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November 2022: 3 powerful ways to heal your ability to trust your heart

Why the Stars?

The stars either work with you or against you and it all depends on whether you know what they’re up to or not. This monthly forecast sets you up to take advantage of these powerful forces.

What’s Inside?

We have so much for you this month, read on for:

  1. 3 Powerful Ways
  2. LIVE Events
  3. Support Tools
  4. Star Dance
  5. Moon Magic
  6. Shopping
  7. Intuitive Type Forecasts


This month is a roller coaster filled with challenges, stress and sudden changes and low energy and confusion. There’s a push and pull without momentum.  Be patient and stay determined. Don’t procrastinate, roll up your sleeves and resolve issues as they arise.


…to open to your heart’s wisdom:

  1. Follow the process outlined through the #6 Desire oracle card.
  2. Combine the flower essences from the last 3 months – agrimony, olive and hornbeam to drop into your heart, gain energy and ignite your heart’s direction.
  3. Learn your soul and ancestral imprints through the Akashic records to gain clarity and understanding of how and why you do the things you do.


To get your weekly forecast by intuitive type, go to our FB Power Up group or connect to our YouTube channel by clicking here.

For Members Only:

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Special Workshop:

Every month, we offer a special magical workshop in our monthly membership. This month’s workshop is on finding your soul and ancestral imprint through the Akashic Records. It’s a not-to-be-missed.

Support Tools

The oracle cards bring insight into what’s coming for the month. They give your mind something to focus on and remember as you go through the days and weeks. You can ponder the card or go into the guidance in the book when you need more than mental reminders.

The power of animal and crystal energy are easy to employ to help you create the success and satisfaction you desire. Spirit animals are always willing to assist. Simply call on the animal to bring it into focus and ponder its meaning.

For crystals, grab the crystal and put it on your desk, purse or kitchen table. You want to align with your success and this month’s stone helps you do that.

For flower essences, put 3 drops into water 3 times a day and feel the gentle support for your body and emotions.

Oracle Card: #6 – Desire

This card targets your heart and brings your heart song and soul inspiration to the fore. Fueling passionate desire as the pathway for decision-making. Unsure of how to do that, here are two options:

  1. Close your eyes and imagine yourself being whisked away for a grand adventure.
    1. Where are you going?
    2. Who are you with?
    3. How long will you be gone?
    4. Let the elements of your adventure come into your mind.
    5. Jot them down if you’d like to remember your desirous state.
  2. Do a search on Pinterest and look for eye candy.
    1. What pops out at you?
    2. Make note and fuel up your desirous body.
    3. Use the monthly crystal to ground your desires.

Crystal: Hematite

Hematite is an excellent stone to move the energy from your mind and into your heart and body. It grounds and protects. This crystal strengthens your connection to the Earth. It dissolves negativity, stimulates willpower and imparts confidence.

Flower Essence: Hornbeam

Become revitalized and mentally renewed with Hornbeam. This flower essences uplifts, energizes and motivates.  The dread of listless activity and boring routines threaten to completely exhaust you. Funnily enough through, once you relieve the structured approach with a change of activity, this fresh perspective lifts your attitude. Hornbeam helps dissipate mental fatigue and create energy for new discovery.

Spirit Animal: Koi Fish

This spirit animal represents achievement, new opportunities and good luck in success and finances. The symbol of the koi fish, as shown above, also works to imprint luck into your energy field. The koi fish wants you to find new opportunities, even if these opportunities are ones you’ve left incomplete. Finish what you’ve started with patience and determination. Go with the flow and stay calm to remain prosperous.


Big Star Events: (in chronological order)

  • November 8th – Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse
  • November 19th – Mars Rx square Neptune Rx
  • November 23rd – Jupiter stations direct
  • November 28th – Mars Rx trine Saturn

Week 1: October 31 – November 6

Mars is out of bounds and retrograde this month. The world is in for a huge and elongated jolt over the next few months. Things are ignited and powered as follows:

Access the surprises and delights of being in bonded relationships, whether with friends, romantic partners or business connections. New and unexpected circumstances arise in love and money.

Avoid pressures to spend lavishly or behave indulgently.   

Tips: Cooperating, negotiating and developing meaningful connections brings positive results. Careful spending and healthy routines increase physical and financial wellness.

Week 2: November 7 – 13

Access the ability to dive deeply into work and develop healthy routines. Instinctive and intuitive skills are available. Social justice issues and volunteerism go hand-in-hand. Strategic leanings and big picture views come into form.     

Avoid deceptive, distracting and anxious tendencies. Radical behaviors, impulsive moves and cross-communications are prevalent. Limits and challenges create heaviness and isolating beliefs.

