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How to Plug Up Your Energetic Leaks with the Universal Laws

“Mom, can I have a granola bar?”
“Did you get a chance to wash those shorts I need for tomorrow?”
“Have you ordered groceries yet? I need to add something to the order.”
“What’s for dinner?”

The amount of questions floating around my house each day is staggering to the point of being overwhelming. I’m an extremely organized person, but when it comes to household matters, most days I feel like I’m hanging off the edge of a cliff by my fingernails, hoping a strong wind won’t knock me down into the abyss.

These past two months have felt more difficult than normal as my two boys (seven and eight) have been home for the summer. It could be the stars clanging around in the sky, the state of the world, my lack of organization and inability to get onto a normal routine, but really, it’s just me not managing my energy. I don’t like to admit that it’s all my fault, but it is. My energy is my power. Your energy is your power too.

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed in your life that it gets to the point where the idea of getting out of bed feels exhausting even when you just had a full night’s sleep? Of course you have! Overwhelm is one of those fun parts of being human that we get to deal with, but also one of the things that bring us down and send us into mental spirals that are difficult to navigate.

Here’s the thing about feeling overwhelmed that we humans tend to forget…it’s all mental. Yes, we all have things to get done, some are more vital than others, but how we approach the items on our never-ending lists is the key to success (and survival!)

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite Universal Laws, the Law of Perpetual Transmutation (LoPT). LoPT is here to help you shift that energy and make it work for you instead of against you. Does that sound too good to be true? I thought so too, but once LoPT and I got to know each other I was able to slow down, take my anger down at least three notches and even feel the energy around me. Total game changer.

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation is as simple as this: energy is always transferred from one state to another. Energy is incapable of standing still and has to move in some way, even if it’s just a teeny-tiny bit.

Everything is energy. Thoughts, emotions and actions are energies that are already in motion so they are easier to work with and shift around. That means if we are more intentional with our words, thoughts and actions then our energy is more focused on what we want. When we are more focused with our energy, we can start attracting things we want to manifest into our reality. Here’s the kicker though, before we begin attracting things into our world, we really need to be aware of what our energy is doing first.

I like to imagine that each of us has a little Pyramid of Power inside of us that regulates our energy and keeps it nice and tidy and safe. As we move energy through our core, a frequency is sent out to the Universe to bring us what we want. Great, right? Except that our energy can also leak out of our cores and we need to be aware of them. Energetic leaks are caused by those things in life that take our attention away from what we want to focus on in order to achieve our big dreams.

Energetic leaks are distractions (like social media, surfing on our phones or television), anxiety (fear of what might happen), regret (fixation on what already happened) or even simple things like thinking about laundry or dishes piling up. Energetic leaks happen to all of us but imagine if you could eliminate some of them.

That’s where the LoPT comes in handy. What if instead of thinking about that big presentation you have at work and all of the ways it could go wrong, you visualized it going off without a hitch and getting a promotion from it? Or, what if instead of scrolling on your phone for thirty minutes, you set a time for 10 minutes and then sat in meditation or silence for 20 minutes? These actions would shift the leaks into strands of high vibrations, which are now circulating in your Pyramid of Power and boosting your frequency out to the Universe instead of sucking your energy out into the ether.

The LoPT is not only about moving that energy so that it works with you, but it’s also about becoming aware of your energy. Our energy is our power and our direct communication to the Universe, we don’t want it leaking out; instead, we want it working for us.

The feeling of being overwhelmed can pull us down into a spiral of self-doubt, anxiety and general low vibrations. When that happens, take a moment to think about what your energy is doing and where you actually want it to go. Then, visualize your energy moving into the direction you want it to flow. Changing the direction of the energy is more powerful than you can imagine. These small shifts over time make up the big leaps you want to take towards manifesting your dream life.

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation is difficult to remember, so I’m going to share with you my secret that helps me keep it at the forefront of my brain. Do you remember that song “Eye of the Tiger” from Rocky III, the one where Rocky had to fight Mr. T.? That is the song I listen to when I need to pull my energy into my Pyramid of Power and start redirecting it to where I want it to go. I listen to the song and visualize myself as some kind of predator who is on the hunt. Predators don’t waste energy, they save it until the time is right for the kill.

Should you ever come into my house and hear that song, you will now know that I’m redirecting my annoyance at having to cook dinner (yet again) to something that will help me manifest something greater. Perhaps a personal chef?

