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Kim Woods

Kim Woods, Spiritual Leader and Transformation Expert, offers the ultimate marriage of spirituality and multimillion dollar business strategy to help successful business leaders achieve their birthright of brilliance, legacy and financial freedom. Kim’s clients range from Fortune 500 companies & $MM CEO’s to solopreneurs and creatives.

What are you willing to do to make your dreams come true? Firstly, things are not what they appear this month, so stay in your lane, focus on the long-term and discern what is true for you. Let go of everything else. Just. Let. It. Go.

January 2021: Be Bold, Be True

What are you willing to do to make your dreams come true?


Firstly, things are not what they appear this month, so stay in your lane, focus on the long-term  and discern what is true for you. Let go of everything else. Just. Let. It. Go.  

Next, know that January is a precursor to the major shake-ups in February. Use this month as a  glimpse into what’s coming for you.  

Then, embrace your brightest future by following your heart, not your head. Your future is here.  Now. Have faith to make your dreams real in your life.  

What I wrote in the 2021 yearly forecast:  

Welcome the new as the old is obsolete. Be bold to create lasting positive change that’s tempered  with strategy, discernment and discipline. Major success and good fortune can be yours IF you can see through the deception, fog and confusion. You benefit from using your intuition, knowing  and brilliance. Breathe through the fear, doubt and angst brought on by big and unexpected  changes. Allow your emotions with courage and authentic expression. On the world stage, things  are not what they appear. Be patient. All will reveal in the late spring.  

How to use this monthly forecast: As I’ve abbreviated the astrological analysis of my monthly forecasts while enhancing their practical uses, here are my recommendations. 

Quickly at the start of each month:  

  1. Peruse the forecast to see what jumps out at you and make a note of the date(s) on your  calendar.  
  2. Go through the weekly themes and compare it to what’s on your own schedule. Make slight  adjustments if there are particularly startling events on days you have major plans.  3. Look over the business tips for the two parts of the month and see what activities to  incorporate for you and your staff or clients based on the energies.  
  3. Find supportive tools and practical tips to incorporate into your month.  

Each week: 

  1. Look over the weekly themes and drill down on those jiving with what you have going on  in your week. 
  2. Include a different, lighter or deeper approach depending upon the weekly theme.  3. For each lunar cycle, use the natural power of the Moon to ramp up energy for success or  to release and overcome obstacles.  
  3. At the end of the month, take a quick glance over the month to see what works and what  doesn’t to make adjustments for the upcoming one.  

Big Star Events:  

Jan 6th – Mars ingres Taurus
Jan 13th – Mars square Saturn
Jan 17th – Jupiter square Uranus
Jan 20th – Mars conjunct Uranus
Jan 23rd – Mars square Jupiter
Jan 30th – Mercury retrograde  

Week 1: January 3rd – 9th Reconcile your beliefs. 

You’re shaken up by events and the startling nature of the energies swirling everything in their wake. Things aren’t what they appear, so don’t rush to judgment. Recall good times with family and friends and know the world hasn’t gone crazy, even though it feels that way. You’re feeling anxious and want to get to the bottom of your anxiety. Stay focused on you and avoid  confrontation with others who insist their beliefs are the only ones that matter.  

Week 2: January 10th – 16th Believe.  

Frustrations arise as restrictions seem too daunting and there’s no end in sight. It feels as if 2020 has come for another visit. That’s only partially true. The energies feel like the prior autumn, but there is a key difference. It’s toned down and you have the ability to see things from different  perspectives. Rely on this ability to know 2020 isn’t here. In fact, the new is here and it’s yours for the taking. Step into your brilliance by using your intuitive knowing and trusting there’s positive light at the end of the tunnel.  

New Moon: Overwhelming resistance to change.
January 13th at 12:01 am EST at 23° in Capricorn.  

This New Moon brings change, but it feels overwhelming. Focus on your long-term goals and don’t make any rash decisions or engage in arguments. They’re fruitless. Remind yourself of your 20-year focus. I did a live on this in my group on December 21st. Check it out or read it here in the blog.  