Tips: Patience and determination help you through this week. Trusting your instincts and intuitive nudges are better bets than following others’ perceptions. Double checking details minimize losing track of ground you’ve gained. Creative pursuits get a boost of energy. Spending time alone or with close loved ones are infinitely more positive than socializing.

Week 3: November 14 – 20

Access provocative thinking, insightful solutions and lucky connections. There’s fun, style and flair, including delights in love and finance. Solid business energies, opportunities and creative innovations withstand pressures to defend original findings and positions.

Avoid strong-arming and power plays to convince you that your feelings and instincts aren’t true for you. Low energy causes confusion and accidents. Comparisons bring jealousy and frustration.  Gossip and scandal create drama and distractions.

Tips: Take your time and go slowly to discriminate between what’s true for you and what’s false. Stand up. Help yourself and others by being authentic, even if it’s not popular. Focus on business dealings that have been in play for some time now. Use your power and position to improve your situation. Improve relationships through honest communication and open heartedness.

Week 4: November 21 – 27

Access independence, growth and optimistic leanings. Ability to complete projects by drawing on strength, ambition and determination. Dependability and action-oriented forces compel the outpouring of a steadfast focus on the overall mission.  

Avoid risk-taking, carelessness and lack of commitment. Being glib and prone to exaggerations, while staying on the surface and take advantage of other’s naiveté. Thoughts of inadequacy or circumstances of incompetence in others, create feelings of abandonment and isolation.

Tips: Allow space for individuality and originality. Give plenty of encouragement to those under your guidance. Make time for fun and frivolity. Hope and faith are the mantras for this week.

Big Star Events:

Jupiter Direct

On November 23rd, Jupiter stations direct after a 4-month period beginning on July 28th. Endings and beginnings has been the theme of this Jupiter retrograde period since Jupiter started the period in Aries and ends it in Pisces, signaling the beginning and the end of the zodiac. Combining Jupiter’s plunge with the star clang between Saturn and Uranus throughout 2021 and three quarters of 2022, you’re required to choose what you take into your future and what you leave behind. 

Jupiter is an opportunity creator, a light, a shining force, so there are opportunities for growth through your inner reflection as to what brings you happiness. By shining a light on your shadow side, you create clarity on what’s important for your happiness and what’s not. As Jupiter stations direct, your inner choice becomes obvious in the world. With this particular Jupiter retrograde, the Moon has harmonized the good-luck planet on each end of the plunge. Even more fortune and success is available to you.

Mercury Out of Bounds

There are times the planets rebel against the gravitational pull of the Sun. When they do, they become a somewhat crazy version of themselves and impact you in unforeseen ways. From November 23 to December 21, you have the opportunity for an explosion of innovative thoughts, excellent speaking faculties and talented performance abilities. Or, you can fall into exaggeration, obsessions and miscommunications.

Neptune in Pisces Square Mars in Gemini

On November 19th, Mars Rx (retrograde) in Gemini squares Neptune Rx in Pisces. This confrontation makes it extremely difficult to get motivated and the resulting inactivity ramps up fears about everything. There seems to be no way forward.  Breathing relieves the tension as does softening into the mysterious ways of living.

Mars in Gemini Trine Saturn in Aquarius

On November 28th, Mars Rx and Saturn are in agreement, giving relief to the overall heaviness. The respite, even though temporary, provides energy to get things done and mental focus for a boost of clarity. The addition of emotional balance makes this configuration a truly positive one.  


The Moon phases help manifest things you want, celebrate things you have and get rid of things you no longer want. Here are the phases and what you should do:

  1. The New Moon is for setting your strategy.
  2. From the New to Full Moon, it’s the time to manifest, appreciate and create.
  3. The Full Moon is for taking stock in gratitude and refinement.
  4. From the Full to New Moon, it’s the time to celebrate, release and merge.

Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse: WTF

Details: Beaver Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse on November 8th @ 6:02 am ET

Typically, eclipses signal the hidden and the revealed as things go underground during the current ecliptic cycle and become revealed from past ones. This eclipse may not incur the revealing side of the equation, but only contains the hidden. There’s so much obfuscation, muddling, meddling and otherwise manipulating in this configuration, the truth may never be uncovered. 

The best advice I have for this Full Moon Eclipse is to trust your instincts over the impressions of others.

I’ve also been featured in POPSUGAR talking about the Eclipse and Beaver Full Moon. You can read my article in POPSUGAR here.

