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Could Getting Outside be the Key to Growing Your Intuition?

I recently had the pleasure of spending a morning hiking in the ancient Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. As my guide led me into the forest and “off the beaten path,” she reminded me of how much stronger our intuition is when we are out in nature. This is due to our vibration being naturally higher when we are outside, she said.

And, when you think about it, we all have an innate knowing of this to be true.

How many times have you or someone else you know been upset about something and needed to get outside and “get some air” or “walk it off?” We instinctively know that getting outside will make us feel better.

Many of us have experienced that luscious feeling of relaxation while playing in a park, laying in the grass, staring up at the sky, sitting by water, camping in the woods or simply opening the windows and letting the breeze flow in.

Our sweet pup, Django, would spend 24/7/365 outside if he could. He always gets that disappointed look on his face when it’s time to go inside – unless, of course, he knows he’s getting food when he goes in. Animals have that knowing of what is and is not good for them, and Django, who’s very sensitive to energy, knows that being outside is good for him.

How often have you heard someone or something being described as a “breath of fresh air?”

Meditation and yoga practices feel deeper when we are outside.

A calmer and more peaceful state of mind becomes so much more accessible when we are outside.

For the most part, we don’t really need to be convinced, do we?

And, here’s where we begin to tie in magical tools to this higher vibrational state of being and increased intuition when we are out in nature.

You may recall me mentioning in a previous post that magical tools are a way to awaken, use and develop your intuition. Oracle cards, for example, are filled with lots of magic; however, it takes your hands, your energy and your intuition to bring their guidance forth.

A major purpose – and some would say the main purpose – of magical tools is to strengthen and trust your intuition.

Now stay with me – we’re almost to the point…

When you are outside, raising that beautiful vibration of yours, you are also drinking in the relaxation, feeling calmer by the minute. You are coming more fully into the present moment. Your mind is quieting down.

And, what’s a huge key to accessing your intuition? Quieting your mind!!! Ding! Ding! Ding! Oh, I’m sorry – that was much too loud. ding, ding, ding. 😅

So, there you have it. Getting outside allows the mind to quiet, which then allows you to better hear the whispers of your intuition. As time goes on, those whispers are more easily heard as your intuition grows and strengthens.

You may be wondering, “How much outside time is enough? How deep into nature do I have to get?”

The answer is to keep it simple, don’t stress out about it and go according to how you feel and how much quieting your mind may need.

I have had a range of experiences from sitting on my back porch with my feet on the ground to my glorious morning hike in the mountains. Any time you can get outside is perfect time.

It might be getting up a few minutes early to take a short walk outside to get centered for the day, taking your yoga practice outside, eating outside during your lunch break or for dinner, stopping at a park, beach, or lake for a 15-minute stroll on your way home, sitting outside in the evening after dinner. Whatever is easy, accessible and pleasurable is best, because that is what most of us will do consistently.

It could also be an intentional couple of hours meandering in the woods, taking in the sights, smells, sounds, and textures, popularly called ‘forest bathing.’

The possibilities are endless and well worth it.

As a species, we evolved in nature. We now have evolved further and become industrialized and disconnected with nature, and Mother Earth now longs to connect with us again. She wishes to bring us back to that primal, instinctual knowing that animals have, which many of us have forgotten.

So, take that meditation practice outside. Take a walk after dinner. Get your toes in the water. Get your bare feet on the grass. Bathe in the glorious forest or soak in the waters, if you can. Mother Earth and enhanced intuition are waiting there to connect with you.

Wishing you all the best that life has to offer,

P.S. – September is right on our doorstep! Check out Kim’s forecast here for amazing insight and guidance!

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Astrology Forecasts Oracle

September 2021: Success

Success is here – will you lean in or turn away?   



The 2021 forecast is still true. Here’s September.

This is an excellent month energetically, perhaps the best one of the year. You’re starting to see evidence of all of your hard work and effort you began in 2020. You can make positive lasting change when you allow your intuition to lead you into influence and collaboration. You feel excellent – optimistic and filled with good cheer. Overall, you have strong self-confidence and see positive signs in love, finance and business success. Additionally, can you remember 2018? Some of the plantings you made then are bearing fruit now.  

