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The New Era – You Get to Choose

Time’s Up!

That’s right.


You get to choose – right here, right now. 

Choice 1 

You can adult. Step into your leadership role. Shine your light. Live in love. 

Choice 2

You can worry. Slip into anxiety. Distract yourself with mundane tasks. Complain. Stay small. Let this huge opportunity go. 

Choose – right now.



This is what Saturn is asking you right here and right now. 

This is scary stuff. It always is with Saturn. But guess what? Pluto is coming in April and that is scary as F*&K. 

So, what’s your choice? 

Choice #1 is being truly and completely you without any push and pull from anyone else. It’s reclaiming your greatness, standing in your full power and acting only based on your inner authority. 

What does this give you? Abundance, joy and success. Riches, power and love. It gives you everything beyond your imagining.   

To get it, all you have to do is master your soul desires. 


You must face every one of your fears, step completely into your calling and boldly commit to your success.  



Because, the alternative? 

Choice #2 is falling into fear, creating lack and staying in survival mode.  

There’s no judgment here – ever. 

It’s okay if this is your choice. 

But remember, it’s ALWAYS a choice. 

You either actively choose or passively choose. 

You’re always choosing. Every day – with action or inaction, your choice rises to the surface. 

What do you choose? 

For #1, you must fling yourself off of the cliff in complete faith without having any of the answers. 

But, it’s okay. 

There are so many of us here now. 

When I did it, there was no one. 

Now, there are many. 

Will you join us? 

Be brave. 

I dare you. 

Connect with me on a call. We’ll talk about how to you get you here. 

Now, let’s talk astrology behind this call to choose. (I have so much information for you – always.😉 )

The New Era? 

Saturn enters Aquarius this weekend until July and then comes back here to stay for 3 years beginning in December. 

Right now, you get a glimpse into the New Era.  With astrology, there are always many possibilities and the extremes are laid out in two expressions (yes these align with the 2 choices above).

1) Higher Expression 

Saturn loves mastery as he makes you choose and his choices are ALWAYS difficult. Saturn’s call for mastery involves taking all of your past experiences and bringing forward those that help you leap into your best future. Aquarius is about genius and revolution. He wants you to live your life by being the most honest version of yourself. He loves innovation, invention and striving for the unconventional. 

Together, Saturn and Aquarius ask you to serve humanity, gather ideas and solutions in the most organic ways and create the future together using everyone’s unique gifts. This is a grassroots movement. 

The world becomes new and ready for the peace we all say we want. 

2) Lower Expression

Saturn creates scarcity, isolation and strife. Aquarius spreads airborne ‘disease’, wrangles with technology and limits travel, particularly air travel. (Yup, amazing right?) 

Which expression has the world chosen? 

It’s no surprise with all of the fear, doubt and uncertainty. This is unfamiliar and is making everyone crazy. Yet, it’s critical that everyone chooses. 

Saturn is always about difficult choice. He wants everyone to adult, take responsibility for their actions and master working in the world based on their true life purpose. When you don’t align with your true purpose, he makes your life Hell. 

It’s just that simple. 

Let’s get you some insight into your own astrology based on your houses.  (I’ll be talking about this on Friday, March 27th in my True KLT Group. I’ll show you how to look at your chart, what to do about this signature crossing more than 1 house and even answer questions about other planets in this house if you’re LIVE for the Q&A). 

To run your chart, you need your date, time and place of birth. It’s free, merely go here and fill in your information. 

 Saturn-Aquarius in the Houses

Saturn in Aquarius is the flavoring I described above and he’s passing through your astrological houses. The sign (Aquarius) is how you feel, the planet (Saturn) is the energy and the house (1 – 12) lists the behaviors or actions for you to take. I’ve done all of the interpretation for you. 

Houses – Saturn in Aquarius


Higher expression: It’s all Saturn for you right now. Every area of your life is being called up for review. All of your decisions and actions are being questioned. Saturn is coloring how you see the world as well as how you step into it. You’re being called to lead by example. Be a role model. Choose your future today and show others how to choose theirs. 

Lower one: You don’t have the self-assurance to lead and either do so in tyrannical ways or with vagueness of purpose. You feel defeated and lack the motivation to do anything. 


Higher expression: It’s time for you to find new inventive ways to make money in order to stabilize your finances. You have more patience & perseverance for gaining skills and competence. Perhaps taking a new course or working for the greater good will help replenish your resources. Your self-esteem is being hit, so lean into the new. Be creative and original. 

Lower one:   You hold too tightly onto material possessions thinking they give you confidence and self-esteem. You fear taking risks and hold yourself back in self-defeating ways. You’re obsessed with security which may even lead to hoarding. You pay too much for your money. 


Higher expression: Success comes from finding your voice. Communicate, present, teach, write, speak. Do it now – start today. Take small steps. Technology can help you. Set goals to learn new, futuristic and unconventional things. Establish intuitive connection to channel messages. Master your intuition. Practice every day. Create a spiritual routine. 

Lower one: You’re scattered and unfocused, leading to chronic time wasting and disorganization. You defend your concepts too much for fear of competition. You stay in the intellectual world to the detriment of connecting emotionally. 


