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August 2021: Patient Opportunity

Will you have the fortitude and patience to make 2021 a great year for you?   



The 2021 forecast is still true. Here’s the synopsis of August.

We’re distracted and jumpy as we want to get going and the energies are holding us back. This makes us cranky and uncertain. Additionally, technological or mechanical snafus crop up and they have nothing to do with Mercury. When we take our time, act in patience and rely on our intuition, we make powerful leaps in our growth. This is a wonderful moment for us if we can harness our impatience. 

Big Star Events:

  • Lion Gate & Leo New Moon on August 8th
  • Uranus retrograde on August 19th

Week 1: Fits & Starts

August rolls around after a few complicating weeks and adds frustration with the ‘let’s go and hold on’ energy. The fits and starts have you questioning all of your decisions, pathway forward, timing and let’s not even talk about relationships! It’s a relationship soup of reviewing the past, yearning for change, yet holding off due to uncertainty of your next steps. You feel isolated and depleted, so want to dive deeply into the abyss. This is fast-moving so either tread lightly and don’t allow the melancholy to suck you in deeper or seek healing to explore fully and get to the other side. 

There’s also possibility for new and exciting change (that may or may not feel comfortable). That’s okay, you’re getting use to constant change. Say YES and move forward, taking the positive and discarding the rest. If you’re looking for new love or want renewed vigor in your current love life, this week provides all you need. Make yourself available.   

If you desire slowing down and basking in the bliss of the moment, do it. This is an excellent week to take a breather to rejuvenate and restore yourself. 

New Moon: Lion Gate

Details: August 8 New Moon Leo 16° @9:50 pm ET


On August 8th every year, the fixed star Sirius illuminates the head of the constellation of Leo, known as the LION GATE. Many portent of stellar channeling energy and messages, giving you the ability to maximize creativity and healing. Let’s step into this with open minds and hearts and see where it takes us. 

The 2021 energy coincides with the New Moon, so add manifestation to the mix. Due to Uranus, there’s the possibility of new beginnings, yet unexpected and jarring changes in the collective may foster uncertainty. Additionally, deception and confusion reign, so fall into your intuitive knowing to illuminate your pathway. 

Out in the world, let’s keep an eye on the progress of awakening to truth. 

Week 2: Adjustments

Be mindful of how you’re gas-lighting yourself with negative self-talk, over rationalization or staying a victim through comparison and judgment. Move into generosity while being true to you and your ideals. This isn’t going to be easy this week. There are a number of cosmic forces making you face things you’d rather not see and having you make many tiny adjustments. It’s minor movement when you’re open, but it’s like death by 1,000 cuts if you don’t remain open to learning and change. 

A positive force comes through on the 11th adding depth and intensity, but also wealth and luxury. If it’s within your means, splurge on something just for you – whether it’s a new course for growth, a long-term investment or a new haircut – all are supported right now.

Week 3: Freedom

There’s an intense energy that urges you to take the long view, do deep research and make moderate plans against the push to be overly optimistic. The Sun enters Gemini to join Mercury and Venus, so your mind goes into overdrive. Your heart is already flirtatious and light, so it’s not a good barometer for keeping you centered and focused on your goals. There’s a slipperiness to the energies this week that contradicts the underlying pull of a longer, lasting tempo. Center, ground, center, ground is the mantra this week. 

You’re choosing between yourself and others and can’t determine which is more important. Generosity is an excellent attribute as long as you ensure you’re taking care of yourself and putting YOU in the center of your life. Your heart calms and opens to love while your mind turns to serious thought about long-term commitments. It’s a good time to strategize and plan the next 5 months. 

Uranus moves in retrograde motion starting on August 19th until January 18, 2022. He joins Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto in retrograde motion. From viral and radical perspectives, these forces are restraining each for the moment. Let’s lean into the positive aspects of that. Personally, Uranus wants you to gain freedom to live your life, so allow possibility, opportunity and ease to be your mantras internally to see positive external change. 

There’s fortune and good luck here when you let go of control and roll with the changes.   

Full Moon: Yippee!!

