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Why Making Space for Creativity Should Be a Priority Every Damn Day!

If you have followed Kim for a while or only recently started soaking in all the guidance and support offered by the team, you have heard us say, “Just wait! September is going to blow your mind!” The energies will be the best they’ve been in months, actually, years!

Cue the mind…

Right?? Every time I hear a forecast like this my mind starts spinning like a Tilt-A-Whirl. Am I ready? What does this mean? Will I mess this up? Can I mess this up? As my mind continues to whirl and spin, I get so focused on the actions I forget the most important thing, to quiet and tune into all the wisdom the universe wants to bestow on me. I’m so busy trying to make sure I don’t miss something important….I miss something important.

Luckily for us frantic humans, the universe is endlessly patient and offers bountiful grace as we try to engage with and receive her offerings and opportunities.

As we are swept up into the beautiful cocooning energies in the month ahead, give your mind some time off and start to employ the wisdom of the belly to guide you in this dreamy time of universal love and support. Why? Because we are engaging in our life at its deepest origin when we move through the creative vibrations of the sacral. It is from this state of being that we will benefit the most in the coming months as the energies shift from support through growth and change to support through ease and bounty.

Moving from survival mode to comfort and pleasure.

It’s no secret that most of us are living in survival mode. Between the pandemic, a struggling economy, global strife and the effects of climate change, the nervous system is hard-pressed to get a moment of relief. When we are in fight-or-flight our body only thinks about survival; food, shelter, safety. How do we get it, how do we keep it? While I am eternally grateful for this mechanism of my being, I have got to say that now is the time to graciously ask your, “cave-person” self to take a seat.

We just passed through the Lion’s Gate where we left behind the pieces of us that had become dull and tattered. The pieces of us that no longer fit or framed us in a way that was inauthentic to our highest self. And as we passed through, if we were ready and willing, we took up the robes of the lioness. Ego controlled cave-people do not wear the illustrious robes of the divine lioness, but your highest self is most comfortable in this supple adornment of big-cat energy.

Logistically it seems counter-productive to engage in pleasure and comfort while the world around us is seemingly burning to the ground. However, that is exactly what I am encouraging you to do, to step out of survival mode and move into the energy of creation. In the Earthly realm it is a general rule that creatures or even plants will not reproduce if the organism senses that it is not safe to bring new life into the world. Creating new life takes so much energy and effort and support that it is seen as a waste of resources when the environment is unstable. Our human-ness, our voice of survival would probably fall in line with that plan of action at this point in human history. But the oversoul, the new age of consciousness, the evolution of the collective is asking us to choose a different pathway, to evolve out of our caveperson response and act from the depths of our sacral chakra to choose creation even in the face of destruction, even in the face of struggle, even in the face of fear.

But how?? Creativity feeds off of comfort and pleasure, luxury, fun, freedom, space. We have to fill up our life with this type of kindling if we want the fire of inspiration to catch and bloom into a full-on idea or action. The patterns of our lives and the voices of our world have told us to snuff out the idea of pleasure. It is nothing but a lucky happenstance if you experience pleasure, a mere bi-product of years of labor and toil. This is a lie. Pleasure, comfort, sensuality, satisfaction, all of it is your birthright, so claim it.

When I work 1:1 with clients, I often find myself reminding them of this birthright and then walking them through why this is absolutely true for not only them, but every soul on this planet. Let’s take the soul view of life. Of all the places in the cosmos and all the lessons for a soul to gather, your soul chose to be here, in this body, walking this earth in this era of Earth’s history. It could be ANYWHERE but, it chose here. Here! Where there is music and art, poetry, rainbows, puppies, pyramids, even birds, you know – animals that can fly! And you think that you are here to sit at your computer for 40 hours a week hating every second of it only to go home to sit in front of the TV and listen to all the things “they” think you should be concerning yourself with. Child, please. Give your soul the respect it deserves. It is lifetimes older than your current body and definitely wiser than your sweet caveperson mind.

