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June 2022: Fortune Favors the Bold, Are You Ready for Huge Healing?


From Annual Forecast:

There is so much healing available. Will you take advantage of it or will you get frustrated by lack of progress? With discernment, get a glimpse of reality while you can. Your future is evident in your heart. Take notes on course corrections – think minor adjustments, not major ones.

Planetary Alignment – Astronomy:

Every few years, the planets ‘line up’ in the sky, while being illuminated by the Moon, so are visible without the need of a telescope.  In late March, Venus, Mars and Saturn begin aligning as Jupiter joins in mid-April. The Moon dances around the line to link up in late April and late May. Mercury joins in late June.  

Supportive Intuitive Tools

Oracle card: #23- Create

Creativity isn’t linear and the last few months have pushed you with its spiraling energy. Acclimate to it – it’s here to stay. Creation begins with your imagination, not your mind. Let your mind wander and your imagination take over. Think in questions, not answers. The magic happens in the creative spiral. What kind of magic do you desire?

Here are two ways to use this card this month: 

Intuitive tool: Lose yourself in the ecstasy of creation by listening to your favorite music, pursuing your favorite creative exploits or envisioning a rainbow and exploring each of its colors. Get out of your mind, open your heart and tap into your belly. Let your belly be your muse. Call on the Goddess Sarasvati to help. She’s always up for the creative process.

Practical tip: Do some creative writing on whatever topic suits you. Spend at least an hour to really get into your topic. Don’t research or follow any particular purpose. Allow yourself to write freely.

Crystal: Labradorite

This is a stone of transformation and magic. Awaken your imagination and creative powers by working with this stone. Use it in meditation to connect to your intuition. Labradorite asks you to be patient and to quiet your mind. The good news? It helps you do both.  

Flower essence: Scleranthus

This is a balancing flower essence bringing you from conflict to equilibrium. Scleranthus helps you make decisions, typically between two choices, without requiring advice or impulse outside of you. Scleranthus helps center and balance your internal compass instead of swinging back and forth between two options. Sometimes, the swing is wide and obvious and other times, it’s minor and obscure. Scleranthus is effective in either case.

Supportive Practical Tips

 Quick tip: Get healing. Schedule a massage, acupuncture, sound bath or your favorite healing modality.  Go to a spa. Any healing you do this month is exponentially effective.

Going Deeper:

  • Change your perspective. Ask yourself, “How am I wrong?” Instead of “How am I right?”
  • Find satisfaction with loved ones and through things you enjoy.
  • Get ready for the lightning bolt awakening on July 31st by addressing the areas of your life that need addressing. You know what they are – get to work.

 Big Star Events:

    • June 4th– Saturn retrograde- When Saturn is in Aquarius it helps you construct your life for the future and pushes you to go, go, go! However, when he goes into retrograde roadblocks may come in the form of delays, sluggish energy and health issues-all things that will give you the opportunity to determine what is important to you. During this time, he wants you to take a breath and rest, to reflect on your priorities and to give you a nudge to show up for YOU. 


  • June 21st– Solstice- The Solstice is the time of the year where the Sun reaches its highest point in the sky in the northern and lowest point in the sky in the southern hemisphere and stands still. It’s the still point where magic resides – the apex of POWER. We’re celebrating it by offering a free powerful prosperity cleanse. Get rid of stale blocks and amp up your prosperity flow.
  • June 28th– Neptune retrograde- It’s time for that reality check. Truths are starting to come into focus and any rose-colored glasses that you’ve been wearing are coming off now. Even though you may be feeling grounded, things feel confusing and uncertain. The only constant in life is change and Neptune is here to offer compassion and love through these times. Be kind to yourself and others as you continue to embrace your heart’s wisdom and follow its guidance.

 Supportive Events:


On June 21st at 1:30 pm ET, the entire team will be going live on the FB biz page for a Solstice Prosperity Power Cleanse Ritual. We’re getting you ready for the BIG lightning bolt awakening on July 31st by clearing your prosperity blocks and opening your prosperity flow.


Say YES to you:

As always, Wisdom Wednesdays and Power Tips are included in our free Power Up Your Intuition group. Intuitive types (ways for you specifically to develop your intuition and step into your power) are going to be explored, so come have fun with us!

ENGAGE with your intuition:

In our Empowerment Membership, we’ll be doing rituals around the New and Full Moon in order to fully step into this pivotal time of power.  Join us in our supportive community filled with power and magic.


The Weekly Stars

Week 1: Welcome the Shift of Energies

Dates- May 30-June 5th

Let’s celebrate the end of Mercury retrograde this week and begin to get ready for the lightning bolt awakening on July 31st with Saturn’s karmic healing. Communications begin to flow easier and any snafus smooth out, however, lookout for upheaval that feels disruptive.

Surround yourself with support and take some time to really look at patterns or limiting beliefs that have been hanging around but no longer serve you. This is a good time for breakthroughs.

Weekly tips:

  1. Choose yourself and your health. Ramp up your health routines.
  2. Make a plan for lots of outreach next week.
  3. Celebrate! May is done – you’ve made it through one of the most difficult months of the year!

Week 2: Enjoy that Sigh of Relief

Dates-June 6th-12th

This week is a huge relief after all of the intense energies. Your mental game gets a boost and you have opportunities for some new partnerships. Excitement, freshness and freedom comes into play in your love life and with your finances. Enjoy.