DetailsAugust 22 Full Moon Leo & Aquarius 29° @8:02 am ET

Hooray for a Full Moon cycle with positive, supportive energy. You feel, look and sound great. You’re on top of the world. It’s been too long since you’ve felt this good. You want to gather with friends, entertain and basically, enjoy life to the fullest. You may have just gotten good news or it’s right around the corner and you can sense it. You yearn for change instead of it being thrust upon you. This is what you’ve been preparing for these last many months. 

Celebrate yourself and all of your achievements.

Week 4: Deepening

The Full Moon launches a desire to burst forth. You have renewed energy, sex appeal and strong urges for everything you’ve been yearning. Your dreams may come true when you use your energy and effort to bring them to fruition. Start new projects, say YES to new adventures and basically, do all the things you’ve been awaiting.  

The Sun in Virgo adds the push to get things done. You’ll want to clean all of your closets, organize your calendar and complete all of those administrative tasks. Depending on the weather, you may just tackle everything on your list. Stay on track with your intentions set at the beginning of year, adjusted only for adjustments you’ve made internally. This is not the time to make long-term plans or strategize with others. It’s a time to put your head down and focus on what’s in front of you. 

Bottom Line: Lion & the Maiden

August starts as a lion and ends as a maiden and this year, that’s the precise energy for each part of the month. As the months progresses, be patient, stay on track and get things done – in that exact order. 

Supportive Intuitive Tools

Tarot: Nurturing – 3 of Worlds

The Tarot speaks giving you a nudge to nurture your creations. This is a time of support, patience and care. Be vigilant with your creative side to continue to spur growth, even when you desire to stop due to lack of movement or value expression for your creations. Be a guiding hand to nurture your ‘babies’ to fruition.  

Crystal: Fuchsite

Fuchsite deals with issues of servitude from the past and present as it teaches self-worth.  It helps with  relationship issues and keeps you out of savoir and rescuer mode. This crystal resolves feelings of ‘not being good enough’. This stone also channels information about health and wellbeing. 

It’s most often found with ruby and is called Ruby Fuchsite. The ruby adds power and depth to the fuchsite, making it a rich combination for courage, love and power.  It’s a stone of strength.

Flower essence: Olive

The Bach flower essence of olive connects with your inner strength and keeps the flow of manifestation going. It’s part of the throat chakra essences, so it’s enlivening. Olive brings joy, purification and potential. It’s also abundantly nourishing. 

Supportive Practical Tips

Quick tip:

     Take a breath and go for a walk if someone or something is driving you crazy. (Your patience will be rewarded.) 


     Get out your 2021 intentions, dust them off and add energy to those themes or goals you haven’t furthered yet this year. Envision support and opportunities presenting to you. 

     Remember your big dreams and do a heart link with each one to charge them. 

     Imagine and create – whatever your heart desires. Bach White Chestnut is perfect to quiet your mind. Take 3 drops 3 times a day in water and feel your mind settle.


How to use this forecast: I’ve abbreviated the writing of my monthly forecasts while enhancing their practical uses. Here are my recommendations.

Quickly at the start of each month:

  1. Peruse the forecast to see what jumps out at you and make a note of the date(s) on your calendar.
  2. Go through the weekly themes and compare it to what’s on your own schedule. Make slight adjustments if there are particularly startling events on days you have major plans.
  3. Look over the business tips for the two parts of the month and see what activities to incorporate for you and your staff or clients based on the energies.
  4. Find intuitive tools and practical tips to incorporate into your month.

      Each week:

  1. Look over the weekly themes and drill down on those jiving with what you have going on in your week.
  2. Include a different, lighter or deeper approach depending upon the weekly theme.
  3. For each lunar cycle, use the natural power of the Moon to ramp up energy for success or to release and overcome obstacles.
  4. At the end of the month, take a quick glance over the month to see what works and what doesn’t to make adjustments for the upcoming one.

Thank you for reading and sharing with family and friends.  

