, balance and grounding creates huge opportunity for success, love and money. Stop long enough to recognize when things aren’t in alignment and make the necessary adjustments. This can be a turning point for you.

Collaborative Explorer – Team work is still a challenge for others, so rely on your kindness to allow them to catch up. In the meantime, think of yourself and create success just for you. This month is supportive to open your power. Step into it and watch your goals materialize right before your eyes.  

Ruling Warrior – Things just aren’t moving fast enough. When you align yourself with your intuition, energy and strategy, then things fall into place. You see movement and your goals become real. Avoid power plays in the last two weeks and June creates the lift you’ve been desiring.  

Creative Superstar– June offers a beautiful creative backdrop. Let yourself sink into your creative pursuits in the 1st and 2nd week. Then, lean into the momentum the stars provide for the last two weeks. It’s still a creative time, but it’s one for outreach as well. Create and connect.

Loving Alchemist – You’ll love the energy of the Moons and the Solstice as these powerful intense moments match what you crave. However, it’s necessary that you let go of control at the end of the month. Get healing or advice to support you in allowing others to be – just be. It’s not your responsibility to step into their lanes. Stay in your own. Use this powerful time just for you.

Bottom Line:

June is filled with healing. Say yes to any and all healing, even though you may think you don’t need it. You do. Stay flexible and take advantage of the star energy pushing you toward your goals. The power is palpable. Are you harnessing the power available to you to its fullest?

Thank you for reading and sharing with family and friends.

Seriously, it would be great for you to share. Everyone benefits.

As always, wishing you joy,  


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Brilliance: Intuitive Knowing & Purpose Oracle

May 2022: Stay Grounded and Listen to Your Heart

Discover How the Stars Conspire to Help You Ride Out the Powerful Storm


This month has a cyclonic energy demanding you drop into your intuition to remain calm and be discerning. Charlatans and illusionists take advantage of the cacophony of chaos and uncertainty. Prepare yourself. Picture life as a chess board and you’re one piece on it. The board has gotten shaky and it’s unclear how to move forward. However, if you’ve been listening, you’ve already laid out your strategy. Trust it and follow it. Stay grounded and listen to your heart and you’ll actually stand in the center as the eye of the storm.

Supportive Intuitive Tools

Oracle card: #8-Satisfy

Despite or because of the storminess, this month is the perfect time to dive into what satisfies you, whether it be in work, play or passion projects. Satisfaction comes when you like yourself enough to follow your heart’s desires. Your heart holds wisdom, helping you with your discernment, but more importantly it inspires, energizes and connects you to the deepest parts of you. Your intuition sings when you step into satisfaction.

Crystal: Jade

Jupiter stays front and center this month and actually becomes much more intense as he dances with Pluto and steps into Aries. The plus side – you can attract all kinds of things into your life. The down side is – it’s intensity times a hundred. Jade compliments Jupiter’s energy beautifully as it softens all of the intensity coming at you, while maintaining the attractive qualities. This stone brings a sense of love and peace.

Flower essence: Rescue Remedy®

This Bach flower essences contains 5 flowers- Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Impatiens, Cherry Plum and Clematis to create a pattern of calm amidst stressful situations. Allow this essence to help calm your energy during this turbulent month. Let the flowers work their gentle magic in your system to align your mind, body and spirit. You can find this essence anywhere – it’s known as yoga in a bottle.

Supportive Practical Tips

Quick tip: Go back to the basics for calming, grounding and centering. If you have tools you’ve used in the past that worked, go back to them.  Tried and true is the theme this month.

Going Deeper:

  • Start a passion project that brings you satisfaction. Lose yourself in your own creations.
  • Go back to the strategy you laid out at the end of 2021 or revisit your intentions from January of this year. You have the pillars in place – follow them.
  • The stars want you to stay in your heart, so lean into all the ways of love, both the giving and receiving ends.
  • Take time off – a staycation is the perfect solution to relieve all of the noise swirling around you.

Big Star Events:

  • May 3rd– Jupiter excites Pluto: Jupiter and Pluto love power, success and influence and when they’re dancing there is nothing you can do, except let it happen. Anything you’ve set into motion in 2018 (the last time these two planets combined their energies) can come to fruition. Gather the energy around those seeds you planted – it’s their time to blossom!
  • May 10th Jupiter enters Aries: Fuel is added to the fire on the collective stage and greed, power plays and selfishness may come to the forefront at this time. However, this energy also has great power, opportunity and potential fortune if you’re bold enough to take a leap of faith with the discernment you learned in 2021. Your best options are to demonstrate confidence, stand in your leadership and innovate based on your own creative flow.
  • May 10th– Mercury goes into retrograde in Gemini: Mercury, the cosmic communicator, loves to get naughty when he stations retrograde. Most retrogrades have their share of technological snafus and miscommunications, but this particular retrograde is amplified due to the Gemini influence. It will be even more difficult to rely messages. Mercury wants you to drop into your intuition and let it reign. He’ll do anything to prevent you from allowing your mind to run the show. Other than following your intuition, your best bet is to release what no longer serves you, revisit your strategy, review your goals, revise your next steps forward and redistribute your resources.

Supportive Events:

For the public:

On May 3rd, Emily and I talk about Jupiter and Pluto with all of the exciting the energies on the world stage. She’s going to channel a message just for us! Join us on our FB biz page.

On May 10th, Miriam and I go deeply into the concept of power and why Jupiter moving into Aries is a BIG deal. Join us on our FB biz page.

Say YES to you:

As always, Wisdom Wednesdays and Scavenger Hunt Fridays are included in our free Power Up Your Intuition group. Additionally, we’ll be going back to the 2022 forecast guide to talk about the Sun and the Moon for even more support this month. Join us.  

ENGAGE with your intuition:

In our Empowerment Membership, we’ll be doing star peeks on your individual charts once again to see how Jupiter affects your fortune, luck and success. Ooo la la!  Join us in our supportive community filled with power and magic.

Claim & Prosper:

In our small group programs, we’ll be gifting you with a lunar journal to dive deeply into your power to merge with the power of the Moon.

Impact & Lead:

For our 1:1 clients, we’re gifting the Lunar Journal and a Manifesting Ritual to harness the star power to create your brightest future.

If you’d like to see how to become one of our clients, book a connection call with me. We’ll talk all the things for you to open your full potential to live your true life purpose.  

The Weekly Stars

Week 1: Harness the Power

Dates- May 2nd – 8th  

This is it! You have the ability, energy and power to create the life you want to live. How are you doing with that? Think back to 2018. What seeds did you plant that year? They come to fruition right here – right now. Fresh, new, exciting changes are here for you in all the ways of love, power and abundance, based on your unique definition of success. The energies give you the chance to embrace the change you want to see in yourself and inspire others through your actions. Remember, Mercury goes into retrograde next week so take some time to communicate clearly while you can!

Weekly tips:

  1. Show the love and then take the time to really receive it too.
  2. Find an activity that makes your heart sing and do it as much as possible.
  3. Take advantage of any collaborative opportunities before Mercury goes into retrograde.

Week 2: Take it Slow

Dates- May 9th – 15th

Mercury heads into retrograde on May 10th and this particular cycle may make your mind spin out of control, so following your heart will be the only way to navigate until he gets back on course June 3rd.

With Mercury up to his antics, this week might feel particularly tough as forces push you to another level of awakening, whether you’re ready for it or not. If you’re in your lane, you’ll love this momentum. If not, it’s going to be jarring. The week is complicated by a dissipating energy that puts road blocks in your path. Dig deep and go with the flow – both work for you. Dig deep into the core values of who you are and what’s important, then let go of your expectations to step into the natural flow of the Universe.