Big Star Events

  • Autumnal Equinox on September 22nd
  • Mercury retrograde September 27th – October 18th

Week 1: Healthy Selections

Health is an issue under review this month to enable you to make choices and set priorities for yourself and your family. Pay attention to the basics – food, sleep and movement. Give yourself room to create new habits and routines. Shift your perspective to make health your #1 priority if it isn’t already. The stars are supportive of all things natural, local, fresh and nutritious. 

This is pertains to financial and business health. What supports are showing up for you? Have you said, “Yes.” even if it feels like a reach? This is the time to say YES to supports for your growth and success. 2021 is winding down (believe it or not) and this is the year to get those stakes in place for your future growth. 

New Moon: Embodiment of Full Potential

Details: September 6th  New Moon Virgo 5° @8:52 pm ET


The plantings you’ve made in the last few years, specifically 2018, and since February and March of this year are bearing fruit. You can see evidence of your hard work, effort and diligence. Those who have undergone a transformation are standing at the fore guiding others, either with family and friends, a larger collective or for the world at large. 

There’s a healthy vibrancy, exciting and new opportunities and much success for those who have taken brave action and pushed the boundaries of their former lives. For those who haven’t, the opportunity to begin is here. Say YES.  

Relationships are coming up for review in a few weeks and this review lasts for a few months, so use this New Moon to set intentions around the relationships in your life. How are you showing up? How are you being treated? Do you accept support gracefully and appreciatively? Do you stay in your own sphere of influence or do you step into others’ because it feels better than dealing with your own issues? Also, what do you value now and in the future? Are you aligned – present you and future you? 

Take some time to reflect and answer these questions this month. It’s MUCH easier in September when everything is running smoothly than it will be in the coming months when relationships are under the microscope. 

Week 2: Aligning Influences


All of the changes these past few years are finally integrating and coming into alignment. Your fresh perspective aids in culminating your transformation for success. Your future is here – now. Adjust any remaining doubts or inner voice negation. Woo your mind to join your heart and soul. Even better, drop into your intuition and allow it to drive your choices. The alignment of mind, heart and soul is available to you. Will you allow it? 

At the end of the week, your energy dissipates and you feel dreamy and lethargic. When your schedule allows, relax and rejuvenate. Go to a spa, take a yoga class or get a massage. Your body wants to be pampered right now and your heart yearns for deep exploration into the intuitive. Combine these desires by getting healing. This is an excellent time for it. 

Week 3: Harmonious Freedom

The energies settle further, bringing peace and harmony into the collective. Traditional views are under review and adjustments want to be made to create new systems. You have the desire to change your love life, finances and values. Your future self is demanding it. You want independence and freedom, so ask yourself; are you in service to your money or is your money in service to you? Ask the same thing of your loved ones. Do you have interdependence in your relationships in every area of your life – friends, family, work and play? Interdependence allows for each person in relationship to be independent, happy and satisfied with the relationship adding to each of you, not depleting one or the other. There’s fortune and good luck here when you let go of control and roll with the changes.   

Full Moon: Logical Dreaming

Details: September 20th  Full Moon Virgo & Pisces Opposition 28° @ 7:54 pm ET



New awareness comes to you to help you envelop your future. Your mind cooperates fully to make your dreams into reality. The opening of the practical with the magical, the logical with the dreamy and the realistic with the creative stretches your imagination. What have you been dreaming for your best life? What flavor of success to you wish to embrace? How will your mind, heart and soul embody your potential in reality as well as in your dreams? 

Your selections for health and wellbeing require a few tweaks. Make them. It’s easy to do now before you become too settled into them.Week 4: Deepening

Happy Equinox & It’s Your Birthday Libra!

The Sun enters Libra, a cardinal sign, signaling the beginning of a new season and the equality that’s prevalent in the cosmos as the length of day equals the length of night. Libra brings harmony, cooperation and beauty into view humanity. Will we be able to see it, feel it, sense it?  Let’s step into it fully, carrying these yummy energies to begin a new season renewed and refreshed.  