Trust your worth.

Drape yourself in the robes of the lioness and walk through your day seeking out comfort and pleasure. Be intentional about pleasure. Schedule free time, true free time, not free time disguised as errands or casual business meetings. Free time where you’re able to daydream and react spontaneously to whatever inspiration presents itself. Schedule intimacy and satisfaction with a partner or by yourself. This doesn’t have to be just about sex, this is about celebrating the intermingling of mind body and spirit in whatever variation presents itself. Let yourself become befuddled by the world around you, a sunset, the flight of a butterfly, the sound of rain on the roof. Get accustomed to being satisfied instead of seeking what is lacking. Start to name and celebrate all the places you are fully satiated. Let pleasure be your fuel to seek out a continually evolving life not failure or lack.

Square September from the fertile place of your sacral. Cast the vision of your life from eyes of the belly where all things are lush and brilliant.

We will not walk through this life unaffected by the state of the world, however, we must stay the course and walk with the swaying gait of the lioness, operating from our deep knowing that we are not here to just survive, we are here to thrive and we are here to take the willing collective with us.

With Love and Gratitude,


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Oceans Whispers, Family Patterns and Waves of Acceptance

I just got back from a dreamy vacation! Two weeks of traveling through the Redwood Forest and Pacific Ocean! Tasting the delicious foods and wine of California and soaking in the never-ending, always changing scenery of the in-between was heaven…. mostly.

This road trip included more people than just my core family. Portions of it included my parents as well as my sibling and his family. My family hasn’t been together in one place for over 2 years! This is not typical but the restrictions of the pandemic made it impossible for us to visit each other for quite some time.

This time together was challenging and amazing and then challenging again. Caring for young children as well as aiding aging parents can prove to be less than #vacaymode.

So why am I sharing the emotional journey of my vacation? Because even though this was not paradise all day long every day, I am still able to look back at this time and call it a “dreamy vacation.” I can do that because of my intentional work with embodiment.

Embodiment answers the questions “but, how?” It gives us the pathway to walk magic into our daily lives and intentions and imprint it into our senses. Embodiment helps us land the conceptual and teaches us how to envelope the loving aid of the universe into our lives. It is the absorption of interaction with the magical external.

These are times when a butterfly lands on the table next to you and you know in that second you are locked in a sacred space. Or, when you keep seeing the same number over and over on clocks and watches or even when you just can’t stop thinking about a loved one so you make a phone call just to hear them exclaim “I was just thinking about you!” as they answer the phone.

The Universe is in communication with us all the time offering guidance and wisdom. Instead of just noticing these times of synchronicity, we have the opportunity to embody those points of connection.

Think of it this way, instead of just knowing that a butterfly landed on your arm during breakfast this morning and how “cool” that was, imagine walking the energies of that experience all the way down the chakra line and allowing the concepts to take up space in your body. Not only the energetic meridians, but in the cells, blood, bone and tissue of your body. Let the imprint of that sacred moment and the vibration it created to modify your own energy.

Embodiment allows us to engage in the world with our whole selves not just our mind and thoughts. The results? Powerful responses and actions that move us boldly through our life revealing perspectives that illuminate buried truths and offer gentle nudges that shift us out of lifelong patterns that no longer serve us.

Each day, on vacation, when I would walk down to the ocean, I found myself awestruck by what I saw. Endless waves, remnants of life pushed onto the shore by the waves, entire eco-systems driven by the movement and energy of the ocean. It was just so vast and yet so constant. I still struggle to comprehend its magnitude.

I would hear the whispers of its essence while I watched the tides come and go, “My mysteries are great, but there is space for all of it.” But instead of receiving this gift of clarity I simply responded with “that can’t be right, surely we can reveal these mysteries and unlock the answers to all of life’s deep questions!” And so, I would listen “harder” thinking maybe the message would change. After several days, the message remained (surprise, surprise). So instead of making the ocean fit my understanding, I welcomed this truth into my life.

