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May 2024: Are You Ready to Make Big Impact?

Make Big Impact in May 2024: Summary

May: Anchor into Your Soul

Sun signs – Taurus & Gemini

Seasonal energies: Origin of Power with Beltane on the 1st

Energetic Element: Fire

Overall meaning: It’s time to create worlds. Don’t have what you desire? Get creative. Aren’t getting the sales you deserve? Revaluate your sales channels. Haven’t captured your place in your industry? Embolden your power. It’s time to own you. Receive your bounty through the deepest part of you. Double down and carve out your place in the world. Stay unwavering and have people come to you.

Seasonal Insights


Beltane on May 1st kicks off the season of power celebrating the height of spring. It’s the high point of the transition from winter to summer. Its historical significance is to shed the dark and dread of winter and reveal the light of spring. Pagan ceremonies included the lighting of fires as both cleanser and creator. Astrologically this date hits in the sign of Taurus which is a fertile and earthly energy.

May Day is another celebratory ritual with maidens dancing around the May pole to herald the festival of planting, growing and harvesting. This day is designed to protect the upcoming harvest.  

During each season, you can leverage the zodiac energy, elemental force and earthly rhythms to boost your chances for success.

Season of Power

Your growth is evident in the world. The power you express makes big impact to all who come into your sphere of influence. This is a fiery yang time that requires you to push beyond yourself and your intimate circles. This is an outward, expansive and visible season. It’s about connections, outreach and sales first and foremost. This is the time for you to show up, early and often, so respecting your natural tendencies is imperative. Additionally, you want to be wary of burning through your energy, commitment and resources. Honor your yin side by taking breaks, vacations and spending time in relaxation.

The Season of Power saves you from yourself and this power-filled fiery energy infuses magic through connective webbing. You shine, you bask and you create bounty through your brilliance, your visibility and your connections. Having witness to your offerings breathes in new life and new energy.  The sharing of them creates something different from what you originally thought.

Season of Power uses fire to create the largest expansion in energies at the apex of the year with the solstice in June. Fire is inspirational to generate momentum to ensure the strategy that was set in the prior season is fulfilled. This is an excellent season to connect with others, flex your genius as well as create your platforms or stages.  This is great at this time for speaking, selling experiences and launching series to highlight your gifts.

Watch the video on how to use the seasonal energies.  


  • May 1 – Beltane; celebrate the Earth and her bounty
  • May 2 – Pluto retrograde; discover your hidden worth
  • May 4 – Mars sextile Pluto; drive to achieve your goals
  • May 23 – Jupiter sextile Neptune; embrace growth
  • May 25 – Jupiter ingress Gemini; stop limiting beliefs

For more information about 2024, listen to this podcast episode.

 Big Star Events: (in chronological order)

May 2: Pluto Retrograde: Discover Your Hidden Worth

  • Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius May 2 at 1:47 pm ET @ 2.6°

    You felt Pluto retrograde in Aquarius last year for the first time. Can you remember what Pluto asked of you? Pluto wants you to love yourself unconditionally and when in retrograde stirs up all of your insecurities, mistakes and foibles for you to remember and heal. You’re perfectly imperfect and Pluto wants you to know that no matter what, you are loved. Knowing this helps when dealing with others, because this is also a time to fully understand your power and to realize how others around you are using theirs (for or against you). Power plays, hidden agendas and secret lore is a fascination so above all, focus on you and let the drama around you fall away. Pluto stations direct on October 11th @ Capricorn 29°.

May 4: Mars Sextile Pluto: Drive to Achieve Your Goals

  • Aries Mars sextile Aquarius Pluto May 4 at 8:06 am ET @ 2.6°

    Mars excites Pluto every year, so what’s the big deal with this star configuration? The last time Mars excited Pluto in the Aries/Aquarius combination could only have happened about 250 years ago as this was the last time Pluto was in Aquarius.

    Given the New Era portal opening on the solstice in 2020, huge energetic impulses between the God of War (Mars) and the God of Hell (Pluto) in Aquarius are significant.

    You have endurance, intense and almost ruthless energy to achieve your goals for creating your new future. Further, your stamina and drive to make you perfectly aligned along your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. To clarify, this is a rare treat and one you don’t want to ignore. There’s also the opportunity to heal your connection with others through conversation and opening your mind to their opinions. Forthright debate and honest communication could bring communities together or argumentative posturing and deception can further separate them.