New Moon: Shining Force

Details: New Moon in Sagittarius on November 23rd @ 5:57 pm ET

Hope and good cheer ring in this New Moon. If you’ve taken the leap of faith in the last few months, this New Moon heralds new beginnings filled with good luck and fortune. Reflecting on the changes and celebrating how far you’ve come is a great way to mark this milestone. If you’ve held back and resisted these last few months, this New Moon beckons you to move toward your future with less baggage. This is about you – you get to decide without interference or influence from others. Your mind still isn’t your friend, it’s your heart. Listen to its wisdom. 


Oracle Cards:

Empowerment Membership:

Hornbeam flower essence:

Hematite crystal:


Wise Strategist – Your mind goes wild this month. You want to get things done. You’ve adored the energies in September and October for getting through your lists and now suddenly, everything seems to stop. If you stayed focused on the big picture, you’re in luck as this is the perfect time to review and tweak your strategy by adding connections and patterns to it. If you remained in the details, you’ll feel lost and insecure about what to do next. Review the plans you laid out a few months ago. Then, look at what jumps out at you. Use your instincts to determine your next move.

Intuitive Visionary – Amuck, amuck, amuck. Your mind goes in 20 different directions, almost completely eliminating your ability to get anything done. Use the crystal, oracle card and flower essence guidance all month to move your head’s energy into your heart. Fuel your desires by going back to your intentions from the beginning of the year. Focus on the seeds you’ve planted without creating more of the new. Deepen your study of subjects you’ve already discovered. This is a time for gathering and deepening of things already in progress. Removing new creations from your process isn’t your favorite, but you’ll discover the reasoning in 2023.

Collaborative Explorer – Snake oil salesman have your name picked out, targeting you for the ‘next greatest thing’.  Going internally to discriminate what’s real and what’s false for you doesn’t satisfy your desire for connection. However, it’s imperative to discriminate this month. Make your mantra, “If it sounds too good to be true – it is too good to be true.” Think independently. Prioritize what truly matters to you by listening to your heartfelt desires. Return to your dreams for answers.  Then choose your next steps wisely.

Ruling Warrior – You’re not happy the end goal is illusive, requiring you to take a leap of faith to get what you want. You’re also not happy you’ve got to let go of things no longer serving you. You feel you can carry old energies into your new life, but even with all of your power, you can’t. This isn’t a matter of fortitude and tenacity. It’s a matter of melting and allowing. The new energies are softer, collaborative and connecting. Learning how to navigate this new way of living and leading now changes the trajectory of your 2023 completely.

Creative Superstar – Spiraling out of control is such a possibility this month. You want so badly to connect everyone with your creations, you grow impatient when it doesn’t happen immediately. Others need time to make their decisions. Give them the space, but don’t let them give up the connection to you. Be intoxicating and provocative. Let them know what they’re missing out on. Have fun with it. For those creations that have grown stale, this month is a great time to add flair and finesse to your original designs.

Loving Alchemist – Things are confusing for most everyone and you want to jump in and save them as you can appreciate the depths of the energy and relieve the cloudiness of the mind.  Here’s the thing – you’re not the savoir. Oh, that’s so hard to hear. Yes, you may know exactly what someone needs to do to help them, yet, until they ask – it’s not yours. Instead, use the powerful healing energy to help those who have asked or have paid you for it. Your clients will be ecstatic. If you’re not working with people in this way, seek healing yourself. Also, dive deeply into the mysteries. Now is the perfect time.



There’s incredibly powerful energy this month when you let your heart lead.  Your mind has become the enemy, however, battling it isn’t the answer. Quieting the mind with fun and exciting rituals is your best bet. Go inward for the power you seek.

Thank you for reading and sharing with family and friends.

Seriously, it would be great for you to share. Everyone benefits.

As always, wishing you joy,

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October 2022: Do You Want to Know the Top 3 Magical Secrets for Powerful Manifestation?

Why the Stars?

The stars either work with you or against you and it all depends on whether you know what they’re up to or not. This monthly forecast sets you up to take advantage of these powerful forces.

What’s Inside?

We have so much for you this month, read on for:

  1. Top 3 Magical Secrets for Powerful Manifestation
  2. Weekly LIVE Events
  3. Support Tools (including 7 steps for achieving intentions)
  4. Star Dance
  5. Moon Magic
  6. Shopping
  7. Intuitive Type Forecasts


Take care of yourself to keep up your energy resources. Indulge yourself with a new design or splurge on a new look. Concentrate on yourself. Strive for clarity and define your role to avoid confusion. Avoid power plays by letting go of control and getting things done based on your own efforts.


  1. Use the Moon to power your manifesting energy
  2. Use crystals to charge your desires
  3. Set it and forget it

We’ve covered all of these in the Power Up group! Hit reply if you haven’t seen them.


Mark your calendar so you don’t miss out on the fun & support!

For Members Only:

If you’d like to join our Empowerment Membership for $48 per month, click here for all the details.