Weekly tips:

  1. Lean into your support system to remain calm.
  2. Check in daily with your strategic guide posts for direction.
  3. Take the lead if you are aligned to attract even more opportunities!

Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse: What is Real?

Details: Sun in Taurus & Moon in Scorpio 5/16 @ 12:14am ET

Leverage the energy to move toward a mature response to the push and pull of your life. Curb overly stress-inducing thought patterns that lead to overly indulgent behavior. Stop gas-lighting yourself. Stand in your decisions – let your YES be a YES and your NO be a NO.

Dive into your intuitive knowing for the answers you seek. Use the Martial and Uranian energies to take action to achieve the future you desire.

Week 3: Creative or Spiritual Pursuit

Dates- May 16th – 22nd

Deceptions and illusions abound as scandals and gossip create confusion. Don’t believe the first headline you read or item you hear as you’re only getting the partial truth. Let these energies swirl, but don’t take them in. AND absolutely do not make any big decisions this week. Now is NOT the time.  Your best course of action is to get wildly creative, dive deeply into spirituality and look at your strategy from an intuitive perspective. Develop a discipline that serves you to stay grounded.

Weekly tips:

  1. Let yourself get creative – do so in unusual ways.
  2. Go outside. Explore nature.
  3. Remove unwanted energies from your life.

Week 4: Cheers to Good News!

Dates- May 23rd – 29th

Good luck, fortune and success surges forward to fill you with optimism and ebullience. You’ll be able to attract your desires. You may find your mind sharper and able to drive you to push forward with success. Take it slow and watch your participation in relationship. Power issues come to the fore, warning you to stay in your lane.  Be intuitive, stay honest with yourself and allow things to unfold with wonder right in front of your eyes.

Weekly tips:

  1. Focus on how you wish to engage in your relationships.
  2. Avoid any tendency to try to control what’s going on around you.
  3. Be open to new possibilities presenting themselves this week.

New Moon: Intuitive Discipline

Details: New Moon in Gemini 5/30 @ 7:30 am ET

Gain the ability to influence your thoughts, instead of letting them lead you astray. Your mind is a tool you have the power to yield. Notice how your mind takes the lead and train it to be a passenger. Your intuition is poised to create flashes of brilliance and genius insights. Discipline yourself to develop your intuition through regular routines and frequent practice.

May Energy for Intuitive Types:

Ruling Warrior: Honestly, you’re going to hate this month. The energies feel as if they’re pushing you forward, but don’t materialize easily or swiftly. This is a time of patience and deep dives – two things that aren’t your favorite. You hate watching from the sidelines, so get athletic to burn off frustration. Better yet – take a staycation and get things done around the house.

Intuitive Visionary: This month is frustrating as flashes of brilliance and ideas are still coming, but don’t form as quickly as usual. Also, bringing them to fruition is more difficult than it should be. Coordinate with a designer to add creativity to your new insights or refine those out in the world to provide more possibility in the coming months.

Wise Strategist: If you lead from your heart, this month actually satisfies you. Let your mind relax, so not to succumb to the chaos and uncertainty. Allow yourself the space to breathe and just be. Remember – heart first, intuition second and mind last.

Creative Superstar: You love when Mercury goes into retrograde because it’s a big heart opening, giving you permission to drop into your creativity. Splurge! Relish the opportunity to stay in your creative flow. This month lets you lean into solitude, so take advantage to gather your energy for a renewed entrance into the world in June.

Collaborative Explorer: Communications are tough and connections aren’t easy. You may initiate a collaboration or project, but it’s unlikely to come to fruition. You feel the hidden agendas and power plays circulating around you, frustrating your efforts. Execute with care. Let things play out in front of you without attachment.

Loving Alchemist: You will LOVE this month! With the depth of Pluto’s energy, combined with sinking into love and diving into intimate conversations, you feel right at home. Honesty is revered right now. Take advantage by going deeply inward and embracing all the luscious energies that are available to you.

Bottom Line: May is a rough month, there’s no need to sugarcoat it. Instead of being swept up in all of the false things presenting around you, take the opportunity to go inward, review your progress and strategize your next moves. You’ve already established what your core values and put your pillars in place. Stay in alignment and Let your mind relax and not succumb to the chaos and uncertainty. await forward momentum in June.

Thank you for reading and sharing with family and friends.

Seriously, it would be great for you to share. Everyone benefits.

As always, wishing you joy,  


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Brilliance: Intuitive Knowing & Purpose Oracle

April 2022: Claim your Power

The stars are demanding you claim your power NOW: are you ready?


Hang tight because April has a lot of intense energies that will demand that you claim yourself, step into your power and lead with integrity. Anger, power grabs and temper tantrum-like energy will push you to your limit at times, but if you let your heart guide you there is a wave of momentum that you can ride to massive impact.

Supportive Intuitive Tools

Oracle card: #10- Allow

This card asks you to be vulnerable and to let go of limits and expectations. The only other ask is that you listen to your heart. Though allowing provides opportunity each and every day, this month you’ll want to double down on that sentiment so you can make strides along your pathway.

Crystal: Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz is typically associated with alignment, harmony and growth but when you really dance with its energy, you’ll discover it holds your full potential for you. As it does, you have the ability to step into your future. Let the transformation begin. 🥰

Flower essence: Walnut

Walnut is the perfect pairing for this month’s energy as it helps you stay grounded and steadfast in your commitment to yourself. Walnut gives you fortitude to accept the changes around you without losing who you are. This flower essence allows you to move into what your heart desires. 


Supportive Events

As always, Wisdom Wednesdays and Scavenger Hunt Fridays are included in our free Power Up Your Intuition group. Join us every week.

On April 6th, Kristy & I will be talking about ways to use the Sun and Moon power. We haven’t explained it in quite this way, so you’re in for a treat. Get your tips for success, love and money all year long. Combine this information with the Forecast guide and BOOM SAUCE.

Power Up group link:

Forecast guide link:


Supportive Practical Tips

 Quick tip:

  • Define and write down your top 3 core values and have them handy to refer to this month as disruptive energies run amuck.

Going Deeper:

  • Don’t shy away from difficult or uncomfortable actions this month.
  • Choose one or two creative outlets and let yourself have fun with them.
  • Get back to basics with your grounding, heart links and breathing so you can listen to your intuition.
  • Explore new ways to love as Venus moves gently through this month giving you softer energies.


New Moon – Do the right Thing

Details: Sun & Moon Aries on April 1st at 2:24 am ET

Do the right thing for the future. Use your mental prowess and heart-felt passion to help you awaken your creative aspects. The energy is ripe for volunteering and generosity as you gather momentum. Constriction is one of the themes this month, but for the New Moon focus on gathering your energy, your ideas and goals and then planting them down into the Earth for stability.


Week 1: Hit the Ground Running

Dates- 3/28-4/3

The stars are ramping up, making it the perfect time to gather your ideas and plans that have been ruminating. Ground yourself before diving in, then roll up your sleeves and get to work. Mercury is front and center as he kisses the Sun, so expect a lot of communication to be happening around you. This week is a great time for collaboration, meeting new people and even some travel planning. Make sure to listen carefully to your inner wisdom and don’t overcommit yourself.

Weekly tips:

  1. Use your voice and share some ideas. Better yet, reach out for collaborative opportunities.
  2. Enjoy the changing of the seasons!
  3. Buy a plant or plant some seeds to physically connect to the Earth.


