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Kim Woods, Spiritual Leader and Transformation Expert, offers the ultimate marriage of spirituality and multimillion dollar business strategy to help successful business leaders achieve their birthright of brilliance, legacy and financial freedom. Kim’s clients range from Fortune 500 companies & $MM CEO’s to solopreneurs and creatives.

July Oracle – Are You an Adult or a Victim?


July presents complicating forces that push you wildly, yet hold tightly.  There’s a serious influence asking you for a tough love approach. 

It’s best to get in front of this pushing force to navigate it strategically. You want to be in a place of action versus reaction. 


Better days: 7/1, 7/4, 7/12, 7/22, 7/30

Days to tread softly: 7/8, 7/14, 7/15, 7/20, 7/31


  • Embrace tough love. 
  • Make a commitment to yourself to start on your intentions. 
  • Focus on doing the right thing, even though it’s hard. 
  • Be in a state of action versus reaction. 


July is the month of the Law of Life filled with its vitality, creativity and leadership. It’s another month of power. 

You have been awakened, so be alive, animated and active. Your mind is alert, your body light and your heart sunny. 

Be a full participant in the dance of your life by becoming the Sun in your own world. 

Know you have great power and influence. 

You are a life force. 


I’m doing another masterclass this month. Actually, it’s going to be a 5-day challenge so even bigger and better than my other ones. 😉

It’s all about your life purpose. 

It will be in my True KLT group starting July 20th.  

Stay tuned for more details. There’s too much deliciousness being worked on to share yet! 

Weekly Energies

Week 1 – Choice

July starts with a big bang of exciting and new energy filled with pleasant surprises. It’s time to break free from your doubts and fears to take a risk – just for you. Your thoughts are fast and lively and your mind searches relentlessly for answers. Open it to imagine your biggest life and you’ll be using this energy in the way it’s meant to be used. (Sun conjunct Mercury Rx & sextile Uranus) 

On a more somber note, these last 3 months have shown you A LOT about what’s coming to fruition for you in December 2020. Review your life since March 22nd and notice what’s appeared. Can you recall a few things you want to nurture into maturity?

Let’s expand the conversation. 

The outer world has been riddled with a pandemic, economic downturn and social uprising each giving a glimpse into the future. 

As always, you have a choice. 

You can fall into the downside of each; fear of getting sick, uncertainty about finances and judging others for their beliefs. 

Or, you can reach for the silver-linings of the Earth regenerating herself by putting humans in a time-out, concentration of your financial picture and choice of supporting yourself in new ways. 

Regarding the social unrest, equality is overdue. Period.

Every single human is a soul. By saying this, I’m not being color, religion or gender blind. I’m ultimately being color, religion and gender immune. There’s a difference and the key word is ultimately. There’s a ton of rebalancing that has to occur before equality is real.  With this star alignment, there’s actually a chance of this happening. (Saturn ingres Capricorn)

Full Moon – Open Window

The Full Moon in July is an open window for you to climb through to create your very best life. Seriously. 

On July 5th at 12:44 am ET, the Moon in Capricorn opposes the Sun in Capricorn. It’s the Full Buck Moon and accompanies a Lunar Eclipse. It’s penumbral so begins a few moments earlier on the eve of July 4th.  Here in the US, it’s the holiday of the country’s birth. (I’ll be talking about this in 2022, so make a mental note 😉). 

This is a time of new opportunities, change and excitement in your private life. It’s also energy you can use to break out of bad habits.

Week 2 – Healing Power

On July 8th, you feel short-tempered, irritable and impulsive.  My best advice is to exhibit control and take a conservative approach. Listen carefully and think twice before acting. This happens again on the 27th. Act with caution as you may get a double-whammy this month. (Mercury Rx square Mars)

On the 11th, Chiron stations retrograde through December 15th in the sign of Aries. When Chiron is retrograde, so much healing is available to you as you heal yourself, others are healed and vice versa. The ripple effect is phenomenal. 

The next day, you’re more understanding and want to help others. This deeper empathy makes you more creative and able to find solutions that are in service to the larger community. (Sun trine Neptune Rx)

On the 12th, Mercury stations direct. Phew, another Mercury retrograde cycle is complete. This is the second of three in 2020, all in water signs. The connection between these 3 cycles lent you a natural link between your heart and mind. Hopefully, you’re taking advantage of it to make it permanent. 

The good news, your thoughts return to normal, confusion lifts and your mind takes its rightful place again. The better news, technology may actually start working again. 

On the 14th, good luck abounds and you’ll feel like throwing yourself into lots of different activities and opportunities. Wait a beat. Assess each and then make informed decisions. Temper your enthusiasm to have grown up success. (Sun opposition Jupiter Rx)

To note, Chiron and Mars don’t exactly align, but come super close on July 14th. Mars powers up your healing. Take full advantage of this martial influence to be brave and say YES to your transformation. 