The mysteries are great, and there is space for all of it.

Once I allowed this truth in, I finally understood why this message had come to me in this way at this time.

We come into this life having made agreements with other souls and they present in varied relationships, father, mother, sibling, lover, friend, child, pet, boss… even the server in a restaurant. Obviously, some of those relationships take up more of our time and energy than others. We are triggered by them all in some way at some point, maybe even to the point of exhaustion.

The practice of embodiment allows us to engage in the magical messages gifted to us by the world around so that can we navigate all of these relationships with a certain ease and clarity.

I definitely found myself struggling with my family at various points on our trip. This happened especially when I saw the repeat patterns of my childhood still going strong in the dynamics of my family.

My brother always has to win,
My mother, passive aggressive,
My father, silent, again,
Me, the fixer or negotiator.

In the past, I would have engaged in hours of mental processing trying to figure out why these patterns still arise when we are all together. I would waste precious time and energy trying to think of ways to help us all “get better.” However, this time was different. Instead of trying to fix them or slip into my own patterns of response I opened myself to the wisdom of the ocean. Welcoming, trusting its whispered words, “My mysteries are great, and there is space for all of it.” And, like wave upon wave, I felt the ocean minister this truth to me.

There is space for my Brother,
There is space for my Mother,
There is space for my father,
There is space for me,

There is space for all of it.

Embodiment does not make a problem go away. It gives us the pathway to receive, process and release. It answers the question “but, how?” How will I respond, how will I process, how will I release?

As I embodied the wisdom of the ocean and took its truth as my own, I was able to make space for the reality that I am the only person I can control. As I drank in its salty wisdom and absorbed its message into my bones, I locked into my foundation that I am the only person I can change. And as I allowed its crashing waves to pass through my aura, I received the comfort that there are some things in life I will never fully understand but I can make space for the unknown.

This month has been a lot… the past couple years have been a lot! But really, how could it not be with humanity moving into a new age of consciousness and awareness. Growth and transformation are such a beautiful process, but it is hard. It is strip you down to your weary, bare bones and rebuild one golden thread of light at a time – hard.

But we do not rebuild alone. We are constantly guided, reminded, loved and supported by the same universe that asked us to, “wake up!”

As we awaken, it is not enough to just look for the signs or recognize the guides on our path. We must absorb their wisdom, advice and essence into our own vibrations, to add the lens of their perspective to our being.

As we collect the essences that offer themselves, we start to fill in the gaps. We start to claim the space that at one point in time we did not feel worthy to occupy.

The more we say yes to this process the more powerful and impactful our actions become because we are living in a way that includes every luscious, vibrant, succulent unapologetic part of us. And that, dear one, is what it is all about, to live a full and present life no matter the path you have claimed for this lifetime.


With Love and Gratitude,



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A Yellow Rose and A Quiet Reclamation

“PLEASE, stand next to the shopping cart! There are so many people here today I don’t want you to get lost!” I begged of my 7yo as we walked around the outdoor garden at the hardware store. All four members of the family were present for this Mother’s Day shopping trip. They were here to help me pick out flowers for my front porch.

Shopping for flowers and plants of any sort is one of my favorite things, however, I often do this type of shopping alone. But on this day, my boys wanted to gift me something I would truly love and so we spent a decent amount of time analyzing all the colorful petals of the different plants in the nursery, trying to find the perfect friend to bring home to adorn our home.

But alas, after 20 minutes the kids were done and I was so distracted by their hyped-up energy that tempers were growing short and the trip was losing its sweetness. In hopes of drawing our adventure to an end, I swept around to the backside of the property to do one last scan and found it, a yellow rose bush. When I saw it, my energy softened and the world stopped, I knew that this was the one. Not yet bloomed, I set it gently down into the cart knowing I had just invited a very special magic into my life and then whispered a quick prayer that my “not-so green thumb,” would do right by its potential. When we got home, I found the perfect spot in front of the house and settled the bush into its new forever home.

