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Kim Woods

Kim Woods, Spiritual Leader and Transformation Expert, offers the ultimate marriage of spirituality and multimillion dollar business strategy to help successful business leaders achieve their birthright of brilliance, legacy and financial freedom. Kim’s clients range from Fortune 500 companies & $MM CEO’s to solopreneurs and creatives.

I’ve been on the healing mission to get to my KWAN and know joy is part of it, so I explore everything about joy I can get my hands on. I delve deeply into the feminine, reach into bliss, find ways to happiness and define joy to figure out the similarities and differences.

Intimacy Part 3

Why You Need to Care About Your KLT Factor 

Over the next few days, I’m sharing 5 super personal stories around INTIMACY that I feel need to be told, so we can all learn from them and make the best choices.   

Now for part 3. 

I’ve been on the healing mission to get to my KWAN and know joy is part of it, so I explore everything about joy I can get my hands on. I delve deeply into the feminine, reach into bliss, find ways to happiness and define joy to figure out the similarities and differences. 

After much reading, learning and talking, I realize I can define my ways for joy, but it’s actually so much deeper than just joy. (as if there’s such a thing as ‘just joy’). 

Here’s the thing. 

There’s another layer entirely. 

Before you get to experience joy in your daily life, you have to discover yourself – completely. 

You have to be on a mission of self-discovery. 

You have to know yourself at the deepest level. 

It’s also have to like yourself so you can love yourself and another – spouse, partner or child(ren). 

Underlying all of that is trust. You need to trust yourself so you can trust others. 

My mind reels with this awareness. 

Trust is hovering scarily within my brain, but I don’t reach for it yet as I’m mystified by a shiny object. 

It’s the KLT factor. 

I know the KLT factor. I talk about it all of the time with my clients. 

It’s a business term. KLT stands for – know, like and trust. People in business say it all of the time. 

The KLT conversation is about marketing and sales. Simply put: a prospective client needs to know, like and trust you before they buy from you. 

It makes perfect sense that someone would need to know, like and trust you before they invest any money with you. 

Then a lightbulb goes off in my head. 

Why would it be any different in your personal life? 

Certainly, a prospective lover would need to do the same as would a friend. 

People need to know, like and trust each other before they form lasting relationships.

It’s so obvious, why haven’t I thought of this before now? 

I ponder this a while and get really comfortable in the intellectual part. My mind revels in the weaving of a business term into the personal life. 

I look for clues in my own life. 

My clients know, like and trust me and my friends do too. My own family, as in my husband and children, know, like and trust me. 

Then, I get stymied when I think of my parents. They don’t know me at all. Is it possible for someone to get through like and trust without knowing? 

I turn it over and over in my brain. Can you like without trusting? Can you know without liking? Can you trust without knowing? 

Then it hits me. 


It’s the key. It’s the thing. 

And, it’s a big ask. 

The closer you are with someone; the more trust comes into play. 

Trust is the key. That pesky thing that’s swimming around in my brain that I’ve wanted to ignore. 

Yet, I continue my exploration of self-discovery and joyfully allow this thought to fritter away again. 

But, the universe has other plans. 

“You know you’re not fully trusting a friend when you always put yourself in the advisory seat,” I hear as I’m sitting in front of my mentor, Steven Forrest, as he’s talking about evolutionary astrology. 

I’m sitting blissfully amidst people I’ve come to know and like, so feel very comfortable. 

But with this one statement, his words shatter me to my core.  

I can’t hear anything after he says this statement. 

“…not fully trusting…advisory seat.”

His words take on such significance. I can’t ignore them. 

On the outside, everything looks the same, but on the inside, I’m in a complete panic.  

My mind reels as I think through all of my relationships. 

I run through my client list. 

They’re mostly business at this point so are relatively superficial. I offer my services to them and the level of know, like and trust is different with them. 

I’m okay here. 

I run through my own family. 

The children – they’re okay. My role with them at this age is advisory, so this is actually my sweet spot. 

Greg – yup, check. We’re doing good. 

Okay, I say to myself – calming just a little bit. 

Then, I think of my friends. 

Do I have really close friends? I mean those that you wear. 

I have 2 friends from high school and we’ve been through a ton together and I have one friend who I’m getting much closer to at this point. 

But to wear? 

When I think of my ‘best friends’ from that time, my mind explodes. 

I think of these friends and I realize I’ve been holding back just a little bit. I’m usually in the advisory seat with them. This keeps things at a distance – not a long one, but one just the same. 

“…not fully trusting…” 

It’s the trust thing. 

I think back to my parents and know that my issues with trust started there. 

Are you frigging kidding me after all of the healing? All of the inner work? All of the exploration about bliss, happiness and joy and now I’m stuck on trust. 


Now, I’m on a trust mission. 

When will it stop? 

I want KWAN, so have healed every damn ancestral line, tons of past life, heart opening and so many other things and now I land on trust? 


It’s all about trust at this point. 

Hit reply if you want to – tell me how are you doing on the know, like, trust factor. 

xxx, Kim 

P.S. Tomorrow you’ll hear of my desperate attempt. Stay tuned. 

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