As always, wishing you joy,  


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Intuition Energy Law of Attraction Manifestation Universal Laws

Discover Your Manifesting Magic to Work with the Law of Attraction

Manifestation is a hot buzzword these days. I feel like I’ve heard just about everyone say it in some context, whether it be my favorite spin instructor or a random “social influencer.” We were on an animal sight-seeing tour recently and the tour guide suggested to us that we “manifest” the animals so we could see them (we totally did by the way). The concept of manifestation is very exciting and it’s easy to get lost in the endless possibilities of what you can bring into your life if you only…manifest it. Of course, it’s not quite that simple, and manifestation doesn’t quite work in the way you want or expect. And to make matters even more complicated, we manifest everything in our lives, not just the things we want.

Getting past the mental anguish of discovering that you are actually attracting all of those annoying things that are driving you crazy is a hurdle that could take some time to overcome. However, just recognizing that you have a natural manifestation path can get you started to make some little tweaks which may help shift your mindset and give the Law of Attraction a quicker route.

The first handy trick to change what you’re manifesting is to take some time and go back through past events, situations, conversations, and thoughts that you’ve had and try to weave together some sort of overarching theme to them. That may sound a little bit much, and it’s not always the most light-hearted or flattering look, but it does lend to some interesting insights. It’s through this that I believe each person has at least a couple of very specific pathways of manifestation that if shifted can make some really impactful changes in her or his life.

For example, as I’ve gone back and observed some of my overarching themes, I’ve discovered that there was one thing I consistently manifest into my life: frustration/anger. There are more, of course, but I wanted to address this one because I know it’s something many people wrestle with.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with frustration and anger. It was an emotion that was always just under the surface, quick to make an appearance, but feelings that I also pushed down and ignored which just made them fester and build up into resentment. Due to my repression of these emotions and not feeling them completely and allowing them to move through my body, I naturally manifested more things to be angry and frustrated about. In fact, I spent a very large part of my life with a small chip on my shoulder that just got bigger and bigger as I attracted more of the same to me.

How did I change it? I had to change my tactic in several different areas. First, I had to change my initial reaction to an irritating situation to seeing how it was helping me or how I could be grateful for it. In other words, take time to truly understand why you’re reacting to a situation in a certain way and then make the effort to react differently. That’s not easy and it can take years of hard, introspective work, but that’s the way to get past the brain. Maneuvering your emotions through your heart is a whole other ballgame and this is an area that I’m still working on, but the first step I took was to let myself feel something other than anger. When I unleashed the sadness and depression, I had to reel myself back in and remind myself of the gratitude work I had done. This process has been a vicious cycle at times, but by going through it I have discovered so much about myself and have been able to reclaim pieces of my self-worth that have been long buried.

When dealing with emotions everything feels a little more intense, but when one can learn to flow with the emotions, they become easier to manifest with. I’m going to be honest; this is something I still struggle with, but practice makes it easier!

So, here’s the question: are you brave enough to examine yourself and determine a theme that runs through your life to find what you are attracting naturally? You may find that it’s something that you never thought about or took for granted. For instance, my youngest son can manifest dice rolls when we are playing board games or Mario Party. All you have to do is point out what he needs and he rolls that number about 75% of the time. My husband manifests ease into all areas of his life. From the outside it looks like everything just comes easy for him, but really he is just a creative problem solver and leans into his intuition for all of his encounters.

There are many different pathways to manifestation and there are many ideas, plans and courses on the topic. I find them all to be fascinating, but not all of them work for every single person. Manifestation can be easy and we all do it so naturally, sometimes it’s all a matter of narrowing down the path that works best for you.


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Embodiment Family Intuition Energy

Oceans Whispers, Family Patterns and Waves of Acceptance

I just got back from a dreamy vacation! Two weeks of traveling through the Redwood Forest and Pacific Ocean! Tasting the delicious foods and wine of California and soaking in the never-ending, always changing scenery of the in-between was heaven…. mostly.

This road trip included more people than just my core family. Portions of it included my parents as well as my sibling and his family. My family hasn’t been together in one place for over 2 years! This is not typical but the restrictions of the pandemic made it impossible for us to visit each other for quite some time.

This time together was challenging and amazing and then challenging again. Caring for young children as well as aiding aging parents can prove to be less than #vacaymode.

So why am I sharing the emotional journey of my vacation? Because even though this was not paradise all day long every day, I am still able to look back at this time and call it a “dreamy vacation.” I can do that because of my intentional work with embodiment.

