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They say knowledge is power and the more knowledge you have about something the easier it may be to navigate. This blog is chalk full of support, recommendations and information to help you navigate the return of Saturn in Pisces. Read on to see how this might affect you.

Do You Want to Know the Star Story of Your Greatest Success?

The Star Story

This star story focuses on leadership, discipline and hard choices (Saturn), imagination, emotion and transcendence (Pisces) and health, food and work (Virgo) to prepare you for the morning of March 7th when Saturn enters Pisces within the hour of the Virgo Full Moon.

With these huge planetary forces, the influences come over days and weeks, so are being felt now. However, the exact dates are often momentous. Certainly, as there’s no turning back once the configuration is complete.

First, Saturn

Saturn’s ultimate quest is integrity.

Saturn is a tough teacher bringing you to your highest achievement and greatest works.

Saturn is the task master, traffic cop and illustrious engineer of structure and logic. He adores doing the right thing and is the captain of integrity. He moves slowly, grinding you down until you’ve become a sharpened tool for your own good. Dealing successfully with him, requires patience and virtuous intention while wrangling with him fuels frustration and often tears.

Believe me, it’s better to deal with Saturn than tangle with him. If you tangle with Saturn, he’ll win and you’ll lose, while working with him helps you both win.

Words associated with Saturn are: responsibility, authority, leadership, maturity, form, structure, tolerance, effort, role model, dignity, self-respect, integrity, tradition and stoic, aloof, cold.

Next, Pisces

Pisces quest is spirituality.

Pisces is the last of the zodiac signs and concludes the path through the other 11 signs. You come back into wholeness with Pisces. Your soul breathes, your heart sings and your body rests.

Pisces is the dissolution of structure, boundaries and order. Pisces is soft, expansive and ethereal, allowing you to melt into a hazy, dreamy state. You can get lost in the vagueness, lulling yourself into a wakeful sleep.  Think scrolling endlessly on social media, binging on Netflix or imbibing too much. Pisces says, “Everything’s fine. There’s nothing to do. Don’t worry about it.”

Saturn’s been on steroids since the end of 2017, so going with the flow after the last 6 years feels heavenly. Easing into the tender side of life softens the edges and the relief is intoxicating. Take respite while pursuing the intuitive, creative aspects of life.

Words associated with Pisces are: receptive, imaginative, empathetic, fluid, sensitive, psychic, gentle, soulful, artistic, and overwhelmed, deceptive, escapist.

Finally, the Full Moon

Virgo’s aim is to embody the highest potential.

Virgo is tidy, service-oriented and biddable. Virgo is aware of what’s going on in nearly every aspect of life. She sees how things are and knows how they should be. She strives to fill in those gaps to make everything perfect. Virgo loves to help others, while sometimes overlooking herself. She’s also a hard taskmaster. She pursues to the point of exhaustion, so cautions herself by making health a priority. Discernment is a super power of Virgo when she’s connected, otherwise she’s anxious and overcritical.  

Words associated with Virgo are: orderly, organized, detailed, humble, analytical, helpful, hard-working, skillful, healthy and nagging, critical, perfectionist.

The Combination

Saturn urges you to do the things you don’t want to do, so you finish your work before you relax, eat your vegetables and not just sugary treats. You roll up your sleeves and tackle your to-do list, instead of scrolling mindlessly on your phone for hours. Pisces is the opposite. Pisces beckons you to let it all go and be swept away with your idle musings.

The influence of Pisces on Saturn either heightens creativity, blends the sweetness of life with its success and gives you ease while pursuing your dreams. Or, this combination serves to deceive you to bask in false glory, join others on an elusive journey or follow those who persuade with lies and deception.

Virgo’s participation, while short-lived, flavors the energies at the outset. Work, health and service are involved in the Saturn-Pisces 2 ½ year odyssey.

Your Star Chart

What does all of this mean for you?

The stars in the sky interact with each other during their spins and cycles, yet they also interact with you through your natal or birth chart. Your birth chart is a picture of the stars the minute you were born, representing the life you long to live. Your birth stars depict your signatures of love, money and success and your expressions of bravery, mastery and destiny.

As Saturn enters Pisces, the effects are worldwide, affecting everyone on the planet. Yet everyone feels this star configuration differently, depending on where Pisces is on your chart.

Phrases associated with your Star Chart are: map of potential, what you might become, your chosen life, pathway to you, process for your growth. 