Week 4: Mindful Loving

Your business and love lives are humming right now. All seems aligned and in the flow, then here comes Mercury. Without him turning your mind inside out, this is an excellent and fortuitous time. If you steer from your intuition, this week is nothing but awesome. If your mind controls your life, then use your mind to get to the bottom of things and ferret out the way to invite your intuition into the mix. 

Mercury Retrograde in Libra September 27 until October 18 

Here’s what I wrote in the 2021 annual forecast: 

In September-October, freedom is at stake as Mercury retrograde pulls apart any harmony and cooperation. We will see the impacts as things are coming closer together and then get disrupted with snags and entanglements. Be patient. You have to put aside your expectations of anything coming together during these 3 weeks. Wait them out – you’ll all be better for it. 

Note: For Geminis and Virgos and those with packed 3rd and 6th houses, add the shadow periods for each retrograde cycle. Typically adding 10 days before and after provides adequate cover. 

Additionally, Librans should add the shadow too. 

Bottom Line: Embrace Your Success

Hooray for September! Integrate your future self into the present. Count your winnings and celebrate yourself at the end of the month. Remember to celebrate with your loved ones too. They’ll be happy to be invited. 

Supportive Intuitive Tools

Oracle cards: 34 – Merge

From our Intuition Oracle Guidebook: 

Merge with your resistance. Some blocks require merging while others require letting go. Sometimes it’s too vulnerable to allow yourself to fall back and let unknown energy enter into your field. When this happens, lean into what’s blocking you. 

The number 34 wants you to follow your heart’s wisdom by trusting in the divine while simultaneously making practical progress toward your aspirations. 

Crystal: Smoky quartz

Smoky quartz is a gentle grounding stone that protects and dissolves negative states. It helps you meditate as it reaches into the deepest levels of you. As it grounds you, it links you to highest levels of the universe. This crystal also helps you step into your power as you let go of what no longer serves you. It supports your ability to see beneath the surface, giving you courage and insight into your own healing and that of others. 

Flower essence: Beech

The beech tree is ancient, commanding and stoic. It stands tall and proud with its branches cascading far and wide. This tree is taking up space and reminding us to do so as well. You have the right to take up space, stand tall and proud without fear of judgment or retribution. 

This flower essence combats your inclination to be intolerant of others in order to hide from yourself. Unlike the beech tree, you don’t give yourself permission to take up space by dealing with your own life first and letting go of your interference into the lives of others, either through action or thought. This flower essence softens judgment and leads to love – of self and others. Tolerance and kindness come to the fore as your mind quiets to move into awareness and understanding.

Supportive Practical Tips

Quick tip:

Enjoy! Seriously, it’s as simple as that!


Envision your life filled with love, joy and freedom.  

Set intentions to embody your full potential. 

Do ceremony at the end of the month to celebrate yourself with your loved ones or those people you treasure.  


How to use this forecast: I’ve abbreviated the writing of my monthly forecasts while enhancing their practical uses. Here are my recommendations.

Quickly at the start of each month:

  1. Peruse the forecast to see what jumps out at you and make a note of the date(s) on your calendar.
  2. Go through the weekly themes and compare it to what’s on your own schedule. Make slight adjustments if there are particularly startling events on days you have major plans.
  3. Look over the business tips for the two parts of the month and see what activities to incorporate for you and your staff or clients based on the energies.
  4. Find intuitive tools and practical tips to incorporate into your month.

      Each week:

  1. Look over the weekly themes and drill down on those jiving with what you have going on in your week.
  2. Include a different, lighter or deeper approach depending upon the weekly theme.
  3. For each lunar cycle, use the natural power of the Moon to ramp up energy for success or to release and overcome obstacles.
  4. At the end of the month, take a quick glance over the month to see what works and what doesn’t to make adjustments for the upcoming one.

Thank you for reading and sharing with family and friends.  

As always, wishing you joy,  


© Copyright 2021 Kaleidoscope Enterprises Corporation. All rights reserved. 