May23: Jupiter Sextile Neptune: Embrace Growth

  • Taurus Jupiter sextile Pisces Neptune @ 29° May 23 at 5:43 pm ET

    Jupiter and Neptune do an elegant dance every 14-years when they meet to boost your ability to integrate your spiritual energies with your practical success. They met again in 2022 to push you until 2035, but with the Pluto in the center of the stars this year, it’s important to also note their ending meet-up throughout 2020 to complete their prior cycle.

    Do you remember the boost you got in 2009? Were you prompted to initiate something new to reach for your full potential? Or rather, did you find it easy or hard to become spiritual in daily life?

    This is what I wrote in my 2020 monthly blogs when Jupiter stimulates Neptune at the end of the last 14-year cycle which began in 2009, “In February, July and October, you come into a sense of flow and smooth sailing. This is a glass half-full instead of half-empty scenario and with everything else going on this year, it’s one of the only supportive star angles. Yum! This is a time of optimism, faith and idealism. Even without the rose-colored glasses, you can see hope in your future.”

    When the new cycle begins between Jupiter and Neptune, they meet up for a perfect kiss on April 12, 2022. This is the first waxing step in a 14-year cycle that ends in 2035. I wrote, “Hang on tight because the biggest star event of 2022 happens this week as Jupiter and Neptune meet for big impact. The possibilities these two planets bring to the table are bountiful- acceptance, inclusion, broadened perspective, increased awareness, imagination, creativity and love. Unfortunately, these possibilities may feel difficult to bring to fruition, especially if you’re not standing firmly in your core values or leaning into your intuition. When you’re not connected to yourself, this energy blasts you with delusion, distraction and escapist forces.”

    So, Jupiter and Neptune excite each other once again, creating the first burst of energy since their new-cycle meeting in 2022. You find your place in the world when you embrace growth and optimism, but only when you put steps and supports in place to actively increase your connections, link your mind with your heart and say YES to the new.

May25: Jupiter enters Gemini: Stop Limiting Beliefs

  • Jupiter enters Gemini @ 0° May 25 at 11:14 pm ET

    Jupiter moves into a new sign every year, carving a path through the zodiac every 12 years. The last time Jupiter was in Gemini was June 2012. Jupiter is a fiery energy that ignites when in the Gemini air sign. Jupiter expands everything it touches and when in Gemini, it’s all about your mind. Your mental abilities grow, shifting perspectives and opening your mind to the new. You also become less attached to limiting beliefs and see possibility everywhere.

    You’re curious, flexible, social, and intellectually stimulated. You want to take courses, read books, and talk to experts. You tend toward speaking, writing, teaching and presenting. Your world becomes more and more ‘mental.’ Furthermore, under the expanding Jupiter influence, any mental health issues also grow.

    In this star configuration, Pluto supports Jupiter and gives you insights into your unique definition of success coupled with feeling at home with yourself in ways you haven’t to date.


Week 1: Assimilate Feminine & Masculine Energies

This week intertwines the feminine and masculine by starting with a soft and dreamy influence as the star energies dance between the feminine of Venus and the masculine of Mars in their own signs.

As Venus moves into Taurus, her own sign, Mars moves into Aries, his own sign. The feminine becomes more amplified while the masculine gets stronger. When you lean into Mars, this is a time for doing, not being. When you lean into Venus, it’s the time to lie back and wait for the world to come to you.

Your best bet?

Flow between these two energies.

As Venus enters Taurus on April 29th, the Goddess of Love enters one of her own signs and in Taurus, she adores the ease of getting along with others, falling in love and staying loyal in relationships. She loves the easy and the charming. She appreciates everything romantic and sensorial. She’s also indulgent and a wee bit lazy. She doesn’t want to stir up drama or dive too deeply into the complicated.

She’s a wonderful family and friendly influence as she yearns for material gods and luxurious items. Venus loves money and in fact, she’s excellent at attracting it. Yes, she loves money but doesn’t want to strain herself having to work for it. She looks for partners to do the work for her or opportunities that fall easily into her hands.  Venus will be in Taurus until May 23rd, when she enters Gemini.