Keep the Vibes High!

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Astrology Forecasts Oracle

July 2021: Creative Tension

discover the keys to unlock excitement and get rid of tension


What I wrote in the 2021 annual forecast holds true: July begins fraught with tension and angst. No worries as it softens up throughout the month. Let out a breath or better yet, take a vacation to come back refreshed and invigorated. This can be a creative, new and exciting time, but requires nimbleness and knowing. Unfortunately, neither may be accessible for you right now. Make friends with the unknown as it offers unlimited possibilities.

I’m going LIVE in our free FB group on Thursday, July 1st at 10:30 am ET.  Join us by clicking here.

I present the information differently in the lives to give you another way to access the stars.

My advice: I would do both at the top of month, especially now at the apex of the year. You’re positioning how 2022 will go for you.

Big Star Events:

  • 7/1, 7/4, 7/29 Mars oppositions and squares
  • 7/5 T-square Venus, Saturn, Uranus
  • 7/28 Jupiter ingres Aquarius

Week 1: Break-through Tension

July begins with frustration, limits and barriers You’re disappointed as everyone and everything seems to be in your way. You feel inadequate, weak and unattractive. This is slow-moving, so take your time and gather yourself. Express yourself and let your feelings be heard. Either that or work-out and get rid of the suppressed anger.What’s the good news?

You can make adjustments in how you’re approaching your goals, relationships and desires. You can rebel against constraints, erupting conflict and trying to force things OR you can take a step back and realize new ways.

You want freedom and you want it now. People confuse you, say things that don’t make sense or argue with you – just because. The question is: what do you want to do about it?

If it actually matters to you, think about what you want and take the results-oriented approach. This is NOT the time to be right. It’s the time to welcome the new and unexpected.

Get creative. Think out of the box. Act differently. Say YES to an opportunity that stretches you to move toward your future. That is supported right now. Falling back or into old patterns isn’t.

Make a plan and stick to it. Keep your eye on the prize – that’s you, your goals and the love you have in your life. It’s also your value and your finances. If you feel isolated and alone, take advantage of the solitude to make investments into your growth.

New Moon: What do you REALLY want?

Details: July 9 New Moon 18°Cancer @ 9:17 pm ET

This New Moon in Cancer is somewhat overridden by the tension of the past and future and how you feel about both with respect to your relationships. Are your relationships supportive of your growth or are they in conflict? The better question: are you supportive of your own growth or are you internally conflicted? Are you asking for support, letting your loved ones know you’re growing, but love them too? Are you being honest with yourself and others? Do your choices reflect your wishes and dreams?

The stars are being intentionally confusing to help you be passionate, open hearted and constructive, even when you feel aggressive and tense. How will you use this time of strife to radically choose yourself? Are you brave enough to know, like and trust yourself fully? Will you invest your time, effort and resource to live the life you are born to live?

This Moon asks all of you.

You can definitely find new solutions using your intuition, curiosity and insight. This can actually be very positive.

How will you answer her call?

Week 2: Feelings of Relief

The tense New Moon stresses all of your relationships and finances. It feels lonely and even sad. The stars conspire to hold you alone and afraid to give you an excuse to break free and then they love you enough to allow relief to come flooding in after a few days.

Your mind aligns with your feelings and gives you momentum to drop into your heart. Your thoughts turn toward optimism and good tidings. You feel sunny and filled with good cheer. This is the calm after the storm and such blessed relief. Revel in it. Bask in the glory of wanting to spend time with others, be social and share all of yourself with them.

By the end of the 2nd week, it’s a sexy, romantic and tender time. Although it’s mid-work week, who cares? Celebrate. Make a mid-week date with friends or a loved one. Take advantage of the sweetness.

Our team has our monthly magical night date and I’m teaching the Tarot. I can’t wait. Make plans for yourself to enjoy as this magical energy abounds.

Week 3: The New or Crisis?

The 3rd week begins in harmony filled with creative and artistic pursuits and is an excellent time to be visible and shine your brilliance. Your image is at an all-time high. It’s also supportive of good health, social and environmental justice.

Yet crisis is building. Events beyond your control or manipulative people invade your energy. Stand in your own power. Let go of control. Recognize change reigns to create the honest version of yourself. Change is either uncomfortable and scary or it’s compelling and invigorating. You decide. Let whatever doesn’t fit be stripped away. It’s going to happen anyway. Welcome it.