Week 2: Do the Hard Work

Dates- 4/4-4/10

This week requires you to drop deeply and intimately into the hard work required to do the right thing. Integrity is strongest at the beginning of the week. You’re helped mid-week by Jupiter as he gives you the opening to step into your future of peace, abundance and sustainability.  But, only if you took advantage of making the hard choice to do the right thing.

Despite the intensity that Jupiter, Mars and Saturn brings this week, Venus gifts you with an underlying vibration of sweetness and romance. Lean into her energies when yearning for relief.

Weekly Tips:

  1. Choose something that has felt difficult before and start doing it.
  2. Ground yourself 2-3 times per day. Use your breath or go out in nature.
  3. Catch up on any administrative tasks you’ve been avoiding.


Week 3: Strap in and Stay Grounded


Hang on tight because the biggest star event of 2022 happens this week as Jupiter and Neptune meet for big impact. The possibilities these two planets bring to the table are bountiful- acceptance, inclusion, broadened perspective, increased awareness, imagination, creativity and love. Unfortunately, these possibilities may feel difficult to bring to fruition, especially if you’re not standing firmly in your core values or leaning into your intuition. When you’re not connected to yourself, this energy blasts you with delusion, distraction and escapist forces.

At the end of the week, take advantage of Saturn’s energy supporting you in moving forward on any tasks or goals that have been lingering. This is a blessing due to the other big star configuration. Patience, perseverance and strong work ethics are enhanced right now.

Weekly Tips:

  1. Revisit your values in your personal and professional life as things come up in the collective that may feel disruptive and cloudy.
  2. Creativity flows. Make sure to jot down any ideas so you can revisit them later.
  3. There is a sweet underlying tenderness in the air, take time to enjoy it fully.


Full Moon – Say YES

Details: Sun in Aries & Moon in Libra on April 16th @ 2:55 pm ET

This Full Moon is an invitation for you to step up to the challenge of saying YES to transformation. Remember saying YES brings the potential to step into the life of your dreams. This Full Moon is going to be what you make of it. If you choose to open yourself to new possibilities and opportunities, it feels amazing. If not, the pressure on you to do so increases – exponentially. Be brave and shine your brilliance. You know you want to… 😘


Week 4: Ride or drown in the waves – you decide

Dates- 4/18-4/24

The beginning of the week is going to feel amazing thanks to Mercury and Venus. Attraction is amplified, especially when it comes to new relationships, friendships or love in any form. With that said, there’s also transformative power asking you to come out and claim you place in the world. If you claim your place, it’s yours. Period.

Since attraction is the name of the game, there’s also the potential to bring in more of those things you don’t want. If you are not claiming what you desire, you may find yourself surrounded by competitive situations or fall into people pleasing scenarios. Be brave and continue to make those hard decisions to move forward in the way that YOU desire.

Weekly Tips:

  1. Claim it and say it! Decide what you want, visualize what it would look like and say it out loud to give you the power to make it come true.
  2. Open your heart to all forms of love.
  3. Get back to basics: sleep, eat well and stay grounded.


Week 5: Look ahead

Dates- 4/25-5/1

This is the week to visualize and plan your future. Look at where you’re meeting your goals and lean in to make them a reality. Pluto requires more transformation from you, but this week’s New Moon and Ecliptic energy is perfect for aligning your thoughts with your actions.

This month has been full of extreme and uncomfortable energies, but growth comes from pushing through your resistance. Enjoy the attraction of abundant energy and open yourself up fully to the possibilities!

Weekly Tips:

  1. Lean into the Ecliptic energy and visualize future plans and dreams.
  2. Journal or draw out some of your deep thoughts or feelings as they arise.
  3. Engage with loved ones and express your appreciation for them!


Black Moon/Eclipse

Details: Sun in Taurus & Moon in Scorpio on April 30th at 4:28 pm ET

Your thoughts are aligned with your desires, but the tension and pressure cloud your ability to maintain the attraction. It’s confusing to know what’s real and what’s fake unless you dive into your intuitive knowing for the answers.

This New Moon has the potential to be full of fortune, unexpected good news and fresh perspectives. Ask yourself these questions as you set goals for this first of the Ecliptic pair: How can I be curious? How can I open my mind and shift my perspective? How can I open myself up to creativity?

Set goals right now and know that you can move forward to bring them into fruition. Stake your claim now as the upcoming energy shifts cause distractions. Don’t fall prey to getting off course.  

Have you taken the quiz to discover your intuitive type? If not, go to: to receive specific energy forecasts, 2022 success tips and ways to develop your intuition.


April Energy for Intuitive Types:

Ruling Warrior: This is your month! Take advantage of this forward momentum to step-up and be the leader that you want to be.

Intuitive Visionary: These energies fascinate you and you may want to move fast with them, but take a few steps back and get some definition before going forward. Let those around you catch up to your vision, otherwise you’ll leave them behind.

Wise Strategist: This is the time to choose YOU and put yourself at center stage. Trust yourself and take that step forward, it won’t always be easy, but go back to your toolkit and continue to ground yourself and breathe through the energies.

Creative Superstar: You are going to LOVE weeks one and four, so mark your calendar and enjoy! The big star event on April 12th is also going to be fantastic for you to put your gifts out into the world and make your mark.

Collaborative Explorer: Clear and concise collaboration will be difficult this month, so take full advantage of your explorer side and do some personal excavation or move outside your comfort zone to try new things.

Loving Alchemist: This month is all about power and gathering, so you’ll love the healing energy available for both. Open yourself up to opportunities and lean into those pieces of yourself that need to be healed and released. Then fully claim your power.


Bottom Line:

April is an energetically charged month, challenging you to come out into the world. If you’re able to tap into your inner knowing and ride the waves of March, you’ll find April giving you the momentum to move forward at a quick pace. If you found yourself hiding in any aspect, last month you’ll be pushed to come out and stand in your power to stake your claim.


Thank you for reading and sharing with family and friends.

Seriously, it would be great for you to share. Everyone benefits.

As always, wishing you joy,  


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Brilliance: Intuitive Knowing & Purpose Oracle

March 2022: Stand Firm in Your Beliefs

Intense energy is crashing around us: are you firm in your power?


March has the energetic signature of the ocean as it crashes and recedes from the shore. The expansion and contraction of energies feels off-putting and unstable at times. However, with these unsettling energies comes the potential to plant yourself firmly in your beliefs and positively respond to the chaotic energy instead of negatively reacting to it.

Another way to look at the month is through the annual forecast. This month is a mixed bag. There’s good news and fortunate progress on things that have been held back for too long. There’s also an impatient outburst because nothing seems to fit any longer. Enough is enough. Keep your cool and you’ll leverage the positive aspects of this month.

Supportive Intuitive Tools

Oracle card: #1 Calm


It’s no coincidence this month’s card is the push and pull of the masculine and feminine energies. In numerology, the number 1 represents initiation and taking the first step in your journey, but the core of the message is to remain calm and respond to the energy around you. When you do, you can influence the outcome. When you don’t, the outcome becomes the creation you must deal with, whether you want to or not.  

Crystal: Moldavite

Moldavite is an extremely high vibrational stone that helps with transformation and quantum leaping. The crystal is thought to come from a meteorite thus holding the very essence of the cosmos and infinite possibilities. When working with moldavite, take care with its fast-moving energy. Combine this stone with a centering crystal such as; moss agate or ocean jasper. Either one will allow you to go with the flow of the change moldavite brings.

Flower essence: White Chestnut

White Chestnut calms the mind and soothes the repetitive thoughts that may get in the way of your intuition. This flower essence aids in sleep by helping quiet your runaway mind and remove the distractions by bringing you back into the present. This soothing flower essence is a go-to during times of stress.

