Stephanie Cartwright

Sacred Creator & Relationships Mentor

Stephanie creates content, meditations, rituals and protocols for small group programs and is the relationship mentor for our clients.

She is an earth lover and a certified forester (we’re talking redwoods)-turned-counselor (think personal growth).

Stephanie shows chickens and sheep (yep) and her most prized possession is a black dragon statue.

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January 2022: Be true to you

How can the stars help you fully believe in your powerful gifts?


You have the chance to see the value of accepting the new. Open yourself to positive change by staying flexible and operating from your heart, instead of your mind. Stress and busyness threaten your thoughts. Stay in your heart to uplift you and create ease. Choose nourishing and fulfilling activities. Satisfaction is the key to achieving your goals.

Supportive Events     

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Supportive Intuitive Tools

Oracle card: #4 – Believe

Be certain of your full potential. Review the words potential and possibility. What do these mean to you? Believing in yourself is paramount for living to your full potential. This card is a prompt to remind you to gather your thoughts into the positive about yourself, your strengths, gifts, talents and abilities. It’s a remembrance of all you’ve been through and how you’ve successfully navigated your life. Capture these thoughts and lean into their certainty.

Crystal: Kyanite

This stone aligns your mind, heart and willingness to take action. Allow kyanite to calm you by quietening your thoughts and appreciating the circumstances of your life. Through an open heart, you find answers to cut through doubt and limiting beliefs.

This stone is too fragile to carry in your purse or pocket, so keep a kyanite on your computer, kitchen sink or night stand.

Flower essence: Gentian

Gentian instills confidence, hope and energy to carry on and go forth after an exhausting and limiting time. Take this flower essence to avoid disappointment or when you feel pessimistic about expending time and effort toward an uncertain outcome. Gentian also helps restore your trust in your own abilities. A great affirmation is; “I am confident in my abilities. I believe in a positive outcome.”

Supportive Practical Tips

Quick tip:

  • Drop into your heart – it knows the way.

Diving deeper:

  • Get creative – draw, color, write, journal, doodle.
  • Say your affirmations.
  • Do a heart link with your intentions for 2022.
  • Put your intentions on your bathroom mirror and review them daily.
  • Take a yoga class or set aside time for still moments a few times a week.
  • Make a list of your talents, strengths and gifts.

Big Star Events (in chronological order):

  • Jan 12 – Uranus stations direct – forward motion
  • Jan 14 – Mercury goes retrograde – doubts, distractions, snafus
  • Jan 18 – Collective soul karma shifts – simplicity, natural flow, feminine gifts
  • Jan 29 – Venus stations direct – be true to you

New Moon: Jan 2nd – Your Future Awaits

Details: New Moon January 2nd @ 1:33 pm ET in Capricorn @ 12°

The Sun and Moon conspire to help you make excellent choices for your future. Opportunities present themselves to resolve the setbacks and limitations of 2021. Say YES to these harmonizing changes to make them real and lasting.

Week 1: Let the Good Times Roll

Dates – 1/1 – 1/9

Lead your life as if it’s a new day.  Your future is here. The time is now. Have you said a resounding YES by committing to being the central person in your life? Give yourself permission to step into your future.  

Every day this week presents another opportunity for you. It’s a great time to try something new, gain insights into a new way of doing things, think unusual and creative thoughts or actually get creative. Strive for pleasure, peace and harmony.

Go to a museum, art show or concert (safely of course). Or better yet, get intimate and romantic with that special someone.

Week 1 quick tips:

  • Do one thing that gives you pleasure.
  • Create a vision board if you haven’t already.
  • Go to an art store, buy good paper & pens and make cool designs.  

Week 2: Define What Satisfies You

Dates – 1/10 – 1/16

Get imaginative and go back into the plans you made at the end of 2021. Open your heart to the truth of you and your future. Envision yourself in your full potential – what do you see? What supports you in achieving your dreams? Have you tasted the satisfaction of your success? How will you accomplish your goals?

