Intimacy Part 5

Why You Need to Take the Intimacy Plunge

Over these past few days, I’ve been sharing 5 super personal stories around INTIMACY that I feel need to be told, so we can all learn from them and make the best choices.    

Here’s part 5. 


It’s such a sexy word invoking thoughts of romance and sensuality. 

Yet, the true meaning of intimacy is ‘into me you see’

Intimacy relates directly to the KLT factor. 

Knowing, liking and trusting yourself prepares you for intimacy at the deepest levels. 

In intimacy, you know, like and trust each other – unwaveringly. 

It’s been a handful of years since my epiphany sitting before my parents and I can say without a doubt, I’ve got this know, like and trust – thus the intimacy thing, down. 

All I have to do is look around me and at the life I’ve created. 

I have a deeply intimate business helping female leaders shed the expectations of others to live their true life purpose. We delve into all aspect of their lives and I’ve got them every step of the way. 

I have such close friends, I wear them. If you watch me on video, I talk about licking them I’m so close with them. I’ve got to the mat and back again with each (and would do so again today in a heartbeat.)  

I have two happy teenagers, yes even now, who are centered in knowing exactly who they are and what their gifts are in the world. 

I have a 22-year loving marriage with my soul mate, Greg, who I love more and more every day.  We’re perfectly imperfect for each other and I can’t imagine loving anyone more than I do him. 

I walk with the Divine in intimacy every moment of every day. My connection goes into the heart of Mother Earth and up through the Holy Spirit to the face of God. I commune with Jesus with each breath and honestly, there’s nothing I’ve experienced in such an intimate way.

I live each day with a completely open heart, following her wisdom at every moment. 

I am a living version of intimacy ‘into me you see’. 

I’m intimate in all areas of my life – with myself, with the Divine, friends, family, clients. 

Life is so much richer when you live in intimacy. 

You receive gems on a daily basis, especially in the simple moments. 

During the Full Moon a few days ago, Greg and I shared a moment that wouldn’t be possible without emotional intimacy – its deepest kind.

It happened as I looked at him cleaning the kitchen after dinner and realized he loves to serve me. He truly LOVES to serve me and I know deep in my heart that this is an expression of his total acceptance and unconditional love for me. It’s such a simple thing, but filled completely with love. 

I don’t think these words convey the meaning of this moment all I can say is I’ll cherish it forever. 

We have total acceptance and unconditional love for each other and our children. I have total acceptance and unconditional love for my dear friends and clients. 

Life in intimacy is it. 

It’s everything. 

In fact, it’s my KWAN. 

Who would have known 25 years ago in that NYC café when I was pressed to define my KWAN, it would have been intimacy? 

Intimacy creates trust. 

It provides connection and knowing. 

It brings happiness, joy and love. 

I invite you to join me at this intimate level. 

Intimacy changes your life into one of endless possibility. 

Who wouldn’t want that? 

For an article on the different levels of intimacy, read here. 

If you want to live your life in intimacy, connect with me here. 

xxx, Kim


Intimacy Part 4

Over these past few days, I’ve been sharing 5 super personal stories around INTIMACY that I feel need to be told, so we can all learn from them and make the best choices.    

Here’s part 4. 

Life continues even when you’re on the luge of self-discovery. Kids grow, careers change, families come together or fall apart – life goes on. 

My parents and I have undergone a separation that I would like to say is initiated smoothly by my path of self-discovery. 

Initiated? Yes. Smooth? No. 

It starts a few years prior when I want to reconcile my relationship with my mother. She wants to be close friends as well as mother and grandmother. Yet, it’s not safe for me to do this, so I dance around it. 

Finally, I sit her down and using my hands, explain that our relationship is like a Venn diagram. Yes, we have overlapping similarities, yet we also have differences. These similarities are easy, but the differences can be interesting too. 

I tell her I don’t begin and end with her. There’s more to me and she may be pleasantly surprised at what she finds. 

It’s well received and lasts for exactly one conversation. 

A few months later, one of my brothers goes off the rails by one of our interactions and I won’t bore you with the details. Let’s just say what ensues is both enlightening and earth-shattering. 

I essentially get kicked out of my family and it all begins with the Venn diagram conversation. 

The fact that I feel I’m different is received as I think I’m better than everyone else, so 

when there’s a rift in the family it’s utterly put upon me. 

During one awful conversation, I ask my parents, “Why do you love my brothers more than you love me?” 

Now, lawyers know this, but I’m not a lawyer.  Don’t ever ask a question you don’t want the answer to, because in this case, I got answered. Yup, my parents went on to explain why they love my brothers more than me. 