 Supportive Practical Tips

Quick tip:

  • Find a supportive way to stand firmly in your power. This isn’t the time to go it alone. Find supportive people, groups, situations.

Going Deeper:

  • Choose one of your favorite spots in nature and energetically connect to it through a heart link. Let us know if you don’t know how to do a heart link. We’ll show you in our Power Up Your Intuition Group. (link to group)
  • Claim one song or piece of music that you can return to throughout the month. For even deeper connection, take time to use the song to move energy through your body.
  • Take 3-5 breaks throughout each day to reconnect to yourself.
  • Open your mind to wonder in areas of your life that you don’t often notice. Embrace gratitude for these lesser known parts of you. Let them come out into the world.

 New Moon – Explosive Power

Details: Sun & Moon in Pisces on March 2nd at 12:35 pm ET

This New Moon is powerfully delicious and can be supportive as it asks you to open up to possibilities and look for creative ways to claim your future self. There’s a combination of Mars and Pluto asking you to courageously dissolve the things that aren’t working for you and shed habits, routines and practices that no longer serve you or your purpose. This is the time. Either claim your future or let it go. If you claim, you may feel as if you’re being pushed off a cliff. Yet, remember – you can fly.

Week 1: Embrace Passion & Fortune

Dates- 2/28-3/6

Use this first week of the month to take advantage of the forward momentum from February as you pursued your weirdly (“wyrd’) creative and imaginative side. “Wyrd” comes from ancient Norse culture and means: magical, unknown and wonder. This is a perfect week to explore ways to bring the original and unconventional into your everyday life.

Mid-week starts to feel explosive as Mars comes forward with his intense energy, but when you stand in your power, you can move forward toward in alignment. Be wary of power grabs and manipulation. This is the time to test your progress on the 2020 intentions of discernment and discipline. You’ve had more than 12 months to develop these strengths and it’s a good thing as you need them in spades now.

Stay in the eye of the storm to get passionate about your life and those you love. Welcome new and exciting possibilities.

Weekly tips:

  1. Explore your “wyrd” side by reading, exploring or doing something you’ve been interested in.
  2. Look at any problems that may arise from an opposite point of view and be open to creative solutions.
  3. Don’t let outside forces shift you from your lane.

 Week 2: Revel in the World – Within and Without

Dates- 3/7-3/13

Your future is here, can you recognize it? Creative innovations spring up around you. Are you aware of them or are you seeing reflections of your former self? It’s important to remember the pillars you planted last year. The energies are forcing you to take notice, but what lens are you looking through? Your own or someone else’s?   There’s a push and pull, outward and inward, making you want to put your head in the sand.  If you do, tap into your inner knowing. It’s your only reliable compass.

The good news? The last part of this week stirs up passionate, loving and tender energies to indulge you. Enjoy – you’ve earned it.

Weekly Tips:

  1. Look around in wonder at new things you may have overlooked.
  2. Take some time to yourself for indulgence.
  3. Stand firm in your authentic self and let your intuition guide you as intense energies threaten to pull you off track.

Week 3: Enjoy the Eye of the Storm


This week is a reprieve from the shifting energies so far this month. Imagine standing on a beach as the water recedes back into the ocean and take that time to revel in the calm surrounding you. Relish the calm you have created for yourself.

Weekly Tips:

  1. Get out in nature for a walk or hike to celebrate the Equinox.
  2. Take stock of the ways you’ve said YES to yourself and celebrate them!
  3. Revisit any intentions you have set in the past three months and see if you want to revise or update any of them.

Full Moon – Opportunistic Tension

Details: Sun in Pisces & Moon in Virgo @ 27°on March 18th @ 3:17 am ET

If you took the opportunity to dissolve unwanted thoughts, habits and beliefs during the New Moon at the beginning of the month, this Full Moon will feel delicious. You’re flowing in alignment and using the momentum of star power to propel you forward. However, there’s tension between your thoughts on what the future may bring and the actions you’re required to take.  Remember it’s easier knowing then doing.

Your thoughts are supportive of your future goals, so take some time to consider the words: power, magnetism and charisma and how they feel in different areas of your life. Lean into the earthy energies of Pluto and the Moon to support you as you create your very best future. This is about creation, not intending. Actions are required. 

Happy Equinox and Happy Birthday Aries!

As the Northern and Southern Hemispheres celebrate equal amounts of luscious energy from the Sun and the Moon, we also celebrate the beginning of the zodiac year and welcome in the energy of Aries.

This Equinox is all about the balance between: authority and power, masculine energy and feminine energy and the magical and practical. It’s a time to claim or reclaim your power: are you in or are you out?

 Week 4: Anchor yourself knowing that you are true potential

Dates- 3/21-3-27

Explore your creative urges, seeking areas you’ve overlooked previously. Be indulgent in your imaginative and intuitive pursuits. Listen to those messages and signals from the Universe but STAY GROUNDED!

Pluto wants you to go inward for those deep insights and connections, but stay alert for outside influences that may lead to self-delusion, gaslighting or manipulation from others.

Stay aligned and true to yourself as outside energies can feel aggressive or rebellious in nature.

Weekly Tips:

  1. Ground, ground, ground!
  2. Explore creative endeavors you may have been resisting.
  3. Be aware of any outside influences that may try to penetrate your energetic field. Fortify your energy.

Bottom Line:

March tests your willingness and ability to stay in your lane. Get centered and remain grounded. Mars is here to see if you are strong in your core values. If you are, you witness the energy and respond with calm authority. If not, you’re swept up with the tides. Either way, March is filled with power.

Thank you for reading and sharing with family and friends.

Seriously, it would be great for you to share. Everyone benefits.

As always, wishing you joy,  


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Brilliance: Intuitive Knowing & Purpose Oracle

February 2022: Create Your Best Life

How will you create the amazing life you want to lead? 


Be brave. Take action. You were given this beautiful life, make it real.

These past few years have been a lot. We know it and now, we’re proclaiming it’s time to stand up and be counted. So, we’re going to do many things this month that are creative, supportive and loving to breathe ease into these energies.

Remember, you’ve chosen to be here at this moment, at this time, with these people, doing these things. Your soul is ready, are you?

Come with us.

We’ll do it together.

Supportive Intuitive Tools

Oracle card: #21 Align

The stacked stones and the lines in the image have meaning. Be like the stones standing your mind, heart and will together in balance and synchronicity. Then walk your line, even when it means going around or through yourself. You are important enough to make the effort to align with your true life purpose.

Crystal:Orange Sapphire

Sapphire is about truth and wisdom. You know what’s true and desire to express yourself in the world. Orange sapphire is joyous and free. This stone makes connections and brings people together.

Flower essence: Rock Rose 

This flower essence is for calm and courage. Rock rose is a bright yellow flower that appears amidst a sea of struggled growth as it takes hold in even the poorest types of soil. This flower essences helps you step into being able to make decisions, stand up and move through when otherwise you would have been struck with panic or anxiety.

Supportive Practical Tips

Quick tip:

  • Get creative about how you want to live your life.

Diving deeper:

  • Have fun.
  • Get romantic.
  • Find support.
  • Recognize that taking action prevents worry from taking hold.
  • Find ways to take action and make progress.
  • Disregard that which isn’t yours.
  • Focus on the long-term if you’re not seeing clear steps right in front of you.
  • Connect with others, especially those who are like-minded.

Big Star Events (in chronological order):

  • Feb 3 – Mercury direct – clear communications, technology that works and travel relief
  • Feb 17 – Uranus sextile Jupiter – new and exciting
  • Feb 20 – USA Pluto return – conflicted and destabilizing

New Moon: Feb 1 – Welcome Love!