Law of Vibration Strategy Leadership Universal Laws

Use the Law of Vibration to Increase Your Satisfaction

Of all of the Universal Laws to work with, I think the easiest and quickest “bang for your buck” is to figure out how to work with the Law of Vibration. If you can raise your vibration at any given time it will give you a sense of satisfaction in that particular moment. When we add these little moments of satisfaction up over time, our overall frequency is raised and that helps us attract the things we want.

Everything is made up of energy, even us. Energy is always moving at some frequency and when we focus our thoughts, emotions and actions with intentions with what we want, our energy shifts to a different frequency. This happens through the Law of Vibration which in a nutshell, states that each of us are towers of energy that are emitting frequencies that match our vibrational level.

Satisfaction means a lot of different things to people. There are moments of satisfaction such as when you figure out a problem that has been bothering you or finish folding the last load of laundry or even when you are enjoying your first cup of coffee in the morning. But how do you live a life of overall satisfaction? It’s one of those questions that has no right or wrong answer but something each of us has to figure out ourselves. Everyone’s definition of satisfaction is different.

I don’t have an answer to how to have a satisfactory life, but I have figured out a way to stack my day with moments of satisfaction with help from the Law of Vibration. I think the more small moments of satisfaction we have throughout our day, the more we can raise our internal vibrations over time thus increasing our overall frequency. When we do that, we will be able to pull back our perspective and the way we look at our lives and be able to see the good things to be grateful for, therefore giving us an overall feeling of satisfaction.

What’s the best part? It’s figuring out ways to raise your vibrations during the day which is super fun! The simple question to ask yourself is: what would make me feel good right now? You see, the hack to raising your vibrations is through feelings. If you have never stopped to think about what would feel good, then this may take some experimentation.

Here are some of my favorite ways to quickly raise my vibrations:

  • Listen to an upbeat playlist (bonus if you have a theme song!)
  • Have a dance party with my kids
  • Take a 5 minute walk or stretch outside
  • Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!
  • 10 Deep breaths
  • Write 5-10 things I’m grateful for.

These are just my favorite that take less than ten minutes but I have many, many more and I suggest you should make a list of things that will give you a boost of high vibrations. The more we take time to find the little bits of satisfaction in our lives, the more our overall satisfaction with life will be!


Keep the Vibes High!



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Creativity Embodiment sacral chakra Strategy Leadership

Why Making Space for Creativity Should Be a Priority Every Damn Day!

If you have followed Kim for a while or only recently started soaking in all the guidance and support offered by the team, you have heard us say, “Just wait! September is going to blow your mind!” The energies will be the best they’ve been in months, actually, years!

Cue the mind…

Right?? Every time I hear a forecast like this my mind starts spinning like a Tilt-A-Whirl. Am I ready? What does this mean? Will I mess this up? Can I mess this up? As my mind continues to whirl and spin, I get so focused on the actions I forget the most important thing, to quiet and tune into all the wisdom the universe wants to bestow on me. I’m so busy trying to make sure I don’t miss something important….I miss something important.

Luckily for us frantic humans, the universe is endlessly patient and offers bountiful grace as we try to engage with and receive her offerings and opportunities.

As we are swept up into the beautiful cocooning energies in the month ahead, give your mind some time off and start to employ the wisdom of the belly to guide you in this dreamy time of universal love and support. Why? Because we are engaging in our life at its deepest origin when we move through the creative vibrations of the sacral. It is from this state of being that we will benefit the most in the coming months as the energies shift from support through growth and change to support through ease and bounty.

Moving from survival mode to comfort and pleasure.

It’s no secret that most of us are living in survival mode. Between the pandemic, a struggling economy, global strife and the effects of climate change, the nervous system is hard-pressed to get a moment of relief. When we are in fight-or-flight our body only thinks about survival; food, shelter, safety. How do we get it, how do we keep it? While I am eternally grateful for this mechanism of my being, I have got to say that now is the time to graciously ask your, “cave-person” self to take a seat.

We just passed through the Lion’s Gate where we left behind the pieces of us that had become dull and tattered. The pieces of us that no longer fit or framed us in a way that was inauthentic to our highest self. And as we passed through, if we were ready and willing, we took up the robes of the lioness. Ego controlled cave-people do not wear the illustrious robes of the divine lioness, but your highest self is most comfortable in this supple adornment of big-cat energy.

