Full Moon June
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Stars + Strategy = Success The stars either work with you or against you and it all depends on whether you know what they're up to or not. This monthly forecast sets up you to take advantage of these powerful forces. Using the stars strategically helps you remove the blocks to your success and achieve your personal, professional and financial triumph.

Tapping into the Strawberry Moon’s Transformative Energy

The Full Moon, on the heels of the Solstice, is a uniquely powerful time for transformation, success and prosperity. In this New Era, utilizing the universal potency aligned with your unique energetic signature, creates a vortex for your success. Using this vortex for your goals and desires is too beneficial to pass up, so let’s gather this force and use it to your advantage.

The Cosmic Guide to Success

The June Full Strawberry Moon and its surrounding celestial events offer a unique opportunity to transform your life and business. By understanding the cosmic energies and applying them to your Intuitive Success Signature, you can harness the universe’s power to achieve profound success.

During the Full Strawberry Moon, at the apex of the season of power, is a time to celebrate your strengths, envision your dreams and release blocks to achieve the life you desire. Engaging in ceremony and ritual invites creativity and introspection, aligning with both masculine and feminine energies.

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5 Key Takeaways

1.Embrace New Beginnings: With the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn at 1°, this Full Moon is all about initiating new cycles and embracing fresh opportunities. It’s the perfect time to set new intentions and take soulful plunges into your deepest desires.

2.Overcome Self-Deception: Neptune’s placement during this Full Moon highlights the importance of releasing self-defeating behaviors to embrace creativity, intuition and healing. Broadening the definition of escapism to include self-doubt and negative self-talk, encourages you to stop deceiving yourself and step into your full potential.

3. It’s the New Era: The traditional methods no longer work, so it’s time for working with the new way of weaving the ancient wisdom of the feminine energies with the advanced technologies of the masculine strengths. To create success and prosperity, dive into all things the New Era.

4. Harness Masculine and Feminine Energies: This Full Moon presents a unique blend of masculine and feminine energies, inviting you to balance the practical, goal-oriented aspects of Capricorn with the deep, intuitive, and nurturing elements of Cancer. It’s an excellent time for aligning your heart and mind to access your true power and creativity.

5. Lilith’s Message of Soul Potential: Block Moon Lilith is the apogee of the Moon and has a great deal to say to the collective at this time. Her channeled message is part of the Podcast episode and she wants you to appreciate the art of potential.

Intuitive Success Signatures: Personalized Rituals

Knowing your energetic imprint known as Intuitive Success Signatures, measures how you’re living your soul mission. Using this Full Strawberry Moon to do powerful ritual provides healing, transformation and success. Let’s explore your signature’s entry into your well of wisdom.

If you don’t know your signature, take the 12-question quiz here.  

For each of the signatures:

Wise Strategist

Ritual initiation: Envision a conversation with a large tree in the forest to fortify your growth.

Tip: Connect your roots to the earth and appreciate your impact.

Intuitive Visionary

Ritual initiation: Utilize moss agate or ocean jasper crystals to embody the element of earth.

Tip: Anchor innovations and solutions in order to expand your influence.

Collaborative Explorer

Ritual initiation: Feed your favorite elemental connection with air, earth, water or fire.

Tip: Watch the element grow as a reflection of your power.

Ruling Warrior

Ritual initiation: Picture yourself riding a shooting star.

Tip: Embrace the journey of reaching for the stars and capturing the Moon.

Creative Superstar

Ritual initiation: Imagine stepping into a vibrant mandala and becoming part of the colors.

Tip: Wear this mandala as an imprint of your creativity.

Loving Alchemist

Ritual initiation: Connect with selenite or labradorite crystals for nurturance and psychic connection, respectively.

Tip: Tap into your brilliant psychic energy to stir your tools for alchemy.

Bottom Line 

Aligning with cosmic events, like the June Full Moon at the time of the Solstice, can profoundly impact your soul journey. Leaning into the powerful energies while embracing your own imprint for brilliance opens your pathway for success, creativity and prosperity.

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