Details:New Moon in Aquarius @ 12° on February 1st @ 12:46 am ET

It’s all about love and creativity. Let yourself explore the many ways of love and step into how you love to be seen, heard and known. It’s time for you to ask for the love you know you deserve. 

Week 1: Let the Good Times Roll

Dates – 1/31 – 2/6

The first day of the month – It’s the Chinese New Year – Happy Water Tiger!

How will you hit reset to claim the life you deserve?

Make the most out of everything you love and change what you don’t. This is about what you desire, what you love and what feels delicious. Venus just came out of retrograde. What did you learn about yourself? How are you valued and appreciated? It’s time to put down stakes. Claim yourself. Lead the life you want to lead. There are no more excuses, rationales or stories that define you. You are greater than you can ever imagine. NOW is the time.

The stars are positioning themselves to support your creations. It’s time to create exactly what you want to see in the world as Mercury stations direct on the 3rd and you feel strong, courageous and magnetic at the end of the week. By the same token, you know that you’ve made so many smart moves and hard choices these last few years. It’s time to see the physical evidence of all of your hard work.

Weekly tips:

  1. Choose yourself in ways that make positive impact in your daily life.
  2. Step into your leadership role.
  3. Do a manifestation ritual this week.

Week 2: Take risks.

Dates – 2/7 – 2/13

If you’ve ever thought of taking a risk, now is the time to get serious about what and how that would look for you. Freedom is so close you can taste and smell it. What would you choose if freedom was yours for the taking?

People and circumstances are aligning for you to say YES to what you thought was out of reach. It’s not. Reach out, take hold and ride.

This is about those things you’ve been yearning for your whole life. This isn’t about a shiny new, easy-too-good-to-be-true scenario. This is deep, meaningful and lasting.

Weekly tips:

  1. Assess what you want to release and completely let go.
  2. Step into something that’s new for you in reality, but not new in your heart.
  3. Get creative about ways to be fully present. 

Full Moon: Feb 16th – What’s authentic to you?

Details: Full Moon Sun in Aquarius and Moon @ 27° in Leo 2/16 @ 11:56 am ET

Every year, the Moon sits in Leo while the Sun savors Aquarius and when the Moon is in complete opposition to the Sun, you are asked what’s true for you? How do you fit into the world in your most authentic and vulnerable self? You’re pressed to put your heart and soul into the world in the farthest stretching you can imagine. Will you show up? And if so, how?

Week 3: Stay focused in your truth.  

Dates – 2/14 – 2/20

The beginning of the week brings new concepts, ways of thinking and ideas. You want to talk to someone and create connections that are opportunistic. This is a supportive time for you to go with your instincts and realize your natural gifts. It’s time for you to appreciate what’s natural for you, whether that’s the simple pleasures in life, your abundant nature or your innate leadership skills.

Week 3 quick tips:

  • Stay the course. Don’t make any big swings in trajectory.
  • Use your heart for decisions. Your mind has run amuck – it’s not to be trusted right now.
  • Take a pause moment before scheduling. You have the tendency to say YES without thinking.

Big Star Events: Put up or shut up.

Feb 17 – Jupiter sextile Uranus

Feb 20 – USA Pluto return

Personally, passion, romance and love are in the air. You feel sexy and alive. You want to connect in all the ways of love. There are unexpected opportunities, filled with good news. It’s your time to be creative and innovative to make your desires a reality.

Happy Birthday Pisces!  Everyone has the opportunity to imagine, dream and feel softer, more tender and sweet. This is a relief as your mind has been in overdrive for the past month. Now the heart gets center stage. How can you nourish, replenish and heal?

On the world stage, things are playing out, especially in America, to be inclusive, accepting and forgiving. Do you really feel so strongly about things that don’t involve you directly? Ask yourself whether your opinions and judgments are based in love or fear. Then ask yourself, what are you willing to do about it other than proclaim, exclaim and discriminate? If you’re using your energy to form opinions, then put your ‘money where your mouth is’ so to speak. Get involved. Be part of the solution, instead of the problem.

Weekly tips:

  1. Determine what you’re willing and not willing to do about things happening in the world.
  2. Based on #1, show up.
  3. Be the truest version of yourself.

Week 4: It’s time to show up.

Dates – 2/21 – 2/27

The world needs you and what you crave, craves you. Answer the question, “What can’t you shut up about?” Make a list. Take it to heart. Then, fight for the causes you believe in. It’s time.

Something new and exciting or weird and upsetting closes the month. Then, it’s on to March.

Weekly tips:

  1. Look beneath the surface for your truth.
  2. Accept it.
  3. Act on it.

Bottom Line:

February is the time to make your moves. Isn’t it past time you live the life you were born to live?


Thank you for reading and sharing with family and friends.

Seriously, it would be great for you to share. Everyone benefits.

As always, wishing you joy,  


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Stephanie Cartwright

Sacred Creator & Relationships Mentor

Stephanie creates content, meditations, rituals and protocols for small group programs and is the relationship mentor for our clients.

She is an earth lover and a certified forester (we’re talking redwoods)-turned-counselor (think personal growth).

Stephanie shows chickens and sheep (yep) and her most prized possession is a black dragon statue.

Brilliance: Intuitive Knowing & Purpose Oracle

January 2022: Be true to you

How can the stars help you fully believe in your powerful gifts?


You have the chance to see the value of accepting the new. Open yourself to positive change by staying flexible and operating from your heart, instead of your mind. Stress and busyness threaten your thoughts. Stay in your heart to uplift you and create ease. Choose nourishing and fulfilling activities. Satisfaction is the key to achieving your goals.

Supportive Events     

1. Jan 3rd at 10:00 am ET, I’m going LIVE with Emily Aarons to talk everything 2022. Join the thousands who will be watching. Grab your free guide. 

2. Dreams, Desires & Dollars Challenge – I’ll be hosting. It’s new and EPIC, of course. And they’ll be tons of prizes. Join us LIVE for 3-days on Jan 11th – 13th 9:30 – 10:30 am ET or catch the #replay. Register here.

Supportive Intuitive Tools

Oracle card: #4 – Believe

Be certain of your full potential. Review the words potential and possibility. What do these mean to you? Believing in yourself is paramount for living to your full potential. This card is a prompt to remind you to gather your thoughts into the positive about yourself, your strengths, gifts, talents and abilities. It’s a remembrance of all you’ve been through and how you’ve successfully navigated your life. Capture these thoughts and lean into their certainty.

Crystal: Kyanite

This stone aligns your mind, heart and willingness to take action. Allow kyanite to calm you by quietening your thoughts and appreciating the circumstances of your life. Through an open heart, you find answers to cut through doubt and limiting beliefs.

This stone is too fragile to carry in your purse or pocket, so keep a kyanite on your computer, kitchen sink or night stand.

Flower essence: Gentian

Gentian instills confidence, hope and energy to carry on and go forth after an exhausting and limiting time. Take this flower essence to avoid disappointment or when you feel pessimistic about expending time and effort toward an uncertain outcome. Gentian also helps restore your trust in your own abilities. A great affirmation is; “I am confident in my abilities. I believe in a positive outcome.”

Supportive Practical Tips

Quick tip:

  • Drop into your heart – it knows the way.

Diving deeper:

  • Get creative – draw, color, write, journal, doodle.
  • Say your affirmations.
  • Do a heart link with your intentions for 2022.
  • Put your intentions on your bathroom mirror and review them daily.
  • Take a yoga class or set aside time for still moments a few times a week.
  • Make a list of your talents, strengths and gifts.