Embodiment answers the questions “but, how?” It gives us the pathway to walk magic into our daily lives and intentions and imprint it into our senses. Embodiment helps us land the conceptual and teaches us how to envelope the loving aid of the universe into our lives. It is the absorption of interaction with the magical external.

These are times when a butterfly lands on the table next to you and you know in that second you are locked in a sacred space. Or, when you keep seeing the same number over and over on clocks and watches or even when you just can’t stop thinking about a loved one so you make a phone call just to hear them exclaim “I was just thinking about you!” as they answer the phone.

The Universe is in communication with us all the time offering guidance and wisdom. Instead of just noticing these times of synchronicity, we have the opportunity to embody those points of connection.

Think of it this way, instead of just knowing that a butterfly landed on your arm during breakfast this morning and how “cool” that was, imagine walking the energies of that experience all the way down the chakra line and allowing the concepts to take up space in your body. Not only the energetic meridians, but in the cells, blood, bone and tissue of your body. Let the imprint of that sacred moment and the vibration it created to modify your own energy.

Embodiment allows us to engage in the world with our whole selves not just our mind and thoughts. The results? Powerful responses and actions that move us boldly through our life revealing perspectives that illuminate buried truths and offer gentle nudges that shift us out of lifelong patterns that no longer serve us.

Each day, on vacation, when I would walk down to the ocean, I found myself awestruck by what I saw. Endless waves, remnants of life pushed onto the shore by the waves, entire eco-systems driven by the movement and energy of the ocean. It was just so vast and yet so constant. I still struggle to comprehend its magnitude.

I would hear the whispers of its essence while I watched the tides come and go, “My mysteries are great, but there is space for all of it.” But instead of receiving this gift of clarity I simply responded with “that can’t be right, surely we can reveal these mysteries and unlock the answers to all of life’s deep questions!” And so, I would listen “harder” thinking maybe the message would change. After several days, the message remained (surprise, surprise). So instead of making the ocean fit my understanding, I welcomed this truth into my life.

The mysteries are great, and there is space for all of it.

Once I allowed this truth in, I finally understood why this message had come to me in this way at this time.

We come into this life having made agreements with other souls and they present in varied relationships, father, mother, sibling, lover, friend, child, pet, boss… even the server in a restaurant. Obviously, some of those relationships take up more of our time and energy than others. We are triggered by them all in some way at some point, maybe even to the point of exhaustion.

The practice of embodiment allows us to engage in the magical messages gifted to us by the world around so that can we navigate all of these relationships with a certain ease and clarity.

I definitely found myself struggling with my family at various points on our trip. This happened especially when I saw the repeat patterns of my childhood still going strong in the dynamics of my family.

My brother always has to win,
My mother, passive aggressive,
My father, silent, again,
Me, the fixer or negotiator.

In the past, I would have engaged in hours of mental processing trying to figure out why these patterns still arise when we are all together. I would waste precious time and energy trying to think of ways to help us all “get better.” However, this time was different. Instead of trying to fix them or slip into my own patterns of response I opened myself to the wisdom of the ocean. Welcoming, trusting its whispered words, “My mysteries are great, and there is space for all of it.” And, like wave upon wave, I felt the ocean minister this truth to me.

There is space for my Brother,
There is space for my Mother,
There is space for my father,
There is space for me,

There is space for all of it.

Embodiment does not make a problem go away. It gives us the pathway to receive, process and release. It answers the question “but, how?” How will I respond, how will I process, how will I release?

As I embodied the wisdom of the ocean and took its truth as my own, I was able to make space for the reality that I am the only person I can control. As I drank in its salty wisdom and absorbed its message into my bones, I locked into my foundation that I am the only person I can change. And as I allowed its crashing waves to pass through my aura, I received the comfort that there are some things in life I will never fully understand but I can make space for the unknown.

This month has been a lot… the past couple years have been a lot! But really, how could it not be with humanity moving into a new age of consciousness and awareness. Growth and transformation are such a beautiful process, but it is hard. It is strip you down to your weary, bare bones and rebuild one golden thread of light at a time – hard.