When things fall away, it makes room for the new. New friends, interesting people, exciting news; different point of view, solving problems.

Week 4: Glimpses of Growth

The 4th week starts with a Happy Birthday shout out to Leo as Venus makes some interesting choices. Your social life gets busy and you want to take vacation or the easy way out of work. Be carefree and play on your own time if you have it. Otherwise, be mindful of making mistakes as your attention is elsewhere.

Full Moon: Opposites – Too much or just right?

Details: 7/23 Full Moon Leo & Aquarius 1° @ 10:37 pm ET

The Full Moon forces are unusually opposing at this time. The one-degree makes them more forceful, but there are other energies at play contributing to the stretched feeling. The oppositions under review are:

  • Good – bad.
  • Relax – work.
  • Thoughts – feelings.
  • Easy – hard.
  • You – other.

Making adjustments to accommodate both of these opposing energies is the gift of this Full Moon. How can you work hard and take it easy? When will you align your mind and heart?  What will you invite ease as you make strides?

This tension of the opposing forces is too much if you take one over the other. When you blend them, they become almost too much and this the difference between success and not quite reaching your definition of satisfying success.

As the last week of July continues, you feel imaginative and dreamy. There’s a softness in the energy, helping you communicate better when you let go of control. You can be influential instead of controlling. Psst…doing so gives you much better results anyway.

You’ll know you’re holding on too tightly if you feel pressured and conflicted. The worst version of this is to invite power plays, intimidation and threats. Take a breath, step away and look deeper at what’s prompting these forces. When you’re nakedly honest with yourself, you find hidden treasure. The truth lies beneath the surface. You lie beneath the surface. Aren’t you worth the plunge?

I think you are, do you?

Fun, playful influences come to you at the end of the month. You feel exuberant to have survived all of the tension and stress during the last few weeks. It’s like a relief valve lets out all of the pressure and you want to stand up and shout. So do it.

Let’s shout hooray together.


Now, let’s get back to it. Good luck awaits as long as you don’t get carried away. Don’t overpromise, overextend or over-exaggerate. Stay in your lane, get rooted and growth comes easily and expansively.

You feel confident and capable of what’s to come. Welcome August with renewed motivation and focus.

Bottom Line: Get creative or be tense

July presents opportunities or loss. It brings tension or creativity. The month is filled with hostility, aggression and relationship stress or it welcomes new ideas, interesting friendships and lots of possibility. Your future is now. Are you actively choosing it or holding onto the past?  Your answer lies in how the month feels for you. Make a note to revisit this part of the post at the end of the month. As I say, “Knowing it and living it are two different things.”

How have you lived the month of July? You get a glimpse of how next year will be for you with your response to this month’s energies.

Supportive Intuitive Tools

Tarot: XX Time Space

This major arcana card reminds you of the karma of cause and effect. You may direct the course of your life by examining and altering behavioral patterns. Your vision can be made real by accessing your intuition. Through your knowing, you can alter the future and redirect your karma. When you know, like and trust yourself, you drop into relying on your inner sight and follow your inner voice.

Crystal: Que Sera

For revealing, Que Sera allows you to step into personal power and create your own reality. This crystal helps access your true life purpose by attuning to the Akashic realm. It rids you of the pursuit of being overly helpful to others and allows you to express enlightened selfishness. You act as a role model for others to live their own life’s journey.  This stone also helps you find creative solutions to thorny problems.

As a healing stone, Que Sera reenergizes and heals through the bioscalar waves.  Place this on your higher sacral chakra in meditation to awaken every cell in your body.

Flower essence: Delta Gardens: Lemongrass Moldavite

This is a calming yet motivating influence, helping you integrate spiritual practice into your daily life. July is filled with tension within and stress in relationship, so allowing your intuition to lead is your best bet. This flower essence helsp you.

Supportive Practical Tips

Quick tip:

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The meditation gifts we’re sending through email are too perfect to ignore. Search your inbox for our messages and grab your free meditations. You’ll be happy you did.

(Hint: Search your type, we mention it in your subject line).


How to use this forecast: I’ve abbreviated the writing of my monthly forecasts while enhancing their practical uses. Here are my recommendations.