Special Workshop:

Every month, we offer a special magical workshop in our monthly membership. This month’s workshop is Learning to Read the Tarot (and Kim may even do a few readings…) It’s a not-to-be-missed.

Support Tools

The oracle cards bring insight into what’s coming for the month. They give your mind something to focus on and remember as you go through the days and weeks. You can ponder the card or go into the guidance in the book when you need more than mental reminders.

The power of animal and crystal energy are easy to employ to help you create the success and satisfaction you desire. Spirit animals are always willing to assist. Simply call on the animal to bring it into focus and ponder its meaning.

For crystals, grab the crystal and put it on your desk, purse or kitchen table. You want to align with your success and this month’s stone helps you do that.

For flower essences, put 3 drops into water 3 times a day and feel the gentle support for your body and emotions.

Oracle Card: #28 Intend

The secret to achieving your intentions is to use both the magical and practical energies to make them come true:

Step #1. Get clear on what your intentions are for the remainder of this year.

Step #2. Set your intentions and charge them magically with the stars, crystal and guide energies.

Step #3. Place a magical representation of your intentions in plain sight.

Step #4. Make a plan to practically achieve your intentions.

Step #5. Make a wish for your intentions to the Universe.

Step #6. Tweak and adjust as the stars and your intuition indicate.

Step #7. Watch them come true and give great gratitude when they do.

Crystal: Orange Sapphire

Sapphire is a wisdom stone, the seeker of truth and the balancer of energies. Sapphire brings both calm and focus to the mind, which is absolutely necessary during the month of October. This stone also creates peace and restores balance in the body. It also stimulates self-expression. Orange sapphire adds a lift of joy, hope and connection that furthers sapphires natural tendencies. Grab this stone and use it as a worry stone for those stressful times and place it at your desk or in your purse for the entire month.

Flower Essence: Olive

Move from exhaustion to inner renewal with this flower essence as olive works its magic to open you up to yourself and tap into resources provided by Mother Earth. Your inner guidance is re-calibrated and your ability to achieve peace, strength and renewal is activated and integrated into your being.

Spirit Animal: Bee*

Bee represents your commitment to success while enjoying the sweetness of life. You’re thriving, industrious and capable, yet deliver succor to the world. You work well independently, but also as part of a team. Call on bee when you need cooperation from others to complete a task, desire tact & diplomacy or want to be in service to the world.* Bee was the spirit animal of 2020.


Big Star Events: (in chronological order)

  • Planets direct: Mercury October 2, Pluto October 8, Saturn direct October 23
  • Pluto Squares: October 19 & 20
  • New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse October 25
  • Jupiter back into Pisces October 28
  • Mars retrograde October 30 – January 12, 2023 @ Gemini 25- 8°
  • Mars out of bounds October 22 – May 5, 2023

Week 1: October 3 – 9

Access your power and readiness to take on the world. Things have been too slow for too long. Ensure you have your home life in order and then dive right in. This is your time.

Avoid the residual mind games and antics from Mercury retrograde, especially for Wise Strategists and Collaborative Explorers. This is the time for YOU, so walk away when others ask too much of you. You don’t have to say YES just because they asked.

Tips: Use your influence to create your desires. Debate. Negotiate. Calibrate your pathway to success if you haven’t already done so and get moving.

October 8th – Pluto stations direct

You’re ready to come back out into the world after these last few months of gathering yourself, receiving healing and appreciating yourself at deeper levels. Pluto’s been asking you to release control by triggering you through others. Has she done her magic? Do you feel lighter, refreshed and energized? If not, you have more opportunities while she squares the Sun and Venus on the 19th and 20th and when the Sun illumes Scorpio from October 23rd until November 22nd.

Week 2: October 10 – 16

Access your flair for style and design. This is a time for beauty and love. Your heart knows what it wants and has a lot to say. Being open to your dreams, desires and satisfaction feels wonderful.

Avoid ill-fitting and tight feeling ideals, circumstances or relationships. Shrugging off the old and welcoming the new just feels right. Mid-week, there’s lots of gossip and scandal. Confusing thoughts and low energy fuel jealousy and deception.

Tips: Make a game plan for creating a new style – in life, love, beauty and success. Pay attention to the details to create stability as any changes can be long-lasting. Be a mentor to others who are struggling and looking to you for guidance. Most of all, leave the gossiping to others. You have too much to do for yourself to waste time getting caught up in dramas that aren’t even yours.

Week 3: October 17 – 23

Access your self-confidence, enthusiasm and strength in business and your personal life. There’s sexy romance at play this week as well as the ability to handle the details at work. Love and business get a big boost in equal measure.