As Mars enters Aries on April 30th, your energy gets a boost, giving you ample enough to roll up your sleeves and accomplish your to-do list or set about achieving your goals. When you lean into Mars, this is a time for doing, not being. Mars gifts you with courage to take bold moves and bravely face your fears. He also asks you to lead your life the way you initially intended. Above all, he wants you to shed what others want you to do and be, so you can use this time that he’s in his own sign to tackle the things you put off otherwise. Mars will be in Aries until July 12th, when he enters Taurus.

At the end of the week, Pluto gets involved driving you to fortify your relationships with yourself, others and money. When the relationship is shaky, this star blend cracks the foundation to bring power and control issues to the surface. When this relationship is solid, the intensity reveals the depth of love to the beloved and cherishing levels. With this in mind, think in terms of soul mate. This is soul-level stuff.

Moreover, you are gifted with the drive and tenacity to realize what was initiated in 2020.

Week 2: Get Serious About Your Success

This week is a great time to problem solve, deal with serious issues or manage complex tasks. You are filled with duties and responsibilities and expressions of leadership. Your work ethic and ability to commit to yourself and others is at an all-time high.  Good health and nutrition is part of your success equation this week as is caregiving and lending support to yourself and others.

On the world stage, supply chains and food sources are being challenged, however ideas and innovations come to the fore while shining the light on these issues to finally fix them.

Week 3: Good Luck Creates Success

Embrace new ways of doing things and fresh perspectives to take care of yourself while seeking your fame and fortune. Overcome your fears by facing them head on and taking action to move through them. Build structures and systems for your creations, get serious and deal with problems and say yes to opportunities for meeting new people and welcoming different situations.  The end of the week brings good luck and success no matter your actions.

Week 4: Success is Here!

As the Sun moves into Gemini on the 20th, Venus on the 23rd and Jupiter follows on the 25th, you feel uplifted and filled with energy to strive for your goals. You have the power over your life to transform what isn’t working to something that can work for you. It’s a good time to solve problems, come up with new ideas and see the big picture. 

You meet new people and seek varied and interesting relationships as well as creative pursuits and financial connections. Things come easily to you right now – sales, creations and connections.

You desire to get in front of the camera and bussing for those you adore. It’s also a great time to improve your image and style, so have fun.

In Gemini, Venus gets flirty and fun and fickle. In relationships, Venus wants more than what she currently has. She seeks distraction and fun, easy and shallow connections. Also, she wants to shred anything serious or committed. Additionally, she seeks discovery and exploration just for the fun of it. Finally, she wants to break commitments and contracts. While Pluto enters to make everything imperative, intense and deep. This is soul-level stuff.

As long as you don’t succumb to the busyness, distractions and mind games, this is an excellent time to deal with everything love, success and money.

Week 5: Great Connections

Lastly, this is an excellent time for business connections, contracts and negotiations. Inform your audience about new discoveries, inventions or methods. It’s also a time for new inventions, scientific discoveries, innovative original and eccentric ideas.

The elite and the average differences are amplified in terms of food availability and nutrition access. There are possible power struggles between the haves and the have nots.


The Moon phases help manifest things you want, celebrate things you have and get rid of things you no longer want. Here are the phases and what you should do:

  1. The New Moon is for setting your strategy.
  2. From the New to Full Moon, it’s the time to manifest, appreciate and create.
  3. The Full Moon is for taking stock in gratitude and refinement.
  4. From the Full to New Moon, it’s the time to celebrate, release and merge.

New Moon: Be Your Brilliance

Details: New Moon with Sun & Moon in Taurus at 18° on May 7th @ 11:24 pm ET

Remembering who you are at the core is possible with this New Moon. As you embark on self-discovery, you can uncover the riches in your home, history, foundations and roots. You can also anchor your soul as you align your mind, body and spirit. Go with your instincts and let things naturally surface. With this purpose, let ritual and your natural rhythms allow the energies of the Earth to help you receive the bounty of the deepest part of you. You can master your self-worth right now. Go for it.

Full Moon: Invest in Your Wisdom

Details: Full Moon with Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius at 2° on May 23th @ 9:55 am ET

It’s time to create the world you want to live in, not in the future, but right now. Getting your mind to accept the very best outcome isn’t something it is designed to be able to do. Your mind always protects you and prepares you for the worst, but what if your mind can be programmed to allow your highest potential? The truth is your mind can accomplish this when it’s combined with your intuition. This is where genius lives.