Week 3: January 17th – 23rd Take bold strategic action.  

Be strategic when breaking free from limitations. Make a plan, take some time and then go for it.  The energies support you for success, yet take strategic action. Any bold change should align with  your future. You’re going to feel so enthusiastic, ensure the opportunities presented are  supportive of you and your goals. Any opportunity that’s been in the making for the past 6 months  is a YES. Any brand new one, is an “I’m not sure, let me go into my heart and knowing to determine my answer.” It may be a conditional yes.  

Week 4: January 24th – 30th Restlessness.  

You’ve had enough of holding back and being limited. You want all of the exciting change to  happen now. Right now – without a minute of delay. However, your relationships may not be  able to handle all of the change, even casual relationships. Take care with your loved ones and  step into your power with casual ones. This isn’t to suggest struggles for control or power plays,  it’s to stand in your authority and influence. In other words, own your brilliance.  

Note: Mercury stations retrograde on January 30th until February 21st. Take care with technology and communications.  

Full Moon: Be bold to create the new.  

January 28th at 2:17 pm EST with the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo.  Make strides to create enduring change. Any change you make now is lasting, hence the cautionary  advice in the prior weeks. You want to make sure you’re stepping into desired change. Be  disciplined and discerning. 

Supportive Magical Tools 

Tarot: Delusion – Ten of Crystals

Delusion is really a vision as others will not understand your vision at first. Remind yourself a vision is a delusion until it is physically manifested. Expand your thinking, be inventive and use  your imagination on ways to make your vision reality. Listen to your heart, it’s where your passion  lies. Follow your heart to make your dreams come true.  

Crystal: Morganite 

Be like water and go with the flow. Allow obstacles to dissolve before you without any struggle  on your part. Merge with the resistance that comes from not knowing. Blend it into your solutions.  Love and be loved, tenderly and gracefully.  

Flower essence: Aspen 

This flower essence works on your solar plexus and sacral chakras, allowing you to take action  and be brave when you’re feeling fearful. This fear doesn’t have a name, it’s an underlying anxiety  or a vague uncertainty. You may be swept up in the collective and have integrated this fear as part  of your energy or it may stem from you. Either way, allow aspen to lift this off and bring you  peace.  

Spirit animal: Grasshopper Spirit 

Take a leap of faith. You are poised for a big positive shift. Imagine all best possible scenarios  and then go for it. Drop into your intuition and allow the unknown to be exciting rather than  something to be feared. Believe. Trust. Go forth.  

Goddess: Pele 

Melt into your brightest future. Use the fire energy of Pele to soften any obstacles or fear building  up in you due to doubt or confusion. Allow her to be the fire before you to clear your path. Use  this fire to let your passion and your heart motivate you. Infuse it into your days.  

Supportive Practical Tips 

Affirmations: choose one or two. 

My future is here.  

I am my future.  

I have faith.  

I believe.  

I trust. 

I love my life.  

I love the Universe.  

My business thrives.  

My life is filled with love and joy. 

I am at peace with the unknown.  

I relish the unknown.  

I embrace my future.  


1st ½ of the month: Follow your intentions and plans as outlined over the last several weeks. Pivot  to respond to any shocking external change, but don’t react abruptly. You’ve taken the time to  set the course, so stick to it. Drop into your inner guidance for meaningful response instead of  following the pack. Don’t get swept up in external noise. It doesn’t support you.  

2nd ½ of month: Take steps for success while being mindful to take extra care due to technological  snafus and communication mishaps. Being strategic pays off big time. There’s huge success for  your business when you’re aligned with your authenticity. Be true to you and the marketplace will  respond positively. Any new hire, contract or launch should be rooted before the 3rd week of the  month. Otherwise, wait until the last week of February.  

Thank you for reading and sharing my writing with clients, family and friends.  

As always, wishing you joy,  


© Copyright 2020 Kaleidoscope Enterprises Corporation. All rights reserved. 

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