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How to Plug Up Your Energetic Leaks with the Universal Laws

“Mom, can I have a granola bar?”
“Did you get a chance to wash those shorts I need for tomorrow?”
“Have you ordered groceries yet? I need to add something to the order.”
“What’s for dinner?”

The amount of questions floating around my house each day is staggering to the point of being overwhelming. I’m an extremely organized person, but when it comes to household matters, most days I feel like I’m hanging off the edge of a cliff by my fingernails, hoping a strong wind won’t knock me down into the abyss.

These past two months have felt more difficult than normal as my two boys (seven and eight) have been home for the summer. It could be the stars clanging around in the sky, the state of the world, my lack of organization and inability to get onto a normal routine, but really, it’s just me not managing my energy. I don’t like to admit that it’s all my fault, but it is. My energy is my power. Your energy is your power too.

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed in your life that it gets to the point where the idea of getting out of bed feels exhausting even when you just had a full night’s sleep? Of course you have! Overwhelm is one of those fun parts of being human that we get to deal with, but also one of the things that bring us down and send us into mental spirals that are difficult to navigate.

Here’s the thing about feeling overwhelmed that we humans tend to forget…it’s all mental. Yes, we all have things to get done, some are more vital than others, but how we approach the items on our never-ending lists is the key to success (and survival!)

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite Universal Laws, the Law of Perpetual Transmutation (LoPT). LoPT is here to help you shift that energy and make it work for you instead of against you. Does that sound too good to be true? I thought so too, but once LoPT and I got to know each other I was able to slow down, take my anger down at least three notches and even feel the energy around me. Total game changer.

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation is as simple as this: energy is always transferred from one state to another. Energy is incapable of standing still and has to move in some way, even if it’s just a teeny-tiny bit.

Everything is energy. Thoughts, emotions and actions are energies that are already in motion so they are easier to work with and shift around. That means if we are more intentional with our words, thoughts and actions then our energy is more focused on what we want. When we are more focused with our energy, we can start attracting things we want to manifest into our reality. Here’s the kicker though, before we begin attracting things into our world, we really need to be aware of what our energy is doing first.

I like to imagine that each of us has a little Pyramid of Power inside of us that regulates our energy and keeps it nice and tidy and safe. As we move energy through our core, a frequency is sent out to the Universe to bring us what we want. Great, right? Except that our energy can also leak out of our cores and we need to be aware of them. Energetic leaks are caused by those things in life that take our attention away from what we want to focus on in order to achieve our big dreams.

Energetic leaks are distractions (like social media, surfing on our phones or television), anxiety (fear of what might happen), regret (fixation on what already happened) or even simple things like thinking about laundry or dishes piling up. Energetic leaks happen to all of us but imagine if you could eliminate some of them.

That’s where the LoPT comes in handy. What if instead of thinking about that big presentation you have at work and all of the ways it could go wrong, you visualized it going off without a hitch and getting a promotion from it? Or, what if instead of scrolling on your phone for thirty minutes, you set a time for 10 minutes and then sat in meditation or silence for 20 minutes? These actions would shift the leaks into strands of high vibrations, which are now circulating in your Pyramid of Power and boosting your frequency out to the Universe instead of sucking your energy out into the ether.

The LoPT is not only about moving that energy so that it works with you, but it’s also about becoming aware of your energy. Our energy is our power and our direct communication to the Universe, we don’t want it leaking out; instead, we want it working for us.

The feeling of being overwhelmed can pull us down into a spiral of self-doubt, anxiety and general low vibrations. When that happens, take a moment to think about what your energy is doing and where you actually want it to go. Then, visualize your energy moving into the direction you want it to flow. Changing the direction of the energy is more powerful than you can imagine. These small shifts over time make up the big leaps you want to take towards manifesting your dream life.

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation is difficult to remember, so I’m going to share with you my secret that helps me keep it at the forefront of my brain. Do you remember that song “Eye of the Tiger” from Rocky III, the one where Rocky had to fight Mr. T.? That is the song I listen to when I need to pull my energy into my Pyramid of Power and start redirecting it to where I want it to go. I listen to the song and visualize myself as some kind of predator who is on the hunt. Predators don’t waste energy, they save it until the time is right for the kill.

Should you ever come into my house and hear that song, you will now know that I’m redirecting my annoyance at having to cook dinner (yet again) to something that will help me manifest something greater. Perhaps a personal chef?

Keep the Vibes High!

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