Steps for You

This is the purpose of this entire guide. First, you’ll want to get your natal or birth chart. If you don’t have one, you need your date, time and place of birth. The astro.com site will run your chart for free. Once you do, you’ll get a circle with a bunch of hieroglyphics. No worries, this article explains it all.

Step #1: Get Your Star Chart

Go to this astrology site and fill in your information. Here’s a screen shot of the entry page. Input your information and click continue.

Step #2: Select Transits

Once you input your information and click continue, you’ll have your natal chart. Click on the blue transits button to get the stars in the sky.

Step #3: Find Saturn & Your House Number

You’ll get a picture with green symbols outside of the circle. These are the stars in the sky called transits.

  1. On your star chart, look for the green Saturn, which is outside the circle. It should be near ♓ Pisces. Saturn doesn’t enter Pisces until March 7th, so depending upon when you’re reading this, the will be near Pisces.
  2. Once you find the , move into the center of the chart until you get a house number.
  3. Note the number.

In the example above, the house number is 5. Here’s another example below, where the house number is 9.

Saturn in the Houses

Look at your own chart. Note the house number. Once you have your house number, refer to the Saturn in Pisces table below. Find the number and read the description.

The planet is the energy, the sign is the flavoring and the house is the behavior or action in your life. The higher expression is goal to fulfill your highest potential and the lower one is what you sink into during times of stress.

I’ve interpreted everything for you. 😉


Saturn in Pisces


Higher expression: Your leadership style is called into question. Compassion, sensitivity and idealism are necessary to engage your team and followers. Your style is softer and more empathic. Your success depends on creativity and intuition for the next few years. Get real with what’s true for you. Being authentic is the key to getting what you want.   

Lower expression: You feel pressed upon by others and absorb the negative vibes around you. You lose yourself and fall prey to moodiness, displeasure, and perhaps victimhood. Stand in your own gifts and be certain of your life purpose. If you can’t do this on your own, hire someone as a guide or mentor.


Higher expression: The way you create resources is muted and your value is blurred. Focus on your heart to create confidence and connections based on your inner wisdom and less on outside influences. This is tricky as Pisces lures you into thinking everything is going great when it may not be. Pay attention to your instincts and let your internal compass guide you. This time can be empowering if you let it.

Lower expression: Limits to resources make you optimize your connections and rank your priorities. Be wary of too-good-to-be-true money schemes. Your ability to make money is hindered by doubt, confusion and a lack of motivation. Take actions steps toward doing something to bring money to you.


Higher expression: Saturn asks you to get really clear on how you communicate, teach and inspire others. Saturn wants you to develop a routine to connect to your higher self and use its guidance to find your true voice. Take a healing workshop and think about folding it into how you connect with others.  Now is the time to roll up your sleeves and present yourself to the world.  

Lower expression: Lack of focus, inattention to details and loss of scheduled appointments makes you scattered and frazzled. Your memory may be lacking too. This is frustrating and makes you impatient. Take more detailed notes, double-check your appointments and dot your I’s and cross your T’s.


Higher expression: You love your quiet time and want to stay close to home. Take advantage of being home by creating a home-based business or redesigning your spaces. Make your home a place where friends and family meet. Dive into your ancestry or family roots to find healing. Genealogy and family story becomes appealing.   

Lower expression: You become isolated from others by staying home and ignoring others outreach for socializing. Your isolation makes you doubt other’s motivations, so you further your disconnection. You sleep more, perhaps eat too much to self-soothe and spend the next few years feeling depleted and low.


Higher expression: Karmic healing is available to you for the next few years, so notice who comes into your life right now. Falling in love and having crushes take on a long-term and serious view. You also feel creative, playful and expressive, when you discipline yourself to stay in the imaginative mood and generate gorgeous creations.

Lower expression: You’re confused about what you’re looking for in your love affairs and are willing to accept less than you deserve.  Put your antennae up to avoid lovers, crushes and friends pushing you to put their needs and desires before your own. At the same time, stay open to widening your perceptions on how you express yourself.


Higher expression: Work, work, work. Take steps to create clarity in your work life to take right action toward achieving your life purpose. See the big picture and take strategic steps to reach your highest potential. Leadership pursues you, so step into it. If it involves mentorship, say YES. It looks good on you.  

Lower expression: Stress impacts your body more than usual, so take care of yourself by allowing time for relaxation and rejuvenation. Health issues may arise, seemingly out of nowhere. Get ahead of any looming issues by seeking healing. Develop a regular routine to keep yourself healthy. Also, disruptions to routines and schedules throw you off your rhythm. Be patient and go with the flow.