Logistically it seems counter-productive to engage in pleasure and comfort while the world around us is seemingly burning to the ground. However, that is exactly what I am encouraging you to do, to step out of survival mode and move into the energy of creation. In the Earthly realm it is a general rule that creatures or even plants will not reproduce if the organism senses that it is not safe to bring new life into the world. Creating new life takes so much energy and effort and support that it is seen as a waste of resources when the environment is unstable. Our human-ness, our voice of survival would probably fall in line with that plan of action at this point in human history. But the oversoul, the new age of consciousness, the evolution of the collective is asking us to choose a different pathway, to evolve out of our caveperson response and act from the depths of our sacral chakra to choose creation even in the face of destruction, even in the face of struggle, even in the face of fear.

But how?? Creativity feeds off of comfort and pleasure, luxury, fun, freedom, space. We have to fill up our life with this type of kindling if we want the fire of inspiration to catch and bloom into a full-on idea or action. The patterns of our lives and the voices of our world have told us to snuff out the idea of pleasure. It is nothing but a lucky happenstance if you experience pleasure, a mere bi-product of years of labor and toil. This is a lie. Pleasure, comfort, sensuality, satisfaction, all of it is your birthright, so claim it.

When I work 1:1 with clients, I often find myself reminding them of this birthright and then walking them through why this is absolutely true for not only them, but every soul on this planet. Let’s take the soul view of life. Of all the places in the cosmos and all the lessons for a soul to gather, your soul chose to be here, in this body, walking this earth in this era of Earth’s history. It could be ANYWHERE but, it chose here. Here! Where there is music and art, poetry, rainbows, puppies, pyramids, even birds, you know – animals that can fly! And you think that you are here to sit at your computer for 40 hours a week hating every second of it only to go home to sit in front of the TV and listen to all the things “they” think you should be concerning yourself with. Child, please. Give your soul the respect it deserves. It is lifetimes older than your current body and definitely wiser than your sweet caveperson mind.

Trust your worth.

Drape yourself in the robes of the lioness and walk through your day seeking out comfort and pleasure. Be intentional about pleasure. Schedule free time, true free time, not free time disguised as errands or casual business meetings. Free time where you’re able to daydream and react spontaneously to whatever inspiration presents itself. Schedule intimacy and satisfaction with a partner or by yourself. This doesn’t have to be just about sex, this is about celebrating the intermingling of mind body and spirit in whatever variation presents itself. Let yourself become befuddled by the world around you, a sunset, the flight of a butterfly, the sound of rain on the roof. Get accustomed to being satisfied instead of seeking what is lacking. Start to name and celebrate all the places you are fully satiated. Let pleasure be your fuel to seek out a continually evolving life not failure or lack.

Square September from the fertile place of your sacral. Cast the vision of your life from eyes of the belly where all things are lush and brilliant.

We will not walk through this life unaffected by the state of the world, however, we must stay the course and walk with the swaying gait of the lioness, operating from our deep knowing that we are not here to just survive, we are here to thrive and we are here to take the willing collective with us.

With Love and Gratitude,


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Intuition Energy Love Trust

Releasing Negative Influences with the Lion’s Gate to Deepen Self-love

I don’t know about you but New Moon + Lion’s Gate has asked a lot of me in a really magical loving way. If you haven’t read Robyn’s blog on the Lion’s Gate Portal from last week, I highly recommend you do—you can find it here. The energy is open for several more days for you to take advantage of its magic. To sum up her really great explanation, this is a time of great connection with our higher selves and our intuition; the perfect time to release what isn’t serving the greatest version of ourselves.

With the amplification of the New Moon + Lion’s Gate we can release all sorts of “negative” influences: limiting ideas, relationships, past life experiences, self-destructive patterns—the list is as endless and possibilities unique as there are souls on the planet.