Even still, I wasn’t done. At this point, I have two pre-teens who’ve gotten use to their grandparents and relatives around, especially on holidays. 

So, I go back for more. 

One final time. 

I sit and write a heart-wrenchingly open letter to my parents. To give context, I’ll share the last section:

“I’m just your daughter standing naked before you. Totally vulnerable. Scared. Alone. Asking you to see me, know me and love me.” 

I send it. Then I wait. 

It doesn’t take long. I’m called and told to come over right away to ‘have a talk’. 

This is foreboding, so with trepidation and dread, I decide to go. 

I load my pockets with amethyst and rose quartz, include my Tarot Empress card and drive the longest 10 minutes of my life. 

I enter my parent’s kitchen, again my eyes shining with yearning and shyness, to be met with anger, defiance and scolding. 

It’s no Hallmark moment. There won’t be any reconciliation. 

I sit in utter angst for those first moments as I hear how wrong I am about so many things. 

I want to curl up and wither away and then I touch the card and stones in my pocket. 

As I do so, I remember. 

I remember who I am. I remember all of my gifts. I remember what I’ve been put on this Earth to do. 

I remember how I want to be different than my mother and in this moment, I know without a doubt, I am nothing like her. 

There is no circumstance I can ever imagine that I would respond to one of my children in this way. 


As I sit and receive pure venom, I heal. 

I know myself – deeply and completely.

I like myself – oh, so much. 

I trust in myself, and the fact that I can under these conditions, is a miracle. 

Now, that I’ve put myself into such a vulnerable position with my own parents and survived, I know I can be vulnerable with my closest people. 

I’m ready. 

Hit reply. I’ll bear witness to your greatest vulnerability if you want to share. 

xxx, Kim

P.S. Tomorrow you get all of the goodies. 


Intimacy Part 3

Why You Need to Care About Your KLT Factor 

Over the next few days, I’m sharing 5 super personal stories around INTIMACY that I feel need to be told, so we can all learn from them and make the best choices.   

Now for part 3. 

I’ve been on the healing mission to get to my KWAN and know joy is part of it, so I explore everything about joy I can get my hands on. I delve deeply into the feminine, reach into bliss, find ways to happiness and define joy to figure out the similarities and differences. 

After much reading, learning and talking, I realize I can define my ways for joy, but it’s actually so much deeper than just joy. (as if there’s such a thing as ‘just joy’). 

Here’s the thing. 

There’s another layer entirely. 

Before you get to experience joy in your daily life, you have to discover yourself – completely. 

You have to be on a mission of self-discovery. 

You have to know yourself at the deepest level. 

It’s also have to like yourself so you can love yourself and another – spouse, partner or child(ren). 

Underlying all of that is trust. You need to trust yourself so you can trust others. 

My mind reels with this awareness. 

Trust is hovering scarily within my brain, but I don’t reach for it yet as I’m mystified by a shiny object. 

It’s the KLT factor. 

I know the KLT factor. I talk about it all of the time with my clients. 

It’s a business term. KLT stands for – know, like and trust. People in business say it all of the time. 

The KLT conversation is about marketing and sales. Simply put: a prospective client needs to know, like and trust you before they buy from you. 

It makes perfect sense that someone would need to know, like and trust you before they invest any money with you. 

Then a lightbulb goes off in my head. 

Why would it be any different in your personal life? 

Certainly, a prospective lover would need to do the same as would a friend. 

People need to know, like and trust each other before they form lasting relationships.

It’s so obvious, why haven’t I thought of this before now? 

I ponder this a while and get really comfortable in the intellectual part. My mind revels in the weaving of a business term into the personal life. 

I look for clues in my own life. 

My clients know, like and trust me and my friends do too. My own family, as in my husband and children, know, like and trust me. 

Then, I get stymied when I think of my parents. They don’t know me at all. Is it possible for someone to get through like and trust without knowing? 

I turn it over and over in my brain. Can you like without trusting? Can you know without liking? Can you trust without knowing? 

Then it hits me. 


It’s the key. It’s the thing. 

And, it’s a big ask. 

The closer you are with someone; the more trust comes into play. 

Trust is the key. That pesky thing that’s swimming around in my brain that I’ve wanted to ignore. 

Yet, I continue my exploration of self-discovery and joyfully allow this thought to fritter away again. 

But, the universe has other plans. 

“You know you’re not fully trusting a friend when you always put yourself in the advisory seat,” I hear as I’m sitting in front of my mentor, Steven Forrest, as he’s talking about evolutionary astrology. 

I’m sitting blissfully amidst people I’ve come to know and like, so feel very comfortable. 

But with this one statement, his words shatter me to my core.  