Say YES to opportunities and supports. However, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Avoid the quick, easy 1-2-3 formulas. They won’t last and will derail you from your true path.

Mercury is up to his antics again as he goes retrograde on the 14th and stays until Feb 3rd. He creates doubts and limiting beliefs. Don’t let him.

The end of the week brings power struggles and upsets. Let go of control and allow the influence of your intuitive gifts to come to the surface.

Week 2 quick tips:

  • Do yoga.
  • Join a supportive community and commit to participating fully.
  • Meditate at least 4 times a week. (The 4×4 still works – let us know if you’d like the ritual.)

Full Moon: Jan 17th – Open to Your Healing

Details: Full Moon January 17th @ 6:48 pm ET Sun in Capricorn & Moon in Cancer @ 27°

The Sun urges you to go deep within to heal your issues with control, over-responsibility and inability to be brutally honest with yourself. The Moon pushes you to open your heart and soften your hard edges. Shed the shield you carry thinking you’re protecting yourself. You’re not. You’re merely limiting your own potential. Let Venus’ love exploration over the last few weeks guide you in finding the value of YOU. Be the truest version of yourself. Your future awaits.

Big Star Event: Jan 18th – Step into Your Soul Destiny of Wisdom & Ease

The collective soul karma shifts again on January 18th and stays in the energies of Taurus and Scorpio until July 17, 2023. The cacophony of the Gemini/Sagittarius karmic tension falls silent after an exhaustive 18 months. No more noisy, endless shouting. Relief comes with muted tones and muffled voices. However, the silence may be deafening as the world has become commotion-blind.

Striving for Taurian qualities, everyone has the ability to reach for status, position and luxury. Tradition, dignity, natural beauty and the arts reign. Calm, stability and value are at the fore as are money, nature and stewardship. Environmental and animal rights are core themes in the upcoming months.

Week 3: Brilliant or Distracted? 

Dates – 1/17 – 1/23

Happy Birthday Aquarians! It’s been your time for the past year and now you get to sing happy birthday once again. In fact, everyone can take advantage of your energy.

Have you welcomed your flashes of brilliance and innovative ideas? Are you grounding them to bring them into the world? OR have you struggled with busyness, stress and self-doubt? If you’ve been shining your gifts, stay your course to create success and fortune. If you’ve gone to ground to avoid the cacophony in the world, it’s time to come out and play. Ride the wave. You’ve got Saturn on your side until March 2023. He can help you make the right choices for you.

Toward the end of the week, watch out for overscheduling and miscommunication. There’s a spike in both.

Week 3 quick tips:

  • Stay the course. Don’t make any big swings in trajectory.
  • Use your heart for decisions. Your mind has run amuck – it’s not to be trusted right now.
  • Take a pause moment before scheduling. You have the tendency to say YES without thinking.

Week 4: Attract Support

Dates – 1/24 – 1/30

Even though the Sun is in Aquarius, Capricorn energy reigns your thoughts, sympathies and actions. At the core, you yearn for the future, freedom and originality. Yet, you’re seriously thinking about committing to familiar, traditional and seemingly secure activities. This dichotomy helps you uncover parts of yourself that help you deal with any stress and control issues.

Stay flexible and get comfortable with uncertainty. Just because you know something doesn’t mean it’s the truth for you. Focus on making sure you have support while helping others have what they need. You may need to move forward with changes that may be uncomfortable, but ultimately necessary and helpful. Remember, you only need to see the first step. Let faith take you the rest of the way.

Week 4 quick tips:

  • Follow the plans you created in 2021.
  • Journal what makes you unique and what you appreciate about yourself.
  • Make a list of truly supportive people. Make a plan to connect with them when Mercury stations direct (first week of February).

Bottom Line: January is a great time to believe in yourself.

