Against All Odds
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Sometimes you try and you try and you try again and nothing seems to work. Read on to find out how working with someone who truly sees you can make all the difference in the world.

Unlocking My Hidden Formula to Make Your Biggest Dreams a Reality, Against All Odds!

Maura was living in a constant state of low-level anxiety that was taking a toll on her life. As a high-performing realtor who took the risk to follow her dreams, Maura was overworked and overwhelmed.  This left her feeling stressed, anxious, and exhausted. 

However, Maura’s entire life has profoundly changed in just one year of working with me at Kim Woods.com. First, she has closed her lucrative real estate business in MA.  Then moved out of state to a town where she said there are more cattle than people. Lastly, she just launched her new business as a healer of homes. 

Maura shared, “Kim’s astrological guidance, combined with her impressive business background, is like rocket fuel. This powerful combination propelled me to take the risk I thought was impossible and live the life I so desired. She made it a reality for me. I no longer live in constant anxiety; I’m now so happy, grounded and balanced.

With Maura’s constant state of stress, I knew that we needed to start by helping her reduce her stress levels. 

Here are a few of my rocket fuel techniques that I used with Maura to help reduce her stress and propel her into the life she is now living and no longer just dreaming about:

  1. Giving a glimpse of what the future can look like: Understanding astrology and how the stars were aligned for Maura the moment she was born, I could see all the possibilities available to her. This helped her shift her focus from just going through the motions of life to focusing on the outcome she desired. By doing this, I gave Maura the hope and motivation she needed to make the necessary changes in her life.
  2.  Be accessible but not available: This meant that she could be reachable through various ways such as text, Voxer, and email, but with parameters. Only responding during certain times of the day. This helped Maura set the right definition and structure in her work and personal life. 
  3. Pattern interrupt: There’s a quick technique that interrupts the stress spiral of feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Interrupting pattern techniques range from taking a walk, phoning a friend, meditating, or finding a code word. By interrupting the vicious cycle, Maura was able to regain control of her thoughts and emotions.

It’s remarkable to see how my clients have been able to transform their lives.  Just by shifting their focus to what they want to achieve rather than just going through the motions of life. 

Clients like Maura, who are willing to step into their power and see how powerful they are by mastering their mindset, are forever changed. The changes Maura has made in her life have reduced her stress levels.  The changes have enabled her to live the life she has always dreamt of, creating success on her terms. 

Turn your biggest dreams into your greatest achievements by believing in yourself, staying determined, and pushing forward. No matter how unreachable they may seem now, your persistence will make them a reality against all odds!

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