I can’t hear anything after he says this statement. 

“…not fully trusting…advisory seat.”

His words take on such significance. I can’t ignore them. 

On the outside, everything looks the same, but on the inside, I’m in a complete panic.  

My mind reels as I think through all of my relationships. 

I run through my client list. 

They’re mostly business at this point so are relatively superficial. I offer my services to them and the level of know, like and trust is different with them. 

I’m okay here. 

I run through my own family. 

The children – they’re okay. My role with them at this age is advisory, so this is actually my sweet spot. 

Greg – yup, check. We’re doing good. 

Okay, I say to myself – calming just a little bit. 

Then, I think of my friends. 

Do I have really close friends? I mean those that you wear. 

I have 2 friends from high school and we’ve been through a ton together and I have one friend who I’m getting much closer to at this point. 

But to wear? 

When I think of my ‘best friends’ from that time, my mind explodes. 

I think of these friends and I realize I’ve been holding back just a little bit. I’m usually in the advisory seat with them. This keeps things at a distance – not a long one, but one just the same. 

“…not fully trusting…” 

It’s the trust thing. 

I think back to my parents and know that my issues with trust started there. 

Are you frigging kidding me after all of the healing? All of the inner work? All of the exploration about bliss, happiness and joy and now I’m stuck on trust. 


Now, I’m on a trust mission. 

When will it stop? 

I want KWAN, so have healed every damn ancestral line, tons of past life, heart opening and so many other things and now I land on trust? 


It’s all about trust at this point. 

Hit reply if you want to – tell me how are you doing on the know, like, trust factor. 

xxx, Kim 

P.S. Tomorrow you’ll hear of my desperate attempt. Stay tuned. 


Intimacy Part 2

Over the next few days, I’m sharing 5 super personal stories around INTIMACY that I feel need to be told, so we can all learn from them and choose a different path.   

Here’s part 2. 

It’s one thing to be resolute about changing something as big as the impact of a narcissistic mother and emotionally unavailable father while starting a family of your own and it’s another to actually do it. 

But, I’m on a mission. I’m not going to end up like my mother. 


In fact, on my wedding day, I put Greg and one of my brothers on notice by giving them permission to say, “You’re being just like your mother,” if I become complete bitch.

Those are fighting words and I’ve given them away carte blanche without any remorse – that’s how serious I am about creating a new way.

Because, you see, my mother wasn’t born into a self-absorbed, bitter woman. She didn’t play in her sandbox thinking, “I’m going to grow up and emasculate my husband and berate my daughter.” 

It didn’t just happen overnight.  

She was conditioned into it.  

Slowly, but relentlessly. 

She was emotionally altered by her mother. 

My grandmother took away any confidence my mother may have developed as her mother (my great grandmother) took it away from her. 

This goes back generations and generations. 

The women on my mother’s side are an embittered lot. 

My grandmother was the eldest of 11 and her mother left this little girl to care for all of the children, that’s right, 11 of them, during the Great Depression. So, my grandmother’s joy factor was zero. Zilch. Nada.

Her mother before her was a poor pregnant teenager without an education. 

Going back through the line, there’s no joy – only duty and bitterness. You have to go back to the Gnostics actually to find any joy. 

Years, decades, centuries – no wonder my mother wasn’t happy. Her DNA’s programmed for absolutely no joy. 

Wait, I’m screwed as I have the same DNA. 

My DNA is programmed for joylessness and if mine is, then my children’s will be too. 

When I realize this, it shakes me to the core.

No way. 


I’m on a mission to break this chain. 

I won’t tolerate another generation of overlooked and unloved children. 

I know how to begin as I’ve had an astrologer for years and I’ve met my mentor for Akashic records healing. 

I also call in a shaman and take every intuitive and energy workshop I can find. I pursue heart opening with a vengeance. 

I’ve had experiences that seem surreal now: 

  • Meeting my ancestors on both sides traveling back through to the Gnostics on the maternal-maternal side and to Ancient Rome on my paternal-paternal side; 
  • Reconciling many past lives filled with persecution and violence, not belonging, dying too early, drowning in ghastly ways and being both the victim and victimizer;
  • Knowing my past relates back to Atlantis, Avalon and Lemuria;
  • Shamanic healing involving legions of women offering me peace, power and protection
  • Recognizing my personal lineage goes back to John Dee, astrologer to the Queen;
  • Responding to the ancestral request to bring joy to the entire line; 
  • Participating in a Kundalini yoga weekend for heart opening
  • Chanting with 100’s for 5-hours to open the heart’s knowing
  • Learning of my children’s soul lineage for healing and recovery; 
  • Discovering my shared karma with Greg for curative methods;
  • Opening all future possibility for each and every one of us. 