Big Star Events (in chronological order):

  • Jan 12 – Uranus stations direct – forward motion
  • Jan 14 – Mercury goes retrograde – doubts, distractions, snafus
  • Jan 18 – Collective soul karma shifts – simplicity, natural flow, feminine gifts
  • Jan 29 – Venus stations direct – be true to you

New Moon: Jan 2nd – Your Future Awaits

Details: New Moon January 2nd @ 1:33 pm ET in Capricorn @ 12°

The Sun and Moon conspire to help you make excellent choices for your future. Opportunities present themselves to resolve the setbacks and limitations of 2021. Say YES to these harmonizing changes to make them real and lasting.

Week 1: Let the Good Times Roll

Dates – 1/1 – 1/9

Lead your life as if it’s a new day.  Your future is here. The time is now. Have you said a resounding YES by committing to being the central person in your life? Give yourself permission to step into your future.  

Every day this week presents another opportunity for you. It’s a great time to try something new, gain insights into a new way of doing things, think unusual and creative thoughts or actually get creative. Strive for pleasure, peace and harmony.

Go to a museum, art show or concert (safely of course). Or better yet, get intimate and romantic with that special someone.

Week 1 quick tips:

  • Do one thing that gives you pleasure.
  • Create a vision board if you haven’t already.
  • Go to an art store, buy good paper & pens and make cool designs.  

Week 2: Define What Satisfies You

Dates – 1/10 – 1/16

Get imaginative and go back into the plans you made at the end of 2021. Open your heart to the truth of you and your future. Envision yourself in your full potential – what do you see? What supports you in achieving your dreams? Have you tasted the satisfaction of your success? How will you accomplish your goals?

Say YES to opportunities and supports. However, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Avoid the quick, easy 1-2-3 formulas. They won’t last and will derail you from your true path.

Mercury is up to his antics again as he goes retrograde on the 14th and stays until Feb 3rd. He creates doubts and limiting beliefs. Don’t let him.

The end of the week brings power struggles and upsets. Let go of control and allow the influence of your intuitive gifts to come to the surface.

Week 2 quick tips:

  • Do yoga.
  • Join a supportive community and commit to participating fully.
  • Meditate at least 4 times a week. (The 4×4 still works – let us know if you’d like the ritual.)

Full Moon: Jan 17th – Open to Your Healing

Details: Full Moon January 17th @ 6:48 pm ET Sun in Capricorn & Moon in Cancer @ 27°

The Sun urges you to go deep within to heal your issues with control, over-responsibility and inability to be brutally honest with yourself. The Moon pushes you to open your heart and soften your hard edges. Shed the shield you carry thinking you’re protecting yourself. You’re not. You’re merely limiting your own potential. Let Venus’ love exploration over the last few weeks guide you in finding the value of YOU. Be the truest version of yourself. Your future awaits.

Big Star Event: Jan 18th – Step into Your Soul Destiny of Wisdom & Ease

The collective soul karma shifts again on January 18th and stays in the energies of Taurus and Scorpio until July 17, 2023. The cacophony of the Gemini/Sagittarius karmic tension falls silent after an exhaustive 18 months. No more noisy, endless shouting. Relief comes with muted tones and muffled voices. However, the silence may be deafening as the world has become commotion-blind.

Striving for Taurian qualities, everyone has the ability to reach for status, position and luxury. Tradition, dignity, natural beauty and the arts reign. Calm, stability and value are at the fore as are money, nature and stewardship. Environmental and animal rights are core themes in the upcoming months.

Week 3: Brilliant or Distracted? 

Dates – 1/17 – 1/23

Happy Birthday Aquarians! It’s been your time for the past year and now you get to sing happy birthday once again. In fact, everyone can take advantage of your energy.

Have you welcomed your flashes of brilliance and innovative ideas? Are you grounding them to bring them into the world? OR have you struggled with busyness, stress and self-doubt? If you’ve been shining your gifts, stay your course to create success and fortune. If you’ve gone to ground to avoid the cacophony in the world, it’s time to come out and play. Ride the wave. You’ve got Saturn on your side until March 2023. He can help you make the right choices for you.

Toward the end of the week, watch out for overscheduling and miscommunication. There’s a spike in both.

Week 3 quick tips:

  • Stay the course. Don’t make any big swings in trajectory.
  • Use your heart for decisions. Your mind has run amuck – it’s not to be trusted right now.
  • Take a pause moment before scheduling. You have the tendency to say YES without thinking.

Week 4: Attract Support

Dates – 1/24 – 1/30

Even though the Sun is in Aquarius, Capricorn energy reigns your thoughts, sympathies and actions. At the core, you yearn for the future, freedom and originality. Yet, you’re seriously thinking about committing to familiar, traditional and seemingly secure activities. This dichotomy helps you uncover parts of yourself that help you deal with any stress and control issues.

Stay flexible and get comfortable with uncertainty. Just because you know something doesn’t mean it’s the truth for you. Focus on making sure you have support while helping others have what they need. You may need to move forward with changes that may be uncomfortable, but ultimately necessary and helpful. Remember, you only need to see the first step. Let faith take you the rest of the way.

Week 4 quick tips:

  • Follow the plans you created in 2021.
  • Journal what makes you unique and what you appreciate about yourself.
  • Make a list of truly supportive people. Make a plan to connect with them when Mercury stations direct (first week of February).

Bottom Line: January is a great time to believe in yourself.

 Deepen your commitment to yourself by opening your heart to the truth of you.  

Thank you for reading and sharing with family and friends.

Seriously, it would be great for you to share. Everyone benefits.

As always, wishing you joy,  


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Brilliance: Intuitive Knowing & Purpose Intuition

Intentions 2022

why you can’t rely on resolutions and how to create unlimited potential

It’s that time of year again. Everyone is ready to make resolutions for the new year.


There’s a problem.

Resolutions don’t work.





In fact, less than 10% of people keep their resolutions.

That’s a 90% fail rate.

This is a terrible statistic.

Why don’t resolutions work?

A resolution is a specific goal to change something you don’t like about yourself. They are born from the negative and because of that, you typically drop your resolutions after a few weeks. After you drop them, you feel badly about yourself.

Additionally, resolutions are:

  • The beginning of a downward spiral.
  • Based on the mind and what it deems to be unacceptable.
  • Trying to fix, cull or sharpen.
  • Determined by the calendar and not on your wants, needs and desires.


Throw that negative, failing and calendar-based tradition away.

There’s a better way.

Invite intentions into your life and watch the magic unfold.

Setting intentions is fun, supportive and powerful.

It’s a time to relax, unwind and wonder.

Wish, dream, create.

Set intentions, instead of resolutions, to:

  • Lift yourself up, instead of being dragged down.
  • Be positive, not negative.
  • Start an upward spiral, instead of a downward one.

Intentions are positive and heartfelt. They’re based on dreams and desires. They help you blossom and surround yourself with support, making it easier to step into opportunity.

Intentions matter because the entire process links your mind, heart and soul. They help you open your mind to the wonder of wishes, tap into your heart to dream and step into your power. Intentions are about the creative process, not hardline production to achieve specific results.

Creating intentions involves time for reflection and dreaming, connecting with yourself and opening to possibility.

Create intentions by:

  • Gathering a beautiful journal or stationary. Grab your favorite beverage and writing utensil. Pens, markers, colored pencils are all appropriate writing implements.
  • Set aside time to reflect and dream. If you have trouble quietening your mind and opening it to dream big, here’s my big dream meditation.
  • After you’ve reflected or meditated, write your wishes. Wonder, imagine, ponder. Your intentions should make you feel good, not pressured.
  • Draw them out. Make them pretty.