Avoid power plays, jealousy and either wanting to control others or feeling defensive against others controlling you. Tensions and insecurities abound. Greed knows no bounds either as those in positions of power reach out to take, take, take. Entitlement becomes more normalized, while fierce advocacy for what’s right matches its energy.

Tips: Get social and/or get sexy and romantic with your partner, spouse or love interest to use up the excess energy this week. Roll up your sleeves and get to work. Seek common sense and logic to fight for what’s right.

October 23rd – Saturn direct

As the Sun and Venus enter Scorpio and Mercury dances with Saturn, you feel ready to push things forward once again. The roadblocks and obstacles lessen, as you’ve streamlined and optimized your pathway over the last few months. With fewer priorities, you have momentum to drive those things that are really important to you. With this laser-guided focus, success is in sight.

Week 4: October 24 – 30

Access mental bursts of energy, critical thinking and decisiveness while your communicative abilities are heightened, giving you charisma, charm and influence. Your imagination ignites to bring dreamy love, calm and compassion. The energies provide access to the mysteries while prompting serious commitment to relationships and wealth creation.

Avoid giving up and losing your sense of what’s true for you. The cosmic forces ask you to determine what’s real and what’s fake, while complicating positions of power and influence. On the world stage, aggression, anger and extremes are the norm. Leadership, at every level, gets destabilized. Pursuing greed for greed’s sake is running out of runway.

Tips: Create quiet moments to catch your breath and reconnect with yourself. Seek guidance from those you trust. Take care when getting into debates with others. Stay in your lane and dive deeply into YOU.

Big Star Events

As I wrote in the annual forecast for these big star events:

October 28th – Jupiter back into Pisces until December 20th

In Pisces, Jupiter brings compassion, service-orientation and imagination. He’s creativity personified as well as lucky and easygoing. He brought a breath of fresh air, however brief, to 2021 as he danced back and forth between Aquarius and Pisces. Saturn and Uranus wrangled with the Jupiter in Pisces energy in 2021 and it does the same this year.

As Jupiter makes you think everything is possible, even the improbable, so rely on the realism of Saturn to keep everything in perspective.

Jupiter expands everything and while he’s in Pisces, he focuses on feelings and emotions, as well as beliefs and dreams. Drop into your heart as Pisces rewards the heart over the mind. Better yet, rely on your intuition – that’s Pisces favorite.

Jupiter in Pisces is an excellent time to imagine and create as well as say YES to opportunity. He won’t be back in Pisces again until 2033.

Mars Out of Bounds: October 22 – May 5, 2023

We can act with bravery and courage, using our vitality to power us into our next project or adventure. Or we can act rashly, be too selfish or react defensively. This out of bounds coincides with his retrograde, making things completely out of control. Harsh words, violent tempers and aggressive messages become the norm once again. The virus, rebellions and weather events are at an all-time high during this period.

Mars Retrograde Oct 30, 2022 @ 9:26 am ET – Jan 12, 2023 (Gem 25 – 8)

Mars retrograde in Gemini may bring disruptions to mental pursuits and add to health issues, specifically for the lungs. This is music to the corona virus and all of its variants. This is also a time for accidents, so care is called for during this period. Gemini is everything mind, words and interests. This sign can’t get enough material to read, debate and broadcast. The cacophony that quieted down in January ramps up again with the sheer power of Mars.  Curiosity, excitement, new ideas and insights thrive and boredom, impatience and scattered focus reign. Mars pushes your mind in Gemini, making it a wonderful time to take a class, learn a new skill or digest lots of information. It’s also a great time for a meeting of the minds, where coming together in understanding is possible.

When Mars enters a sign, he usually stays for 6 weeks, yet will spend 7 months here between August 2022 and March 2023.

In August, I dove into the house placements to help you determine what actions to take to make the most of this energy. You can read it here.


The Moon phases help manifest things you want, celebrate things you have and get rid of things you no longer want. Here are the phases and what you should do:

  1. The New Moon is for setting your strategy.
  2. From the New to Full Moon, it’s the time to manifest, appreciate and create.
  3. The Full Moon is for taking stock in gratitude and refinement.
  4. From the Full to New Moon, it’s the time to celebrate, release and merge.

Full Moon: Choose Healing

Details: Sun in Libra & Moon in Aries @ 16° on October 9th @ 4:55 pm ET

The past come rushing up to the surface. Suddenly you remember everything – the good and the bad. Savor the good and for the not-so-good, healing is possible when you let go of past embarrassments, moments of guilt and playing the blame game. Can you believe you did your best at the time? Will you be as kind to yourself as you are to others?  Flip your perspective and give yourself grace.