Reading the potential for my family members, I know deep in my heart, the chains of the unloved and overlooked are broken. (Also, I’ve gone back through the lines and yes, they are indeed broken and incredible healing has been done.) 

All of this is amazing yet even with this healing and heart exploration, I still don’t know my KWAN. 

I’m closer to it, certainly, but I don’t have it all of the way yet. 

And I’m a 100% kind of person. 

So, there’s more to come – much, much more. 

Hit reply if you have any healing epiphanies or remarkable stories to share. I would to hear all about them!

Until tomorrow, 

xxx, Kim


Intimacy Part 1

It’s the mid-nineties and the movie, Jerry McGuire, has come out and in addition to being known for ‘show me the money’, there’s another bit about KWAN. It’s a made-up word describing everything the sports star in the movie is looking for – respect, community, dollars. Basically, KWAN is everything and more. 

“What’s your KWAN?” I’m asked at dinner by Dr. Bill, a friend of the new love of my life, Greg.  

I answer confidently describing my work, my graduate studies, my travels…he interrupts, “That’s not your KWAN, that’s just stuff you do.” 

I stutter and stammer describing that I’m more than my work and stuff I do, I’m a friend, sister, daughter, lover. 

“That’s not KWAN,” he talks over me again, “You don’t know.”

I’m really angry and want to lash out, but deep down I know he’s right. I don’t know. I have no idea what my KWAN is.  

I sit there stumped and it swirls around in my head, ‘What is my KWAN and how can’t I NOT know?’ 

Looking back, of course I know why I don’t know. In fact, there’s absolutely no way I could know. 

Looking back, I can remember the impact of my upbringing and how my mother smothered every single drop of ME out of me. There was no space for me to know anything about myself. 

When I pursued things she also pursued, everything was perfect. The minute I did anything outside of her experience, it didn’t exist and therefore, I didn’t exist. 

It would’ve been fine if I wanted the same things out of life that she did. But, I didn’t – at all. 

I wanted to travel, succeed in my career, pursue further studies and live on my own. I wanted to dive into cultural activities, go on adventures and discover new things.

Anything outside of a white picket fence with 2.2 children within a 10-mile radius of my family home was outside of my mother’s realm and brought out the worst in her.  

Memories run through my head:

  • I’m 24 and travel to Australia for 8 weeks. I return and it’s as if I didn’t go. Not a single question, no looking at photo albums or telling stories.
  • I get into the #1 graduate school for entrepreneurship and there’s no congratulatory moments. There’s only, “How are you ever going to meet a man if you go to school while you’re working?” 
  • I meet the man, Greg, the one of my dreams and we fall in love. I want to share the news that this is it. I’ve found The One. As I do I hear from her, “I’m going to commit suicide. There’s nothing for me to live for.” 

Along the same subject of love and commitment, there are other remembrances: 

The night of my birthday that year and my mother asks me, “Why hasn’t Greg asked you to marry him yet? He asked your father for your hand a month ago. It’s probably going to be tonight.” (It wasn’t. I had to wait a handful more days and those didn’t go well for my prospective fiancé.) 

For our wedding, there are no sharing of plans with my mother, no talking excitedly about the upcoming nuptials, no pouring over images or giggling over ideas. In fact, there isn’t even a shared cup of tea. 

On my wedding day (a beautiful intimate destination weekend at Castle Hill in Newport RI that Greg & I plan and fund completely), I show up in my parent’s room dressed in the gown I picked out by myself and I’m a little nervous as I hadn’t even tried the dress, veil, gloves and shoes on together until that moment. I stand there waiting for a response, my eyes shining with yearning and shyness. Her first comment lands powerfully, “Oh, you look beautiful, but your arms, they’re just so big.” 

I’m shattered, obviously, but have a beautiful wedding day despite her. 

But, this is the last straw. 

The one that breaks the camel’s back. 

I am resolute. 

I’m NOT going to end up like my mother, living too small a life. 

She’s so bitter, jealous and self-absorbed. 

When she’s not comfortable or familiar with the choices being made, she spends her time berating, belittling and emasculating those around her. 

Expending all of her energy either putting others down or propping herself up.  

Wallowing in delusion and denial about who she is and how she impacts others. 

I’m not going to live my life this way. Instead, I’m going to make my life bigger. 

I’m going to make my life into one that I love – just for me and my own family

I’m going to treat my future children differently. I’m going to show them that they matter. I’m going to give them the space to be themselves. 

I’m going to have a loving, respectful and healthy relationship with the love of my life. 