It’s easier to stay comfortable in the safety of the known, even if it is having a negative impact on our lives and well-being. Sometimes it can take years of internal work to come to the realization that we need to let go, and sometimes it’s quick and painless. The energies right now will help you release things no longer serving you more quickly and gracefully. As with any change, releasing can be scary and uncomfortable. What I’ve also come to know is there can be a grieving period, too. We can be in this space for only moments or much longer depending on how we are growing and what we are letting go of. As a society, we don’t often allow space for grief other than when a soul returns to heaven. It can be hard to recognize and give ourselves permission to experience. Grief allows us to find the way back to love in an authentic and thoughtful way. As you transition into new ways of loving yourself, be gentle as if you were caring for another.

Experiencing grief and the releasing of what we once loved or thought we loved stirs our emotional centers in unexpected ways as it makes room for expansion and deepening of our love for ourselves. Because that’s what “releasing” is—it’s coming to the realization that we love ourselves more than we thought possible. We actively acknowledge the ways in which we aren’t honoring ourselves with unconditional love when we release negative influences. This can be overwhelming as we discover who we truly are at the core of our being. When we see and love ourselves fully, we then are asked to say, “Yes” to embracing who we are through the lens of the divine.

Saying “Yes” to claim who we are as the highest version of ourselves takes massive amounts of courage and self-love. As we see with 1:1 clients and in The Be Powerful and Prosper Society, sometimes it takes a hot minute to fully accept and integrate a “yes”—and that is more than okay. Allow yourself the grace within the process of releasing, grieving and claiming.

I encourage you to take some time for ritual to explore loving yourself more wholly through releasing what is no longer serving you in these energies of the Lion’s Gate. It doesn’t have to be fancy—you won’t be disappointed.



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Astrology Forecasts Intuition Manifestation Trust

How to Take Advantage of the Lion’s Gate Portal

It’s Robyn here with your latest dose of magical tools! Enjoy!

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about the Lion’s Gate portal, which happens every year, peaking on August 8th (hence it sometimes being called the 8/8 portal). It feels as though lots of questions are hanging in the air …

What is a Lion’s Gate and why is it special?

What does it mean for me?

Is there something I should be doing?

These are all great questions, and I will be happy to give you the skinny in this latest post about magical tools!

What is the Lion’s Gate portal, and why might I care about it?

Of course, our fabulous Kim Woods has touched on this Lion’s Gate portal in her August 2021 monthly forecast, which you can find here (it’s a must read!). And, because Kim is the world-class astrologer, let’s get the technical explanation from an excerpt from her monthly forecast:

“On August 8th every year, the fixed star Sirius illuminates the head of the constellation of Leo, known as the LION GATE. Many portent of stellar channeling energy and messages, giving you the ability to maximize creativity and healing.”

The Lion’s Gate portal lasts from July 28th to August 12th, with the peak of the energy being August 8th. There’s also talk of meteor showers potentiating this energy through August 14th this year. So, this is a nice period of time to experience and work with these energies!

As Kim mentioned, this is a time of greater connection with our intuition, with our Higher Selves, if we are open to it. We can really open up to receive that guidance and direct it at the areas in our lives where we may have habits or may be repeating patterns that aren’t helpful in our journey to being our happiest, most fulfilled, and most successful selves.

This alignment of Sirius, often called our ‘spiritual sun,’ with the constellation Leo when the Sun is also in Leo creates amazing opportunities for us. This year, 2021, the peak of the Lion’s Gate portal falls on the New Moon, August 8th. This, my friends, is a beautiful alignment!

The time leading up to the New Moon, as the energy is waning from the Full Moon, is ideal for evaluating what is not serving you in your life, identifying what you are ready to let go of, and coming to a culmination in releasing it. How powerful that the contemplative pause and releasing of the New Moon is happening at the peak of the Lion’s Gate!!!

As the New Moon energy kicks in, it’s a great time to think about and plan what you want to bring into your life, now that you’ve made space for it by letting go of that which was not serving you. Set those intentions as you get to the other side of the peak of the New Moon and the energy is beginning to build again as we move towards the Full Moon.