Quickly at the start of each month:

  1. Peruse the forecast to see what jumps out at you and make a note of the date(s) on your calendar.
  2. Go through the weekly themes and compare it to what’s on your own schedule. Make slight adjustments if there are particularly startling events on days you have major plans.
  3. Look over the business tips for the two parts of the month and see what activities to incorporate for you and your staff or clients based on the energies.
  4. Find intuitive tools and practical tips to incorporate into your month.

Each week:

  1. Look over the weekly themes and drill down on those jiving with what you have going on in your week.
  2. Include a different, lighter or deeper approach depending upon the weekly theme.
  3. For each lunar cycle, use the natural power of the Moon to ramp up energy for success or to release and overcome obstacles.
  4. At the end of the month, take a quick glance over the month to see what works and what doesn’t to make adjustments for the upcoming one.

Thank you for reading and sharing with family and friends.  

As always, wishing you joy,


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Developing Intuition Embodiment Intuition Energy Like

A Yellow Rose and A Quiet Reclamation

“PLEASE, stand next to the shopping cart! There are so many people here today I don’t want you to get lost!” I begged of my 7yo as we walked around the outdoor garden at the hardware store. All four members of the family were present for this Mother’s Day shopping trip. They were here to help me pick out flowers for my front porch.

Shopping for flowers and plants of any sort is one of my favorite things, however, I often do this type of shopping alone. But on this day, my boys wanted to gift me something I would truly love and so we spent a decent amount of time analyzing all the colorful petals of the different plants in the nursery, trying to find the perfect friend to bring home to adorn our home.

But alas, after 20 minutes the kids were done and I was so distracted by their hyped-up energy that tempers were growing short and the trip was losing its sweetness. In hopes of drawing our adventure to an end, I swept around to the backside of the property to do one last scan and found it, a yellow rose bush. When I saw it, my energy softened and the world stopped, I knew that this was the one. Not yet bloomed, I set it gently down into the cart knowing I had just invited a very special magic into my life and then whispered a quick prayer that my “not-so green thumb,” would do right by its potential. When we got home, I found the perfect spot in front of the house and settled the bush into its new forever home.

Time passed and I watched daily for signs of growth. You can imagine my excitement when a small bud appeared at the tippy-top of the bush, and while I had nothing to do with this miracle, I was more than honored to be a witness to its growth. I coveted its effort-full and yet effortless expansion. I doubted that this rose stayed up nights on end wondering if it should dare to build a bud at the end of its stem. It more than likely did not care what the bushes on either side of it thought about its process or the ground it was claiming in order to support its growth. It just continued to do what it was meant to do, merge into the flow of the seasons and flourish.

One day my kids came running inside the house, excitedly yelling that the rosebud was starting to reveal its brilliant yellow petals, and soon it would proudly display its full colorful magic to the world! Soon this flower would act as a beacon to all who benefit from its nourishment. The bees and bugs that coveted its nectar and transported its pollen to the rest of the world would soon be buzzing around and gathering all the goodness. But it had one last act… to bloom.

To me, there are two points in the life of a plant that takes the most effort and energy, the cracking open of the seed and the blooming of the bud. The cracking open of the seed is achieved through the remembrance of magic. It is a response to the spirit’s voice requesting again to engage with the cycles of the universe. This takes huge effort, energy, and resources.

The second point is the blooming of the bud. Every plant, at the end of its cycles, makes an offering to the world whether it be a flower, a fruit, seeds, or nuts and it does so with great velocity and care. It makes this offering without the promise of accolades or pays, it shares its truest self because it can’t not claim the full expression of its potential. And here we were, about to witness and observe the blooming of the offering and finding its efforts to be beyond inspiring!

I followed my children outside to gaze upon their discovery with equal wonderment and excitement. I knew that we were in the presence of the most ancient of miracles and we were watching the effort unfold before us. It created a sense of longing in my own heart to feel that ancient connection, to deepen trust in myself, to lean heavily on that same enthusiasm of being so certain of my deepest self that I can’t not share all of me with the world. It feels like such a struggle sometimes, doesn’t it? To quelch these longings to belong, to be satisfied, to feel worthy or connected. I feel often like I grapple with this process of loving all of me and living in my truth like I am constantly stuck at the precipice, uncertain of that next bold gesture that will usher me into the next revelation.