I’m going to discover my KWAN with my newly minted husband. 

I’m going to find out everything I need to know to live the life I want to live. 

This is a huge task, because I don’t have any idea what makes me truly happy. I can’t name the things that bring me joy. 

I’ve spent my 20’s proving myself to myself and now, in my early 30’s, I’m committing to another and focusing on growing a family. 

I’m going to have to figure this out for myself from the inside without changing anything on the outside. 

Hmmm…this is going to be a THING. 

But, I’m excited. 

Actually, I can’t wait to shed all of the expectations and conditioning. 

Hit reply if there’s anyone in your life who doesn’t see you? Who doesn’t let you be fully you? Who doesn’t lift you up? 

Let’s have a conversation. I want to hear all the things. 

xxx, Kim

P.S. Tomorrow’s tale is “Breaking the Chain for the Overlooked and Unloved”

Astrology Forecasts Oracle

September Oracle – Discover How to Build a Stronger Foundation


2020 has been trying and here we are in its 9th month, tired and weary, and just in time as the energies pull you back to pause and take a breath. You’ve reached the summit and realize its only base camp, but that’s okay. Replenish yourself this month to gear up for the rest of your life beginning in December. You’ll relish this quieter time if you see it as positive instead of negative. 

I’ll be going LIVE on Tuesday morning at 10:00 am ET to talk about all of it. Power Up Your Intuition in the True KLT group. 


Better days: 9/1, 9/3, 9/4, 9/5, 9/6, 9/13, 9/14, 9/17, 9/22

Days to tread softly: 9/2, 9/4 (not a typo – it’s both), 9/9, 9/11, 9/15, 9/18, 9/19, 9/21, 9/25, 9/27, 9/28, 9/29


  • Get all the things done in the first week. 
  • After that, be patient. 
  • Go inward to reflect and devise an excellent self-care regiment.  
  • Make plans, strategize and take stock. 
  • Make adjustments as necessary.  
  • Strengthen your foundation.  


The Tarot card for September is the Harvest – Nine of Worlds. 

This is an ending and beginning card signaling the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next one. You’ve been hard at work and now is the time of culmination. Ensure you’ve completed everything you set out to do. Go past the finish line. 

Build the basis for the next cycle to make all of your dreams come true. 

Weekly Energies:

Astrologically, there are 4 big forces this month – Mars moving into retrograde position on the 9th, Jupiter and Saturn stationing direct on the 13th and 29th respectively and Mars confronting Saturn again on the 29th. This month sets up the next 2 to round out 2020’s birthing of a new era. 

Astronomically, Earth is passing between Mars and the Sun in an elegant cyclic dance that happens every two years, however Mars also has his own dance with the Sun. In 2018, Mars and the Earth came close while Mars was his closest to the Sun, making this the first time since 2003. This year, Earth and Mars will be the closest on October 6th, but is bright in the night sky until then. Enjoy!

Week 1: Get Things Done!

September begins with yummy energy helping you feel charismatic and influential. Reach out to others for powerful communication and connection. It’s also a great time for discovery and research. (Mercury trine Pluto Rx)

Full Moon: Your Role in the World.

On September 2nd, the Moon reaches her full opposition point at 1:23 am EDT. She’s in Pisces while the Sun’s in Virgo, each asking you to accept yourself and the world in which you live wholly and completely. This is both personal and universal and is directly in line with the “Yes, but…” conversations I’ve been having on my FB business page on Thursdays. It’s all about holding the expansive space of infinite possibility with the practicalities of daily life and all of the tension it involves and the almost impossible commitment it entails. 

On this same day, there are 2 other influences affecting this Sun-Moon opposition, one supportive and the other conflicting. First the confrontation that complicates friendships, love and finance. This energy triggers feelings of inadequacy due to lack of attention, appreciation and acknowledgment. These are typically wounds from authority figures, particularly parents that get a zing right now. It’s an opportunity for you to learn to love yourself. Forgive yourself for the past and fully enjoy and appreciate yourself now. 