This cycle of the New and Full Moons – releasing, setting intentions, and manifesting – is nothing new; however, think about your ability to evaluate, release and bring the new in being amplified by the discernment of the heightened guidance that we have access to during the Lion’s Gate … Yowza!!!

Bottom line, this is an excellent time for crazy good connection with your intuition and leveraging that to take a big step toward your best life in all areas of your life that you desire – health, relationships, finances, business, career, you name it!

I’m all for it! Now what do I DO?!

You understand the possibilities of the Lion’s Gate portal, and now you want to play with those energies! Wahoo!!!

The first thing you want to do is to tap in to that gorgeous inner knowing that we all innately have (and is powered up by the Lion’s Gate) to take a good look at your life in the context of your purpose, mission and goals. If you’re not clear on these, this is an amazing time to get that clarity!

What in your life is helping you towards those goals and what is keeping you from them? In other words, what do you want to amplify and what do you want to let go of or modify?

This requires getting quiet so that you can hear the guidance and messages that are coming to you: meditation, journaling, relaxing baths, walks out in nature, divination tools such as pendulums, runes, tarot cards, and oracle decks. (Did I mention that we are in the final stages of developing an incredible and luscious oracle deck?! Oh, yes! Stay tuned!)

During the time leading up to the New Moon and Lion’s Gate on August 8th, the idea is to reflect and get clear on what you want to amplify in your life and what you want to change or release.

If you are so moved, you can have a lovely ceremony of releasing that which no longer serves you, with gratitude. This could include getting into water (especially the ocean or other natural body of water) and letting it go, writing it down and safely burning it, or putting your bare feet on the ground and releasing it down through your feet into Mother Earth (don’t worry – she takes it as a gift 💚).

Want some help? Join Kim for every New and Full Moon in the Power Up Your Intuition with True KLT™ group where she talks about the energies and does the perfect ritual for exactly what you will need!

Just after the New Moon has peaked is the time to name and claim what you’re amplifying in your life and the wonderful new things that you want to bring in to fill the open space of what you’ve released. This is the time to set and state your intentions, and the Lion’s Gate makes this time that much more powerful!

Writing and speaking your intentions is a great way to power them up in this time right after the New Moon (the first 24 hours or so). Make sure that your intentions are positive – in other words, put your focus, energy and attention on what you desire to come into being rather than what you don’t want.

You might like to use crystals to help with your intentions. Rose quartz is great for matters of the heart and self-love. Citrine is the go-to stone for abundance and success in purpose and business. Amethyst helps with growing intuition and inner knowing. Clear quartz can amplify all intentions, just be absolutely positive that it’s what you want! There are lots of wonderful stones that can assist you here.

Do some research and see what crystals resonate with you. You can set the stones on top of your written intentions or hold them as you speak the intentions and meditate on them.

As the Lion’s Gate energy begins to dwindle, and we move toward the First Quarter Moon on August 15th, make a plan around how you want to actuate these intentions in your life. Is it a new health routine, creating that new offering in your business or perhaps cleaning out that closet that’s been driving you crazy!

Continue to use that energy to tap into your guidance to make your best plan and then get ready to bring it to life beginning around the 15th! Don’t force it. Do what feels right, and let things line up for you wherever possible!

If you’ve been watching Kim’s lives in the group lately, you know that September isn’t just going to be luscious, it’s going to be the best month we’ve had a couple of years! Here’s to using the Lion’s Gate energy to bring in amazing things for your September and the rest of 2021!

And, while we’re on the subject of the rest of 2021, we’re currently accepting applications for our Be Powerful and Prosper Society, which is getting ready to kick off! Enter this 6-month magical transformation mentorship to discover your soul purpose and forge your path to wealth and power, and you’ll finish 2021 knowing that you got the most that was available to you!

This year is positively brimming with opportunity! Are you taking advantage of it? Learn more about Society here! We’d love to have you!

So, there you have it! Were you surprised that an astrological event is considered to be a magical tool? Think about it this way: The Lion’s Gate portal happens for everyone and is available to everyone to optimize and make the most of this auspicious event. You have the opportunity to make this into something special and use it to your benefit. Go for it!!!

Wishing you all the best that life has to offer,

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