Higher expression: The next few years are an intensive in compassionate commitment. Take the high road without losing yourself. Maturity is called for as each of your relationships experiences opportunity for growth. Acceptance and allowance open your ability to foster connection.

Lower expression: Others seek you out to help them in inappropriate ways. They expect too much, pushing you to the edge. Uncertainty in your close relationships has you vying for control and mitigating the opportunity to soften the exchange with those closest to you.


Higher expression: Choose the ways you love to be intimate and relish the wealth you have in your life. Shoring up your closest bonds and treasuring your wealth is the priority for the next few years. Relating to finances, pay off your debts, save your money and research solid investments.  Your shared foundations can be strengthened. 

Lower expression: The mysteries require proof as practicality comes crashing down on the etheric, magical side of life. Intimacy halts, awaiting your approval to let that person get closer to you. Feeling separate and alone in your closest relationships creates isolation and depressive tendencies. Focus on sharing and caring, not on control.


Higher expression: Saturn pulls your desire for travel and adventurous explorations toward pilgrimages and spiritual quests.  To feed your soul, deepen your knowledge and philosophical view on life by taking classes, talking to others and opening your mind to new and different ways. Plan on going to summits, conferences and other educational trips that feed your intuitive expression.  

Lower expression: Ambiguity arises in regards to your pathway of discovery for what intrigues you. You question everything about your foundational perspectives and the meaning of life. Your quest is filled with confusion and doubt. Drop into your heart and make decisions based on your intuition and wisdom. Use Saturn’s discipline to be discerning.  


Higher expression: You’re stepping into the new way of leadership in a very big way. It’s time for intuitive wisdom to help you define your role in the world. This creates a solid foundation and ever-lasting impact on your success. Make plans, take steps and make the most of steady action. Roll up your sleeves and get to work. Mastering your inner knowing and demonstrating it to the world is your aim.

Lower expression: Your authenticity is tested as people may not see you for who you are. This difference between your integrity and others becomes glaring. Saturn pushes you to be true to your intuitive side, regardless of consequence or stature. The pressure to do something easier is high. Being true to yourself is everything. There is no lesser alternative. Gather your sense of self, your purpose and direction. Avoid straying off your true path.


Higher expression: Strategizing and planning for your future entails leveraging your strengths and gifts. Widen your perspective to appreciate your softer qualities. Colorful and eclectic people come into your life and you enjoy their presence. Connect authentically with people who share these interests. Enjoy the spiritual lift in your social circles.

Lower expression: Reality and fantasy become blurred when envisioning your future. Dreams take on a vague edge and pursuing them without discernment would be foolish. Taking time to plan your next steps is critical to achieving lasting success.


Higher expression: Spirituality is your new focus and becomes central in your life. Let the mysteries guide you to yourself and help others discover their connection to the unknown. Explore your intuitive gifts and look for your hidden strengths. Allow them to come to the fore.

Lower expression: The unfamiliar and the unknown is uncomfortable for you right now.  Saturn presses you to explain the realities of life, but Pisces wants you to dissolve into the spiritual side. The balance between the two is possible when you expand into possibility instead of an existential crisis.   

Saturn Returns

For those with natal Saturn in Pisces, you’re coming up to your Saturn return.

If it’s your first one (28 – 30 years old), then you’ll be required to embrace the holistic sense of what it means to be a role model in your life. You’re being looked on as a mature, responsible adult with tremendous compassion. Be compassionate to yourself too.

If it’s your 2nd one (58 – 60 years old), you’re being asked to become the wise elder. To be filled with the wonder and curiosity of life, while leading others to become more of themselves.

Refer to the house number to determine the particular actions Saturn requires of you. You’ve been living with these energies your entire life, so they are vastly familiar. The next few years adds a boost to the ability to achieve mastery.



dreaminess and tender expressions offset the hardness of Saturn for the next few years, creating a lift in your ability to achieve satisfying success

expands Saturn’s quest for owning your expertise.

softens the edges of Saturn’s single-mindedness. 

However, Pisces also creates delusion and confusion which can hold you back from any initiation to push toward your future.

It’s best not to do that.

In 2023, the window opens for the next decade. Losing the first few years puts you at a disadvantage if you succumb to the lure of Piscean illusions. Success is attached to the Saturn expression and he’s the toughest one to get moving, making this the year to take meaningful action.

Join me for a LIVE on YouTube on February 28th at 11:00 am ET. We’ll talk about making the most of this configuration.

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends.

As always, wishing you joy,

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