In the outer world, prepare for healing by paying off debts literally and figuratively. It’s also a good time to plan home renovations or redesigning to beautify your home or office. (Venus opposition Saturn Rx)

The supportive energy brings insight and discovery. You have feelings of self-confidence about trying new things or new people. Be careful not to shed old things or people that are still aligned with you, even though they feel uncomfortable right now. Embrace the new WHILE healing any inner discomfort from the former. This is the time to see the true value in all areas of your life. (Sun trine Uranus Rx)

The next day, everything administrative feels good right now. Make plans, schedule events, negotiate, sign contracts and finish up anything you’ve been putting off these last few weeks. (Mercury trine Saturn Rx)

On the 4th, there are 3 configurations that make this day both good and a tad complicated. Firstly, healthy relationships feel delicious as this transit boosts your passion and stimulates excitement. In less than healthy ones, tension and conflict arises with a fight for control. Avoid conflict by working out or being creative. Find a positive outlet for your excess sexual energy. (Venus square Mars)

Secondly, make adjustments to your thoughts about moving forward on projects and work. You want to push ahead, but deep down inside you know you need to wait. Revisit your design, fortify your plans and attend to the details. (Mercury quincunx Mars)

Lastly, you feel sexy and yearn for social activity. You have the charm to satisfy all of your connections and make them a success. This transit typically occurs twice a year, but this year, it’s occurred 4 times. This is the 3rd one with the next in mid-October. (Mercury sextile Venus)

The next day, your thoughts move into harmonious terrain as you long for beauty, elegance and sophistication. Make peace with your mind and let your heart’s desires lead. Your mind actually wants to slow down and savor. (Mercury ingres Libra)

On the last day of the week, your feelings get a lift into joy from the sensitive and nurturing ones. It’s a time for love, fun and expressing yourself creatively. You may want a new style to step out with more flair and swagger. (Venus ingres Leo)

Week 2: Be mindful.

On the 9th, the first of the big guns of the month occurs. Mars stations retrograde until November 14th. Mars is in Aries, his own sign and amplifies the impact.  Feelings of uncertainty reach an all-time high about your role in the world, at work and in relationships.  This Mars retrograde is one for the books as this is the first time in 32 years Mars has gone retrograde in his own sign of Aries.  

When Mars appears to go backward in the sky, he affects your energy level, your passion and any forward motion in work and play. Expect your energy level to drop and you’ll have no obvious momentum in life mission or passionate stimulation in relationships. Self-care is key and introspection is your vehicle. Plan, organize and get things together behind the scenes. Focus on what you truly want, but don’t make any lasting changes until this retrograde has passed. I’ll be diving as deeply into this as I’ve done for the March Saturn in Aquarius and Mars in 2020 articles. Stay tuned early next week. They’ll be a LIVE too. 😘

Also on this day, good feelings and optimism arise, so take advantage of this good fortune by taking action. It may be the last day to do so for the next handful of weeks. (Sun trine Jupiter Rx)

On September 11th, deception and confusion come to the fore. If it seems too good to be true, it is. Be discerning. Drop into your heart space before making any lasting decisions. (Sun opposition Neptune Rx)

On the 12th, push ideas beyond their limits.  Intuit and reach into your knowing in new and unexpected ways. The revelations may surprise you. I would set extra time aside for meditation as the connections may be surprising. (Mercury quincunx Uranus Rx)

Jupiter stations direct on the 13th after spending 4 months in retrospection. Your philosophy of life’s meaning and what it means to be successful has undergone review these last handful of months. Hopefully your inner compass has been realigned with your brightest future. 

The last day of the 2nd week brings influential and appealing energies. You may be recognized for your efforts by those in position of power and authority. Yum. (Sun trine Pluto Rx)

Week 3: Take stock.

There’s a bid for freedom in relationships on the 15th. Any closeness feels chafing and any compromise seems stifling. Take heed before spending your way through this energy and overindulging too much. Get creative instead. (Venus square Uranus Rx)

New Moon: Recognition.

On the 17th, the Moon stills along with the Sun at exactly 7:00 am EDT in the practically universal sign of Virgo in harmony with Saturn Rx. Long awaited recognition for all of your hard work becomes obvious. You deserve it. Take this respite and redefine your intentions for the remainder of 2020. Set them to manifest magically for you with this new Moon. (Sun trine Saturn Rx)

Pay attention to the details as your broad view of the world masks them in your enthusiasm to bring anything to fruition. Be mindful of how to communicate and keep your high-flying self-importance to a minimum. This is a good transit for your self-confidence as long as you stay firmly footed in reality.  (Mercury square Jupiter)

The 18th is a kaleidoscope of shifting colors making new shapes and patterns. Turn your thoughts and perceptions this way and that for different perspectives and points of view. (Mercury quincunx Neptune Rx)

What excites you? Expect changes in the definition of your passions and desires on the 19th.  You’re maturing and so are your tastes. Let go of those that no longer fit. (Sun quincunx Mars Rx)

On the 21st, don’t get carried away with extremist thinking as Pluto loves to take things to the edge by plunging head first into anything objectionable, namely the underbelly of humanity. Stay in your lane and dive deeply into your own truth. This is an opportunity to investigate your relationship with your inner soul, not to defend wild theories to avoid introspection. This transit is hitting 3 times in 3 months and most importantly hits exact on November 2nd – the day before the US general election.  I’ve been waiting for the right moment to post my findings for that day. Stay tuned later this week. (Mercury square Pluto Rx) 

Week 4: Balance.  