New Moon/Eclipse: Choose Your Path

Details: New Moon in Scorpio @ 2° & Partial Solar Eclipse on October 25th @ 6:49 am ET

Clarity or confusion? Truth or lie? Get it done or chill out? The choice is yours. Both are available with this New Moon and Eclipse. October & November ecliptic pair is themed UNPREDICTABLE. Any positivity during these two weeks may be fraught with misdirection or misalignment. Take heed. Everything is cloudy and confusing. Take a break, time off or a staycation. If you must stay focused, dive deeply into your intuition. It’s the only clarity you have available. Better yet, follow the strategy you set at the end of 2021.


Oracle Cards:

Empowerment Membership:

Orange Sapphire (there are blue ones you can order):

Flower Essence: Olive:

Tarot Cards for Membership Workshop:


Wise Strategist – What begins as a month of focus and determination slowly turns into a quest to find the meaning of life. Use the 7 steps of intentions to make progress on that which you seek in the first few weeks. As the energies deepen, take care to carve out time to explore the big questions without interruption and remember to go into your heart space to relieve overwhelm. Your mind runs amuck otherwise, so better yet, use that gorgeous instinct of yours to define what and how you want to get involved in the collective. Being a beacon of calm and strength amidst the storm is your super power, yet only you can determine whether it’s the right role for you.

Intuitive Visionary – Holy cacophony! Getting swept up by all the things and driving hard to get it all done now sums up October for you. Pace yourself and remember to take olive flower essence. Just because your mind thinks you have amazing amounts of energy doesn’t mean your body agrees. Develop habits and routines that support your long-term goals and desires. Remind yourself this is a marathon, not a sprint. Take it one step at a time in a rhythm that feels progressive, yet easy. Remind yourself you have support all around you. Ask for help as you let ease be your lens.

Collaborative Explorer – Everyone reaches out to you yet again. They’ve gotten into the habit of relying on your unwavering support and excellent advice. This is the time to develop a new habit by allowing others to take responsibility for their own actions (or inactions). Realigning responsibility with authority is your project this month. Managing your own desires is your goal. Make each a mantra, then do one thing every day just for you. Practice saying NO to others. I implore you to please do this in October. You’ll be setting up tons of success for yourself when you do.

Ruling Warrior – Be mindful that you may be contributing to the issues this month. Winning, and striving toward your goals is fine, but use caution that you’re not actually taking power away from others. You may feel really good right now as you look at your client roster and your revenue. However, progress in this way backfires in the coming months. This is a time for you to use your influence and charisma to engage and connect. Think in the long-term and tap into your heart’s desire for satisfaction. This is the key for realized success. Everything else is a mirage and you don’t want to wake up in mid-January without lasting connections and structures for support.

Creative Superstar – Creations galore! You’ve had so many creative ideas these last handful of weeks, it’s impossible to keep them all straight. Take a breath and carve out time at the beginning of the month to create a list with the following headers: ideas, patterns, goals, priorities, processes or steps, supports, outcomes and target dates. Next, put your ideas onto the page and step back to see the patterns to weave these ideas into a tapestry. Then complete the list to bring the woven ideas that speak to you the most into being. This seems to be too daunting of a task and you’re right. With such a bounty of creative ideas, you’re not able to complete any of them without organization. It would be a shame to see them all fizzle into nothingness.

Loving Alchemist – The noise is deafening, pushing you toward taking control of everything and everyone in your life. The triggers keep coming, seeming to urge you to grab everyone you love and protect them from the crazy. Yet, this is exactly the opposite of what your soul wants you to do. Letting go and allowing those you love to experience this month in their own way is the key that unlocks your soul’s path and not surprisingly, is the ultimate support for your own deep satisfaction. Calm your mind, open your heart and feel your soul’s yearning. Practically, drop into healing that feels luscious, make plans for intimacy with those you truly treasure and schedule quiet moments throughout the month to regain your balance.


October gives you forward momentum until the last week when you dive deeply into you and keep your focus on your own path. Allow your mind and heart to synchronize, take time for pleasure and fun and get active when feelings of frustration and impatience arise. Stay above or below the cacophony of life to pursue the next steps for your success.

Thank you for reading and sharing with family and friends.

Seriously, it would be great for you to share. Everyone benefits.

As always, wishing you joy,

© Copyright 2022 Kaleidoscope Enterprises Corporation. All rights reserved. 

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How to Take Advantage of the Lion’s Gate Portal

It’s Robyn here with your latest dose of magical tools! Enjoy!

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about the Lion’s Gate portal, which happens every year, peaking on August 8th (hence it sometimes being called the 8/8 portal). It feels as though lots of questions are hanging in the air …

What is a Lion’s Gate and why is it special?

What does it mean for me?