That evening, before bed, I took the dog out one last time and stood in the grass barefoot while I stared at the night sky and let the moon bath me in her loving energy, she told me to go look at the rose. As I peered closely in the dark, I saw that even under the night sky the rose was pushing onward, continuing to unveil and reveal herself to the world. I felt pressed to make an offering at the altar of this persistent rose, specifically to Mary Magdalene. So I grabbed some incense and lit it in a bowl. While the sweet scent filled the night sky, I asked to be imbibed with the tenacious softness of the rose’s unveiling and the quiet, steady love and power of Mary Magdalene.

Sitting in the quiet, I felt the energies swirl and was reminded that this was already true, that I am one in the same with this sweet rose and that I am being held always in the loving arms of Mary Magdalene, of spirit, of all that is. The reminder, the clarity, the next big “push” was in the dark silent of the night. It was not in bold action that the connection was made but instead in the sweetness of a tender moment surrounded by the elements and the keepers of the earth.

The next morning as I was crazily rushing the kids out of the house, I was stopped in my tracks by an unapologetically brilliant yellow rose swaying gently in the breeze. Overfilled with joy, I let out a giggle and my kids joined in the sweetness of her revealing. We danced and celebrated her arrival. We were so happy that she chose to share her wisdom with us.

Maybe, to the rest of the world, her becoming did not mean much, but to me, she was everything. She was the whole universe revealing herself before us and teaching us just how simple this process can be if we just remember and claim the sovereignty of who we are and this beautiful planet we find ourselves on in this lifetime.


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Astrology Forecasts Oracle

June 2021: TRUTH

Better Yet, the PERCEPTION of Truth


The words I wrote back in October 2020 for the 2021 forecast hold true:

We’re shaken about what’s happening in the collective and can reestablish our footing by diving into our deepest wishes and desires. This is the time to set our intentions for the next 6 months based upon the theme of truth.  What is true for each of us? Rely on the guideposts we’ve been planting for the first half of the year. We can combat the doubt and insecurity by focusing on our long-term goals. Also, be open and honest to avoid unnecessary squabbles and power plays.


Big Star Events (chronologically):

  • Mercury still retrograde: 5/29 – 6/22
  • New Moon/Eclipse: 6/10
  • Saturn square Uranus: 6/14 for 2nd time this year
  • Venus back in bounds 6/18
  • Jupiter retrograde: 6/20 – 10/18
  • Neptune retrograde: 6/25 – 12/1


Week 1: Complications

The first week of June continues the mixed bag energy of May. June begins as May ends – confusing, destabilizing and complicating, yet filled with opportunities for success. 2021 has proven to move and shake to help find footing in what’s real and not real. On one hand, you have a force pushing you toward success and recognition and on the other, it’s complicated with intense power plays and competitive forces pulling at you. In the middle, there’s a nebulous protective veil making you feel safe and secure. Mixed bag? That’s an understatement.

Week 2: Ch-ch-changes

The week begins with exciting news and you’re riding high, filled with confidence. Your mind is in full gear and wants to digest lots of information. You seek any and all activity.  You desire fun and lightness after these last many months. Then as quickly as this fun bubble begins, it deflates. Your hit a low energy and it’s too much for you.  You get knocked with disappointment through dishonesty or deception. What you think is true proves not to be.

Highlight: June 14th is one of the big star clangs of the year (reminiscent of February). Refer to my long post about how it affects you: https://www.kimwoods.com/2021starclang/ Change is upon you. You can’t stop it, so don’t try. These changes are for your own good. Let go of outdated patterns of behavior and take action to embrace your future. Remember, growth is unfamiliar, so your mind wants to reject it. Don’t let your mind lead. Your heart knows what’s good for you. Follow its whispers. Hint: It’s about being naturally, unapologetically and authentically you.

New Moon: Mind or Intuition?

Details: June 10 Annular Solar Eclipse New Moon in Gemini @ 6:54 am ET

The New Moon is all about the mind – how it thinks, speaks, converses, observes, perceives and intuits. It’s also about how busy it can get, tangled in confusion and playing games with you about how you use your time, focus and energy. The upcoming changes on the heels of those coming fast and furious this year, have you questioning yourself and others. Adding to the mix is an intensity about power and control over your home and work lives. You feel pushed and pulled. My ONE tip? Drop into your heart and let it guide you.  You’ve heard me say this plenty of times, your heart always knows.