 Deepen your commitment to yourself by opening your heart to the truth of you.  

Thank you for reading and sharing with family and friends.

Seriously, it would be great for you to share. Everyone benefits.

As always, wishing you joy,  


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Keep Calm and Carry On, even with COVID!

So this week I am trying to wrap my head around my daughter testing positive with COVID. She is absolutely fine, no symptoms whatsoever. In fact we only know she has COVID because every Sunday, since the beginning of September, part of our new Sunday ritual is getting out the lateral flow kits and carrying out a test. Normally we do this, report on the website and carry on with our day. But not this weekend!

Firstly there was a dramatic scream, and then the youngest sat down and went very pale. “Don’t worry” I shout, in a far too positive voice to mask my surprise, “maybe it is a faulty batch.”  We get out another box of lateral flow tests and the whole process is repeated again. The test starts to reveal the result of two lines and not one; there are three of us standing over it, as if we can will it to be different. This time we have tears. The thing is, it isn’t the result of two lines, it is the panic of, what will happen to me? Where have I caught it? What about my dance lessons and seeing my friends? This is the fear that may have hit many of us as we work out what next and face the fear of COVID arriving in our homes.

It is the fact that this result is going to impact not just her, but her family. It is an emotional response of fear and panic that her life is unknown. Her well planned routine and “normal” is now feeling like chaos and the gentle waves of life, that gently roll in and out, have gotten rather turbulent out of nowhere.

There are so many things racing through our heads right now. My thoughts are including a list of things that I now need to do if my child tests positive, but also combined with, is she ok? Is anyone else in the house positive? But also include, the washing machine is beeping, the dog needs letting in and when shall I put the roast dinner in the oven? I continue to be amazed with the way that I can be in an emotional chaos and still be logical at the same time. 

After calming her down with lots of hugs, explaining it will all be ok, followed by popcorn on the sofa and a good movie, I stepped outside on my own. For me chaos is just part of life. It is the lack of control in a situation that we have to adapt to. Life isn’t about controlling things, it is learning to live without control. So why outside? Because it is an instant way to get me out of my head and into my body. It is all about engaging with the senses. I am no use to anyone if I spiral out of control with everyone else’s emotions and panic, as it will result in me stomping around being shouty and that is going to give me a headache and get them upset.

So outside I breathe in the air and feel the change of temperature in my nose and on my skin. I stop now and take one deep breath and as I breathe out intentionally letting go of all that has just happened in the last 45 minutes. As I land in my body I notice the world that appears around me, the amber leaves on the ground, the smell of the log burner smoke from the chimney, the sound of children playing in a neighbour’s garden. I am now back in the real world of calm and openness. This is the place to now re-enter the house and deal with all the next steps. The crisis that I left now just feels like something to be sorted and coped with.

All the calls were made, instructions were then dished out and the chicken was put in the oven. Did I need to get all caught up in the whirlwind of COVID, well no, but I’m human. I was responding to the whirlwind of emotions of my children and my reaction to something that felt like a crisis at the time. We react to situations emotionally, mentally and physically. We have to show compassion and kindness in situations to others but also to ourselves. There are no tears now and we move into this week knowing that virtual lessons are part of our lives again. So calm can be found in and amongst the chaos of situations, but we have to remember to take responsibility and make ourselves calm. It isn’t someone else’s responsibility and we owe it to ourselves not to be caught up in the emotional and mental whirlwind of situations, for our well-being, as well as for everyone else around us. Less drama all round. 

Getting out of other people’s fears and upset is so important, in order to help ourselves. We can find compassion in the calm and it is a reminder that we don’t have to get caught up in crisis mode all the time. 

As we move into the Holiday Season this is a helpful reminder to just check in with myself to remember that if chaos arrives, to just take a few moments to get back into my body so that I can deal with whatever unfolds with compassion and discernment.