Watch this quick video to Listen to Yourself and Receive What You Want.


The intuitive oracle cards bring insight into what’s coming for the month. They give your mind something to focus on and remember as you go through the days and weeks. You can ponder the card or go into the guidance in the book when you need more than mental reminders.

To discover how to use oracle cards for developing your intuition, check out my free course right here.

The power of animal and crystal energy are easy to employ to help you so that you can create the success and satisfaction you desire. Spirit animals are always willing to assist. Simply call on the animal to bring it into focus and ponder its meaning.

For crystals, grab the crystal and put it on your desk, purse or kitchen table. You want to align with your success and this month’s stone helps you do that. 

For flower essences, put 3 drops into water 3 times a day so that you can feel the gentle support for your body and emotions.

Order your Intuition cards online

Intuitive Oracle Card: #5 Open

Open Oracle card for May 2024 - Are You Ready to Make Big Impact?

Follow the wisdom of your heart by observing what comes to you out of the blue or by expressing gratitude for all of the abundance in your life already. Either way helps you open your heart.

Your heart has so many things it wants to tell you. Will you listen to it? Quiet your thoughts and drop into your heart. Listen carefully to its prompting. Open yourself up to your heart. It wants to lead you to your very best life.

Use these two tips to help you open your heart:

  1. Place your hands over your heart and breath into your heart space for a few quiet moments. Feel your heart’s energy and ask it what it wants to tell you. Open and feel. Do this as many times as it takes for you to hear your heart’s whispers.
  2. Say you need a minute when someone asks you for something. Take a deep breath, connect to your heart and then respond. Your heart knows the truth – let it lead you. 

Spirit Animal: Bee

Spirit Animal for May 2024 - Bee Are You Ready to Make Big Impact?

Bee represents your commitment to success while enjoying the sweetness of life. You’re thriving, industrious and capable, yet deliver succor to the world. You work well independently, but also as part of a team.

Call on bee when you need cooperation from others to complete a task, desire tact and diplomacy or want to be in service to the world.  Bee was the spirit animal of 2020 and this month feeds back to your aspirations of 2020.

Crystal: Amazonite

Amazonite Crystal for May 2024 - Are You Ready to Make Big Impact?

Amazonite is a natural healer, soothing nervous energy and enhancing love. It acts a filter in the environment, helps maintain optimum health and releases negative energy. This stone also provides good luck, fortune and overall success. It facilitates constructive expression so it’s a good stone for musicians and writers.

This crystal balances feminine and masculine energies, so is an excellent stone for these times.  Amazonite supports self-determination and bestows honesty, truth and integrity. It gives the wearer clarity, compassion and psychic support.

Amazonite is sometimes known as Amazon Stone, is a feldspar and typically found in Brazil. This crystal acts like jade or turquoise.

Core crystal of 2024. In April, rose quartz was also the edge crystal of the year.

Flower Essence: Cerato

Cerato Flower Essence for May 2024 - Are You Ready to Make Big Impact?

Cerato is the Intuition flower for the Third Eye chakra. The soul lesson for Gemini is to listen to your own inner wisdom, trusting your intuition and instincts more than you trust your logical mind.

Taking Cerato encourages greater communication with your Higher Self and the ability to trust and follow your own guidance. It brings out self-trust, reliance on intuition and knowledge so supports our ability for discernment.  This was the flower essence of 2021 to interface the past with the future, the practical and the magical and the feminine with the masculine.


Following my success-making Do You Know, Like and Trust Yourself ® methodology, tap into the energies of your Intuitive Success Signature for the best results this month.  If you haven’t taken the quiz yet, here’s the link.

Wise Strategist

Here’s a wobble when you stay in your comfort zone of linear thinking and actions. Instead have fun, act out. Do something unexpected. Allow yourself to ask questions and sit with them without finding immediate answers. The key is to dance with creative flow.

Intuitive Visionary

Yes to the yes to the yes. But, do your creative world-building based on older solutions, offerings and ideas. This isn’t the time for new inventions, it’s the time to revisit, refine and offer older ones. With new solutions, you’ll actually lose audience. With older ones, you gain clients, making more sales and creating deeply loyal followers.             