The biggest criticism about intentions is the inability to quantify whether you’ve achieved them or not.

That’s the thing.

Intentions aren’t measurable – on purpose. They open you up to YOU. Just like you’re not measurable, intentions aren’t either.

And just like you, intentions can be realized when you envision, fuel and open up to them.

Make intentions come true by:

  • Activate them with a Pinterest board or vision journal.
  • Do a heart link with them.
  • Display them somewhere – in a frame by your bedside, on your refrigerator or tapped to your bathroom mirror.
  • Talk with a friend about your intentions.

You can get make your intentions real when you develop your intuition, drop into your heart and follow your soul’s destiny.  

If you want more, join me on Marci’s Instagram LIVE on Instagram @Official Wake Up with Marci  on Wednesday, December 15th at 1:30 pm ET.

We’re going to talk all about intentions.

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends.

As always, wishing you joy,


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Brilliance: Intuitive Knowing & Purpose Oracle

December 2021: Create Success

What can you do to create good fortune?    


This excerpt is from my 2021 annual forecast and still holds true. 

The New Era lands. Our last chance to hold onto old ways disappears this month for our benefit. There’s transformative power, creative energies and a massive push toward positive change. 2022 is right around the corner with its nebulous influences. Personally, we can take a breath, but collectively, we’ll have to see how we fared this year. If we made the hard choices, it’ll make it so much easier for the next 12 months. If not, we’re in for uprooting once again. 

Supportive Intuitive Tools

Oracle card: #1 – Calm

Go inward to deepen your knowing for every area of your life. Breathe in your knowing, breathe out distractions. It’s intention time. What are your intentions for 2022? 

Crystal: Clear twin quartz

Clear quartz acts like a battery to charge your life and twin quartz stimulates your ability to draw what you desire into your life. This stone brings unlimited potential and power, attracting abundance, joy and satisfaction as you manifest your dreams. 

Clear quartz clarifies, amplifies and purifies for you. It’s also a powerful healer, in fact, it’s known as a master healer. It illuminates universal wisdom, making it available to you. 

Clear quartz is a multitasker as it meets the energy at the appropriate level in every situation. 

Flower essence: Elm

In times of stress, elm gives you the opportunity to gain equanimity regarding your responsibilities. You feel powerful, instead of overwhelmed as you remember you’re separate from your responsibilities – they don’t define you. This is especially helpful during the holiday season as elm boosts your energy and fortitude to keep going, while maintaining composure. 

Elm goes deeper to lift your confidence supporting you as you develop your self-worth. This flower essence opens you to receive support when its offered. 

Supportive Practical Tips

Quick tip:

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and envision yourself a year from now. Write down what you’re doing. This is your theme for 2022.  

Diving deeper:

In addition to your theme, picture yourself a year from now. What have you accomplished? These are your intentions for 2022. 

  •  Make a list of 3 things you can do now to start your year off right. 
  •   Enjoy yourself. It’s holiday time – a little indulgence is in order. 
  • Fuel your intentions the 2nd week of December. 
  • Celebrate the solstice. 
  •  Take a pause moment at the New Year to link your heart and your mind. Celebrate you and your loved ones, appreciating all you have. Lean into 2022 with your newly fueled intentions.  

Big Star Events (in chronological order):

  • Neptune direct 12/1 – clarity
  • Mercury out of bounds 12/2 – 12/28 – crazy thoughts
  •   Total Solar Eclipse 12/4 – intentions
  • Venus retrograde 12/19 – 1/29/2022 – value
  • Chiron direct 12/19 – healing
  • Solstice 12/21 – pivot
  • Saturn square Uranus 12/24 (3rd of 3 this year) – future
  • Jupiter ingres Pisces 12/28 – expansion

Week 1: Different Outlook 

Dates – 11/29 – 12/5

December begins with clarity and you may like what you see and you may not. This is the month to course correct, if you want to make the most of 2022. Set things in motion now as it’s not going to be easy to do next year. 

Focus on the long-term as things seem a bit wacky this week. Keep your thoughts in check by letting your heart make your decisions. Create a daily routine that brings you closer to your definition of success. 

Week 1 quick tips

  • Reestablish your healthy habits. 
  • Harness your thoughts through meditation and reflection.
  • Stay calm.

New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse : Intentions 2022

Details: December 4 – Sun & Moon in Sagittarius @ 12° on 12/4 

Astronomically, the timing of the New Moon is 2:44 am ET & the Total Solar Eclipse is 2:33 am ET.  The Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon, blocking the sunlight. This eclipse will be visible from Antarctica and the southern parts of South America and Africa. 


Collectively, the world has been wrangling with letting go of harsh opinions & judgment and broadening perspectives to be inclusive and inviting and this eclipse invites this opportunity once again. 


Disruptions and chaos are the unhealthy expressions of this eclipse and delight and faith in the future are the healthy ones. More practically, positive social change is at hand. Will the world respond? 


Personally, make strides to secure your future. Set your intentions for the new year. What are your goals? Employ strategy to achieve them. 


New Moon quick tips

  • Set your intentions for 2022. 
  • Fuel them up.
  • Make a plan for Q1 2022.

Week 2: Burst of energy

Dates – 12/6 – 12/12

It’s all energy this week. The stars are conspiring you to take action, while you still can. You have the resources, so invest in yourself and your future. Even though it’s the holiday season, sign up for the class, take the workshop and put those supports in place that you’ll need to create the future you desire. 


Take the weekend to relax and enjoy all of your hard work. Let your imagination wander and get creative.  Make those cookies, decorate your home, have fun with your pets or children. 


Week 2 quick tips

  • Mind your own business.
  • Relish your good fortune.
  • Get creative. 

Week 3: Attraction

Dates – 12/13 – 12/19

Your energy moves faster than your ability to bring about the changes you’re looking for. You’re restless as you want to see progress. Don’t fall into the trap of letting go of your dreams due to timing. Put your mind to work by handling those pesky little details. Remember you make your dreams come true one step at a time. Focus on that. Better yet, get physical/work out to expend your extra energy. 

Week 3 quick tips

  • Concentrate. 
  • Get to work. 
  • Handle the details. 

Full Moon: Lead with your heart

DetailsDecember 18th @ 11:37 pm ET – Sagittarius Sun & Gemini Moon @ 27°

This Full Moon is asking you to reflect on what you’ve healed since mid-July and what you still want to release as you look forward to the new year. You have luck on your side – take advantage. 


Say YES to opportunities that are presenting themselves, even if you can’t see the whole picture. This Full Moon is filled with good luck in love and money. 


The next day, you’re experiencing another Venus retrograde after 18 months without one. She’s in the sign of Capricorn and wants you to know your value on the world stage. She’s asking you to be authentic, to deepen your commitment to integrity and to put forth your greatest acts of leadership. She and Pluto are blending to give you all the power you could ever want – what are you going to do with it? 


Full Moon quick tips

  • Be yourself.
  • Lay out your plan for attracting what you desire.
  • Write down 3 of your greatest strengths. 

Week 4: Adjustments

Dates – 12/20 – 12/26

Open your mind to what’s new. Yes, you may feel uncomfortable, but the changes are necessary. Clear out doubt and fear of being good enough – you are absolutely good enough. Make this your mantra as you review what presented May through August. What twisted you up? Now is the time to let this go to step fully into your future. 

This week is a glimpse into the next 18 months when you bring your attention to support and nourishment. You can focus on making sure you have what you need. Again, it may be uncomfortable, but it’s ultimately necessary and enormously helpful.