As this post goes out, we have a new variant and an increasing number of people who we know are caring for loved ones or are sick with COVID. Our thoughts are with you and we wish every one of our readers that you are able to keep well and those who are poorly, a speedy recovery. Rest and listen to what your body needs and when you are feeling stronger get outside when you can, get to soak up the supportive energies from nature and breathe in the calm.

The 2022 Forecast is now available. In it Kim mentions the importance of using our intuition and getting into alignment. When the world is struggling with fear, remember to keep centered and in your own lane. Don’t let the mind get carried away on a journey into an unhelpful place, bring your attention back to your heart, breathe in the seasonal, lunar and astrological energies and use these to support you. “The stars give you the support you need to thrive instead of survive” (P.13 Forecast 2022 K.Woods) Download your forecast here for more information on getting the most from 2022.

If you have a way that helps you shift back into Keeping Calm and Carry On, I would love to hear all about it. 

Wishing you a magical Day,


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Intentions 2022

why you can’t rely on resolutions and how to create unlimited potential

It’s that time of year again. Everyone is ready to make resolutions for the new year.


There’s a problem.

Resolutions don’t work.





In fact, less than 10% of people keep their resolutions.

That’s a 90% fail rate.

This is a terrible statistic.

Why don’t resolutions work?

A resolution is a specific goal to change something you don’t like about yourself. They are born from the negative and because of that, you typically drop your resolutions after a few weeks. After you drop them, you feel badly about yourself.

Additionally, resolutions are:

  • The beginning of a downward spiral.
  • Based on the mind and what it deems to be unacceptable.
  • Trying to fix, cull or sharpen.
  • Determined by the calendar and not on your wants, needs and desires.


Throw that negative, failing and calendar-based tradition away.

There’s a better way.

Invite intentions into your life and watch the magic unfold.

Setting intentions is fun, supportive and powerful.

It’s a time to relax, unwind and wonder.

Wish, dream, create.

Set intentions, instead of resolutions, to:

  • Lift yourself up, instead of being dragged down.
  • Be positive, not negative.
  • Start an upward spiral, instead of a downward one.

Intentions are positive and heartfelt. They’re based on dreams and desires. They help you blossom and surround yourself with support, making it easier to step into opportunity.

Intentions matter because the entire process links your mind, heart and soul. They help you open your mind to the wonder of wishes, tap into your heart to dream and step into your power. Intentions are about the creative process, not hardline production to achieve specific results.

Creating intentions involves time for reflection and dreaming, connecting with yourself and opening to possibility.

Create intentions by:

  • Gathering a beautiful journal or stationary. Grab your favorite beverage and writing utensil. Pens, markers, colored pencils are all appropriate writing implements.
  • Set aside time to reflect and dream. If you have trouble quietening your mind and opening it to dream big, here’s my big dream meditation. https://magic.kecfreedom.com/big-dream-meditation
  • After you’ve reflected or meditated, write your wishes. Wonder, imagine, ponder. Your intentions should make you feel good, not pressured.
  • Draw them out. Make them pretty.

The biggest criticism about intentions is the inability to quantify whether you’ve achieved them or not.

That’s the thing.

Intentions aren’t measurable – on purpose. They open you up to YOU. Just like you’re not measurable, intentions aren’t either.

And just like you, intentions can be realized when you envision, fuel and open up to them.

Make intentions come true by:

  • Activate them with a Pinterest board or vision journal.
  • Do a heart link with them.
  • Display them somewhere – in a frame by your bedside, on your refrigerator or tapped to your bathroom mirror.
  • Talk with a friend about your intentions.

You can get make your intentions real when you develop your intuition, drop into your heart and follow your soul’s destiny.  

If you want more, join me on Marci’s Instagram LIVE on Instagram @Official Wake Up with Marci  on Wednesday, December 15th at 1:30 pm ET.

We’re going to talk all about intentions.

Thank you for reading and sharing with friends.

As always, wishing you joy,


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