Is there something I should be doing?

These are all great questions, and I will be happy to give you the skinny in this latest post about magical tools!

What is the Lion’s Gate portal, and why might I care about it?

Of course, our fabulous Kim Woods has touched on this Lion’s Gate portal in her August 2021 monthly forecast, which you can find here (it’s a must read!). And, because Kim is the world-class astrologer, let’s get the technical explanation from an excerpt from her monthly forecast:

“On August 8th every year, the fixed star Sirius illuminates the head of the constellation of Leo, known as the LION GATE. Many portent of stellar channeling energy and messages, giving you the ability to maximize creativity and healing.”

The Lion’s Gate portal lasts from July 28th to August 12th, with the peak of the energy being August 8th. There’s also talk of meteor showers potentiating this energy through August 14th this year. So, this is a nice period of time to experience and work with these energies!

As Kim mentioned, this is a time of greater connection with our intuition, with our Higher Selves, if we are open to it. We can really open up to receive that guidance and direct it at the areas in our lives where we may have habits or may be repeating patterns that aren’t helpful in our journey to being our happiest, most fulfilled, and most successful selves.

This alignment of Sirius, often called our ‘spiritual sun,’ with the constellation Leo when the Sun is also in Leo creates amazing opportunities for us. This year, 2021, the peak of the Lion’s Gate portal falls on the New Moon, August 8th. This, my friends, is a beautiful alignment!

The time leading up to the New Moon, as the energy is waning from the Full Moon, is ideal for evaluating what is not serving you in your life, identifying what you are ready to let go of, and coming to a culmination in releasing it. How powerful that the contemplative pause and releasing of the New Moon is happening at the peak of the Lion’s Gate!!!

As the New Moon energy kicks in, it’s a great time to think about and plan what you want to bring into your life, now that you’ve made space for it by letting go of that which was not serving you. Set those intentions as you get to the other side of the peak of the New Moon and the energy is beginning to build again as we move towards the Full Moon.

This cycle of the New and Full Moons – releasing, setting intentions, and manifesting – is nothing new; however, think about your ability to evaluate, release and bring the new in being amplified by the discernment of the heightened guidance that we have access to during the Lion’s Gate … Yowza!!!

Bottom line, this is an excellent time for crazy good connection with your intuition and leveraging that to take a big step toward your best life in all areas of your life that you desire – health, relationships, finances, business, career, you name it!

I’m all for it! Now what do I DO?!

You understand the possibilities of the Lion’s Gate portal, and now you want to play with those energies! Wahoo!!!

The first thing you want to do is to tap in to that gorgeous inner knowing that we all innately have (and is powered up by the Lion’s Gate) to take a good look at your life in the context of your purpose, mission and goals. If you’re not clear on these, this is an amazing time to get that clarity!

What in your life is helping you towards those goals and what is keeping you from them? In other words, what do you want to amplify and what do you want to let go of or modify?

This requires getting quiet so that you can hear the guidance and messages that are coming to you: meditation, journaling, relaxing baths, walks out in nature, divination tools such as pendulums, runes, tarot cards, and oracle decks. (Did I mention that we are in the final stages of developing an incredible and luscious oracle deck?! Oh, yes! Stay tuned!)

During the time leading up to the New Moon and Lion’s Gate on August 8th, the idea is to reflect and get clear on what you want to amplify in your life and what you want to change or release.

If you are so moved, you can have a lovely ceremony of releasing that which no longer serves you, with gratitude. This could include getting into water (especially the ocean or other natural body of water) and letting it go, writing it down and safely burning it, or putting your bare feet on the ground and releasing it down through your feet into Mother Earth (don’t worry – she takes it as a gift 💚).

Want some help? Join Kim for every New and Full Moon in the Power Up Your Intuition with True KLT™ group where she talks about the energies and does the perfect ritual for exactly what you will need!

Just after the New Moon has peaked is the time to name and claim what you’re amplifying in your life and the wonderful new things that you want to bring in to fill the open space of what you’ve released. This is the time to set and state your intentions, and the Lion’s Gate makes this time that much more powerful!

Writing and speaking your intentions is a great way to power them up in this time right after the New Moon (the first 24 hours or so). Make sure that your intentions are positive – in other words, put your focus, energy and attention on what you desire to come into being rather than what you don’t want.

You might like to use crystals to help with your intentions. Rose quartz is great for matters of the heart and self-love. Citrine is the go-to stone for abundance and success in purpose and business. Amethyst helps with growing intuition and inner knowing. Clear quartz can amplify all intentions, just be absolutely positive that it’s what you want! There are lots of wonderful stones that can assist you here.