Solstice: Longest & Shortest 

Happy New Season! The Sun moves into Capricorn on December 21st at 10:59 am ET. It’s the longest and the shortest as the tension pulls you away from hiding and pushes you toward visibility.

It’s also the height of the season of potential. How are you allowing your full potential to be evident in your life? What magic do you employ? How will this moment pivot your trajectory for success? 

Big Star Event: Past & Future

On Christmas Eve, the final BIG STAR CLANG of 2021 blasts you into your future. You’ve been feeling this challenge all year long, beginning in earnest in February, clashing again in October and making this last exact impact on this day. Whether you’re Christian or not, you know the story of Jesus entering the world to create ways to connect directly with the divine. His way is the new way and this star clang asks you to make way for the new. This challenge extends into October 2022, so knowing what it means for you supports you next year. I’ve gone into detail just for you. To read it, go here. 

You are power personified this week, as is everyone else. Allure, charisma and success is up for grabs as is being too self-indulgent, possessive or materialistic. Think about what supports and nourishes you – what satisfies. Let this be your compass. 

Enjoy and bask after the holiday or get creative. Let your heart reign. 

Week 4 quick tips:

  • Stay calm and focus on your future.
  • Adjust your plans – be flexible.
  • Spend within your means.  

Week 5: Fortune

Dates – 12/27 – 1/2/2022

This is a creative time, filled with imagination and good fortune. Know your value and fully claim it. Think about the seeds you planted in June and July. What’s come to fruition? What hasn’t? Move closer to your dreams by taking a leap of faith. This isn’t the time to go off without planning and discernment, however, it is the time to take action. 

Do something different and original.  Fill yourself with appreciation. Express the love you feel for others with gifts and love notes. Get intimate – with yourself first and then with your serious love. 

As the year rolls to an end, roll up your sleeves and go to work. Put things into place to create good fortune and success. 

Week 5 quick tips

  • Choose to be delighted with unexpected surprises.
  • Do something different.
  •  Buckle down to set things in motion for 2022. 

Bottom Line: Get to work to make your dreams come true. 

Thank you for reading and sharing with family and friends.  

As always, wishing you joy,  


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Brilliance: Intuitive Knowing & Purpose Oracle

November 2021: Calm = Success

Keep calm for success and romance.   


November brings a mix of energies filled with good luck and creative pursuits while being disruptive, impulsive and intense. You’re always much better off when you let go of control and it becomes particularly evident this month.

Your desire to succeed pushes you into your old beliefs, but you succeed when you keep your mind open and your heart filled with compassion. Allowing yourself to relax and unwind into charm and influence, pushes you into the new paradigm. Learning this now helps you in 2022.  

Supportive Intuitive Tools

Oracle: 12 Harvest

Say YES to the gift of your future by trusting yourself and the Universe to reap your rewards. Take time to gather your intentions and write your goals for the upcoming year. You can manifest your desires, so think big and get creative.

Crystal: Morganite

Morganite is related to rose quartz with its soft pink tones and loving nature. It’s more mature and wise as this stone awakens the joy in your life and stimulates your heart chakra. It cleanses heart, opens to unconditional love and dissolves egotism that blocks spiritual advancement. This stone also alleviates stress.

Flower essence: Aspen

Use Aspen to help you deal with the unknown and uncertain future. Relieve underlying anxiety and nervousness that you can’t quite pinpoint.  Create reassurance and settle into a pattern of trust.

Supportive Practical Tips

Quick tip:

  • Dream big.

Diving deeper:

  • Set your intentions once you’ve gathered your list of desired results, targeted areas of improvement and goals for the future.
  • Get creative about how to achieve the life you want to live.
  • Allow your future self to take the lead in decision-making and using its discernment, instead of any jumping onto other’s definition of success.
  • Make note of the days NOT to focus on the long term and then don’t make any rash decisions or sudden changes in direction.
  • Ride out the waves of impulsivity this month.
  • Stay aligned with your own purpose and remain attuned to your own sense of satisfaction.

Big Star Events:

  • Eclipse SOCIAL CHANGE prevails during the ecliptic period from November 19th to December 4th. This relates to the prior ecliptic pair with the theme of TRUTH. What truths emerged or have yet to be revealed that become impossible to ignore? What evidence comes to light pushing you toward freedom and equity?
  • Setting intentions for personal growth and success are given incredible power during the semi-annual ecliptic pairs. Let’s use this power to your advantage. Join us in our group We always cover how to ramp up your intentional magic.

Week 1: Work hard, play hard

Dates – 11/1 – 11/7

The beginning of the week is filled with ways to lift your spirits and bring fresh perspectives. Get real and be honest with yourself and others. You may want to get serious by deepening the love in your life. Toward end of the week, you’ll have the ability to see beneath the surface and find solutions to problems that have been plaguing you for too long. Then you get to enjoy your weekend with friendly fun, excellent conversations and good vibes.

All in all, there’s lots of new and exciting changes seem to be the norm this week. There’s good luck on the 1st and the 6th, but the New Moon on the 4th may be disruptive to your long-term plans.

New Moon: Lasting Change

Details: Sun & Moon in Scorpio @ 12° on 11/4 @ 5:15 pm ET

You want freedom, independence and anything new. In fact, anything that arises today seems shiny and exciting. Take heed. Things are changing rapidly, so keep an open mind as impulsivity abounds. Don’t be rash. Wait a few days and then revisit. If it’s meant to be part of your long-term plans, it will remain. If not, it will dissipate.

Week 2: Stay the Course

Dates – 11/8 – 11/14

Ignore the push to be defensive and establish boundaries. There’s a strong force making you susceptible to power grabs and controlling impulses. You’re going to want to compete, push back and take control over things that may or may not be under your authority. Don’t resist or persist. Stand back and observe with objectivity. Don’t get embroiled in affairs that aren’t yours.

Keep your head down and eyes focused forward to stay on your own path. You’ll feel super sensitive to other’s plights at the end of the week. Use this influence to find understanding from a higher point of view. It’s a great time to get creative, social and seek to improve your love life. It’s also a good time for healing and intuition. This will help with the hectic pace, interruptions and fritzy technology.

Week 3: Step forward with confidence

Dates – 11/15 – 11/21

Keep your cool and enjoy this great week of good fortune and excellent news, however, take care not to overpromise or overextend. Stay within your lane for a wonderful time filled with confidence and success.

You’re determined, goal-oriented and energized to strive for your future. Get things done and remove anything limiting to your future success or satisfaction.  Put as much effort into fun and romance as you do for work and you’ll really enjoy this week.

Full Moon/Eclipse: Get creative

Details: November 19 Partial Lunar Eclipse Full Moon/Taurus @ 3:59 am ET

Use your high energy and hopes for the future to gain ground on your goals. Be creative and rely on your imagination to set intentions for the next 6 months. Dream big and fuel your desire to succeed. Remember to seek satisfaction as part of your success quotient. Be mindful of falling into frustration by any disruptions that seem to get in your way. Look at the larger picture and realize all you’ve achieved over the past year. Celebrate yourself and all of the strides you’re made.

Week 4: Enjoy every moment

Dates – 11/22 – 11/30

Have fun and enjoy this week fully. Be bold, seek adventure and say yes to new and exciting situations. You’ll be able to move forward with your work and also find time for pleasure. Do both with zeal to get the most out of this week. Relish every moment.

Bottom Line: Be successful

November is an excellent month when you stay calm, keep focused and relish the joy of having fun and getting things done. Take advantage of the ecliptic period to set your intentions for the upcoming year.

Thank you for reading and sharing with family and friends.  

As always, wishing you joy,  


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