Time passed and I watched daily for signs of growth. You can imagine my excitement when a small bud appeared at the tippy-top of the bush, and while I had nothing to do with this miracle, I was more than honored to be a witness to its growth. I coveted its effort-full and yet effortless expansion. I doubted that this rose stayed up nights on end wondering if it should dare to build a bud at the end of its stem. It more than likely did not care what the bushes on either side of it thought about its process or the ground it was claiming in order to support its growth. It just continued to do what it was meant to do, merge into the flow of the seasons and flourish.

One day my kids came running inside the house, excitedly yelling that the rosebud was starting to reveal its brilliant yellow petals, and soon it would proudly display its full colorful magic to the world! Soon this flower would act as a beacon to all who benefit from its nourishment. The bees and bugs that coveted its nectar and transported its pollen to the rest of the world would soon be buzzing around and gathering all the goodness. But it had one last act… to bloom.

To me, there are two points in the life of a plant that takes the most effort and energy, the cracking open of the seed and the blooming of the bud. The cracking open of the seed is achieved through the remembrance of magic. It is a response to the spirit’s voice requesting again to engage with the cycles of the universe. This takes huge effort, energy, and resources.

The second point is the blooming of the bud. Every plant, at the end of its cycles, makes an offering to the world whether it be a flower, a fruit, seeds, or nuts and it does so with great velocity and care. It makes this offering without the promise of accolades or pays, it shares its truest self because it can’t not claim the full expression of its potential. And here we were, about to witness and observe the blooming of the offering and finding its efforts to be beyond inspiring!

I followed my children outside to gaze upon their discovery with equal wonderment and excitement. I knew that we were in the presence of the most ancient of miracles and we were watching the effort unfold before us. It created a sense of longing in my own heart to feel that ancient connection, to deepen trust in myself, to lean heavily on that same enthusiasm of being so certain of my deepest self that I can’t not share all of me with the world. It feels like such a struggle sometimes, doesn’t it? To quelch these longings to belong, to be satisfied, to feel worthy or connected. I feel often like I grapple with this process of loving all of me and living in my truth like I am constantly stuck at the precipice, uncertain of that next bold gesture that will usher me into the next revelation.

That evening, before bed, I took the dog out one last time and stood in the grass barefoot while I stared at the night sky and let the moon bath me in her loving energy, she told me to go look at the rose. As I peered closely in the dark, I saw that even under the night sky the rose was pushing onward, continuing to unveil and reveal herself to the world. I felt pressed to make an offering at the altar of this persistent rose, specifically to Mary Magdalene. So I grabbed some incense and lit it in a bowl. While the sweet scent filled the night sky, I asked to be imbibed with the tenacious softness of the rose’s unveiling and the quiet, steady love and power of Mary Magdalene.

Sitting in the quiet, I felt the energies swirl and was reminded that this was already true, that I am one in the same with this sweet rose and that I am being held always in the loving arms of Mary Magdalene, of spirit, of all that is. The reminder, the clarity, the next big “push” was in the dark silent of the night. It was not in bold action that the connection was made but instead in the sweetness of a tender moment surrounded by the elements and the keepers of the earth.

The next morning as I was crazily rushing the kids out of the house, I was stopped in my tracks by an unapologetically brilliant yellow rose swaying gently in the breeze. Overfilled with joy, I let out a giggle and my kids joined in the sweetness of her revealing. We danced and celebrated her arrival. We were so happy that she chose to share her wisdom with us.

Maybe, to the rest of the world, her becoming did not mean much, but to me, she was everything. She was the whole universe revealing herself before us and teaching us just how simple this process can be if we just remember and claim the sovereignty of who we are and this beautiful planet we find ourselves on in this lifetime.


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