Higher expression: You may want freedom from home, family and roots. Find ways to feel independent while staying connected. Discover deep inner wisdom with non-traditional methods. Explore your ancestral roots and do past life work. Let go of your need to control those closest to you. Let them seek their own path. Find and connect to your tribe by starting a group. Use the internet to find new members. 

Lower one:  You lack basic psychological self-knowledge, leading to neurotic, unsatisfying and obsessive behaviors. You analyze everything, so you don’t need to actually emotionally connect. You’re distrustful and protect your heart at all costs. 


Higher expression: Be wildly creative. Gain freedom through self-expression.  Work on discovering your joy. Become a pleasure seeker. Spend time with children. Heal your karma in unconventional ways. Heal your karmic debts by cutting ties. Discover new love or new loving ways, i.e.; fall in love all over again. Stay in creative ecstasy as much as possible. Be earnest and original in your self-expression.

Lower one: Your relationships are self-destructive. You are either too self-indulgent or you ruthlessly control your access to joy and pleasure. You’re unable to relax and play. You may even be creatively blocked. 


Higher expression: Volunteer, be in service to others – especially in online communities. Change routines and work habits. Find innovative ways to meet your job tasks. Leverage technology, science and invention to help you.  You’re being called on to be in service as a leader. Be inventive on how to do this. You’re required to work from the bottom up, not the top down. Roll up your sleeves and lead from within. Seek a mentor or become one. Work with young people or groups. 

Lower one: You’re a slave to your work, filling your time with endless drudgery. You have so many tasks, you could never complete them all.  You subordinate yourself in key relationships. 


Higher expression: You want to master relationships and are looking for new ways to connect deeply with a few others. These are soul mates – equally met in open-endedness and unique rapport. These may be business partnerships, friendship connections or romantic commitments. 

Lower one: You have a pattern of chronic submissiveness or bossiness in intimate relationships. You have the inability to form a stable emotional bond for fear of intimacy, resulting in co-dependency.  


Higher expression: You’re mastering healthy, flowing and spontaneous sexuality. You enter into intimacy in naked honesty and vulnerability. You honor your transformative process. And you have an acceptance of death that integrates its reality into daily life. You’ve achieved a sense of spiritual immortality and love to pursue the mysteries. 

Lower one: You experience either blocked sexual functioning or obsessive sexuality. You have a fear or denial of death, denial of religion, occult or mystical feelings. This results in getting caught up in debts, tax issues and an inability to create wealth. 


Higher expression: You’re excited to break up routine and create new patterns of behavior. You love change and embrace it wholeheartedly. You seek new ways to see the meaning of life and actively pursue other cultures and lands. And you want to master what it means to be spiritually human. 

Lower one: You get caught up in dogma, rigid rules and narrow-minded behavior. You disassociate with others who aren’t like you. You can’t handle change and desperately hold onto routine. Yet, you’re unhappy and bored with your current circumstances. This boredom may lead you into unprincipled behaviors. 


Higher expression: You’re aligned with your life purpose and are pursing your soul destiny. Your calling is evident in the world. Your role in society is needed and valued. You’ve discovered new ways of being seen in the world. You’re deeply satisfied with your life mission and are creating success.  

Lower one: You’re trapped in meaningless roles that don’t give you pleasure or satisfaction. You may hold onto status and power too tightly. Appearances matter more than self-fulfillment. You’re being called to make changes in your life’s work now.  


Higher expression: You have concrete and specific sense of direction in life. You have realistic yet inspiring goals that are rooted in self-knowledge. You have a network of relationships that enhance and support the realization of your personal goals. 

Lower one: You’re drifting along with a vagueness of purpose. You lack clarity, so can’t commit to any particular thing. Your friends and associates don’t actually lift you up for your best future. 


Higher expression: You’ve transcended the need for other’s approval. You have the equanimity to be free from the worry about the typical ups and downs of life. You’ve mastered spirituality and have constant spiritual and psychic experiences.  You sense of the presence of God and the higher levels of consciousness. 

Lower one: You tend to escape the world through self-destructive relationships with alcohol, food, sleep, sex, television and other ‘drugs’. You’re confused about your self-image. You haven’t discovered your hidden gifts. 

The good news about Saturn? He gives you the ability to do the things you don’t feel like doing. 

The good news about Aquarius? You have the yearning for the freedom to be completely yourself and will find inventive ways to do so. 

Other factors coming up

Generally, Pluto with Jupiter in April is requiring you to prioritize in ways you haven’t in a very long time. Venus retrograde on May 13th until June 25th is asking you to reshuffle your relationships and resources and Uranus in Taurus is setting you up for wealth and status creation in 2021. The Uranus in Taurus configuration is battling Saturn next year, so this is fraught with minefields as well. 

Getting your house in order is your mission right now. I’ve described the broader action in the first part of this post and given you more specifics within the house section. 

This is tough stuff, but remember you chose to be here at this time, in this place, with these people. You also chose your particular gifts.

You want this – desperately. I can hear your soul’s calling. 

Your time is now.  

What do you choose?

Loving you beyond measure,