Do some research and see what crystals resonate with you. You can set the stones on top of your written intentions or hold them as you speak the intentions and meditate on them.

As the Lion’s Gate energy begins to dwindle, and we move toward the First Quarter Moon on August 15th, make a plan around how you want to actuate these intentions in your life. Is it a new health routine, creating that new offering in your business or perhaps cleaning out that closet that’s been driving you crazy!

Continue to use that energy to tap into your guidance to make your best plan and then get ready to bring it to life beginning around the 15th! Don’t force it. Do what feels right, and let things line up for you wherever possible!

If you’ve been watching Kim’s lives in the group lately, you know that September isn’t just going to be luscious, it’s going to be the best month we’ve had a couple of years! Here’s to using the Lion’s Gate energy to bring in amazing things for your September and the rest of 2021!

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So, there you have it! Were you surprised that an astrological event is considered to be a magical tool? Think about it this way: The Lion’s Gate portal happens for everyone and is available to everyone to optimize and make the most of this auspicious event. You have the opportunity to make this into something special and use it to your benefit. Go for it!!!

Wishing you all the best that life has to offer,

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Financial Freedom: Prosperity & Love Law of Attraction Manifestation Universal Laws

Discover Your Manifesting Magic to Work with the Law of Attraction

Manifestation is a hot buzzword these days. I feel like I’ve heard just about everyone say it in some context, whether it be my favorite spin instructor or a random “social influencer.” We were on an animal sight-seeing tour recently and the tour guide suggested to us that we “manifest” the animals so we could see them (we totally did by the way). The concept of manifestation is very exciting and it’s easy to get lost in the endless possibilities of what you can bring into your life if you only…manifest it. Of course, it’s not quite that simple, and manifestation doesn’t quite work in the way you want or expect. And to make matters even more complicated, we manifest everything in our lives, not just the things we want.

Getting past the mental anguish of discovering that you are actually attracting all of those annoying things that are driving you crazy is a hurdle that could take some time to overcome. However, just recognizing that you have a natural manifestation path can get you started to make some little tweaks which may help shift your mindset and give the Law of Attraction a quicker route.

The first handy trick to change what you’re manifesting is to take some time and go back through past events, situations, conversations, and thoughts that you’ve had and try to weave together some sort of overarching theme to them. That may sound a little bit much, and it’s not always the most light-hearted or flattering look, but it does lend to some interesting insights. It’s through this that I believe each person has at least a couple of very specific pathways of manifestation that if shifted can make some really impactful changes in her or his life.

For example, as I’ve gone back and observed some of my overarching themes, I’ve discovered that there was one thing I consistently manifest into my life: frustration/anger. There are more, of course, but I wanted to address this one because I know it’s something many people wrestle with.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with frustration and anger. It was an emotion that was always just under the surface, quick to make an appearance, but feelings that I also pushed down and ignored which just made them fester and build up into resentment. Due to my repression of these emotions and not feeling them completely and allowing them to move through my body, I naturally manifested more things to be angry and frustrated about. In fact, I spent a very large part of my life with a small chip on my shoulder that just got bigger and bigger as I attracted more of the same to me.

How did I change it? I had to change my tactic in several different areas. First, I had to change my initial reaction to an irritating situation to seeing how it was helping me or how I could be grateful for it. In other words, take time to truly understand why you’re reacting to a situation in a certain way and then make the effort to react differently. That’s not easy and it can take years of hard, introspective work, but that’s the way to get past the brain. Maneuvering your emotions through your heart is a whole other ballgame and this is an area that I’m still working on, but the first step I took was to let myself feel something other than anger. When I unleashed the sadness and depression, I had to reel myself back in and remind myself of the gratitude work I had done. This process has been a vicious cycle at times, but by going through it I have discovered so much about myself and have been able to reclaim pieces of my self-worth that have been long buried.

When dealing with emotions everything feels a little more intense, but when one can learn to flow with the emotions, they become easier to manifest with. I’m going to be honest; this is something I still struggle with, but practice makes it easier!

So, here’s the question: are you brave enough to examine yourself and determine a theme that runs through your life to find what you are attracting naturally? You may find that it’s something that you never thought about or took for granted. For instance, my youngest son can manifest dice rolls when we are playing board games or Mario Party. All you have to do is point out what he needs and he rolls that number about 75% of the time. My husband manifests ease into all areas of his life. From the outside it looks like everything just comes easy for him, but really he is just a creative problem solver and leans into his intuition for all of his encounters.

There are many different pathways to manifestation and there are many ideas, plans and courses on the topic. I find them all to be fascinating, but not all of them work for every single person. Manifestation can be easy and we all do it so naturally, sometimes it’s all a matter of narrowing down the path that works best for you.


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