But we do not rebuild alone. We are constantly guided, reminded, loved and supported by the same universe that asked us to, “wake up!”

As we awaken, it is not enough to just look for the signs or recognize the guides on our path. We must absorb their wisdom, advice and essence into our own vibrations, to add the lens of their perspective to our being.

As we collect the essences that offer themselves, we start to fill in the gaps. We start to claim the space that at one point in time we did not feel worthy to occupy.

The more we say yes to this process the more powerful and impactful our actions become because we are living in a way that includes every luscious, vibrant, succulent unapologetic part of us. And that, dear one, is what it is all about, to live a full and present life no matter the path you have claimed for this lifetime.


With Love and Gratitude,



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Intuition Energy Love Self love Trust

3 Ways of Loving Yourself this Summer

Summer is my favorite time of year. As the Sun comes out and the temperature rises it makes it seem so much easier to love and take care of myself. Things that make me feel good happen naturally—more time outside, fresh fruits and veggies are plentiful. The list goes on and on…

However, summer is the fiery season of growing, reaching and stretching. The days are long and so is the work we put in before the fruits of our labor can be picked. We must balance this work with deep loving of the self so we don’t burn ourselves out before we’ve reached the harvest.

I’d love to share three tips on how to love yourself in the heat of summer with you.

  1. Let’s start with the practical for the physical body—Minerals. Summer brings fun activities that can include things like movement, sugar, and alcohol, all things that dehydrate the body. We always remember to drink more water in summer but are you adding salt? Sea salt is packed with minerals. Our bodies need a delicate balance of magnesium, potassium and sodium to stay hydrated and function optimally. You can drink all the water in the world on a hot July day, but if you don’t have the minerals to utilize the water you can still not be hydrated properly.

My absolute favorite way to spice up my summer water and get my minerals at the same time is to add watermelon flavored LMNT. It’s a party in my mouth and I always feel so much better when I have a packet a day. LMNT is a newer company that doesn’t have any harmful additives in their hydration packets, total win. Loving yourself doesn’t have to be complicated. It can simply be adding Celtic sea salt to your meal or LMNT packet to your water!

  1. Now let’s talk about how you’re nourishing yourself on a deeper soulful level—Nature. In my part of the world, just North of Boston, MA, this is the season of being outside of reconnecting with the Earth after a long winter and cold spring. Mother Earth is a part of all of us, and she has an incredible ability to recalibrate our being. As electrical beings we are constantly inundated with signals from our technology that can interfere with our own bodily signals. When we are in this unbalanced state the whispers of our soul are harder to hear. Unplugging from daily life and tuning into nature is a wonderful cure for our over-stimulated and ungrounded bodies to bring us back to love.

With summer weather there is no excuse not to be outside and take a pause. Take your socks and shoes off and connect your feet and body with the earth. Find a tree to lean against and breathe in the wonderment of being human and surrounded by nature’s magic. Pay attention to her strength in both the quiet whispers and the voluminous roars and do so without an agenda. Leave your phone at home and open your heart to her essence. Allow her to lovingly weave your body and soul together again as one. Love is all that is real and everything else is a misconception. Nature reminds us of this through her intricate webs that always support her wellbeing.

  1. Once you’ve taken care of your physical and spiritual body how are you growing your love for yourself this summer? What intentions have you set for yourself in this season that will open and grow your heart’s connections? Summer naturally creates more space for us to grow and stretch to make more room for us to love ourselves, if we have first taken care of ourselves.

For me, I want amazing soul mate friends who fit perfectly in my world and I in theirs. I set the intention and created a beautiful altar with love crystals and idols that resonated with my intention. Within two weeks I had four new phone numbers of potential friends. Now, for the rest of the summer I’ll be dancing with these beautiful women to see if we can nurture a relationship. How can you spend the rest of your summer fostering and tending to your loving intentions of this season? Think about areas of your life where you need more love and support. How can you actively choose to illuminate love in this area? Love is a choice and we can always come back to it.

I hope the rest of your summer is filled with sunshine, nature and lots of love. 😉



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Developing Intuition Intuition Energy

Can Magical Tools Help You Grow Your Intuition?