Weekly tips:

  1. Look for opportunities by exploring potential relationships and collaborations.
  2. Do outreach – every single day this week – it’s been too long.
  3. Play in your love life.

Full Moon: Dream Big

Details: Full Moon Sun in Gemini & Moon in Sagittarius on June 14th@ 5°at 7:52am ET

Dream big and then get a glimpse of reality while you can. Your future seems evident in your mind. What do you really believe about your biggest and most heartfelt dreams? What are you willing to do to achieve them? What aren’t you willing to do? Explore ways to make your future a reality now. Take note and make any notes on course corrections—think minor adjustments, not major ones. The 5° symbolizes change and your ability to embody your goals. It’s time to shed the blocks and overcome the obstacles. If not now, when?

Week 3: Tread Lightly

Dates- June 13-19th

What a mixed bag! Some of the stars lift you up and energizing your life for success, love and money. Other stars bring you down, making you feel alone, lethargic and a bit depressed. Throw in a shift in power and you don’t know which way is up. Go with the flow. Lean into the yummy energies and lay low during the yucky ones.

Weekly tips:

  1. Release tension by going to the gym or relaxing outdoors.
  2. Embrace success in any form. Celebrate wins – however small. Minor victories count too.
  3. Give yourself a bit of a boost by adding a new design or flair to your wardrobe or office space.

Big Event:  Solstice on June 21st @ 5:41am ET as the Sun enters Cancer

Show up for yourself in ALL the areas of your life and business. This date marks either the longest or shortest day of the year and an opportunity to dive into the Power of the season! This Solstice is a great time to lean into wealthy ways of living and being, drinking in your values and standing firm in them.

Move forward in manifesting on this material plane – in a word – MONEY.

Join us on our FB biz page for a Solstice Prosperity Power Cleanse Ritual. We’re getting you ready for the BIG lightning bolt awakening on July 31st. You don’t want to miss this. It’s our first event of this kind and it will be epic.

Week 4: Things Are Moving!

Dates- June 20th-26th

Fortune, success, love, money all get a push this week. You’re thinking clearly, you’re feeling good and you’re ready for anything. Take full advantage and enjoy making strides.

Weekly tips:

  1. Say YES – in big ways and small.
  2. Do the Solstice Power Prosperity ritual. Seriously, this is a HUGE gift.
  3. Make the most of the week – sleep is overrated – catch up next week.

New Moon: Feeling Good

Details: New Moon in Cancer @ 7° on June 28 at 10:52 pm ET

Happy New Moon. Happy New Beginnings. Happy Healing. This New Moon is filled with energy for love-based endeavors, family time and home or office improvement projects. Power abounds Energy sizzles. Make the necessary adjustments to step into your power, gain authority and achieve success.

Week 5: Snap Back to Reality

Dates- June 27th-July 3rd

It’s time to get back to reality. You may wish for focus and realistic insights, but when they come – it can be too eye-opening. The confusion passes, but so does the ability to wish and dream. Intensity ramps up by the end of the week. Avoid power struggles and fighting for control. There are no winners in these type of scenarios, so use your energy to further your own goals. Keep your eyes forward and stay in your lane.

Weekly tips:

  1. Be flexible with the revealing of things you may have been avoiding.
  2. Get clear on your objectives.
  3. Do not scroll social media looking for easy answers. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

June by Intuitive Type:

Wise Strategist – June provides support, solace and relief. It also brings healing and openings to step into the best version of yourself. Use your patience to make sound decisions, but don’t let it to allow this moment to pass you by. This is one of those times where you can miss the mark. Don’t.

Intuitive Visionary – Fill yourself in at the core. Center, balance and grounding creates huge opportunity for success, love and money. Stop long enough to recognize when things aren’t in alignment and make the necessary adjustments. This can be a turning point for you.

Collaborative Explorer – Team work is still a challenge for others, so rely on your kindness to allow them to catch up. In the meantime, think of yourself and create success just for you. This month is supportive to open your power. Step into it and watch your goals materialize right before your eyes.  

Ruling Warrior – Things just aren’t moving fast enough. When you align yourself with your intuition, energy and strategy, then things fall into place. You see movement and your goals become real. Avoid power plays in the last two weeks and June creates the lift you’ve been desiring.  

Creative Superstar– June offers a beautiful creative backdrop. Let yourself sink into your creative pursuits in the 1st and 2nd week. Then, lean into the momentum the stars provide for the last two weeks. It’s still a creative time, but it’s one for outreach as well. Create and connect.

Loving Alchemist – You’ll love the energy of the Moons and the Solstice as these powerful intense moments match what you crave. However, it’s necessary that you let go of control at the end of the month. Get healing or advice to support you in allowing others to be – just be. It’s not your responsibility to step into their lanes. Stay in your own. Use this powerful time just for you.

Bottom Line:

June is filled with healing. Say yes to any and all healing, even though you may think you don’t need it. You do. Stay flexible and take advantage of the star energy pushing you toward your goals. The power is palpable. Are you harnessing the power available to you to its fullest?

Thank you for reading and sharing with family and friends.

Seriously, it would be great for you to share. Everyone benefits.

As always, wishing you joy,  


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