Collaborative Explorer

Reach out to others, at least 2, and coordinate a great outreach campaign with each of them for the month. Define how each of you work with each other’s audiences getting specific on results, value and effort. With the details ironed out clearly, you can grow your business seamlessly. It’s a win-win-win. 

Ruling Warrior

Be the role model you were born to be. You’re a natural, yet reluctant leader when it moves beyond your products and services. Yet, being the benevolent advisor or guide creates connections, opportunities and growth you won’t get any other way.

Creative Superstar

This is your month. It’s creation time, but remember is also about community. Pulling away to create out of whole cloth makes you miss opportunities. Creating within your network draws people closer to you and brings sales upon sales. You can ripple this effect within your own sphere to deepen people’s investment with you.

Loving Alchemist

This month is perfect for you with the right stage that you’ve built over the last few months. You and your channels are created to bring people in and your audience is primed to do just that. Connect often this month. It’s a good time for LIVE events, challenges, experiences or workshops. Sell from the stage. 


You are the God or the Goddess of your world. You get to create it the way you want it to be. Say a great big Yes to your highest potential!

Thank you for reading & sharing with family and friends.

As always, wishing you joy,


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Astrology Forecasts Oracle

April 2024: How Do the Stars Help You Be Fearless & Let Your Soul Lead

April 2024 Summary

April: Be Fearless & Let Your Soul Lead

Sun signs – Aries & Taurus

Seasonal energies: Optimize Purpose

Energetic Element: Air

Overall meaning: There’s a closing, a tunnel or a chokepoint to move through with the eclipse on the 8th. You’re pressed to accept what’s real and recognize the deceptions, proclaimed by you and others. Think of the stories you’ve been telling yourself. Note how you’ve been rationalizing. Become brutally honest about all the ways you’ve been letting your mind lead. Open the portal your soul provides to initiate from your heart and soul. Your potential aligns with your heart and soul, not your mind. Your full potential pulses to create the channels that reach your audience when you let it. 

Read about ways to make more money and have more success in 2024.

Seasonal Insights

Season of Purpose

Months: February – May

Sun signs: Pisces, Aries, Taurus

The quickening of the energies ignites the divine spark to create in purposeful union of possibility and planning. Set your strategy and be purposeful to create your satisfying success. This is primarily a yang, focused time, but leaning into the yin, strategic view point, wise prospective and intentional outlay of energy boosts your desired growth.

Season of Purpose relies on the air element for planning and defining your initial strategy. The air element speaks to your mind to foster a left-brain response to the dreamy aspect of establishing your vision for the year.  Determining goals, setting targets and outlining objectives is an excellent response to this season. Setting your calendar for collaborations is a requirement to fully grow your business.


 Big Star Events: (in chronological order)

  • Mercury Retrograde in Aries 4/1 – 4/25

    Mercury retrogrades are well-known and seem to be the most impactful as Mercury rules communication, technology and travel. You feel his retrograde station when communication breaks down, technology has snafus and travel is delayed. Yet, Mercury has so much more power as he’s the messenger, the harbinger of the future. 

    For more information about Mercury retrograde, listen to the full podcast episode.

    Ecliptic Pair Ends 4/8

    The New Moon is in Aries on April 8th to complete the ecliptic pair that began on March 25th. The edginess of the year is illuminated and softened during these 2 weeks. Your core seems to be hollowed out by these powerful forces and how people are reacting to the stresses of daily life.  Defense and protection is the theme, but not to the exclusion of integrity and responsibility. You have a chance during this New Moon to begin anew.

    Taurus Jupiter Conjunction Uranus 4/21

    This star configuration signals a new cycle that begins every 13 years. The last time this occurred was January 4, 2011 at 27° Pisces with support from Venus and the next time will be September 8, 2037 at 23° Cancer. Jupiter with Uranus means sudden expansion, surprises and breakthroughs.  In Taurus, your status, finances and creature comforts are affected.

    On the world stage, freedom seeking rebellion becomes a force of nature. Stubbornness, rigid positions and fixed opinions get a jolt. Land, material possessions and stability gets rocked.

    Personally, you feel a powerful surge in your potential and see a clear and straightforward pathway to ease complications and burdens. There’s the opportunity to lay down your fears once and for all.

Click here to subscribe to my Podcast so you don’t miss out on getting stars + strategy tips. 