Happy Equinox Celebration! It’s the kick off of a new season, so let’s celebrate with a 3-day festival! I’m inviting you to my True KLT group to join the fun. You’ll see a light-hearted take on the weekly power tip emails to get you into the spirit of the festival. Stay tuned for all the things. 😉

Happy Birthday Libra. The day equals night on September 22nd. This is about balance. What’s in balance for you? What’s out of balance? It’s time to bring everything into alignment. Use Libra’s energy to help you. (Sun ingres Libra)

Also on the Equinox, make adjustments and course corrections in love and finance. You can make successful strides by planning accordingly after a full review. (Venus quincunx Jupiter)

The week continues to be active with energetic forces from the 23rd to the 28th, culminating with the biggest ones on the 29th. The month reaches a crescendo to launch October’s rehash of August-like energy.  

On September 23rd, you have the chance to see things for what they truly are, especially relationships in love, business and even friendships. Take note of any imbalances and determine how you want to address them.  (Venus quincunx Neptune Rx)

Also on this day, take your time in completing tasks and double-check your work. Take care while communicating with others – this is a time ripe with misunderstandings. This influence is your first hint of the Mercury retrograde October season. (Mercury square Saturn Rx)

On the 24th, be patient and relax as everything’s going to be taken out of context. Take a deep breath when dealing with aggravating people or situations. Don’t let them get the better of you.  (Mercury opposition Mars Rx)

On September 26th, explore the underpinnings of self-love and take a few days to do it. Think about how you’ve gained awareness about yourself, then examine your self-care routines. Finally, discover fun and creative ways to love yourself. (Venus quincunx Pluto Rx)

Here it is on the 27th, the next step foreshadowing the Mercury retrograde plunge next month. This is an additional sprinkling of what’s in store for the next 6 weeks. Your thoughts turn to the unfamiliar with intensity not seen in almost a year. You want to know everything about the secret, hidden and until yet, unattainable. Be wary of drama or emotional outbursts. Don’t your intentions be swayed by other’s immaturity. (Mercury ingres Scorpio)

Undergo a bit of surgery in the areas of your budget of time, resource and money on the 28th. Any tweaks pay off 10-fold. (Venus quincunx Saturn Rx)

Saturn stations direct on September 29th after four long months.  Your re-evaluation period weighing your responsibilities and how you expend your authority has come to an end. You’ve been in this energy since May 11th. How has it gone? Do you feel you’ve reset your responsibility and authority matrix? 

There are 2 more influences on this day. The first one would typically be a positive impact on your love life and may still be if you enter into it tenderly and compassionately. Your love life has absorbed a series of hits this month. Relax and breathe. Make space to deepen your love, creative pursuits or self-care routines. (Venus trine Mars Rx)

Take a protective stance on what’s important to you now. This is the same energy, but backward from what you experienced on August 24th and positions you for the next round on January 13, 2021. Don’t defend defiantly. Softly, but strongly position yourself firmly for whatever comes next. (Mars Rx square Saturn)

Monthly Stone:

Seek connection with the monthly stone Lazulite.

Lazulite comes from the Latin word, Lazanward, meaning Heaven. This stone uplifts you with positive spiritual energies. 

Additionally, it balances your chakras and aligns your thoughts with your feelings.  While this stone eases your mind, it brings you a deep sense of inner peace. Your imagination and intuition are heightened, so you can find answers to questions that have been eluding you. 

This crystal assists with true life purpose. It opens the mind and connects to the heart and soul. This stone gives you insights and guides you to the answers about every area of your life. 

To ground this energy, pair with Hematite and Covelite. Hematite helps pull this energy down to Earth, while Covelite bridges the physical and spiritual realms.

September is a month of build-up in pressure if you look at the hold-ups as negative. However, if you lean into the standstill and treat it as a plateau for review and adjustment, you’ll be much better positioned for the remainder of 2020 and 2021. 

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends. 

Remember, you are loved beyond measure,  


Astrology Forecasts Lunar Cycle

Sept Full Moon – How to Welcome Good Fortune Today


There is so much contained in this Full Moon energy. You can feast on it for days. I’ve taken a slightly different approach by including the energetic influences with their corresponding recommendations, so you can pick and choose. (If it were me, I would print out and circle those that jumped out at me. But, I’m old school, so do whatever works for you.)

