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August New Moon – Why Do You Need to be Vulnerable Right Now?


There’s tremendous healing and support for you right now, but only if you open yourself to it. 

The key during this New Moon is vulnerability.

It’s your coming out party. 

Allow the world to see the true you. 


Integrity – Nine of Wands

The Tarot never misses a beat. This card shows up a handful of months ago when I pick the lunar cycle cards. Crazy, how spot on each one is for the cosmic energies. 

The Nine of Wands is a spiritual card in the minor arcana. It represents your inner spirit of unbending self-determination to be true to yourself. 

It urges you to be honest with yourself and your desires, to know yourself fully and value yourself completely. 

It also nudges you to walk your own path and to defend your spirit without compromise. 

Command the integrity for yourself as fiercely you do for others.  

Astrological Energies: 

Here you are on the 18th of August, having made it more than ½ way through this tumultuous month. 

Your reward? 

The New Moon as the Sun and Moon come together in solidarity at 10:42 pm ET in Leo at 26°. 

I would be lying if I said, “The energies are only supportive for you right now, so no worries – just lie back and enjoy.” 

This is only partially true. 

The energies are supportive right now and they’re also challenging you to transform anything that isn’t in alignment.

How do you know what’s in alignment? 

Things that make you uncomfortable, test your beliefs and press your priorities. 

This is alignment?  

Let’s unpack the influences so you can assimilate their meanings. 

The Sun and Moon kiss in Leo, the fiery and robust sign, where the Sun is completely at home.  The Sun overshadows the Moon as is true in any New Moon, but is over-the-top true in this one. 

Leo wants nothing more than to be loved and appreciated as he opens his sensitive and vulnerable heart to stand in the spotlight and say what he truly means. 

Leo, who’s scared, yet does it anyway as he knows it’s worth it. He knows HE’s worth it. He values himself and wants to share his gifts with the world. He has something to say and wants to lift everyone up with his messages. 

The Sun and Moon also kiss Mercury, only separated by one-degree. This is a thought-provoking and expressive energy. It’s passionate and intense, so don’t be surprised if you’re more opinionated and verbose than usual. 

In the higher expression, Leo is open, giving and trusting. He’s also fun-loving and joyful. He’s a natural leader who loves to lead from the front, delivering his elegant speeches and inspiring the world at large. 

On the lower side, Leo is prideful and boastful against any perceived injuries of neglect or lack of appreciation. He pontificates about his achievements and acts like a spoiled child vying for attention. He throws his might around and rails against everyone and everything. He’s the jerk in the middle of the party making an ass of himself. 

There’s no middle ground with Leo.

Check your tendencies this week to see where you fall in your pursuit for self-confidence and esteem.  If you’re defensive and feel like you’re being attacked, stand back and see how this is serving to deepen your convictions. If you’re feeling supported and appreciated beyond your normal realm, then congratulations, you are on your way. 2020 has been pushing you in the right direction. 

There’s more, of course there is.

Saturn Rx is at the heart of this New Moon as he’s been at the heart of everything this year. 

Saturn Rx asks you to make adjustments in your material, resourceful and supportive constructs, especially in the area of work. What people and systems provide you with the best possibility of success? How have you pushed yourself beyond your confines? In what ways have you committed to yourself, your values and priorities? Are there any further refinements you can make to get the most out of 2020’s tunnel to the new era? 

Remember, you’re either exhausted or depressed with Saturn, so choose. He’s far from finished as he’s center stage until the end of the year. 

Then there’s Mars, who’s also an integral component of this New Moon. He’s adding fuel to the already overloaded pressure cooker of 2020. He’s ramping up to smack Saturn Rx next week. 

Mars wants to go-go-go and Saturn’s saying stop-stop-stop. It’s a tug of wars unless you fall back and allow. This is another part of the vulnerability puzzle. Just let go. Stop resisting, railing, flailing and otherwise wasting your energy. 

What’s the best way to handle this pressure? 

Step into commitment and discipline. Allow the deepening that’s been begging you for months nowSay YES to your transformation by seeing yourself in the full light. You have shadows and light, just like everyone else. Why should you be immune to being frail in certain areas of your life? (Mars square Saturn Rx/Pluto Rx @ 2 ° orb)

Let your natural confidence and optimism come to the surface to help you through. There’s always a silver lining. Find yours. (Mars trine Sun/Moon 2 ° orb)

You could have good news with your finances and your love life. Your creativity may also be at an all-time high too. Welcome it. (Venus sextile Uranus Rx)

Actually, welcome all of it. 

New Moon Recommendations: 

  • Recall your intentions from the beginning of the year and keep your eye on your long-term goals. 
  • Get delicious healing. Release old karmic patterns. Do ritual. Meditate. 
  • Make plans for 2021. Yes, 2021. It’s not too soon. Come up with contingencies as 2021 is going to be the release of all of the pressure from 2020.  Who knows what’s going to happen? Have a plan A, B and C. 
  • Fall in line with the unfamiliar, uncomfortable and unknown. Go with the flow and rhythms of life. 
  • Welcome the new and unexpected in money, creativity and love.  

New Moon Crystal: 

Obsidian is a powerful cleanser. It moves everything in its path. This molten lava is without boundaries or limitations. It’s a powerful and fast working stone that supports while clearing everything.  There are many types: 

Apache Tear – is a gentlertype of black obsidian. It’s to be used for protecting, healing, and spiritual grounding. It comforts grief and sadness. 

Black – protective stone that removes negativity. It cleanses, heals and helps with manifestation. It helps get in touch with buried issues.  

Blue – supports divination by activating the throat chakra and enhancing intuition. 

Gold-sheen – can be used for scrying. It gets to root of problem, shows you what you want to heal and balances energy. However, you need another stone for the actual healing. 

Mahogany – grounds and protects. It supports aspirations and removes blockages from life’s work. 

Snowflake– stone of purity. It balances the mind, body & spirit. It helps transformation by providing balance as well as the ability to see unhealthy patterns of behavior. It calms and soothes.

You’re in the 3rd quarter of this year with only 3 ½ months until the relief that’s available in the middle of December. It feels like it’s almost too much and that’s true – it is. 

But, you’ve chosen to be here at this time, in this place, with these people, doing these things. 

Stand up. And breathe. 

You’re in the final stretch. 

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends. 

As always, wishing you joy,