Week 3: Soft & Slow

The 3rd week gives you a much-needed breath. Take it slow and relax into the sweet, sensitive energies of the watery signs. You feel creative and compassionate. Let yourself fall into an easy rhythm and carve out time for self-care and tender moments. Live, laugh and love. Jupiter retrogrades on June 20th until October, giving you clarity on the ways you’re taking advantage of your gifts. Your life’s quest is under review – how are you doing against your soul mission? Are you fulfilling your heart’s desires? Will you say YES to living your life to its fullest or will you remain in the comfortable safe haven you’ve created for yourself? This is an easy time to relax and renew, and it’s also a good time to ponder your answers.

Week 4: Opportunity

June ends with opportunity. You feel good with increased enthusiasm. The prior week’s pace renews your energy and outlook. Accept growth with confidence. As the days click by, pressure intensifies and relationships become fraught with suspicions and jealousy. Don’t succumb. This is about control. Let go of control and step into influence. Your power comes from the fluidity of it, not the holding of power over another.

For those keeping track, on June 25th, Neptune joins Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in retrograde motion. The rose-colored glasses come off. You get a glimpse of clarity. You may like what you see and you may not. Try not to judge. It is what it is. Accept it, make a plan for taking strides and take action.

At the end of the month, there’s a driving force asking you to step into your future. This is more than the other energetic forces to date this year. It’s almost as if the stars are telling you – now or never. Psst…say YES.


Full Moon: Balance

Details: June 24 Cancer & Capricorn @ 3 ° at 2:40 pm ET

Balance is the goal of this Full Moon. Balance between female and male, inner and outer life, yin and yang, to be or to do. You have intellectual support from Mercury as he’s tiring of his antics and is beautifully helping you right now. Good luck, good news, good fortune is upon you. Does it feel fortunate? That’s the key question. The struggle comes from an intense battle for your right to be the central character of life. If you’ve been standing in this position for a while now, you feel fine. It’s natural for you, so you can deepen your commitment to yourself while beautifully supporting others. If this is new for you, however, you feel a power play for control. Let it go. Seriously. Let. It. Go.   You gain more by embracing the nuances of balancing act required of you than you do by pushing others away.


Supportive Intuitive Tools

Tarot: Player – Child of Worlds

With the child card, you’ve mastered setbacks by seeing them as opportunities and are now ready to explore the playfulness of life. You lighten up and say YES to learning with curiosity and wonder. Love the journey by being a perpetual beginner. Be present in the journey, not the destination.

Crystal: Lepidolite

This crystal is an excellent calming and grounding stone. It assists in all spiritual connections – Akashic records, shamanic journeying, cosmic awareness and spiritual exploration. It helps process past life feelings to help remove blockages in the present. Lepidolite balances your mind-body-spirit and reminds you that you are your own soul mate.

Flower essence: Agrimony

Bach flower essence, agrimony, helps you deal with uncertainty as it aligns you with your inner truth. It allows your true feelings to come to the fore by deeming them important enough to have a voice. You’ve been pretending everything is fine, regardless of how you actually feel. Your feelings are important and pretending otherwise undermines them and you. Let agrimony assist in your alignment with your own inner truth.


Bottom Line:

Truth is a perception. What’s true for you, may or may not be true for someone else. Let your definition of truth guide you in your own life without interfering with another’s definition of truth. Let go of judgement, step into alignment with your inner wisdom and allow the opportunities to flow.


How to use this forecast: I’ve abbreviated the writing of my monthly forecasts while enhancing their practical uses. Here are my recommendations.

Quickly at the start of each month:

  1. Peruse the forecast to see what jumps out at you and make a note of the date(s) on your calendar.
  2. Go through the weekly themes and compare it to what’s on your own schedule. Make slight adjustments if there are particularly startling events on days you have major plans.
  3. Find intuitive tools to incorporate into your month.

Each week:

  1. Look over the weekly themes and drill down on those jiving with what you have going on in your week.
  2. Include a different, lighter or deeper approach depending upon the weekly theme.
  3. For each lunar cycle, use the natural power of the Moon to ramp up energy for success or to release and overcome obstacles.
  4. At the end of the month, take a quick glance over the month to see what works and what doesn’t to make adjustments for the upcoming one.

Thank you for reading and sharing with family and friends.

As always, wishing you joy,



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