Star Power

Week 1: Stand Up and Prioritize What Truly Matters

This week, you’re being asked to stand up, stand back and become the leader you’re meant to be. You have natural leadership tendencies and now is the time to access them. The stars conspire to support you by opening your heart and uncovering the secrets within. You can tap into your intuition and observe what information comes up for you.

Start a conversation with Venus as she’s the center this week. How do you love to be loved? Who helps you be a better version of yourself? What would you do with all the money in the world? This is time of love, money and success on your own terms. 

Week 2: Let Your Soul Lead

Combining your intuition with your logical mind equates brilliance. This week you have the opportunity to use your brilliance to accept reality, complete complex tasks and make solid decisions.  Mars and Saturn come together after the New Moon eclipse ends it’s pairing and before Mercury kisses the Sun. That which is hidden comes to light and that which you’ve been noodling comes under review.

Lean into patience and stamina, while your mind reaches for its full potential. Your heart and soul take the lead center stage. Allow your mind to create space for both. Imagine your genius flourishing with cosmic power, your heart’s wisdom and your soul’s influence. Let Aries give you the courage to let your soul lead.

Week 3: Embrace Sudden Changes

The week begins with love and influence making you feel on top of the world. Enjoy this feeling by showing appreciation and receiving adoration. Play hard and work hard. Changes come at the end of the week, so take advantage of changing in ways that support your desires. Getting started is often the hardest step, so move with this impulsive energy. It’s an excellent time to break away from relationships that limit your self-expression or freedom, so trust your instincts, and don’t be afraid to take a risk. Fortune favors the brave.

On the positive side, you could have a sudden financial windfall, promotion or romance with the highest possible outcomes. Yet, if you’re playing beyond your capabilities, this same star power creates a crisis of faith. You lose your confidence, make mistakes that are lasting and then struggle to gain back your power.

Week 4: Fuel Your Soul Mission

Your core energy softens, while your edginess gains force. If you empathic and easily overwhelmed, you must take precautions to ensure you don’t give away your power. If you’ve allowed your heart and soul to lead, you’ll enjoy this spiritual time. Your soul is the epitome of patience, yet the stars are giving your mission a boost. It’s becoming more and more difficult to ignore your soul mission. Are you aligned or misaligned? It becomes apparent over the next few months. Watch for signs. The universe is supporting you.


The Moon phases help manifest things you want, celebrate things you have and get rid of things you no longer want. Here are the phases and what you should do:

  1. The New Moon is for setting your strategy.
  2. From the New to Full Moon, it’s the time to manifest, appreciate and create.
  3. The Full Moon is for taking stock in gratitude and refinement.
  4. From the Full to New Moon, it’s the time to celebrate, release and merge.

New Moon: Defend & Protect

Details: New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse Aries Apr 8 at 19° @ 2:23 pm ET

The Aries energy is super powered by the planetary stellium with Sun, Moon, Mercury, Chiron and True Node (Collective Soul Destiny) in this bold, brave and awakening energy, but also in the impatient, aggressive and violent one. Limits, constraints, frustrations and tension grow.

This eclipse is a grind against hope with the uptick in extremism, but it’s jam-packed with healing. Being aware of what’s real and what’s not is difficult right now as your mind reacts to your emotions. It’s best to drop into your heart and ask for its wisdom before responding.  Your heart knows more than your mind. If you can’t do that, take a deep breath and walk away. Nothing good is going to come from a fight right now.

Defense and protection is the theme, but not to the exclusion of integrity and responsibility.

Full Moon: Fuel Your Soul Destiny

Details: Full Moon Sun in Taurus & Moon in Scorpio April 23 @ 7:51 pm ET

Time is up. It’s too difficult to wear your energy inside out any longer. Your mind, body and spirit become one to fuel your destiny. The Sun illuminates how you’re boldly living your soul mission, while the Moon gives you the power to boldly transform into the strongest version of yourself. Pluto confronts you at your core and your edges to boost your healing. These forces require you to be honest with yourself in ways you haven’t had to in a long time. Make some time to meditate, journal to explore what truly fuels you. This is a time for self-discovery.

Listen to my latest Full Moon Podcast that describes the general power of the Full Moon.  


The intuitive oracle cards bring insight into what’s coming for the month. They give your mind something to focus on and remember as you go through the days and weeks. You can ponder the card or go into the guidance in the book when you need more than mental reminders.