Week 3 – Struggle

The third week of July is fraught with angst. It’s a constant struggle for control and power. Ensure you’re dealing with trustworthy people who have your back in business and on the personal side, be wary of any power plays. (Sun opposition Pluto Rx)

New Moon – Setback     

The July New Moon on the 20th at 1:33 pm ET is all about setback. There are limits and constraints that make you feel as if you’ll never make headway. It’s an isolating and serious influence. All of the preceding energy in the last few weeks is pent up and adds an aggravating layer that you need to accept. This is a time of reconciliation. It’s quiet and soft on one hand and hard and brittle on the other. It feels like a still point in time. Enter wait mode instead of using force to press forward. While you’re waiting, do a full assessment of every area of your life. You’ll be better for it.  (Sun opposition Saturn Rx)

Week 4 – Open Your Heart

Happy Birthday Leos! 

On July 22nd, you feel cheerful and optimistic after a difficult week. This is the time for you to step into your natural leader role by using your magnetic and creative style. Express yourself honestly and generously to assume your rightful place. Be careful of being too dominant or fragile. Your self-assuredness serves you well. Remember, Leos main purpose is to trust in love and joy. Embrace your open heart. (Sun ingres Leo)

Also, on the 22nd, more unexpected and surprising change is upon you. This is the 6th of 6 times this same configuration has occurred since February. Perhaps, any change isn’t surprising to you any longer. (Mercury sextile Uranus)

One of the big star impacts hits again on July 27th and is entangled with lots of other planetary influence. Let’s separate it. 

In February, July and October, you come into a sense of flow and smooth sailing. This is a glass half-full instead of half-empty scenario and with everything else going on this year, it’s one of the only supportive star angles. Yum! This is a time of optimism, faith and idealism. Even without the rose-colored glasses, you can see hope in your future. (Jupiter Rx sextile Neptune Rx)

Also, on the 27th, there are 2 familiar energies and one not-so-familiar. 

First, the familiar. 

You’re confused about your role in the world and have a distorted view of yourself. This is the 3rd time of 4 this year where you lack both self-esteem and self-discipline. The only good news is its relative quickness. Complicating this, the energy reoccurring from the 8th, makes you headstrong, impulsive and impatient. (Venus square Neptune Rx & Mercury square Mars)

Now, the unfamiliar. 

You have grand ideas that seem so far out of reach, you seek quick fixes and instant gratification. Alternatively, you may distract yourself with detours that seem too good to be true. (Venus quincunx Jupiter Rx)

My advice through all of this is to attach yourself to the faith and optimism by remembering what hints you received in February. Going back to these seeds and harvesting them is the right action to take this month. Anything new and sparkly may lead you astray. 

On July 30th, you feel even bigger and expansive energies coming in yet are pressed back and questioned by others.  Come up with creative and imaginative ideas and use your charisma to engage with others. You can gain harmony in relationships and figure out solutions to take advantage of opportunities. Bottom line: Take a big step, but proceed with diligence and fortitude. (Mercury opposition Jupiter Rx & trine Neptune Rx)

On the last day of July, open yourself to a slower unfolding than previously sought. Your transformation and growth are taking place, just not as quickly or easily as you’d like. It’s okay as the tension invites more change for a better outcome. Although this doesn’t feel comfortable, it’s ultimately for your own good. (Venus quincunx Pluto Rx)

Monthly Stone

Seek respite in the stone of the month: BERYL. 

Beryl helps deal with stress, enhances courage and attunes to guidance. It’s an excellent stone for scrying and can be used as a crystal ball. This stone is traditionally used for rain magic and protection against storms. 

Beryl in its purest form is clear, but impurities give it color. 

There are popular types of beryl listed below: 

Blue (Aquamarine) is well known for its ability to promote clear communication, courage and confidence. It helps you stand your ground and release the flow of clear communication.

Colorless (Goshenite) is the Mother of crystals as it holds the feminine energy of the Moon. It helps you look honestly at yourself as it resonates with the frequency of truth. It encourages open-heartedness and helps in discerning another’s sincerity.  

Green (Emerald) encourages you to enjoy life to the fullest. Life-affirming stone with great integrity. Stone of successful love. Enhances strength of character, overcome misfortunes in life and promotes enduring partnership. Heals negative feelings and supports infinite peace.

Pink (Morganite) Grandmother stone of rose quartz. Awakens the joy of life and stimulates the heart chakra. It cleanses heart, opens to unconditional love and dissolves egotism that blocks spiritual advancement. This stone also alleviates stress.

Red (Bixbite) improves your self-esteem and confidence, while making you feel more energized. This heart-based stone brings feelings of unconditional love and respect. 

Yellow (Heliodor) is known as the gift from the Sun. It’s a gateway to light that enhances your intuition and compassion. Regain your inner strength and develop maturity to reach your potential greatness. 

July is a window into the new and its cycles may drive you batty, but strap in. 2020 is just gearing up.  

Take the high road, the longer view, the adulating stance and all with serve you. Be impulsive, give way to distractions or fall prey to confusion and the rest of the year will be filled with roadblocks and detours. 

Hello 2020.

I’m ready. 

Are you? 

Psst…if not, I’m here to help. 😘

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends. 

Remember, you are loved beyond measure,  


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