Hi there! It’s Robyn with the first post in a series on Magical Tools. Enjoy! 

I remember the first time that I ventured into a “new age” store. You know, the places that sell crystals, pendulums, tarot cards and statues of Goddesses. (Amongst many other fabulous and seemingly otherworldly treasures)

I was filled with hesitation …

Would they take one look at me and laugh me out of the store?

Would they immediately see through me, or rather into me, and begin to tell me my life’s story and the stories of my past lives?

Perhaps they would take advantage of my naiveté …

Looking back on all of those worries that ran through my mind at the time, I feel a bit silly now.

For, in truth, I’ve never met anyone but kindhearted souls when I’ve headed in to a shop to search for a new crystal friend to work with, find a new oracle deck to play with or to replace yet another hematite ring that I’ve broken … <sigh> sorry my lovely hematite friends!

I tell you this story so that you can start to let go of any unease that you might be feeling around magical tools. And, if you are already super comfortable with them, then that makes my heart smile!

Because magical tools are just that … tools. Just like other tools – hammers, whisks, paint brushes and the like – they don’t truly come alive until you pick them up and bring them to life. And then … what wonder they can bring into your existence!

It’s a thing of beauty!

The truth of the matter is, my friend, that you are magical! Not only are you magical, you were born with a sense of intuition and knowing that comes naturally to each and every one of us. Just sit with that for a minute.

And, now that you think about it, it makes total sense, right? Want to experience utter truth and open mindedness? Talk to a young kid …

“Is that outfit supposed to make your butt look big?”

“Can you please stop singing?”

“Look Mom, the sun is waking up in colors!”

Kids say the darndest things because they’re still immensely in touch with their intuition. They haven’t yet been exposed to the conditioning that can eventually lead them away from trusting their inner knowing.

That conditioning comes from well-meaning people in our lives and has to do with a primal need for safety and belonging (which, frankly, is a whole different ball of wax that we can talk about another time). Nevertheless, that conditioning causes our intuition to weaken as we grow up. I’m not saying that it’s good or bad or that anyone is to blame for it … it just is.

AND, this is where magical tools come in to save the day! <cue the superhero music>

Pendulums, oracle and tarot cards, crystals, runes, dowsing rods, mantras, meditation, palmistry, numerology, astrology, breath work, automatic writing and SO many more wonderful things are all magical tools that help you get back in touch with your intuitive side and begin flexing that intuition muscle again!

They are ways for you to tangibly reconnect with what perhaps feels just out of your reach …

That inner guidance.

That trust that the answers are within you already, you simply need to ask the question and listen for the answer.

That thing that you know, and you don’t know how you know it, but you know it with every fiber of your being.

Helping you remember your own magic and inner guidance again is what magical tools can do for you. The way that they do this for you is through the fact that YOU are the source of their magic!

When you use magical tools, you flex your own intuition muscle. Over time, you continue to flex that intuition muscle and it grows – like lifting weights … sparkly, shimmering weights!

And then …

Magical tools become like Dumbo’s feather. Do you remember Dumbo, the flying elephant?

Dumbo was given a magical feather that allowed him to fly … or so he thought. But, when he lost his feather and push came to shove, he found that he really didn’t need the feather – the ability to fly was within him the whole time.

Magical tools are downright fun! (Just like Dumbo soaring through the air with his feather)

They show you a glimmer of what’s possible for you in the most enjoyable way.

They revive a part of you that you’ve forgotten about … that mystical part of you, longing to be remembered.

They remind you of just how powerful and magical you are, and they’re just scratching the surface!

And, how lovely is it that you have these magical tools to help you reawaken, rediscover and renew your intuition? Right at your fingertips!

I’ll be shedding more light for you here on magical tools as we move forward, so keep an eye out for them!

And, if you haven’t already, join our free Facebook group, where you’ll not only learn tips and tricks about magical tools and growing your intuition, but you’ll also have access to Kim’s moon, star and energy forecasts, amazing gooey goodness from the rest of the phenomenal team, and learn about the True KLT™ Process. It’s an absolutely amazing community, and we’d love to see you in there!

Wishing you all the best life has to offer,

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