The power of animal and crystal energy are easy to employ to help you create the success and satisfaction you desire. Spirit animals are always willing to assist. Simply call on the animal to bring it into focus and ponder its meaning.

For crystals, grab the crystal and put it on your desk, purse or kitchen table. You want to align with your success and this month’s stone helps you do that. 

For flower essences, put 3 drops into water 3 times a day and feel the gentle support for your body and emotions.

Intuitive Oracle Cards Online

Intuition Oracle card: #32 – Authority

Mold your power into your being. Infuse it into your daily life. Leadership and power go hand-in-hand and come together beautifully in the essence of authority. To be authoritative requires the yang of taking decisive action and the yin of letting go of the perception of yielding control over others.

Let your soul lead by being the leader of your own life and for your loved ones by doing these 3 things:

1) Connect to your big dream and set your strategy.

2) Make decisions and stick by them.

3) Stand in your power by communicating clearly and honestly.

You can get your own oracle card deck and guide book here.

Crystal: Rose Quartz

Seek respite in the stone of the month: Rose Quartz

This is the crystal of the year and is now highlighted for the month. April asks you to go to the edge and rose quartz opens your heart and your compassion for yourself and others.

Rose quartz loves you unconditionally, helping you with your self-care, self-worth and self-love healing work. Imagine rose quartz cozying up to you when you’re feeling down and out. Think of her as an ally and a friend. Promoting universal and personal love, rose quartz opens the heart chakra allowing more love into your life.  

Grab this crystal when you need more trust of yourself and others. Calm, inner peace and emotional ease blooms within you when you use rose quartz consistently in your intuitive practice.

Rose quartz works in conjunction with other crystals enhancing your ability to accept their energies, so use it with other stones. In 2024, combine amazonite and rose quartz to merge your masculine strengths with your feminine gifts to manifest your dreams. 

Spirit Animal: Horse

Horse is power. As horse, you love your personal freedom above all else, love to explore and are a natural leader. You are strong, loyal and confident.

Call on horse when you want to travel and explore, need more energy and strength or want to expand your spiritual practice.

Flower Essence: Holly

This flower essence helps you let go of over-control, judgment and jealousy. Holly lessens assertiveness and anger. It also helps you follow your own path, increases goodwill and opens your heart to have a generous spirit. The last time this flower essence was featured for the month was in August 2022.


Following my success-making Do You Know, Like and Trust Yourself ® methodology, tap into the energies of your Intuitive Success Signature for the best results this month.  If you haven’t taken the quiz yet, here’s the link.

Let Your Soul Lead by Success Signature Types:
Wise Strategist

Stress is high and you feel knocked off center because things were so smooth last month. Dive into your well of calm and allow others to see you as stable and reliable. Your mantra is “Steady as she goes” while you guide others as a beacon of constancy.

Intuitive Visionary

This chokepoint has your name on it. Use this energy to winnow your offerings, creations or pursuits down to a more manageable level. Focusing on what’s working is the key. Get rid of the paths you’ve opened that aren’t supporting you or your priorities.

Collaborative Explorer

You want to back away from the challenges and avoid engaging with others while they’re impatient and frustrated. Yet this is the perfect time for you to demonstrate how to still get results, even with the disruptions or constraints. Use this time to create opportunity.    

Ruling Warrior

You feel you’ve already passed through the chokepoint, so develop singular focus to push your agenda to reach your goals. Doing this will actually limit your upper level growth. Take a step back and ask questions without seeking answers.

Creative Superstar

When you’re truly YOU, deep down and without artifice or posture – your audience goes wild. While you’ll want to be extreme in your approach with your audience, this is a time to create connection and engagement from your heart. Your true soulful passions reign supreme.

Loving Alchemist

Use the power of the energetic concentration to create alchemy. Spinning confusion, frustration and self-deception into gold can be done. Focus on connective opportunities to turn your web of followers into prospects and clients. Show your deep magical powers. 

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Bottom Line to Let Your Soul Lead

Be fearless and let your soul lead. 

Your heart and soul want you to lean into your inner wisdom. Use your intuitive inclinations to fuel your soul mission, while aligning your mind, heart and will. Your soul awaits. Remember who you are without humility and strive for the success that’s true for you. Practical measures are as important as your soulful self-discovery.

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