I’ll be going LIVE in my True KLT group on Wednesday at 10:00 am ET to talk about the underlying forces and overall impacts as well as to lead scrumptious meditation. 


This Full Moon Tarot card is the Sage of Cups – Regenerator. 

You’ve ridden the waves of your inner life, dealt with stagnation and are finding fulfillment in new ways. You’ve mastered how to negotiate emotional waters and generate new life vitality though joyousness.

Toast yourself. There’s happiness in growth. 

Relish it. 


This Full Moon has a 7 and 10 energy combination. 

The Moon reaches maximum with Venus, Saturn and the karmic nodes at 25° (2+5 = 7). While the Sun, Moon and Uranus are at 10°. 

The 7 is the past and present and the 10 is the future. This is excellent as the 7 is a mastery number, reminding you to take stock of your current position, while the 10 is all about fortune. 


Astrological Energies: 

You come into this Full Moon refreshed by powerful and influential connections.  You feel charismatic and creative allowing the Virgo Sun to push you to get to the task at hand. 

When the Pisces Moon opposes the Sun in her full position, it’s 1:23 am EDT. I love the 1-2-3, as in “Let’s go.” This is the energy of the entire week. 

Diving into the expression of the lunar-solar opposition, Pisces and Virgo come to the fore with Virgo outshining Pisces, but Pisces reaching into the Sun and pulling out all of his manifestation that may yet still be hidden.  

I love the unifying influence of these two signs. Virgo is feminine while the Sun is masculine and Pisces and the Moon are both yin, making this Full Moon 3 parts inner reflection and one part outer creation. With the energy of “Let’s go”, this provides opportunity to bring your whole self into the equation of all of your activities this week.

Speak with your whole self, reach out to others with your heart and connect to your passionate work without guilt or compromise. This is alignment with integrity. Your heart and soul step forward and take the reins allowing your mind to fall back and perceive. This is an excellent for strategizing, planning and intending as well as doing. (For me, as a strategist and intuitive, this is the stuff of dreams!)

The best question to ask right now is: “What is my best pathway forward to embrace my maximum potential for the future of my dreams?” 

Here are the opportunities for you during this Full Moon time. Choose those that speak to you. 

New possibility is here. It’s as if your future is standing right in front of you. How will you invite it into your life? 

  • Be bold and confident to say YES to moving forward. 
  • Shed the behaviors and patterns that have negative influence. 
  • Break bad habits.
  • Find original ways of doing things. 
  • Recognize your discomfort with change is only temporary.

Revisit your design, fortify your plans and attend to the details. Use Virgo’s energy to get your administrative world in order. 

  • Make plans. Schedule events. 
  • Clean up any unfinished business. 
  • Make the phone calls, send the emails. 
  • Perform all outreach activities. 
  • Negotiate deals and sign contracts. 
  • Set your course for the remainder of the year. 

Open your heart to romance and your mind to creative pursuits. You feel sexy, social and creative (in any order you prefer 😉). This is also a way to expend pent-up tension. 

  •  Set up an evening of romance. 
  • Make plans with friends for a safe and social engagement. 
  • Allow time to get creative and make something beautiful.
  • Get physical. Work out. 

Recognize the reason behind the pressure of feelings of inadequacy. Where have you given your permission for people to step on your toes? How are you unclear about your expectations? 

  • Step into your command. 
  • Appreciate your authority.  
  • Be clear and concise in your communications. 

Let go of preconceived judgments and open your heart and mind to the intentions of others. Your view of the world is growing and changing with you. How does your emotional safety stand up to confrontation with the way you see the world? 

  • Be discerning instead of judging. 
  • Accept that others aren’t perfect and have their own situations you may or may not be aware.
  • Allow yourself to become a role model for how you want to be treated.  Be the person you want to be. 
  • Treat yourself with the same attention and care you treat your loved ones. 

Value in every way is being tested right now. What are your priorities for your time, energy and resource? Where are your dollars going? How are you earning your money? 

  • Review your financial targets. 
  • Revisit your budget. 
  • Create pleasure for yourself.
  • Invest in pleasing surroundings. 

Full Moon Crystal: 

Blue topaz is a part of the family of topaz, signifying love, ease and good fortune. It promotes loyalty in love and truth. It promotes better communication through clarity of feelings and honest emotional attachment. 

This gem promotes truth and forgiveness. It’s a mellow stone that works where it’s most needed.  It aligns your mind, body and spirit. 

Blue topaz helps you see where you strayed from truth and bring you back to your core wisdom.It ensures you to live up to your own aspirations. It assists you in writing your own script.

It has cooling powers and helps prevents anger and frustration. (This will be good for this weekend.) 

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends. 

As always, wishing you joy, 



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