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Manifestation is a hot buzzword these days. I feel like I’ve heard just about everyone say it in some context, whether it be my favorite spin instructor or a random “social influencer.” We were on an animal sight-seeing tour recently and the tour guide suggested to us that we “manifest” the animals so we could see them (we totally did by the way). The concept of manifestation is very exciting and it’s easy to get lost in the endless possibilities of what you can bring into your life if you only…manifest it. Of course, it’s not quite that simple, and manifestation doesn’t quite work in the way you want or expect. And to make matters even more complicated, we manifest everything in our lives, not just the things we want.

Getting past the mental anguish of discovering that you are actually attracting all of those annoying things that are driving you crazy is a hurdle that could take some time to overcome. However, just recognizing that you have a natural manifestation path can get you started to make some little tweaks which may help shift your mindset and give the Law of Attraction a quicker route.

The first handy trick to change what you’re manifesting is to take some time and go back through past events, situations, conversations, and thoughts that you’ve had and try to weave together some sort of overarching theme to them. That may sound a little bit much, and it’s not always the most light-hearted or flattering look, but it does lend to some interesting insights. It’s through this that I believe each person has at least a couple of very specific pathways of manifestation that if shifted can make some really impactful changes in her or his life.

For example, as I’ve gone back and observed some of my overarching themes, I’ve discovered that there was one thing I consistently manifest into my life: frustration/anger. There are more, of course, but I wanted to address this one because I know it’s something many people wrestle with.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with frustration and anger. It was an emotion that was always just under the surface, quick to make an appearance, but feelings that I also pushed down and ignored which just made them fester and build up into resentment. Due to my repression of these emotions and not feeling them completely and allowing them to move through my body, I naturally manifested more things to be angry and frustrated about. In fact, I spent a very large part of my life with a small chip on my shoulder that just got bigger and bigger as I attracted more of the same to me.

How did I change it? I had to change my tactic in several different areas. First, I had to change my initial reaction to an irritating situation to seeing how it was helping me or how I could be grateful for it. In other words, take time to truly understand why you’re reacting to a situation in a certain way and then make the effort to react differently. That’s not easy and it can take years of hard, introspective work, but that’s the way to get past the brain. Maneuvering your emotions through your heart is a whole other ballgame and this is an area that I’m still working on, but the first step I took was to let myself feel something other than anger. When I unleashed the sadness and depression, I had to reel myself back in and remind myself of the gratitude work I had done. This process has been a vicious cycle at times, but by going through it I have discovered so much about myself and have been able to reclaim pieces of my self-worth that have been long buried.

When dealing with emotions everything feels a little more intense, but when one can learn to flow with the emotions, they become easier to manifest with. I’m going to be honest; this is something I still struggle with, but practice makes it easier!

So, here’s the question: are you brave enough to examine yourself and determine a theme that runs through your life to find what you are attracting naturally? You may find that it’s something that you never thought about or took for granted. For instance, my youngest son can manifest dice rolls when we are playing board games or Mario Party. All you have to do is point out what he needs and he rolls that number about 75% of the time. My husband manifests ease into all areas of his life. From the outside it looks like everything just comes easy for him, but really he is just a creative problem solver and leans into his intuition for all of his encounters.

There are many different pathways to manifestation and there are many ideas, plans and courses on the topic. I find them all to be fascinating, but not all of them work for every single person. Manifestation can be easy and we all do it so naturally, sometimes it’s all a matter of narrowing down the path that works best for you.


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